Friday, January 28, 2022

SOLD 1925 M-91 Dragoon Tula Arsenal 7.62x54R Spanish Civil War rifle

 1925 M-91 Dragoon Tula Arsenal. Spanish Civil War rifle. 


This is a 1925 dated M-91 Dragoon rifle made at the Tula Arsenal.  I believe that it is a Spanish Civil War rifle.  I say that because of the remaining sling swivel in the rear sling slot and the fact that does not have an import stamp indicating that it was imported before that rule came into effect.  Granted that it does not have the “Made in the USSR” stamp on the receiver or a Flaming Bomb cartouche but the sling swivel and no import stamp lead me to believe that it is indeed and SCW rifle.

That being said, the rifle is a 1925 M-91 Dragoon made at the Tula Arsenal with its very distinct markings on the chamber.  It has the Tula Hammer stamped on the top of the hex receiver.  The rifle is not matching and it has the original Soviet “triangle” barleycorn  style front sight. There is a weak stamped Tula star cartouche on the stock.

Sellers Note:

Stock has a crack just below the bolt receiver area left hand side. It is pictured-


Thursday, January 27, 2022

SOLD M91 TIKKA 1940 Sestroryestk Hex Receiver 7.62x54R

 Collectors notes:

1940 TIKKA M91

This is a Finn matching, 1940 dated, Tikka barreled M-91.  It was built on a 1916 dated Sestroryestk hex receiver.

It has the standard Finnish modifications; the rear sight has been changed to meters, it has a Finn blade front sight, it has a wartime spliced stock and is SA stamped.  Both barrel bands are the Type 1, early barrel bands.

The M-91 was the most common Mosin Nagant in Finnish wartime service.  Here is your chance to own a prime example of this historic firearm.

Sellers note:
There is a crack in the top forend wood. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022