Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VT Hatchery Closing Update

From: Lake Champlain International, Inc. []
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 1:42 PM
Subject: VT House Appropriations Proposed Hatchery Closing Update
Importance: High

Hello Conservationists and Lake Champlain Business Community,

Attached is the list of cuts proposed by the VT House Appropriations Committee, to include closing all Vermont fish hatcheries. We are told this is being done as a bargaining tool to garner support for general tax increases proposed by House leadership. We have not been able to substantiate this, but Representative Larson has been contacted to ascertain the committee’s position. We are awaiting his response.

A colleague in Washington, D.C. noted the following when learning of the situation: “You folks should alert the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This could well be a diversion of sport fish restoration funds because the hatchery program probably use these monies in variety of ways.”

We will keep you apprised of developments as they occur. In the interim, you may learn by contacting the representatives listed below at 1.800.322.5616.


James Ehlers

All the best,
James Ehlers
Executive Director

Lake Champlain International, Inc. 501(c)(3) organization
Celebrating Family, Friends and Fishing

531 Main Street Colchester, VT 05446
802.879.3466 Fax: 802.879.1746
Fellow Conservationists and Members of the Lake Champlain Business Community,

An LCI Board Member reports the following:

From: Richard
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:04 PM
Subject: RE: VT House Appropriations Proposed Hatchery Closing Update



After having sent emails back and forth with Tom Wiggins [Director of VT Fish Culture Operations], it looks as though the expected loss to the state will be in excess of 5 to 15 times the cost to the state to keep the hatcheries running.



James Ehlers

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

License fee increase Part 2

CF proposal 1

CF Proposal 2
70+ license
Above are the latest figures I have on hand.
Ya now I noticed one fella on a forum will question figures as being old. Yet through the entire process he never once posted any of these files I've been sharing with you.

I'm thinking WTH dude, post away.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today a strutting peacock

tomorrow a feather duster~

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DEC License fee update

Current License Fee proposal

Date: Friday, March 13, 2009, 3:57 PM

Please note that there are a few modest changes to the fees from what you have seen. The Division of Budget wanted some including the restoration of free
licenses to the blind. As a result of a increase in revenue our projection of the ability of the fund to remain in the black is increased by one year to fy
It is important that you express your support as soon as possible in a letter to the Commissioner with a copy faxed to me at 518-402 5407. E-mail
copies of letters of support to me at Other groups will be notified by e-mail after I hear from Harold and Charley and get their
letters of support. Next week I will be available to work with you to inform the legislature about this proposal.

>>> Doug Stang 3/13/2009 3:35 PM >>>
Attached are the current license fee proposal chart, the projected revenues and a draft of the bill to implement the proposal. The Conservation Fund Advisory
Board and the President of the New York State Conservation Council have been briefed on this latest proposal and support it.

Changes to the most recent CFAB proposal include:

- $10 fee for all Deer Management Permit applicants (exempted from the fee are lifetime sportsman, junior hunting, and junior bowhunting license holders)
[Note: CFAB proposal had $5 fee or $10 fee for each permit applied for depending on type of license held]

- no fee for Blind anglers [Note: CFAB proposal has a $5 fee]

- establishment of a Trapper super sportsman license [Note: this is a specific request from CFAB member]

- $5 fee for Senior bowhunting stamp and $5 fee for Senior muzzleloading stamp [Note: there was no cost for these stamps in the CFAB proposal]
This proposal allows for the elimination of the trout/salmon stamp proposal and the transfer of revenues from the recreational marine license to the Marine
Account of Conservation Fund.

The proposed fee schedule should keep the Conservation Fund out of deficit into SFY 2012-13, provided there is not additional off-loading of costs onto the Conservation Fund main account.

Douglas Stang Assistant Director
Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources
New York State Dept. Environmental Conservation

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latest DEC license proposals

Fee on the left is old, one on the right is new proposal.
DEC_DOB License Fee Proposal

License / Permit Type Current Fee Proposed Fee
Conservation Legacy $76 $96
Super Sportsman $68 $88
Sportsman $37 $47
Sportsman (Sr. 70+) $5 $10
Small and Big Game $19 $29
Fishing $19 $29
Fishing (Sr. - 70+) $5 $10
Fishing (Blind) $0 $10
DMP - (instant) $0 $10
DMP (fcfs) $0 $10
Military Disability $5 $5
Bow Hunting $16 $21
Bow Hunting (Sr. 70+) $0 $5
Bow Hunting (Jr.) $9 $9
Muzzleloading $16 $21
Muzzleloading (Sr. 70+) $0 $5
Small Game $16 $26
Junior Hunting $5 $5
Turkey Permit $5 $10
Trapping $16 $21
Trapping (Sr. 70+) $0 $5
Trapping (Jr.) $6 $6
7-day Fishing $12 $15
1-day Fishing $15 $5

Lifetime Licenses
Resident Licenses
License / Permit Type Current Fee Proposed Fee
Sportsman (age 0- 4) $300 $380
Sportsman (age 5-11) $420 $535
Sportsman (age 12-69) $600 $765
Sportsman (age 70+) $50 $65
Small and Big Game $350 $535
Fishing (age 0-69) $300 $460
Fishing 70+ $50 $65
Trapping $300 $395
Bow Hunting $180 $235
Muzzleloading $180 $235

Non-Resident Licenses

License / Permit Type Current Fee Proposed Fee
Super Sportsman $250 $280
Big Game $110 $140
Bow Hunting $110 $140
Bow Hunting (Jr.) $9 $9
Muzzleloading $110 $140
Bear $30 $50
Small Game $55 $85
Junior Hunting $5 $5
Turkey $30 $50
Trapping $255 $310
Fishing $40 $70
7-Day Fishing $25 $35
1-Day Fishing $15 $15
Conservation Patron $12 $12

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fellow Guides: Comments about the DEC

Fellow Guides:

I don't know if you have seen the proposed increases in fishing licenses, especially non-resident fees, so I am attaching them. I don't know why, but it seems they have targeted anglers in efforts to bail out the D.E.C. from their financial woes. I am also attaching a list of the Conservation Fund Advisory Board members, who will make the final proposal to the D.E.C., who will then decide what THEY want and send it to the legislature for approval for changing the 2010 fees.

Personally, I have contacted each member of the CFAB via email and intend to contact my state senator and assemblywoman, urging them to oppose increases to the degree that these are proposed. They want to increase the NR season license by 75% and the one day NR license by 66%. I don't know about you , but I am afraid to think what people's reaction will be when they find out they have to pay $25 on top of our fees to go fishing for four hours?

We all know that the good old days of the 80s & 90s will probably never return and business doesn't seem to be increasing dramatically now, if at all. I don't think we need any further reasons to scare away out of state anglers who come and leave a good deal of money in local coffers, including our own. These people are not responsible for the problems within the D.E.C. and they shouldn't be held financially responsible for bailing them out.

If you feel the same way as I do, I might suggest you inform your local guide/fishing association and county federation of sports clubs and ask them to join you in making your feelings known to your state senator & assembly person, urging them not to price NYS out of the fishing destination picture by over charging visitors for what they are getting. I also urge you to contact your regional representative of the CFAB with your thoughts. They seem to be on our side, but work much more effectively when they have direction from constituents as to what to propose and defend. They are only an advisory board, but numbers behind them does count. Hunters shot down the closing of the state game farm and preserved pheasant hunting in the state, We owe it to ourselves and our livelihood to shoot down ridiculous license fee increases to preserve local commerce and our livelihood. Thanks for your time and consideration,

Allen Benas, Clayton, NY
Saturday, February 28, 2009 5:19 PM
"Allen Benas"

Forgive me for interrupting your peaceful weekend with business again. Perhaps, before deleting it, you might look at it on Monday, when you're back on the "payroll?"
I thought you might be interested in this, coming from a former DEC high staff member, who, totally frustrated, retired much earlier than his original commitment to his career suggested. There are many more like him, and we can document them if necessary, with the same sentiments and none of them are just not "sour grapes." Gentlemen, the DEC has run amuck. They are like a bunch of mushroom farmers. Keeping the subjects in the dark and feed us lots of s--t.
Your people are all the state's sportspeople have for protection. The CC, who I know perform with total loyalty to the sportspeople, can't work effectively without good guidance from CFAB. They don't get it from working on the information given them "downhill" from DEC. Please, don't let us down.
They'll probably slap you and the CC in the faces and kick you in the rears, but don't let them wipe the smile off your faces when you are satisfied that you represented those who fund them, and you go to sleep at night knowing that you all did your job with honor. Allen

I worked for the DEC for 22 years as a fishery biologist, fish manager, and natural resources supervisor and dealt with state, DEC, and Division of Fish and Wildlife budgets and programs. I left the DEC when I was 45 years old, 10 years before eligible retirement. One of the reasons for my departure..., I didn't want to continue to be a part of the DEC and state ripping off license buyers.

I hear you about license fee increases, and I hear/read the pros and cons of what others,some quite uninformed, say. One thing I seldom hear/read about license fee increases...,

1) when license fees increase and cash flows to the Conservation Fund, the state automatically increases the "administrative fees" charged to the Div. of Fish and Wildlife..., a ripoff.

2) when license fees increase and cash flows to the Conservation Fund..., you guessed it, the proportion of General Fund money in the Division of Fish and Wildlife budget is reduced..., a ripoff.

The result, at best, is status quo of the Div. of Fish and Wildlife budget and more General Fund money for the state welfare programs, etc.

NY politicians including our governor do not get it..., witness the recent attempt to close the Reynolds Game Farm. I worked for years trying to educate legislators about the economic impact of fishing in New York State, but they never got it. Lots of lip service, but no comprehension of the $$$$ generated by the hunting and fishing industry in NY. A fourth grader can crunch the numbers in 15 minutes showing that just the state tax dollars alone that are generated by hunting and fishing more than pay for the investment of management and stocking programs.

I was shaking my head when I walked out the DEC door in 1988 and I continue to shake my head. The downhill spiral continues. The only solution is a separate Fish and Wildlife Commission with a strong focus on building the credibility necessary to maintain the budget and program support of license buyers.

Ernie Lantiegne
Fish Doctor Charters
239 Fravor Road
Mexico,NY 13114
(315) 963-8403