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CFAB annual report is out

In the news today:
1. See CFAB Annual Report   
2. Land use comments from the NYSCC
3. Don't feed the bears
4. Assemblywoman Rosenthal digs up the dead, another assault weapons bill for NY

CFAB Please make a special note at the very bottom of the report notice how not one state Senator or Assemblyman on the NYS Environmental committee made not one meeting. See fellow sportsmen, they don't  care about us.


Good morning:
Below find a summary of some pending UMP's and land use plans developed by the DEC and the APA;  the Final Draft UMP for the Moose River Plains is particularly disappointing.
I am going to offer some opinions on the DEC's lack of responsiveness to the sporting community, the examples are countless. For me it is hard to understand how a group, the sporting community, can contribute 53 million dollars a year to conservation efforts in N.Y.S. and have so little impact on land use policy. Along parallel lines The Adirondack Park Agency Review Board recently let it's white paper (paper is an attached)  "Under the Influence and In Need of Detoxification" referring to the Adirondack Park Agency being under the influence of the environmental groups and needing a cleansing. Following the upper level DEC administrations lack of response to tremendous public input from the sporting community on the future of the Moose River Plains and other land use plans,  and their continued propensity to develop plans that seem to favor the agenda of the protectionist groups, (more and more wilderness, shutting down access and more and more roads closed and now actions to protect the wilderness) one has to conclude that some key leadership in the DEC is also under the "influence"  of the green groups as well.  They want our money, but do little to support us!  At this point sportsmen I talk with are feeling taken advantage of !  My opinion new leadership is necessary in the DEC's Office of Assistant Commissioner for Natural Resources.The old saying "a new broom sweeps clean" appears to be a necessary approach to detoxify that office. An equatable approach to working with all stake holder groups has been lacking now for some time!
Walt Paul
From the desk of Walt Paul –  NYS Conservation Council
                                               Access and Land Use Specialist

This past year has been a busy one regarding sportsmen's access and land use issues. The Counsel has taken an active role advocating for maintaining and expanding sportsman’s access on easement and state lands. The Moose River Plains UMP, the APA/DEC MOA regarding Easement Lands and the  DEC Strategic Plan for State Forest Management all will have a significant impact on our ability to access hunting, fishing and trapping locations. The Status of these plans is as follows:

Moose River Plains - First for the bad news! The Draft Final Plan is out and has been approved by the Adirondack Park Agency. Despite tremendous public opposition to closing the Indian Lake Road (access to some of the best trout fishing in the northeast) and opposition to creating additional wilderness, the DEC has put forward a final plan to expand the wilderness by 14667 acres and shut down two miles of the Indian Lake Road starting at a parking lot which will be created one-half mile from Squaw lake. This means the public will have to walk two and one-half miles to get to Indian Lake to fish, canoe and enjoy nature. It is my understanding that discussions are under way to designate the last two miles of the Indian Lake Road as part of the North Country Scenic Trail, a hiking trail.
The 14667 acres wilderness expansion will be removed from existing wild forest and designated wilderness creating a new wilderness area of 12,270 acres south of the main Cedar River Road. The new wilderness would be formed on the North side of a mountain biking trail that will have Wild Forest designation. The other 2, 397 acres will be added to the West Canada Wilderness area.
Roadside Camping on the Moose River Plains will continue with some adjustments to site locations  As I understand it the designation of an intensive use corridor within the Adirondack Park will require an addendum to the State Land master Plan.  Let us not forget thsi was a preexisting condition and as such we gained very little. It also appears that agreement has been reached where none of the existing sites will be removed until new sites have been constructed. Floatplanes will be allowed. The UMP now goes to the Governor for his approval.

The outcome in general is very disappointing for the sporting community when we consider this land was gifted to sportsmen by a timber company and many of the roads were actually deeded to insure access. The change in classification of the 14,667 acres of wild forest to wilderness requires the approval of the Governor; thus the future of the entire plan hinges on the Governors sign off and approval by the DEC Commissioner. Next steps are being considered.

Adirondack Park Agency / Department of Environmental Conservation MOA regarding Management of Easement Lands has been approved. A major concern was that the APA would be involved and would have to approve use of existing trails and roads for snowmobile and ATV use for sportsmen involved in hunting, fishing and trapping. It appears the DEC recognized that easement lands are private lands and that existing uses should not fall under the APA's purview. Following negotiations it appears APA oversight will be limited to new use and development and when the intensity of use by the public reaches a certain level. The Council provided extensive comments and it appears the comments supported the Department of Environmental Conservations thinking and helped facilitate a positive outcome. It now appears the traditional use of trails and roads on easement lands by sportsmen utilizing trucks, ATV's and snowmobiles will continue, contingent on easement language. The outcome appears positive for the sporting community.  
DEC State Land Use Strategic Plan – A high number of public comments have been received on the plan and the Department of Environmental Conservation is reviewing and preparing responses to the comments. As I understand it the Dec Commissioner must sign off on the plan. At this point it does not appear the plan will be approved during the current administration.  The Council weighted in heavily on access issues pertaining to State Lands. The impact on sportsmen is unknown until the plan is finalized.

Champion Camp Retention – 200 camps occupied by Sportsmen are scheduled to be torn down per the Easement Agreement. Club members and the sporting community have lobbied, litigated and negotiated to see that the camps remain. The DEC after careful deliberation decided to support the camps remaining and is awaiting a final review from the APA. Environmental Groups are opposing the action and it would appear continued pressure from the sporting community is important at this point. The decision will be precedent setting in terms of keeping hundreds of camps on other easement lands. It seems people are realizing that the traditional hunting clubs have been good stewards of the land. Current outcome unknown.

Thank-you - As we conclude the year I would like to thank everyone that took their time to weigh in with Public and Elected Officials on the critical land use and access issues facing the sporting community. Our efforts are yielding some results; visit the Council’s website frequently for action alerts. If you are not a member of the N.Y.S. Conservation Council an application can be accessed at  and click on "get involved". 

 Happy New Year! 

For Release:  IMMEDIATE                                                                        Contact:  Lori Severino
Friday, January 21, 2011                                                                                    (518) 402-8000


Responding to the growing number of conflicts between bears and people across New York State, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced a new state regulation that prohibits the feeding of black bears.

As black bear numbers have increased significantly in recent years and bears have become more widespread throughout New York, the number of interactions between bears and people has grown, often resulting from the intentional or incidental feeding of bears.

Previously, DEC prohibited the intentional feeding of bears in proximity to certain locations. In an effort to reduce bear habituation to human-supplied foods and future human-bear conflicts, DEC’s new regulation prohibits both incidental and intentional feeding of bears statewide.

Specifically, the regulation bans intentional feeding of black bears, and, after previous written notice from DEC, also prohibits incidental or indirect feeding of black bears through food attractants such as garbage, refuse or bird seed. The regulation grants DEC the authority to require removal of these and other food attractants when bears become problematic.

DEC generally encourages discontinuing bird feeding activity in the Spring when bears emerge from their dens and natural foods for bears are not abundant and natural food for birds are becoming more available.

The Notice of Adoption of the new regulation prohibiting black bear feeding is available .

More information about black bears can be found on the DEC website at  or by viewing DEC’s video “Living with New York Black Bears” which is available in public and school libraries throughout the state.

Rosenthal , digging up the dead~AGAIN

New York Assault Weapons Bill 

A bill in New York would redefine “assault weapon” to include many firearms that are commonly used for hunting.
Assembly Bill 1479, introduced by Asm. Linda Rosenthal (D-New York), changes the state’s definition of “assault weapon.”  
Currently, possession of “assault weapons” in the state are generally prohibited. 

 Follow this link for the text of the bill.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Frank Carbone writes~ with 2 additional comments

Police the world or Police the U.S. ?

Answer: Its our choice.
This week’s headline in a New Jersey newspaper - Camden, New Jersey to Lose Half Its Cops” [and firefighters].
25% of the city’s workforce (383 workers) including ~50% of the police force and ~33% of the firefighters are part of the layoffs.

Similar headlines are likely appearing in many communities throughout the country of glass houses – or soon will be appearing.
Camden happens to be one of the nation’s poorest cities along with some of the highest crime rates. Does this sound familiar? It should - there are many other cities that are competing to be second.
Where’s our federal tax money going? Why are we seeing sudden increases in taxes, costs of goods and services, and so many Chinese imports especially foods and pharmaceuticals?  It’s been proven time after time that certain Chinese goods are unsafe and unreliable. I blame american capitalists and fascists for these problems – it’s about profits no matter how much it hurts the american people.   
How can the american people knowingly promote the costly use of american troops and contract mercenaries to police the world in more than 100 countries and military bases around the world?
While at the same time american cities are laying off police in some of the most dangerous US cities and leaving our own borders wide open to unknowns who enter easily at any time.
How can we give the best of care to our own elderly, sick, young, schools, infrastructure etc. if we’re squandering 50% of our federal budget on war mongering, WMDs and nuclear stockpiles? The american people have to be the most gullible creature in the world.
What do most chinese citizens think of americans? They think we’re dumb @&%$#*?@*.

What happened to all of the money that paid half of the police force in Camden and other u.s. cities?
A. It went to the middle east - e.g., $1,000,000.00 for each U.S. soldier and nearly as much for contract mercenaries in addition to millions upon millions in newly printed u.s. money on wooden pallets.

How can we protect the good people of the most dangerous country in the world if we’re dead set on using so much manpower and federal tax money to police the rest world - under the guise of bringing democracy to other countries and protecting us from the boogieman?     
"The country is totally bankrupt and we're spending trillions of dollars on these useless wars. History shows all empires * end * because they expand too far and bankrupt the country - just as the Soviet system came down." - US Rep. Ron Paul M.D. (R-Texas) 
ps – “when seconds count – the police can be minutes and/or miles away [or maybe out of town in the middle east policing another country] - be prepared.”
[editor please include all up to the asterisk]
, , Frank

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Please visit my website at
Kipp Leland replies
Up till now, neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats, nor the Media, nor a majority of American voters, acknowledge the simple truth of what Frank just posted, and until they do come to accept reality, things are going to continue to get much, much worse here.

Government cannot exempt itself from common sense and simple accounting truths for very long.  America is no exception. 

Check out this site:

Look long and hard at those numbers.


BlackPowderBill Replies;
How can they do this, it's easy?

 First the people demanded to be governed, then they asked for protection, they demanded something be done about everything that crossed their path. The government not wanting to waste an opportunity to create more jobs said sure, it'll cost you a few pennies more.

The non profits and NGO's popped up and said hey, I can make living doing this, but one problem, who has the cash? Uncle Sugar has plenty I'll ask him for some cash. So now we pay for the right to demand, they right of an NGO to dictate policy in the name of the people.

THEN when they get caught spending OUR MONEY on things other than what it was intended for they get let off, to go off and start another phooey corporation that's only intent is to rape the PEOPLE out of our money.

NOW reality has set in and the latest threat is to start laying off government workers. Hey it's planned, they have been doing it for years threating to let the government workers go under the fear of how will you the people survive without us.

I say, we'll survive, always have, neighborhoods will police their own & it ain't gonna be halt,then Miranda rights read off either kind of thing.

They created a war to create jobs because the government let & paid for American corporations for to close down and move out of country.

No manufacturing = No country


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News Talk WYSL Guest BlackPowderBill Jan 22 at 7am

Newstalk Wysl 

Our guest this Saturday (January 22nd) will be none other that Black Powder Bill. If you have any questions for Bill you can call the show at (585) 346-3000; *1040 for Verizon Customers, or email questions to Bill ahead of time at Upstate Outdoors is heard Saturday mornings from 7-8 am, with repeat broadcasts Saturday and Sunday nights from 7-8 pm.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

NYS ECON Committee Chairman

Newly elected Senator Mark Grisanti of Erie County has been named chairman of the NY State Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, replacing Senator Antoine Thompson, who he defeated in the Nov. elections.

 I'm told this is a plus for sportsmen.


Monday, January 3, 2011

NY Times comment on Cuomo 1/3/2011

NY Times comment on Cuomo 1/3/2011
My GOD people did you all forget while he was Secretary of HUD it was Andy and Kirsten that drafted and pushed the sub-prime/ under qualified lending deals?

Another slap in the face is how he proposed a 1yr no pay raise. WOW!
 I'm here in a top 100 corporation, they stripped our benefits, retirement, no raise, took COLA. They spent 7 billion on another outfit all in 1 year’s time.

From 2005 to 2002 we went 7 yrs with no pay increase, at the end of 5 yrs our COLA was folded into our hourly rate. The next contract we picked up 2.5% raises and since the company retirement was ending at the end of 2012 our union pension was increased incrementally to $1.89 per hour. This funded out of our COLA, my money,our pay.
That's was taken in the last contract as well, we're now at .56c per hour and I doubt if we'll ever see that since our pension was raped by Madoff. Yea, our union investment experts were to stupid not to notice it was a bad deal.

But, my union’s former President who had to retire amidst a scandal was voted in as President enumerates @ over 400k per year salary. So they now have 2 Presidents collecting over 400k yr.

We have 43 employees in one area and there is over a dozen leading us. WTH?

Just like government all top heavy, no actual working knowledge just a bunch of favors and BS.

Grannis just picked up a $162,000.00 yr state position, another newly created spot.
Like the Judith Enck posistion Spitzer created.

I sat in meetings over the years and asked sportsmen's groups, Town’s, cities and Albany, what are you going to do when I/we can't afford to live here? Who's going to pay for all of this when the rest of the manufacturing and jobs are gone?

There reply, oh that will never happen.

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New BPB Banner

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Happy city number 7~ and no jobs

7. Rochester, N.Y.

Population: 207,294
Population Change 2000-2009: -12,180
Population Percent Change 2000-2009: -5.55%
Home Vacancy: 15.3%
Rochester was once a booming trade center largely due to its location at the midpoint between Albany and Buffalo on the Erie Canal. At its peak, the city was the major flour processor in the country, and was home to several key corporations including Xerox and Eastman Kodak. Rochester declined as the usefulness of the canal went out with the advent of railroads and its flagship companies began to lose their relevancy in the larger global economy. Rochester has yet to produce an important replacement industry to drive up the population, and even the success in the 1990's of Xerox has faded. Between 1950 and 2000, Rochester lost 34% of its population.