Monday, March 21, 2022

MILLS 1840's appx. English Fowler 12 bore London Fine Twist Percussion

 For sale $700.00 plus shipping

Personal gun I've had this for about 20 years

5-1/2 pounds upland game gun. 
circa 1840
MILLS 12 bore+- bore good shape a little frosting pretty good for being 180! years old
Damascus steel Fine Twist
Platinum blow out plug
Octagonal 34"+- barrel to 16's then wedding band to round. 
OAL  Just shy of 49 inches
LOP 13-3/4"+-
Hook breech
Single bead at the muzzle
Great lock holds and is strong
Single trigger

I've shot clay targets, skeet trap and and hunted pheasants with this Fowler.

Load used was a 2-1/2 dram and equal shot charge with cork wads. 28 ga load.

PAYMENT money order or bank check

ELBERT COUNTY GUN CLUB, Inc. P.O. Box 126, Elberton, GA 30635



P.O. Box 126, Elberton, GA 30635   

706-213-0098 or 706-540-8385

                      March, 2022                                               



Spring is here.  Hopefully that will mean more shooters, which means, you have to watch your speed; please adhere to the 10 mph so we don’t endanger those on carts and walking the Sporting Clays courses.

Jenan has tickets for the Benelli shotgun the Claybuster team is raffling off.

The center fire Rifle Range will close at noon on Friday, April 8 to get ready for the IBS match on Saturday, April 9.

Both Sporting Clays courses will be closed April 21 & 22 for the Forestry shoot on the 22nd.  ALL other ranges will be closed  @ 11am on April 22.

Mike  Foster


Mike called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM, and thanked Jenan for supper. 

We have 1300 members ;              255 on the waiting list.

 Targets Thrown: 81,129                 Targets Sold:  55,420.

February  minutes were approved.

Pistol:  David Torres.  IDPA is this Saturday.  We are missing 21 target stands from the 6 bays.  3 of the paddles on the dueling tree in the old bay have been repaired and put up; we still have 3 that are being repaired.

Rifle:  Chris Davis. Thanks to Mike for helping with all the matches and other work he does.  Thanks to Hank Dickerson, Scott Spelbring, John Dendy, Tom Middlebrooks, and Mike for helping build and install the new frames and backers at the 1000yd range.  We have 2 1000yd matches scheduled this month, hopefully we will get to shoot one of them.  April 9 is an IBS match and the Rifle range will close at noon on Friday to prepare for this shoot.  We are not having as many matches this year due to the lack of ammo and the high price of gas.

Rimfire has started back.  They will swap weekends for the ABRA and the 50/100yd match in April.  Saturday,

April 9 @ 1pm is ABRA #2;  Sunday, April 10 @ 1pm will be ABRA club match; and April 16 will be the 50/100yd Club match @ 10am.  Be sure to note this on your calendar. Got the flooring installed in the building.                                                                                    

Skeet/Trap:  Garey  Manley.  Everything is good.  Mike & Betsy Reed and Dave Hollingsworth came to certify the Trap fields.  Everything went good and we have to fill out paper work and should be receiving our accreditation from ATA soon.  The 4H district modified trap match will be held here on April 9.

The Elbert County 4H modified trap team is practicing on the upper trap field on Sundays @ 3pm.

We have the OFKK match on March 18 (25 trap & 25 wobble trap) and the Club Trap match is March 19  (50 wobble targets).  Registration is 9:30am.

Sporting Clays: Tim Warren.  Things are going good.  Thanks to Gerald Bridges, Joe, Mike, Chris, & John for keeping the machines loaded,  Buddy for setting targets and making repairs, Bill & Joe for helping with repairs, and Larry & Bill for emptying cans.  We have a great team of volunteers to keep things going smoothly.

We have lots of shoots coming up.

The Warnell School of Forestry group is coming April 22; they start shooting at 1pm.  They are expecting around 100 shooters, so, we need trappers.  If anyone can help, please be at the 5 stand around 12:30, I will have pizza and cokes if you want to eat.

The Claybusters will have their fund raiser April 23.  $75 per person to shoot and that includes lunch and a door prize ticket.  They are also holding a raffle for a Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, Semi-auto, 12ga, RT Max 5 , camo.  Tickets are $20 each or $100 will buy 6 tickets.  Jenan has tickets in the office.

May 7, ARC/Cherokee; May 14, Registered shoot;  June 4, Georgia power; June 11 (Saturday), 1/214th Field Artillery Fund raiser;  June 25, ARC Championship; Sept.24, Oconee Crushers Fund raiser; Oct 1, Registered Shoot;  Oct 22, Registered shoot, am, Friends group, pm; Oct 29, ARC/Cherokee; and Nov 9 (Wednesday), Poultry Federation Fund raiser (need trappers).

Club Manager:  Jenan Major.  Scholarship applications are due March 31.  Be sure to adhere to the 10mph

Speed limit; there are lots of people walking and using carts on the Sporting Clays course.  Thanks to ALL who help, you make this Club a success!

Mike asked if there was anything else; no reply.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm        

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Leather Bag , English Flint/C Style Striker Steel & Engraved Western 49 Bowie Knife Expo 1984

 You are getting ONE hand Crafter Northern Ga leather small possibles' shooting bag.

 Sewed by #BlackPowderBill FFL 35 years Veteran owned.

The Bowie is from a Louisiana Expo 1984 display. Blade is starting to pick up some patina and freckling. Both sides are engraved-

$110.00 Shipped to your door!

 Thanks for looking Regards #BlackPowderBill

Avg price 50$
For the bags featured below

Additional Bags I may have in stock or have sold. 

Avg price is 50$

Lee Precision Lead Casting Pot IV NEW in the Box

 One Lee pot price includes shipping $95.00

Payment Money Order

Listed on GunBroker 

Shipping included in sale price

 Thanks For Looking & check out my LEE mould page- 

Regards #BPBReloading

Friday, March 11, 2022

SOLD Styer Mannlicher M-95 Carbine, 8X50R, Straight Pull Bolt Action, Austrian, C&R, Spanish Civil War

 Sellers note:

This is a consignment sale- Payment will be Money order or Bank check which  ever is best for you- ALL RIFLES SHIP TO A FFL--I need your FFLs license to ship. Give your FFL my email which is on the order/invoice and have them email me a copy-I'll email back my license. YOUR FFL can also give you a transfer copy to send with the payment. Here's the deal- I'm having to chase down FFL's this takes time multipule phone calls and emails to bad address's.  

SHIPPING: Packages are usually posted on Tues. or Wed. for UPS- this means I stick the shipping lable on the box. UPS will pickup on a delivery day. Which my be that day or later in the week. IF your FFL is home based or a business I need to know this for shipping purposes. Shipping cost flat out suck. Box prices are 10-12$ IF I don't have one that will accominadate your rifle. 

ALL #BPBReloading sales are "AS IS" always have been-

Rifles condition: I don't clean nor inspect for operation. The majority of the bores are good condition many still have preservative in them. IF a rifle has a particular issue good or bad and I notice it it will be mentioned. I run a oil patch down teh bores to feel for hang-ups. All rifles need a good going over-teardown and cleaning. 

Please check out my other sales items & look for more rifles in the coming days. Pretty much all year I'll be listing this collection. 

Regards BPB FFL 35 years

Styer Mannlicher M-95 Carbine,  8X50R, Straight Pull Bolt Action, Austrian, C&R, Spanish Civil War

STYER M95 8x50r

This rifle is a Styer M-95 Mannlicher carbine in in the original 8X50R caliber.  It has a starburst cartouche on the wrist on the bottom of the stock near the trigger guard.  This cartouche is attributed to rifles used by the Republicans agains Franco’s Nationalists in the Basque Country in northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War.  This rifle has no import stamps or markings.  It comes with 4 stripper clips.

This rifle was probably sold by Poland to the government of Spain to arm their troops during the Spanish Civil War.  Poland captured thousands of M-95 Mannlichers when the Astro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved after World War 1.  They were of little use to the Poles because they had selected the 8mm Mauser as their standard cartridge.  Records that Spain received in excess of 27,000 M-95’s, both rifles and carbines, during the Spanish Civil War.

After Franco came into power, Spain put the odd caliber weapons into storage until they were sold to Sam Cummings of Interarms in the late 50’s.  Back in the glory days of Military Surplus, these rifles were advertised for sale in US magazines in 8MM Austrian for as little as $9.95.

On the left side of the stock appx 2" up from the butt you can just make out some numbers.