Monday, November 21, 2011

Ron Paul and the medias age hang-up & black-out!!

Why is everyone is so fixated on congressman's Paul's age?
I was speaking with a friend today and he asked me who I'd vote for. I replied without hesitation Ron Paul. Who else would I vote for ? Mittens or Handy Herman the Federal reserve chairman?
People are worried about the borders yet they forget it was thier boy Klinton that signed NAFA and was elected to office with large union support. 6 months later the three,3 big union Presidents cried foul.
I told my friend that I plan on changing parties from Conservative to Republican so I can vote for Congressman Ron Paul in the primaries. I don't have a lot of confidence in either party. Paul is the only one who has a plan. He is the only one that can debate off the top of his head while the others can stay on topic.

Ronald Reagan was almost 70 years old when he was elected to his first term as President. He was born Feb 6 1911, and sworn in as President on Jan 20, 1981
Mittens is 65 Once Gov of Mass., need I say more to firearms owners!!
Handy Herman is 67  Federal reserve chairman in Kansas another wall street puppet.
Dick Perry is the kid @ 61 was a Demonrat then flipped to Republican so he's a true RINO
Hillary Clinton is 65  Yea sure, lets start a war.
Newt Gingrich 68  Had his chance to change things.

So stop worring about the borders not being funded. Stop worring about weed being legalised
Those you hear complaining about his military stance can't be real veterans, if they are at all. No military person wants to go to war for people who start them. The gays took over the military decades ago. The baby molesters are in your church,scouts,schools & government.
 It's all bullshit people to distract you from the real world facts.

 They stole your retirement,wages,jobs,401k's,food,firearms and freedom And you tell me you want to vote for the same ol shit again?

Goverment drug and gun runners.
Wake up!

Stop supporting them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chronic failures of the Nassau County crime lab!

Inspector general finds systemic failures in Nassau Crime Lab procedures, management and oversight

ALBANY - New York State Inspector General Ellen Biben Thursday released an investigative report that found systemic problems at the Nassau County Police Department’s Forensic Evidence Bureau went largely undetected, ignored, or were not properly addressed due to failures at all levels of the lab’s management and oversight – from the laboratory itself, up through the Nassau County Police Department, Nassau County leadership, and ultimately the agency charged with forensic laboratory oversight in New York State, the Commission on Forensic Science.

The Inspector General’s investigation – conducted as per Governor Andrew Cuomo’s February 25, 2011 Executive Order which directed the Inspector General to investigate the oversight and operation of the crime lab – found these compound failures enabled a substandard lab to operate for far too long.

The report found that since its creation in 2003, the lab suffered from weak leadership, a dysfunctional quality management system, analysts with inconsistent training and qualifications, and outdated and incomplete testing equipment and procedures. As a result, in a four-year period, the lab was twice placed on probation by a private accrediting agency, a sanction unprecedented among forensic laboratories in New York State.

“The chronic failures of the Nassau County crime lab deprived Nassau County, the criminal justice system, and the public of their right to have complete and unfettered confidence in forensic testing,” said Biben. “We have recommended an expanded review of the lab’s results – along with other recommendations - to restore that confidence.”

Let the lawsuits begin~ bpb

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop Accepting Nonsense Ally Bank Commercial Remix (Project 12, 1112)

Greald Celente just had a large portion of his funds seized by court order, when MF went under!
In short Greald was screwed. Like he's been stating for years, all they
have to do is close the doors and take your money. I urge all people to
stop investing in 401k's. You'd be better off putting your money under the
bed. Stop buying newspapers and drop your cable TV. What's more important,
football or you next meal?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christopher Edes Candidate Meet & Greet Oct 2011

Chris Edes Monroe county chairman

Muzzle~Loader's 4 Sale T/C,CVA,Mills (London)

Sorry for the video quality. I'm destine to crappy cameras. For sale are 4 muzzle-loaders.
Mills Fowler circa 1840 12 ga
Thompson Center 45 Hawken
CVA SxS 12 ga. locks re-worked
CVA 32 cal

All these Ml'ers are in great condition. I've shot them all but the .32.
You can find me on as BPBRS
on the internet as

Harpers monthly magazine.ASF

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