Friday, December 30, 2011

The MF Global Collapse Explained (And Why It Is a Crime)

By: Fred N. Sauer

As a test of your thinking, how would you like to invest in this, as described in Wikipedia?
...2005 saw Man Financial make its largest deal with the transformative $323 million acquisition of client assets and accounts from entities of Refco, following the U.S. financial-services group's collapse in late 2005. The Refco deal...boosted Man Financial's scale in retail and institutional business.
In June 2007, Man Financial was spun off from Man Group as a separate, public entity, via an IPO, and renamed MF Global. 
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MF Global history from

The hearty ingredients of Canis soup

The hearty ingredients of Canis soup

Frank DuBoisat New Mexico Federal Lands Council- 1 day ago

The wolf is iconic and charismatic. We see him on t-shirts, on posters, and in fantasy novels. Conservationists do battle with ranchers to preserve populations of wolves. The coyote, on the other hand, is neither iconic nor loved. A newcomer to suburbia, he is feared as a suspected predator of cats, small dogs, and even small children. He is rarely seen on t-shirts; his name is not used to designate a rank of Boy Scout.
But now that we have the genetic tools to look at these animals’ genomes,
it turns out that many of the populations of coyotes in North America are
actually coyote-w...more »

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here 2002 Ben Bernankee

Remarks by Governor Ben S. Bernanke
Before the National Economists Club, Washington, D.C.
November 21, 2002
Deflation: Making Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here

Ben Bernanke speech 2002

However, a deflationary recession may differ in one respect from "normal" recessions in which the inflation rate is at least modestly positive: Deflation of sufficient magnitude may result in the nominal interest rate declining to zero or very close to zero.2 Once the nominal interest rate is at zero, no further downward adjustment in the rate can occur, since lenders generally will not accept a negative nominal interest rate when it is possible instead to hold cash. At this point, the nominal interest rate is said to have hit the "zero bound."

Deflation great enough to bring the nominal interest rate close to zero poses special problems for the economy and for policy. First, when the nominal interest rate has been reduced to zero, the real interest rate paid by borrowers equals the expected rate of deflation, however large that may be.To take what might seem like an extreme example (though in fact it occurred in the United States in the early 1930s), suppose that deflation is proceeding at a clip of 10 percent per year. Then someone who borrows for a year at a nominal interest rate of zero actually faces a 10 percent real cost of funds, as the loan must be repaid in dollars whose purchasing power is 10 percent greater than that of the dollars borrowed originally. In a period of sufficiently severe deflation, the real cost of borrowing becomes prohibitive. Capital investment, purchases of new homes, and other types of spending decline accordingly, worsening the economic downturn.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

OMG another voice a former Ron Paul staffer speaks out.

WHEW , had me worried for a second thought it was a comming out article. LOL

Lets thank the paper for letting the former staffer state that Ron Paul is not a racist. Here is the entire article in one paragraph~

Dondero goes out of his way to say that Paul is not anti-Semitic or a racist. He said Paul has hired many black and Hispanic employees and “I never heard a racist word expressed towards Blacks or Jews come out of his mouth. Not once.” In fact, Paul’s current campaign spokesman, Gary Howard, is black.###

I thought we'd see a quote from RP that even Israel has stated they want to stand on their own.

Even Ollie North , Regan's former gun/drug runner stated they will have to stad on their own as long as OB1 is in office.

OMG Rush even says OB1 is not a friend to Israel. We all now if Rush says it it's got to be the real deal!!! LOL
Limbaugh: Obama has surrounded himself with "Jew-haters," "anti-Semites," Israel-haters###
Lets look at it this way, if the United States attacks Iran in another non-approved congressional attack. Then Iran will wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

If you have a few minutes you'd like to waste here is the entire article.

Monday, December 19, 2011

AA hulls once fired .07c each

  I purchased some reloading equipment and it came with a large box of 12 ga AA hulls. It is labled contains 1,000. It has been opened but I do not know how many are missing if any are.

I'm selling them for .07c each.

I'm in the Ontario ny area just south of Rt 104.
I can ship if you want 100-200 ect.

Send me an email at if you'd like to stop by and pick some or all of them up if you're in the area.
I also have access to more once fired hulls on a seasonal basis. (I saw about 20,000 stacked up last week.)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NYC sting shows Internet is used to sell illegal guns -

NYC sting shows Internet is used to sell illegal guns -

Another sting CraigsList worst offender ays Bloomie! WAIT hold on, I thought firearms sales on Craigslist weren't allowed????

Describing it as a “24/7 field day for felons,” city officials reported yesterday that the Internet has become a prime source for illegal gun sales — and they provided videos from a sting operation to back up the claim. Mayor Bloomberg singled out Craigslist as the worst offender of 10 sites examined, with 14 of 17 gun sellers failing integrity tests.

“So Craigslist really needs to clean up its act,” the mayor said at City Hall, just two days after the killing of Officer Peter Figoski.Undercover operatives hired by the city contacted 125 private gun sellers in 14 states. Officials said 77, or 62 percent, agreed to make a sale even after being told the buyer couldn’t pass a federally mandated background check. see more videos One Ohio dealer shrugged off the requirement.

“I don’t know all the letters of the law, but I’m pretty sure if somebody said, ‘I can’t pass a background check,’ you’re not supposed to give it to them. But it’s OK. I would,” the seller said in a video played at City Hall. Asked if the sting exceeded the city’s authority and spent $290,000 inappropriately, the mayor responded: “Peter Figoski was our police officer. We didn’t overstep anything. If I had to spend double that money to save one police officer’s life, I would do it instantly.”Read more:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BBP was correct, crap floats and realtors prove it.

I stood in a Walworth town hall meeting 15+- year ago and told those present the present real estate market is being increase 6% per year. I then said, this is a a false figure. The zoning and tax collector along with one realtor on the board said is wasn't.

Bailout Payback? Realtors Double-Count Home Sales For Five Years

(CNBC) Data on sales of previously owned U.S. homes from 2007 through October this year will be revised down next week because of double counting, indicating a much weaker housing market than previously thought.


In 2011, Forbes’ 23rd ‘Most Powerful Woman In The World’, HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius was caught double-counting in the ObamaCare budget. Since then, the scandal has been ‘forgotten‘ – deep sixed.

Long shot, I know… but it’s as if Kathleen Sebelius, Goldman Sachs, GE, GM, Solyndra, Verizon, Toyota, National Association of Realtors and so many others knew all along there would be zero penalty for cooking the books.

Try double-counting your tax write-off’s

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fill er up at BP folks. A lesson in Eastern history.

Today's lesson in history.
This is a must read.
First we stage a coup in Iran because of communisim so the British told the Eisenhower administration. Truman threw the Brits out of his office because, America doesn't stage the over throw of another government. 
Wait ~hold on~commies = British oil that's it, the oil. Kermit Roosevelt was the CIA planner. WOW here's a kid who couldn't fill his GrandDad's left shoe. Fast forward to 2011 & we find them Iranians have nukes. No their commies~Wait the oil.
After the big win, no commies were found. Kind-a like weapons of mass distruction ain't it?
Hum, her's another familiar name,US General Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. NOOOOOOO WAY! DAD is that you? AND his job was? Helping the new Shaw create the secret police the Savak.
Ya know keeping the commies out and all that. 
The Shaw held his country in a not so nice fashion untill the Islamic revolution of 1979. So the line to hatred against the United States was started by? The British , they lacked the balls to do it on their own.
All these problems we face today draw a line right back to the UK. Fill er up at BP folks~today!
Cause when the SHTF in Iran you can count on walking. The last 2 fuel shortages were BS hoaxes, this one will be real.

Friday, December 9, 2011

SCOPE NY AG dog & pony show

  SCOPE has committed to an initial grant of $1000 from our legal defense fund. Despite what the news reports are saying, none of those arrested where dealers, none of them paid for tables. All where walk-ins to the shows. The promoters who are being targeted by the attorney general's office obeyed all applicable laws. They had all required signage notifying attendees of the shows that any transaction required a NICS check. In every case thepromoters provided a station to get your NICS check done, with prominent signage.
SCOPE does not support those who knowingly break the law, as seems to be the case from all the reports I've seen. We do not object to the law being enforced in a uniform objective manor, however it is clear that the attorney general's office is less interested in the prosecution of these individuals then they are in using this as a political stunt to

1.Advocate for greater restrictions on the law abiding gun owners and sportsmen, and
this is even more insidious,

2.To force legitimate businessmen out of the gun show business and close down all gun shows in the state.
Our support for NFC Shows is not only because they are SCOPE members with a history of supporting SCOPE and gun rights in NY, but more importantly, because if we allow them to shut them down and run them out of business then we allow them to restrict access for everyone, and push their anti-rights agenda. The next step would be to ban all private transfers. This must be stopped now, or the restrictions will continue, until we have no rights left at all.

Please request support for the SCOPE legal defense fund. We will need a lot more assets to continue to fight this across the state and into next year.

Stephen J Aldstadt
(716) 846-5448

SCOPENY is a non profit 100% Volunteer "Civil Rights Organization", looking out for Gun Owners Rights in New York State.

Please join or renew the $20 annual membership fee today.

For about the cost of a box of ammo you can help SCOPE help you.

Join or Renew Today!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BATFE Leadership inept!

David Voth, a supervisor over Fast and Furious, warned complainers in an e-mail that they might wind up working as jail guards if they continued raising a fuss. He urged them to relish being part of a major case, writing, "If you don't think this is fun, you're in the wrong line of work -- period!"

The article makes me so sick I had to read it in several sessions. It's damn disgusting that today not one ATF or state department head has been removed and jailed. This shit of public employees at that level being able to walk away from an activity that would put me in jail for decades is bullshit.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Newt Gingrich is ANTI 2nd Amendment

Newt Gingrich is ANTI 2nd AmendmentPlease Read

This is from
If you wish to look it up go to your search engine

Enter in the search box Newt Gingrich on Guns: A Mixed Record


Title: Newt Gingrich on Guns: A Mixed Record

Written: Tuesday, 22 November 2011 08:18

Prior to the “Republican Revolution” of 1994, Rep. Newt Gingrich of Georgia had earned an A rating with Gun Owners of America. But that all changed in 1995, after Republicans were swept to power and Gingrich became Speaker of the House.

The Republicans gained the majority, thanks in large part to gun owners outraged by the Clinton gun ban. And upon taking the reins of the House, Speaker Gingrich said famously that, “As long as I am Speaker of this House, no gun control legislation is going to move in committee or on the floor of this House and there will be no further erosion of their rights.”

His promise didn’t hold up, however, and his GOA rating quickly dropped to well below the “C-level.” In 1996, the Republican-led Congress passed the “gun free school zones act,” creating criminal safe zones like Virginia Tech, where the only person armed was a murderous criminal. Speaker Newt Gingrich voted for the bill containing this ban.[1]

The same bill also contained the now infamous Lautenberg gun ban, which lowered the threshold for losing one’s Second Amendment rights to a mere misdemeanor.[2] Gun owners could, as a result of this ban, lose their gun rights forever for non-violent shouting matches that occurred in the home -- and, in many cases, lose their rights without a jury trial.

While a legislator might sometimes vote for a spending bill which contains objectionable amendments, that was clearly NOT the case with Newt Gingrich in 1996. Speaking on Meet the Press in September of that year, Speaker Gingrich said the Lautenberg gun ban was “a very reasonable position.”[3] He even refused to cosponsor a repeal of the gun ban during the next Congress -- despite repeated requests to do so.[4]

Also in 1996, Speaker Gingrich cast his vote for an anti-gun terror bill which contained several harmful provisions. For example, one of the versions he supported (in March of that year) contained a DeLauro amendment that would have severely punished gun owners for possessing a laser sighting device while committing an infraction as minor as speeding on a federal reservation.[5] (Not only would this provision have stigmatized laser sights, it would have served as a first step to banning these items.) Another extremely harmful provision was the Schumer amendment to “centralize Federal, State and Local police.”[6]

Final passage of H.R. 3610, Sept. 28, 1996 at: . Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) warned his colleagues about the hidden dangers in H.R. 3610, and in regard to the Kohl ban, noted that it would “prohibit most persons from carrying unloaded firearms in their automobiles.”

See Gingrich’s vote at: .

[3] Associated Press, “Gingrich Favors Handgun Ban for Domestic Abuse Convicts,” Deseret News, Sept. 16, 1996. The full quote reveals how much Speaker Gingrich had adopted the anti-gunners’ line of thinking: “I'm very much in favor of stopping people who engage in violence against their spouses from having guns,” the Georgia Republican said Sunday on NBC's “Meet the Press.” “I think that's a very reasonable position.” But the fact that this gun ban covers misdemeanors in the home is primary evidence that NON-violent people have been subjected to lifetime gun bans for things like: shouting matches, throwing a set of keys in the direction of another person, spanking a child, etc.

[4] See H.R.1009, “States' Rights and Second and Tenth Amendment Restoration Act of 1997,” introduced by Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID).

H.R. 2703, March 14, 1996 at: .
S. 735, April 18, 1996 at: .

I wish in fairness to let you Republican Voters know Newt Gingrich record on your 2nd Amendment rights and to call your Senators at 2022243121 and ask them NICELY if Newt Becomes President would they support his record on your right to bear arms.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

NY Gun Show bust Attorney General's press not all true

  Jim Buck and Bruce Johnson of NFC shows, both SCOPE members, have been subpoenaed by Schneiderman's office and are under investigation. None of the people arrested and charged were licensed dealers, contrary to what was printed in the Buffalo News. None of them rented tables for the show. And none of them are SCOPE members. This is a blatant attempt to put NFC Shows out of business and shut down gun shows in New York. We have met with Jim and Bruce and gave them several names or attorneys.

SCOPE BOD has also voted to assist with legal cost.

Please visit our web site and help by donating any amount you can.
Thanks BlackPowderBill
SCOPE Director