Friday, July 30, 2010

American's, the Bewildered Herd

The people are not in charge, their desires are in charge. The people are passive consumers controlled by their internal desires.

They’re a bewildered herd constantly looking for a group & self satisfaction.

Their Mob mentality is driven by your'their animal lurking beneath the socially acceptable behaviors

Subject to change

Quomo & HUD, what it cost us.

I'll post from time to time articles of what Andrew's HUD legacy left America with.
HUD under Andrew Cuomo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Montana Anti Trapping Initiative

Sent: 7/20/2010 6:27:54 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time
Subj: Montana Anti Trapping Initiative

To All;

I 160, the anti trapping ballot initiative, failed to qualify for the November 2010 ballot.
The MEWM Steering Committee, Pac/West, the hundreds of organizations, businesses & individuals who contributed monetarily, as well as the many individuals who have actively dispelled the inaccurate statements of the antis through press releases, letters to the editor and personal appearances; you deserve thanks and praise. It was through your donations and efforts that a sufficient number of signatures to qualify I 160 were not obtained.

How close was it? Speaking with a local clerk at the county courthouse, there were 34,586 signatures turned in statewide at the county level, but only 20,318 were accepted and sent to the Secretary of State. The AR’s failed in their voluntary efforts and began paying signature gatherers; according to their financial data filed to date, signature gatherers were paid a little over $12,000.00 in this campaign. These same documents reveal that Anja Heister (Footloose Exec Dir) was paid $10,768.04 for her efforts and a cell phone bill; also $915.00 was paid to Footloose Montana by the MTFPL Committee for rental of Footloose’s RV. Perhaps we also owe Anja & Footloose a thank you for siphoning off the $11,683.19; rather than hiring additional signature gatherers.

I will be obtaining information as to which legislative districts qualified the initiative and how many signatures were gathered in each legislative district; we will then know where to direct our efforts in the future.

The battle is not over, as Connie Poten (Footloose Montana) said, “If we didn’t make it, it’s just practice because we’ll be doing it again”. Any funds left over from the campaign, as well as additional monies will be put into efforts to seek a legislative solution to end or slow down the management of Montana’s wildlife through the ballot initiative process. A skirmish has been won, now we move to the legislative battlefield.

Once again - Thank You and forward to those whom you feel would be interested.

Take Care

Jim Buell
Montana Trappers Association

Help Mike Nozzolio make cuts in Albany

Cut Albany Poll by Senator Mike Nozzolio

Welcome to “YOU CUT ALBANY: Citizens Cutting Government Waste”. This new on-line tool is designed to enable taxpayers throughout the State to cast votes for specific wasteful spending items that they would like to see eliminated from the State Budget.

This initiative provides taxpayers an opportunity to vote online and give their opinions on which specific programs should be eliminated. Those that receive the most votes will be used by Senator Nozzolio and his Senate Republican colleagues -- both in discussions at the Budget Conference Committee tables, and on the floor of the State Senate.

On a regular basis, new spending items will be added to the list for consideration and a new round of on-line voting by New York taxpayers will be held.

The “YOU CUT ALBANY: Citizens Cutting Government Waste” initiative is modeled on the successful “You Cut” federal program that was recently launched by Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia.

YOU CUT ALBANY lets hardworking taxpayers speak out and take direct action regarding wasteful spending by their State government. By working together, we can highlight wasteful and unnecessary spending practices, and help save New York taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

The five spending items which are eligible to be voted on in the initial round of on-line balloting can be found below. (Please select one)

Follow the link at the top of the article.
Thanks BPB

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Repeal the Rochester,NY AW ban

On Tuesday, July 20 at the Speak to Council session beginning at 7pm, I will advise the Rochester City Council to repeal Ordinance No. 93-62, commonly known as the so-called Assault Weapons Ban.

Non-residents may speak to the Council on this issue, although residents are given preference. Non-residents would be affected by this law if they travel through the city with prohibited firearms.

To speak to the City Council, you must call (585) 428-7421 on Tuesday, before 6 pm. The earlier you call, the earlier you will appear on the speakers list. Residents will speak before non-residents.

City Hall is located at the corner of Church St. and State St. Parking is available in the Sister Cities Garage directly across from City Hall. Google Map:

"2A" signs will be available for those who want to show their support.

The Greater Rochester Libertarian Party intends to pursue all avenues to repeal this law. At this time, that is all I will say on the matter.

Chris Edes
Greater Rochester Libertarian Party

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montana antis comment

From past NTA President Jim Buell~
The antis just keep on trying till sportsmen forget ,which is usually around hunting season. See the antis don't take time off to hunt,fish,trap or shoot. Why you ask , well they have no life so they figure they might as well ruin everyone else's.


The last day to collect signatures and turn them in to county election administrators was June 18th. The county election administrators have until July 16th to verify or disqualify the signatures and send to the Secretary of State in Helena. As of last Friday there were 19,534 signatures verified & 29 election districts qualified; they need 24,337 signatures verified & 34 election districts qualified; so they need another 5650 signatures and 5 more election districts.

The 1st two weeks after the cut off date about 6000 signatures were verified and sent to Helena, the next week about 2150 and last week 847; so I am hopeful that it does not qualify, but we are still in the "its going to qualify mood" until we know for sure.

According to Connie Poten; Footloose Montana Secretary , Board Member and Montanan’s for Trap Free Public Lands Vice Chairman it doesn’t matter.

Taken from the Billings Gazette, Friday June 18, 2010;
Connie Poten of Missoula, a volunteer for Montanans for Trap-Free Public Lands, said Friday that she didn’t know if the group had secured enough signatures. Supporters were still gathering signatures on Friday. “I think we’re right on the edge”, she said. “If we didn’t make it, it’s just practice because we’ll be doing it again”.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Opnion on Antler Restrictions

Artificial food plots do not make for a big rack or deer. It's the genetics that create the deer. The program is ok for private property owners who want to play around.
Then again all of the people who run around planting an artificial food base in the middle of the woods aren't even scratching the surface of a real AR/QDM based program. Those big racks the QDM people parade in front of you are developed through years of scientific gene research in a lab.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous

Hi Gang,
The NE Primitive Rendezvous will be again on Hi-Tor Middlesex,NY.
Head south on rte 364 from Canandaigua,stay straight and climb up Hi-Tor.
Pre-1840 muzzleloading/historical encampment and events.
Entire event lasts July 10-17,2010.
Open to public Saturday 7/10 and Sunday 7/11 10:00-16:00 EDT.
No dogs.
Per my previous experiences at rendezvous':wear sturdy shoes,bring sufficient water/cold
beverages,sun and bug protection[SN ticks in the Finger Lakes region can carry Lyme], cash is better than credit cards,trade goods are sometimes useful.Take your time on the roads on Hi-tor-they can be rough.
I'll be visiting on Saturday or Sunday-no definitive plan yet.Will have a military rucksack or pack basket.
Nice event overall.
Pull up 2010 Northeastern Primitive Rendezvous and Trade Fair on web for more details

Maybe we'll.see you there

Bob Kellog~