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Americans bought a billion Russian ammo
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U.S. private companies purchased from Russian producers 900 million rounds of ammunition for rifles and pistols. Об этом со ссылкой на источники в оборонно-промышленных кругах сообщает 26 апреля газета «Известия». This is with reference to sources in the military-industrial circles reported April 26 the newspaper "Izvestia".
Предметом контракта, заключенного с российскими заводами, стали автоматные патроны калибра 7,62х39 миллиметра и пистолетные — калибра 9х19 миллиметра. The subject of the contract with the Russian factories, steel machine-gun cartridges of 7.62 x 39 millimeters and a pistol - caliber 9x19 mm. Сообщается, что заказчиками выступили пять американских фирм, среди которых Intrac Arms International LLC и Wolf Perfomance Ammunition. It is reported that customers were five U.S. companies, including Intrac Arms International LLC and Wolf Perfomance Ammunition.
Переговоры о поставках начались в 2011 году при участии «Рособоронэкспорта». Negotiations on the supply began in 2011 with the participation of "Rosoboronexport". Первые партии патронов были направлены американским покупателям в начале 2013 года. The first batch of cartridges were sent to American buyers in early 2013. Сумму контракта источник издания не сообщил. Amount of the contract is not a source told the publication.
Информацию о наличии договора «Известиям» подтвердили на Ульяновском патронном заводе. For information about the availability of the agreement "News" confirmed at the Ulyanovsk cartridge plant. Представитель завода уточнил, что американская сторона предоставила гарантии министерства обороны США, согласно которым патроны предназначаются только для частных покупателей, а не для армейских частей, либо экспорта. Representative of the plant said that the U.S. has guaranteed the U.S. Defense Department, according to which the cartridges are intended only for private buyers, but not for the army units, or exports.
В интервью изданию редактор сайта Максим Попенкер сообщил, что спрос на боеприпасы в США вызван крупными госзаказами на нужды армии и силовых ведомств. In an interview with the editor of Maxim Popenker reported that demand for ammunition in the United States by a massive government contracts to the needs of the army and security forces. «Поэтому ощущается недостаток патронов, которые частные компании-продавцы компенсируют за счет импорта», — добавил Попенкер. "Therefore, there is a shortage of cartridges that private companies-sellers compensated for by imports" - added Popenker. Патроны, по мнению эксперта, граждане США могут также закупать впрок, опасаясь ограничений на оружие со стороны правительства. Ammunition, according to the expert, U.S. citizens can also buy for the future, fear of restrictions on weapons by the government.
Патрон калибра 7,62 миллиметра получил наибольшее распространение с появлением автомата Калашникова АК-47 и его модификаций, которые популярны среди американского населения. 7.62 millimeters is most prevalent with the advent of the Kalashnikov AK-47 and its variants, which are popular among the American population. В США также большой спрос на самозарядный карабин Симонова (СКС), использующий те же боеприпасы. The U.S. also has a large demand for self-loading carbine Simonov (SKS), which uses the same ammunition. На продажи карабина, как на оружие, произведенное более полувека назад, в США не распространяются некоторые ограничения по дополнительному оснащению. Sales rifle as a weapon, produced more than half a century ago, in the U.S., there are restrictions on additional equipment.
Девятимиллиметровые патроны (Парабеллум) для пистолетов получили популярность в США в начале 1990-х годов. Nine-millimeter cartridges (Para) for guns gained popularity in the United States in the early 1990s. Тогда полицейские и армейские подразделения стали массово использовать оружие производства «Смит-и-Вессон» и «Беретта», в которых применяется этот калибр боеприпасов. Then the police and army units began to use weapons of mass production, "Smith & Wesson" and "Beretta", which applies this caliber ammunition.

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Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club

Below is the Announcement for the 1st Annual Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club. Please contact me to sign up. Also please foward this to all who may be interested. I apologize in advance if you receive this message more than once as I am sending it to multiple lists.

Frank Riess

Practical Shooting League @ Wallkill Rod & Gun Club
On Thursday May 2nd we will be starting our first annual Practical Shooting League at Wallkill Rod & Gun Club. The league will run every Thursday in May (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th). Start time will be 5:30pm unless otherwise noted.
A practical shooting match generally consists of multiple stages (courses of fire). We will be running a different stage every week. Time and ammunition permitting, competitors may run each stage several times. Each run will cost $12, which equates to a $60 league fee if each stage is only shot once.
The league is being designed to appeal to new and seasoned shooters alike. By participating you will learn new shooting techniques, meet fellow shooters, see and try new gear, challenge yourself and have a crack at some awesome prizes. Below you will find the basics. We are hard at work ironing out details and trying to get this thing together in a short time. If some info is unclear or missing, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Understand that some of the issues may still be getting worked out.
Targets: We will be engaging a variety of targets from paper to steel to clay pigeons. Please keep bird shot smaller than #7 shot (7.5, 8 and up are fine) and no steel core or penetrator style rifle bullets. They are expensive to shoot and they will destroy our steel targets.
Equipment: To participate, you will need access to a safe center-fire handgun (revolver or auto), 12 or 20 gauge shotgun (any action type) and a semi auto center-fire rifle. If you can handle it safely, shoot it well and reload it quickly, it will work. A good safe holster for the pistol you will be using is necessary. The holster should have a retention device that will stop the handgun from leaving the holster during vigorous movement. Magazine pouches are a good idea, but not mandatory. You will need several spare magazines for both your rifle and pistol. You can get by with 3 for each, but the more the merrier. If you don’t have the equipment, sharing will be permitted. PLEASE DO NOT bring magazines that have a capacity greater than ten rounds. Eye and ear protection is mandatory at this event for competitors and spectators. Please bring eyes and ears.
*A note on equipment – week #1 will be a pistol only stage. You only need to bring your pistol, holster, pistol mags and pistol ammo. If you want to bring the rest of your gear to show off, ask questions or leave in the car that is fine.
**Another note on equipment – Get ammo while you can. Don’t wait until last minute. We understand ammo is hard to come by right now so plan accordingly. We have tailored the stages so that vast amounts of ammo will not be necessary. If shot clean (with no misses) Stage 1 can be completed in just 20 pistol rounds.
Scoring: In a nut shell scoring will be time plus penalties.
Shooter 1 43.45 seconds + 0.0 in penalties beats Shooter 2 53.67 seconds + 0.0 in penalties
Shooter 1 15.67 seconds + 50 seconds in penalties loses to Shooter 2 51.35 seconds + 0.0 in penalties
Penalties will consist of FTN (Failure to Neutralize), FTE (Failure to Engage), No-Shoots (hitting a target that you are not supposed to) and Procedurals (not following directions). Each of these penalties will add a specified amount of time to your run. Actual penalty values to be announced.
In essence this breaks down to a balance between accuracy and speed. Rankings each week will equate to points which will contribute towards an aggregate.
Awards: To be announced, but they will be distributed throughout the field (Lewis Class or otherwise) and they will be good.
Sign Up: Most good 3 Gun or Practical Matches fill up within a day or so of the announcement. Many are invite-only due to their popularity. We expect this one to fill up as well. To sign up for this league, contact me at

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Did anyone read the latest So called Federal Bi-Partisian firearms ban bill?

Did anyone read the latest So called Bi-Partisan firearms bill?

  I see CCRKBA has came out in support of the bill as this is a "good" thing and we've been given a great deal. I'm so sick of being told what is good for me by people who run around and get paid to either represents me or fight for my rights. WTF do they know that I never have? This goes beyond and comprehensible reasoning. That we as a whole should keep those in business who never really do  any thing other than achieve 15 minutes of fame arguing in my name against those who intend to do me financial and physical harm, that it will be alright in the end.

In part from Korwin's Page 9 report:

The bill requires you to get a background check to buy firearms from people you meet at a gun show, but doesn't require anyone to do a background check just because you want one. Dealers would have plenty of reasons not to do such a check -- like having paying customers, liability, fee caps, and pressure from a sometimes rogue federal agency like BATFE. That would mean the end of freedom at gun shows. This is something Sen. John McCain has been working on for more than a decade. McCain was quoted by the Associated Press today as "very favorably disposed" to this Manchin-Toomey-Schumer gun-infringement bill (meaning he likes it). This bill is totally unacceptable.

And what's that bit at the end of that section that says medical- and health-insurance-company owned guns are exempt? Say what? Where's the media on that? I'll do a more detailed report on this soon. Or someone should -- who's planning what that got that in there?

You can read more of this at Gun Laws

(a)The Attorney General may prescribe only such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, including—
(1)regulations providing that a person licensed under this chapter, when dealing with another person so licensed, shall provide such other licensed person a certified copy of this license;
(2)regulations providing for the issuance, at a reasonable cost, to a person licensed under this chapter, of certified copies of his license for use as provided under regulations issued under paragraph (1) of this subsection; and
(3)regulations providing for effective receipt and secure storage of firearms relinquished by or seized from persons described in subsection (d)(8) or (g)(8) ofsection 922.
No such rule or regulation prescribed after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or dispositions be established. Nothing in this section expands or restricts the Secretary’s [1] authority to inquire into the disposition of any firearm in the course of a criminal investigation.
(b)The Attorney General shall give not less than ninety days public notice, and shall afford interested parties opportunity for hearing, before prescribing such rules and regulations.
(c)The Attorney General shall not prescribe rules or regulations that require purchasers of black powder under the exemption provided in section 845(a)(5) of this title to complete affidavits or forms attesting to that exemption.

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SNL Takes a Poke at the Federal Firearms Bill~Weekly sales still brisk

SNL pokes the Federal Fireams Bill

Bullet Sales continue to be over the top.
 Last weeks sales:
2 Lee Reloader Press's
3,500 9mm bullets
Lee 35 Rem die set
200 pcs 223 LC brass
70 pcs Rem '06 brass
45-70 Trapdoor Springfield [personal rifle]
250 38 supers 130gr
1 bx Hornady 452 200gr FTX

AND more awaiting payment or to be shipped.

 Due to fuel prices I'll be limiting my trips for shipping to 2 times per week.

I have a Lyman Expert reloading kit listed at around $400.00 it has all the accessories in one package to get you started on a lifetime of reloading...less the dies and components.

Also in stock Remington NEW 45acp brass and 1,800 pcs of "PROCESSED" LC 223 brass.

See my GunBroker auctions listed under BPBRS for details and prices.

Regards BPB

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Lee Hand Press With Breech Lock :@ by BPBRS

I have 3 Hand Press's and 6 Lee Reloader Press's on hand. Plus a collection of new and used dies,270 & 8mm Brass, Bullets in 9mm, 44cal,224 46gr HP MORE!

Lee Hand Press With Breech Lock : Reloading Equipment at