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NY State Sen. Shirley Huntley Says She Will Be Arrested~Another Sham charity

NY State Sen. Shirley Huntley Says She Will Be Arrested;

When will the people wake up and throw these thieves out of office? BPB

Submitted by Peter Flaherty on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 20:59

Printer-friendlyEmail to friendNew York State Senator Shirley Huntley (D-Queens) announced on Saturday that she expects to be arrested on Monday on corruption charges. In March 2011, NLPC exposed a sham charity she founded called The Parent Workshop, to which she steered tens of thousands in taxpayer money.

According to the New York Times today:

She said she did not know the charges, but her announcement came months after one of her aides and three others were charged with stealing taxpayer money from a nonprofit group that Ms. Huntley founded.

NLPC's Huntley allegations were a byproduct of our investigation of U. S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and a sham charity with which he was associated called New Direction Local Development Corporation. Among other irregularities, New Direction raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who did not receive any assistance.

As described in the New York Post in March 2011:
Sham charities are a way of political life in southeast Queens, where a number of elected officials are under investigation for steering money to groups they founded -- and which were often staffed by cronies -- and whose mission and spending is dubious.


From the desk of Carl Paladino~



Brother: Edmund P Maziarz Jr., Town Justice Pendleton. Former Niagara Community College Board of Trustees is married to Marian Louise Maziarz, an employee of North Tonawanda School District.

Brother: Marvin Maziarz works at Niagara County Community College, Former Member of the Niagara County Community College Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor.

Nephew: Stephen Maziarz, arrested in 2003 while working for the Peace Bridge Authority, concocted a scheme to smuggle unknown items. George’s chum and Chairman of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Henry Sloma got him a job at the NFTA working in Accounts Receivable in 2011, making $40,975.

Brother: Paul Maziarz is City of Tonawanda Director of Facilities and Operations

Brother: David C Maziarz works at the City of Tonawanda Engineering Dept. and his wife Dora Maziarz is Sr. Acct Clerk Typist at the North Tonawanda Fire Dept.

Nephew: Matthew Maziarz, 29 years old. Employed at North Ton Water Department; former North Ton Parks and Recreation employee, former Department of Corrections employee.

Wife: Beverly Maziarz is the Secretary to Hon Richard C Kloch Sr., Acting Supreme Court Justice, Niagara County (appointed by Governor.) Her first marriage was to Mel Denny.

Step Son-In-Law: Devin Ginty, Kristina’s husband, is a New York Power Authority employee and former AES employee

Step Daughter: Tricia Denny is employed by the City of Lockport Police and was on Senate payroll: 2008- 2009.

Cousin: Jessie (Granchelli) Haley- works at the New York State Power Authority at $84,294/ year.

Sister-In-Law: Molly White works at the New York State Power Authority at $79,573/ year

Sister-In-Law: Mary (White) Boudeman works in the Record’s Department at Eastern Niagara Hospital.

Brother-In-Law: Scott Boudeman is the Newfane Town Justice (ran unopposed)

Brother-In-Law: Michael White is the Treasurer, City of Lockport and Former Deputy County Treasurer under Broderick.

Friend: Marcus Hall- works in George’s office and is a Councilman in Newfane and his wife Heather Palmer Hall is the Secretary to the Supervisor of Newfane. Heather’s mother and father live next door to Beverly & George.

Friend: Malcolm A Needler- is on the Niagara Community College Board of Trustees, Financial Secretary and a former County Legislator.

He currently works at the New York State Power Authority. He formerly worked at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and Computer Task Group.

Friend: Henry Wojtaszek was appointed Legal Counsel to the State’s Off Track Betting Board.

He is former North Tonawanda City Attorney, 1998-2004, Partner Harris Beach 2005-2010, which firm has taken hundreds of thousands

in fees from various government and quasi- government entities in Niagara County. He was Chairman of the Niagara County

Republican Party 2000-2009.

Friend: Kathleen Wojtaszek-Gariano, Henry’s sister. She was Assistant Niagara County Attorney from 1999-2001. In 2001 Kathleen was appointed to that bench by Mayor Mary Irene Elia. She later lost the election to Bobby Restaino. Kathleen was later appointed to Niagara County Family Court.

Friend: Caroline Wojtaszek, Henry’s wife, was Assistant District Attorney for 14 years before resigning earlier this year to become

Confidential Law Clerk to County Judge Sperrazza.

Friend: Henry (Mickey) Sloma is Chairman of the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency and is Vice Chairman (and former Acting Commissioner) of the NFTA Board of Commissioners.

Sharon M. Sloma –is Henry’s second wife and is the Appointed Niagara County Deputy Social Services Commissioner. Their daughters Holly Sloma and Heather DeCastro are both employed by the Niagara County DA Violante’s office as Assistant DA’s. Heather DeCastro’s ex-husband, Daemen DeCastro, was a City of Niagara Falls Attorney until he was fired after they divorced. In 2008 Henry Sloma’s girlfriend Bonnie Gifford was appointed Chair of the Niagara County Community College Board of Directors. Sloma is responsible for the appointment of current NFTA Executive Director Kim Minkel. She was appointed December, 2010

Over the years NCCC has served largely as a jobs program for various friends and family members of the Maziarz political elite.

Friend: Judge Richard C Kloch Sr: is an Acting Supreme Court Justice, Niagara County, Appointed by Chief Admin Judge Jonathan Lippman, 2001 to present. He was appointed as a Court of Claims Judge by Governor George Pataki in 2001 and was reappointed 2005-2013. He was an elected North Tonawanda City Court Judge from 1986-2001, was Commissioner, US Selective Service 1977-2002 and is a Director, North Tonawanda Housing Development Corp, A Buffalo News Article from 6/14/2001 quote by Kloch: “George Maziarz has worked unendingly, tirelessly, to get a Court of Claims judgeship appointment for his district,…my family and I will be eternally grateful.”

Kloch is the godfather of a son of Henry Wojtaszek.

Friend: Ron Winter is Judge Richard Kloch’s Clerk. Ron’s wife, Joan, is a school teacher in Lyndonville.

Friend: Mike J. Norris is current Chairman of the Niagara County Republican Party; is the City of Lockport Attorney and State GOP Committeeman for the 142nd Assembly District. He is a former District Aide for Assemblyman David E. Seaman (R) Lockport, former Vice Chairman of the City of Lockport GOP Committee; former Elections Commissioner 1999-2002 and former Staff member in Senator Maziarz Office.

Friend: Jim Ward; Former County Legislator; Executive Advisor to George since 2003 is a former Niagara Falls Bridge Commissioner. In 2000/2001 Ward was involved in a scheme to conceal from the Legislature’s Administration Committee, which he headed at the time, the fact that a 10% pay cut the Legislature had voted for the election commissioners the previous year had never materialized in their paychecks. He is a former Niagara Falls Bridge Commissioner.

Friend: Patty Weiss- George Maziarz’s pit-bull. Her husband, Wally Weiss, is an employee of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). George Maziarz is Chairman of the State Energy Committee. Patty’s son, Dan Weiss, is the Chairman of the Niagara County Conservative Party and is a teacher in the Niagara Falls School District. Dan’s son Michael allegedly works for the Niagara County Water Department.

Friend: Mike Carney- Deputy Elections Commissioner; Former Deputy County Treasurer under Broderick, (appointed). He resigned as Deputy Treasurer to take a job as Grant Director for NCCC. He is the former Clerk of the Niagara County Legislature, former North Tonawanda City Councilman and former North Tonawanda School Board Member.

WOW it's like a self serving kingdom! Carl is correct follow the yellow brick road.
Regards, BPB

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Nassua county firearms dealer win suit

The story starts here:  Notes in RED are mine comments~bpb


What Was Really Behind Nassau County’s Gun Store Raids?

12/8/11 EDIT: Here’s a recent update on the case.

Nassau County raided four Gun Shops in a $80,000 tax-payer funded sting operation on Wednesday. The owners and employees were arrested and charged with selling illegal “assault weapons” to undercover Nassau County investigators.

All of the owners insist that they were following the law. Martin Tretola, the owner of T&T Gunnery, was captured on undercover video demonstrating how to hypothetically alter a rifle by removing the pin to make a fixed stock collapsible, but he clearly explains that the weapon is “law enforcement only”, and added “you take that pin out, I’m telling you, you’re in trouble with this gun.” Tretola was charged with criminal sale of a firearm in the second degree, a class B Felony, and a misdemeanor charge of firearms licensing provisions. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

But there’s more to this story than most are reporting. In 2008, Martin Tretola filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit in federal court against Nassau County for violations of his constitutional rights. The County was unable to dismiss the lawsuit, and it is scheduled for trial soon. Right before the jury is selected is an awfully convenient time for another raid and arrest.

The History:

According to Tretola, in March 2006, Tretola received a telephone call from a Police Officer Faltings from the NCPD. Officer Faltings ordered Tretola to turn over possession of a particular firearm to a friend of Officer Faltings without the purchase documents for that particular weapon. Tretola denied Officer Falting’s request, at which point Officer Faltings allegedly responded “Do you know who I am? I am the head of the Pistol Licensing Bureau of Nassau County.”. Tretola responded in words or substance that “I do not care who you are or what you are. What you are asking of me is against the law and I will not do it.”

Shortly after the telephone conversation, the two men met in person at police headquarters. During the meeting, Officer Faltings stated “when I ask for something you need to do it”, and further stated that if Tretola didn’t do as he asked, he would strip Tretola of his license to sell firearms. Tretola refused.

On May 9, 2007, Officer Faltings and five police officers orchestrated a massive raid involving the Nassau County Fire Marshal, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco (ATF), the Town of Hempstead Building Department, and the Nassau County Bomb Squad. The raid was conducted without a warrant, and was completely beyond the purview of the Nassau County Pistol Licensing Bureau. Despite the failure to discover illegal activity, the Nassau County Police seized many weapons, and Martin Tretola was arrested for Reckless Endangerment. All charges were later dismissed. Tretola’s seized inventory has not been returned.

Shortly after the charges were dismissed, Officer Faltings arbitrarily suspended Martin Tretola’s licenses, including his pistol license, dealer’s license, and gunsmith license. His store was temporarily shut down, causing massive financial harm. Eventually, Tretola was able to restore his licenses, and he filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Nassau County.

Nassau County made several attempts to have the lawsuit dismissed, but were unsuccessful. In December 2010, the matter was marked ready for trial, and is currently awaiting a trial date. Jury selection will be scheduled soon.   Epic failure and they all keep their jobs!  


News: Nassau County Loses $5M Lawsuit

(Long Island, N.Y.) The courts sided with the owner of a gun shop on Merrick Road in Seaford in a $5 million suit against Nassau County. The decision was upheld Wednesday in a Central Islip federal court. The $5 million was broken into $3 million compensatory and $2 million punitive damages.

The suit had been filed in 2008 and the owner was represented successfully by an attorney from Lake Success. According to reports, he owned a second gun shop in New Hyde Park and was arrested in June of 2007. The charge, which was later dismissed, was for reckless endangerment in the case of having a gun range inside his shop.

Conflicting information was presented about the charges. Some sources claimed that the gun range was a legal bullet trap and used to safely absorb bullets and scattered shards to conduct tests. Nassau County contests the verdict and claimed to have had a legally-sound probable cause for the arrest.

Ultimately, the courts decided in favor of the owner, who claimed wrongful allegations were made against him. Reports stated that a specific police officer, who still works in the pistol license section, was targeted in the suit. It was said that the arrest was related to a firearm issue between the gun shop owner and a friend of the officer.
Other sources claimed that the arrest was not a result of police harassment, stating that the gun shop owner had been selling illegal weapons. Charges including Criminal Sale of a Firearm in the Second Degree, Unlawful Disposing of an Assault Weapon, and a misdemeanor violation of the Firearm Licensing Provisions were filed with a possible fifteen-year sentence. The business was charged with both first and second-degree Criminal Sale of a Firearm.

The gun owner's license was suspended and later restored. His attorney argued that the business suffered from stigma associated with the arrest. An estimated nine-hundred guns could have been sold, as part of a figure pulled from sales of the previous year.

Another argument in the suit was that police didn't check to see that the natural gas line located near the shop had been disconnected for decades. Amidst of all the charges against the gun shop owner, possible penalties included a $10k fine and double what the company allegedly gained by illegal means. The gun shop owner's son, an employee from Bellmore, faced two counts of Manufacture, Transport, Disposition, Defacement of Weapons and Dangerous Instruments and Appliances.

Three other employees from West Islip, Oceanside, and North Babylon were also affected, the youngest of whom is in his twenties. According to reports, the gun shop owner is ready to get his life together. Some followers of the case claimed that the suit's outcome had more to do with the courts aiming to send a message against police harassment.

For now it ends here & naturally no one in government will lose their jobs over this epic faiure!   bpb

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Spent money on a gun safe only to find out it's junk!  Watch this video and you'll see a consumer product that is no safer than placing your firearm is a locke night stand drawer.

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The State of NY has a poll out asking opinions on land use.

Here is my opinion:
Which by the way has been my opinion for some time now. I could have written another 1,000 words but proper gramer and writing are not my strong points. Plus the arthritis in my hands really hurts.
I to replied to the survey and noticed the 15 mile travel question. It was and the survey is geared towards locals.

With the few questions that leaned towards groups.
I'd have to say my group, NYS Muzzle-Loaders Association has used the Moose River Plains camp site for over 20 years now. We have a good relationship with the Park Ranger and others we come in contact with. We are a fixed part of the Town of Inlets fall festivities. A few years ago we came close to losing our campsite due to the restructuring proposal.

However with that said & on a personal note.
I was part of a camp that had meet for decades along the Independence river. Being a new member invited to come camp it was only a few years until they were locked out due to the road less regulations that have swept New York & the nation as a whole. The avg. age of that group was over 50 years old.

Yes we, the people of the 21st century are a motorized group as were many who visited the area over the past century. I warned the DEC that to close off lakes, ponds and roads would be in direct violation of the American Disabilities Act. The sportsmen of this nation are an aging population. With age comes physical limitations. Physical limitations means motorized access is not only needed but required. Building a dock on a stream for a wheel chair disable individual made for a nice photo op but did nothing to help gain access to a back woods pond.

You cannot manage land by locking a gate and stating; "Here now we've done our part to return this land to the wild. For future generations to come visit and see what great stewards of the land we were."

Yea well, nice line, but who is going to visit an inaccessible area? No one will. They will drive by on the pave portions and say, oh look at all the trees. Local business will/ have suffer just as when the big game firearms season was changed to a Saturday. Locals diners & Mom/Pop shops went from full seats to empty.

As an example the Town of Ohio recreation part hosted the NYSMLA shooting events for over 30 years. About 5 years ago they upped our camp fee from $100.00 a weekend to $500.00. We could not afford that kind of increase. We were forced to find another location that would host our events. This move cost us many members who could not afford to travel. We purchased local firewood, food & fuel. We fished, hiked and came to relax and visit. This no longer happens at the Town of Ohio. That was a direct economic impact to the area.

The road less & wild forever regulations in New York and across this Nation have disseminated small towns and rural business at a time when even a few dollars injected locally can mean the difference between make or break. I don’t spent that money any longer in those areas. I no longer have a 27 foot camper. The 4 wheeler was gone 2 years after it was purchased when we found out there was no place to ride it. The canoe that sat for 3 years was sold in 2010.

The forest have been hit by disease , wind and a limited logging practice. The monoculture of pines planted in some areas do not support a diverse habitat. The state~ IMO should not be in the land business.

Look around the nation and you’ll see thousands of camp sites abandon and up for sale if they are not foreclosed on. Many people who have fallen on hard times simply walked away from that second home in the mountains or resort areas.

On a final note:

For years I’ve told sportsmen the only way you can control the land is if you own it. Special interest not-for-profits are allowed millions of dollars in grants to hold and manage land then the state purchases this land at a later date. Mean while sportsmen’s groups only seat at the table is our opinion. This needs to change. I should state it needed to change 50 years ago.

The state pushed by special interest groups has turned the land & rural economy into a failed society. Food to fuel, taxes to fund NYSERDA and smoke and mirrors energy refunds. Fifth century technology to generate electricity on a mass scale.

It’s not hard to figure out.
When you make the land inaccessible who will come visit? It’s like locking the doors on a business & complaining we have no customers.

Yes were a motorized people & we were locked out of the land & business we supported for a century.

Wm. J. Brookover
Ontario, New York
& Rayle , Georgia

You can follow the links in this article , leave an opinion and take the survey.   Regards BPB