Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feld Entertainment wins $15.75 million from HSUS

Subject: Major Announcement from Feld Entertainment

As most of you know, for more than a decade our company has been engaged in a protracted legal dispute with a number of animal rights organizations over the care of Asian elephants with Ringling Bros. and at the Center for Elephant Conservation.

The trail court ruled in our favor, was upheld on appeal and awarded us attorney’s fees. We also initiated our own civil RICO action against the activist groups and their attorneys for the fraudulent and unethical actions they engaged in throughout the proceedings.  Today we announced a record settlement with the Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Welfare Institute and other groups and their attorneys. They have agreed to pay Feld Entertainment $15.75 million to settle all our claims against them. This of course is in addition to our earlier $9.3 Million settlement with the

ASPCA, bringing the total amount paid to our company to more than $25 Million. A settlement of this size, coupled with multiple court rulings, clearly demonstrates what we have said all along – we are the experts when it comes to caring for Asian elephants and our animal welfare programs are the best in the world. The press release announcing this settlement is attached.


Please share the press release with whomever you feel appropriate and contact me if you have any questions.




Thomas L. Albert

Vice President-Government Relations

Feld Entertainment, Inc.

8607 Westwood Center Drive

Vienna, VA  22182