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National Park Police ~ Missing Firearms

The U.S. Park Police has lost track of hundreds of firearms that remain unaccounted for in its inventory, pointing to a "decades-long" run of inaction by the organization's leadership, according to a report from a federal watchdog agency.

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The investigation began when the Interior Department's Office of the Inspector General received an anonymous complaint alleging that the park police could not account for government-issued weapons, that it had not conducted weapons inventories and that some missing weapons may have been taken by USPP officers for their own use, the report says.
In the report, released on Wednesday, the OIG said it discovered more than 1,400 weapons that could not be accounted for, some of which should have been destroyed.

One section of the handbook of the National Park Service, which oversees USPP, says the number of firearms the force can have is limited to the "minimum necessary for an effective law enforcement program," according to the report. Despite the fact that the USPP has about 640 sworn officers, OIG investigators found hundreds of extra weapons, including 477 military-style automatic and semiautomatic rifles.
Mary Kendall, the office's deputy inspector general, said in the report that the investigation brought to attention several problems, ranging from errors in record keeping to "glaring nonfeasance by senior command officers."
"Basic tenets of property management and supervisory oversight are missing in their simplest forms," Kendall said in the report. "Commanders, up to and including the Chief of Police, have a lackadaisical attitude toward firearms management."
[POLL: Should 3-D Printed Guns Be Legal?]
Kendall said the evidence showed the force's lack of management created a condition that was primed for theft and misuse of the firearms, as well as the ability to "conceal the fact if weapons were missing."
Though it is unclear if any criminals have gotten a hold of missing weapons, investigators suggested in the report that Park Police officials may not have known if they did, due to the force's lack of a sufficient inventory system.
Investigators also said they have "little confidence" that the USPP will follow up on the 10 recommendations laid out in the report "without direct and frequent oversight," in part because they found similar problems within the force in 2008 and 2009 that remained unresolved.
In 2008, for example, the OIG said a lack of management within USPP "adversely affected the level of security" at the national monuments and parks the force is tasked with monitoring.
Kendall said in the report that the OIG inteds to conduct a series of reviews and inspections to address the issue of USPP's accountability.
[REPORT: Using Guns for Self-Defense Leads to Fewer Injuries]
The force has 45 days to respond to the OIG with a plan to address its recommendations.
Jeffrey Olson, a spokesman for the National Park Service, told The Washington Post that Chief of Police Teresa Chambers has been ordered to implement the inspector general's recommendations "without delay," including an immediate weapons inventory.
"I have no tolerance for this management failure," said Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis in a statement, according to the Post. "The safety and security of our visitors and employees remain our highest priority."
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Colorado Magpul's last stand: High-capacity magazine giveaway - Washington Times

I'm sure some green energy company will come to the rescue of the area. LOL They will suck up a few hundred million of gimme cash and be dead in 2 years. Just like all the other billion dollar Obama corporations.

Colorado Magpul's last stand: High-capacity magazine giveaway - Washington Times

The gun accessories maker Magpul Industries Corp. is giving out 1,500 empty 20- and 30-round magazines at a “Farewell to Arms” festival to mark the company’s departure from Colorado, in protest of the state’s recent legislative clampdown on Second Amendment freedoms.
Colorado recently passed new bans on magazines and expanded background checks on gun buyers. Magpul, a magazines and gun-accessory company located in Colorado, said the new laws will kill its business and in March, announced intent to move shop.

Read more: MagPull read more

Friday, June 28, 2013

5336 Lincoln Rd, Walworth, NY 14519

Buy this house and I'll throw in the lawn mower and plow!

5336 Lincoln Rd, Walworth, NY 14519

NY Firearms Ban Latest News

ny Firearms Ban "safe act" Business Killer via El Duce'

100 Turn-Out for NY SAFE Act Forum

CNY News - ‎Jun 26, 2013‎
About 100 gun owners turned out last night at the Port Crane Fire House for a forum on the NY SAFE Act led by Assemblyman Cliff Crouch.

Outdoors: SAFE Act could end youth shooting programs

Press & Sun-Bulletin - ‎17 hours ago‎
"Had a conversation with Kevin Bruen, Assistant Counsel of the New York State Police about this very topic on Monday," Miller said.

Concerns over New York Safe Act

WCAX - ‎Jun 25, 2013‎
After the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, New York lawmakers worked fast to try to eliminate acts of violence by creating the act. A new section requires physicians, psychologists, registered nurses and licensed clinical social workers to report ...

Despite Cuomo, Spirit of '76 Lives On at Anti-SAFE Act Rally

Rockland County Times - ‎Jun 26, 2013‎
Thousands and thousands of dissenting signatures demanding the repeal of NY's SAFE Act. Well over a hundred thousand of them shouting for and demanding repeal!

Assemblyman Crouch To Host NY SAFE Act Forum

CNY News (subscription) - ‎Jun 25, 2013‎
Assemblyman Cliff Crouch will host an informational forum June 25 at the Port Crane Fire Hall 844 Route 369 in Port Crane from 7 to 9 p.m.

NY Minute: Early morning vote changes NY Safe Act - ‎Jun 21, 2013‎
The chamber is expected to take up nine points of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Women's Equality Act. Whether the Senate will also vote on the so-called 10th point, the abortion plank, remains to be seen.

From NY SAFE Act to Start-Up NY, Gov. Andrew Cuomo touts 2013 ...

Auburn Citizen (blog) - ‎Jun 23, 2013‎
The NY SAFE Act was passed by the state Legislature, but it hurt Cuomo politically among conservatives, Republicans and upstate voters.

Late night amendment to SAFE Act passes

The Register Star - ‎Jun 22, 2013‎
ALBANY - In another Albany late-night session, state legislators pushed the clock to 2 a.m., passing their previous late night mark on gun control legislation, by passing an amendment to the NY SAFE Act which would exempt retired police officers from ...

Len Lisenbee: Gun-safety programs may be shot down - ‎Jun 26, 2013‎
The NY SAFE Act, passed in the dark of night and without being read by any of the state senators or assembly members that voted for it, is responsible for a lot of things such as instantly making law-abiding citizens who happen to own certain types of ...

NY Firearms Ban ~ another Q&A session turns out protestors & HOPE.

 About 100 gun owners turned out last night at the Port Crane Fire House for a forum on the NY SAFE Act led by Assemblyman Cliff Crouch.
The forum was supposed to be a question and answer session, but quickly turned into a rally against the controversial NY SAFE Act.
After explaining the problems with the gun-control law, crouch said that wherever he goes, constituents are saying “kill the law.” Crouch said an effort to repeal the SAFE Act is now in committee, but the Democratic majority is unlikely to let the bill get to the floor for a vote.

From Press connects:

There has been considerable conversation in recent months about how Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act was going to kill youth shooting.
The SAFE Act, which is now apparently written in stone despite huge upstate outcry, forbids the transfer of ammunition by anything other than a direct transfer, with a dealer handling the transaction and a background check of the purchaser.
One of the ways youth shooting programs can stay affordable is to purchase deeply discounted ammunition and have it shipped directly.
Putting this additional layer of regulation on ammunition, it would seem, means cash-strapped shooting programs simply can't operate.
But Jim Shepard’s website The Outdoors Wire determined that all may not be lost. Shepard talked with Steve Miller, the Executive Director of the Youth Sports Shooting Alliance about the New York problem.
Yes, it’s a serious threat, Miller told The Outdoors Wire. But he said there may still be a way to get youth shooting exempted, along with other organized events.
"Had a conversation with Kevin Bruen, Assistant Counsel of the New York State Police about this very topic on Monday," Miller said. "The provision of the NY SAFE ACT which prohibits direct shipment of ammunition to private citizens, groups or organizations does not come into effect until January, 2014."
Prior to that, Miller said, there is a "rule writing component" to the law which may exclude youth, and other, programs from requiring ammo to be shipped through a licensed dealer.
"Based on my conversation,” Miller told Shepard, “I'd think that supportive comments of this proposed exclusion would be effective in allowing youth programs to take full advantage of industry offers for special pricing."
At this point, one can only hope.

So the firearms community has finally seen the light of day. Quote: "At this point one can only hope." WOW~ yes, hope and chains . Where were all you firearms owners and supporters in the past? Where were all the counties and clerks? Hun? Didn't matter till it became a pocket issue did it. Firearms owners need to start voting people out of office and run for office themselves. Guess they will havde time for that in 2014 since they will be shooting less.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

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    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    Kahr Arms from NY to move to Pa.

    Gun maker eyes HQ in Pike County

    Entire business park considered for move to gun-friendly Pa.

    New York unfriendly

    "We were ready to sign a deal in rural Orange County, N.Y. But when the governor passed stricter gun control, it made it tough to continue on that path, so we jumped over the river," Harris said.
    "New York has become very unfriendly to people in the gun business. We feel like we are being treated like criminals in New York. That is one of the reasons we are coming to Pennsylvania."
    Kahr would use some of the business park in Blooming Grove for its own purposes, and sell some lots to other manufacturers, said Pete Helms of Chant Real Estate who is handling the deal.

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    New York SAFE ACT (Firearms Ban) News

    ny [Firearms Ban] un-safe act

    NY SAFE Act: Collateral Damage Rings Death Knell for Youth Marksmanship ... (press release) - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎

    But most of all, we rely on manufacturers' generosity in their Youth Purchase Programs. In past years, we have utilized the Youth Purchase Programs of gun, accessory and ammunition manufacturers.

    NY SAFE Act is target of Albany rally by gun rights supporters

    Kingston Daily Freeman - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎

    New York's Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, commonly known as the SAFE Act, generally sets a seven-bullet limit in ammunition clips, tightens the definition of illegal “assault weapons” and requires owners of many formerly legal ...

    Gun rights advocates join legislators in protesting the NY SAFE Act

    Legislative Gazette - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎

    Marchione and DiPietro are both sponsoring legislation (S.5591 and A.6238, respectively) that would completely repeal the NY SAFE Act. "We the people need to bring these signatures to our Governor so he knows they're not just signatures, but are people ...

    County Legislature passes resolutions in support of SAFE Act's repeal

    Troy Record - ‎4 hours ago‎

    “The NY SAFE Act will not make our state safer and means potentially huge costs for law enforcement and local governments,” Herrington said in a press release.

    Rally against NY SAFE Act*

    WKTV - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎

    Rally against NY SAFE Act*. By NEWSChannel 2 Staff. Story Created: Jun 11, 2013 at 11:51 AM EDT. Story Updated: Jun 11, 2013 at 11:51 AM EDT.

    Pro Gun Advocates Rally in Mineola Against NY SAFE Act - ‎Jun 10, 2013‎

    The NY SAFE Act was signed into law on Jan. 13 of this year in response to the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT and bans use of high capacity magazines in firearms, reducing the number of allowable rounds in a clip from 10 ...

    Gun Rights Advocates Campaign for Officials to Disregard Portions of NY SAFE Act

    CNY News - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎

    Police, county clerks and mental health professionals have raised concerns over the NY SAFE Act, which was adopted in January, contending that the law is unconstitutional and hard to enforce.

    Letter: Citizens must demand repeal of NY SAFE Act

    Buffalo News - ‎Jun 2, 2013‎

    I don't ever recall when an issue, proposed by a few lawmakers, has been so successfully bulldozed through the State Legislature as the NY SAFE Act. Resolutions against the law have been enacted in nearly all New York counties. The voices of the ...

    Local gun club members discuss qualms about SAFE Act

    Troy Record - ‎Jun 9, 2013‎

    ALBANY - The NY SAFE Act was passed into law nearly five months ago, but it's still fresh in the minds of legislators, gun owners, and state residents considering the purchase of a gun.

    City Council to consider NY SAFE Act resolution

    The Daily News Online - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎

    BATAVIA - City Council is expected to vote next week on a request to repeal the SAFE Act, budget transfers and a contract for sewerline replacement.

    Sheriff defends opposition to SAFE Act

    WIVB - ‎Jun 3, 2013‎

    Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard got a standing ovation from those who gathered at Shannon Pub for a forum on the NY SAFE Act. Sheriff Howard says it would be a waste of his deputies resources to enforce it, and even calls it unenforceable. "I'm still ...

    Wisconsin Trucker Charged Under NY's Safe Act

    WGRZ-TV - ‎Jun 5, 2013‎

    ELLERY, N.Y. - State police arrested a Wisconsin truck driver Monday afternoon after seizing his handgun during a search. Michael Coulter, 45, from Milwaukee, did not have a valid permit for his .40-caliber pistol when searched during a checkpoint on ...

    Anti-NY SAFE Act rally set next week in Lowville - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎

    An informational booth will be set up with pamphlets on details of the NY SAFE Act, including classifications of weapons deemed illegal under the legislation, and voter registration forms.

    NY SAFE Act should be repealed

    The Livingston County News - ‎May 24, 2013‎

    The speciously named NY SAFE Act identified an arbitrary number of bullets as too many, it determined that certain purely cosmetic features can redefine a sporting rifle as an assault weapon, and it focused its attention on law-abiding gun owners ...

    Rally to promote “civil disobedience” of SAFE Act

    Politics on the Hudson (blog) - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎

    Gun-rights advocates will rally at the state Capitol on Tuesday and call for law-enforcement officials to disobey portions of New York's gun-control law.

    NY Minute: Assembly passes amendment to the NY Safe Act - ‎May 24, 2013‎

    The Democratic-controlled Assembly passed an amendment to the NY Safe Act that would give retired law enforcement officers certain exemptions from the laws' ban on certain semi-automatic guns and large-capacity magazines.

    County officials highly critical of NY SAFE Act during a legislative hearing ... - ‎Jun 1, 2013‎

    Assault rifles are defined by the state in the NY SAFE Act as any semiautomatic rifle capable of receiving a detachable magazine and having one of several military characteristics, including a folding or telescoping stock, protruding pistol grip ...

    SAFE Act to be discussed in Amherst

    WIVB - ‎Jun 7, 2013‎

    WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) - Gun advocates aren't the only people confused and frustrated with the new state gun law. Some local governments and law enforcement officials are unsure how to enforce the SAFE Act. A meeting in Williamsville on Friday was ...

    Utica gun show displays weapons, opinions on SAFE Act

    Utica Observer Dispatch - ‎Jun 8, 2013‎

    “What the government called assault weapons,” Petronis said of the guns banned by the SAFE Act. “That means anything with a semi-automatic, replaceable magazine firearm that had one of several features.

    City Council resolution opposes state SAFE Act

    Buffalo News - ‎Jun 11, 2013‎