Friday, December 9, 2016

FS: Matt Avance Flintlock Fowler 62 bore 20 ga Like NEW

As the title states a like new TVM muzzleloader.
$1,150.00 includes cards ,range rod,400 hand cast .60 dia round ball.

Shipping extra which will be in the $50.00-$75.00 range depending on your location
This fowler has been fired appx 75 times.

All steel furniture
Upgraded wood $150.00 to $200.00 extra~ nice striping. Spoke with TVM and they confirmed it has super premium wood.

A plane Jane fowler will cost you $1,250.00 which does not include shipping or the round ball and easy $80.00+ value & cards $20.00+ for birdshot.

You're getting Over $300.00 in extras!

I'll get more pictures up as time permits.

Monday, November 21, 2016

SOLD Pedersoli 10 Gauge Side x Side $650.00

You are purchasing one Pedersoli 10 gauge side x side.

Total for this auction will be $650.00
PLUS shipping
Due to increases in shipping and packaging in 2016 your Shipping will be determined at time of purchase USPS flat rate or FedEX

Payment money order or bank check your choice
Kit gun , condition in and out great. . The builder attempted a sort of relief in the stock by the locks. Not horrible ,just letting you know. The rear sling swivel hole was drilled off center. The gun came without it installed.
I Filled and re-drilled looks good now. You can see a spec of epoxy

29" Stock
LOP 14.5/13.5
Choke dia at muzzle approximate Left .734 Right .759 Standard 10 ga bore is .775+-
Double brass beads on the rib. Bores are chromed and outside finish is dark deep blue/Black
Shotgun was fired very little
Price 650.00 shipped
This is a $900.00 shotgun on the Dixi web site
Includes 3 opened bags of wads and cards. Bore brushes and mops.
Price is firm,Trades not needed at this time.

Ammunition Requires an Adult Signature where applicable*. Cartridges can only be shipped to a street address. NO PO Boxes
Shipping will be BEST SOURCE POSSIBLE items may or may not be insured see listing for details

Monday, October 31, 2016

New Yorkisstan HandGun Permit Info from Fulton County Sheriff Says, Throw them out!

At first glance this doesn’t look like much of a report but please take the time to click on the individual highlighted blue text in this attorneys blog post. The democrat facists are trying every little sneaky trick they can think of to chip away your US constitutional second amendment rights with state rules from KING ANDY’S Safe Act. Pistol permits have been issued for a hundred years by your local county clerk that are signed by a local judge. The state police don’t have the authority to usurp your second amendment rights. If you receive a form from NYSP for renewal for to re-certify your CCPP throw it in the trash. Please click this link:
Here is a quote from the Fulton County sheriff:
Beware of Impending NYSP “Recertification” for Pistol Licenses
At a January 17 meeting of a New York chapter of the Oath Keepers, an organization of current and former military and law enforcement personnel who have sworn to disobey any orders which violate the US Constitution, Fulton County Sheriff Thomas J. Lorey told local pistol permit carriers that they would soon receive invitations to renew their permits, a step that is now required every five years under New York’s new anti-gun law the NY SAFE Act. Sheriff Lorey then told the audience, “I’m asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the garbage because that is where they belong… They go in the garbage because, for 100 years or more, ever since the inception of pistol permits, nobody has ever been required to renew them.” Video of the Sheriff’s comments can be seen in the above-embedded video.
The conversion effort could be characterized as the militarization of the permit process.  The NYS Police are the Governor’s Police.  It’s our County Sheriffs who are the elected law enforcement officers of The People.
Activists unite!  We have little more than a year to fight to get the law amended to keep the licensing process at the county level.  It’s bad enough New York is neither a constitutional carry nor a shall-issue state.  Let’s not lose what little of our rights we have by keeping the license system at as local and personal as possible.
The citizens of this once great state do not need another tax ‘em and trick ‘em scheme.

FYI   Legal report evaluation from Paloma: Latest report and review on the NYS Pistol permit process
Best ~ Paloma
Paloma A. Capanna Attorney & Policy Analyst
633 Lake Road 
Webster, New York 14580 
585.377.7260 office 
585.377.7268 facsimile
"Freedom does not exist to taunt tyranny.  Freedom simply is.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Appears the Presidential Debate Skert a Few Folks??! They are Selling out.....

Appears the debate has skert a few folks?

First email from a subscribed forum today read. I'm Getting Out of Reloading !! Lead for sale!  LOL

As I read down the list some of the older guys are sorting and moving odd & ends parts from older equipment. A few really nice old Pacific "C" press's. Of which I already have 2. Much of what I'm seeing is over priced considering these guys picked the brass and other things up at the range or flea market sales. 

 Lots of muzzle loaders showing up 90% of them are Thompson Centers. Two in particular, both percussion a first gen T/C 45 and a Renegade 54 with a round ball barrel. Both are demanding $400.00 . Which isn't a bad price considering the new Lyman Great Plains is pulling around seven bills $.

I have a like new T/C 50 flint for sale @ $500.00 shipped includes a few accoutrements.  The Belgium SxS ML percussion I was offering is moving to a new home next week. The Crescent 12 ga SxS is still up for grabs.
I purchased the Crescent from Norm's Covered Wagon in Chula Vista, Ca. back in 1978 or 79. The SxS is nothing special just a hardware store shotgun, sporting 30" Full & Full bores.  Norm had one of the best collections of Volcanic's, Winchester's, Henry's and Marlin's I have ever seen still to this day.  

Had a kid come by this week with a Traditions White Tail ML'er. The trigger was broken. I found a trigger group for under $30.00 ...Cept' the rifle bore looked like it had been on the bottom of the ocean. RUINED it was. He replied ,"I didn't know you had to clean them if they were just sitting". Hard lesson learned seeing he had 200$ into the rifle & had never shot it. I ran the bronze brush in and out and patches saturated with CRC Power Lube. All this action accomplished was to loosen some crud and cut every patch.  In the end I told him to cut his losses & sell the parts on Ebay.

Visited the office yesterday afternoon.

Shot a Marlin Mod. 39a 22LR. The rifle shoots well but the extractor needs replacing. Had quite a few spent cases not extract. Left the rim-fire range and headed over to the 400 yd. range. Set up the I-bolt thirdy ought six. Ran a target out to 100 yards.  1st 2 shots on paper hit high by 2" and a tad to the left , both were touching. I had been tossing 150-165 & 180gr rounds out to 400yds in an attempt to hit the gong. The 3rd & 4th shot on paper when high left , still in the black. The barrel was HOT.

The conclusion is~ IMO : Yours may differ...Hunting rifles can't take the loads I shoot more than 3 or 4 in quick succession.  

Regards , BPB

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BULLETS J-Words & Cast 30 cal and UP.

 All bullets may or may not be in stock at the time of your price & stock check. Most of the time BPB can have out of stock items shipped in from 2 days to a week. Ya know, depends on the weekend and all that.
There is some unprocessed brass on hand in 9m/40/45acp/223
Processed .223 @ $16.00 per 100
NEW Virgin Remington Brass in 9m/40/45acp and 45LC. It ain't cheap but when you need new brass to work out a project it sure does help.

Bullets 45acp FMJ RN and 230gr HP

My pricing is fair and items ship USPS Flat Rate. Insured.

BPB has shipped to all 50 states including 57 pound box of wheel weights to HI!

I am a Licensed FFL and have been in business over 30 years.

Regards ,

Thanks for looking BPBreloading on GunBroker and Ebay
                                                                                 LEE REAL in 45cal

Hand Made Knives From Saw Blades,File & a COLT Tactical Kinfe TOO!

Pictured are a few hand mfg. knives. One Colt Tactical knife as well.

The COLT knife is $35.00
 $27.00 each shipped Purchase 2 and save on shipping. Give one as a gift!
File Knife $40.00 SHIPPED

COLT $35.00 Shipped