Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Max Kessler for Rochester 27th district

Max has worked the SCOPE table at the ESACA shows in Rochester. He is running against Willie Lightfoot of the 27th district.
He was with SCOPE on Albany last winter and filmed our meeting with Senator Nozzolio. BTW the video is on youtube.
Max is a friend of Chris Edes SCOPE Monroe county Chariman and Director.
Even though I can not vote for Max, he has my support.
IMO! So to those of you who reside & own firearms in the 27th district you need to vote for MAX KESSLE this coming fall. Lets do away with promises and elect a person who'll fight for our God given rights.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Should I Support Ron Paul? A Very Short Documentary

If you do not vote for Ron Paul in 2012 don't come ask me for help, (OF ANY KIND) in 2013 " bpb"

Wal-Mart supports anti fishing groups

Wal-Mart supports anti fishing groups

In part:
Should these groups be successful in achieving their goals in California, you can bet that they’ll be working overtime in every other coastal state to create a network of no-take zones that bar "injury," "harm" and "harassment" of fish stocks in large areas of the nation's marine waters. Rather than supporting our nation’s fishermen by protecting American access to coastal fish stocks, it appears that Safeway would rather see our families buy only farm-raised fish and seafood caught by foreign countries outside of U.S. waters, countries with less stringent controls on fishing effort than we enjoy here in the United States of America.

Please follow the link and read the entire article.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hornady Pa 50 cal conicals & Speer 454-457 round ball for sale

New 50 cal / 50 per box $35.00 for 2 boxes shipping included, flat rate usps small box, no insurance. Good for slow twist ML barrels.

Also Speer round ball 454 & 457 dia. 100 per box $15.00 per box shipping $5.00 no insurance. I can get 2 or 3 boxes in a small flate rate box.

NY, ya gotta pay sales tax.

Let me know @

I had a customer order quite a few boxes so I took advantage of the shipping and quanity order from the wholesale house.

The 454 rb make a nice light load for the 45LC. Short range critter getters.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Memory of Henry Thomas Armour

Father in law passed away this week. He had a hell of run in his day. U.S.Navy BT1~Welder~Boiler inspector~Truck driver.

In Memory of Henry Thomas Armour