Saturday, February 25, 2017

Some Days Ya Just Want to Scream!

  So , how many people purchase cartridges and think they are getting something special? Ya know you went to China-Mart and picked up a few boxes of American Eagle 223.5.56 and think it is all kinds of different because the box is different from a LC head stamp = Lake City cartridge. The LC box or packaging isn't fancy nuff. 10 new shiny cartridges all sitting pointy end up right on a clip waiting to be spoon feed into your black weapon's magazine.

Do ya know the parent corporation? Did ya ever think China-Mart might have a different recipe for those lower priced Remington 9mm-40-45acp?

Do you know the difference of FMJ to FMC or CP?  Do ya think a plated bullet cost the same as as Jacketed one?  How about the beveled base bullets both lead and jacketed think those cost more than the plain flat base /

Would a manufacture use a pulled bullet or seconds and offer them to another cartridge manufacture to re-manufacture and sell at a discount?

DO ya think if a dealer who offers you a discount cartridge is worried about your groups,function,stove pipes,jams? Maybe that's why your groups suck and look more like a shotgun pattern.

Your a smart consumer and have spent thousands of hours on the internet forums reading all the top notch what to purchase , do's & don'ts.

In today's age of interchangeable parts and components do you think ATK Alliant Technology who split off into two groups military and public sporting sales.

Do ya think VISTA Group or anyother outfit uses their own manufactured components in a wide range of products & when those products don't meet spec they are sold to a re-man factory for the public's use.
So when I tell you LC 223/5.56 is the real deal & not a discount stores knock off you need to think in terms of maybe this guy is onto something. Virgin components 1st rate vs seconds at that discount rate. Scrap components to be remaned

One mans trash is another's treasure.

Well boys & girls in the firearms world grab a handful and look here! I'm bout to change the way you think about purchasing ammo.