Wednesday, September 25, 2019

STOLEN CVA Silver Wolf 50 cal. Right Hand 1/38 Twist Side Lock - Black Powder Rifles

Great used fast twist side lock muzzle loader. You can shoot those big heavy conicals in 50 cal to take down the largest of game.
Local sales OK cash 275$ out the door. Accessories for sale on hand-Bring at least another 100-125$.

CVA Silver Wolf 50 cal. 1/38 Twist Side Lock - Black Powder Rifles

Friday, September 20, 2019

Muzzle Loader Barrel Pin Removal Made Easy

I have some work to do on a muzzleloader, it's in the white. The old boy who owned it passed away & his widow
 has requested that I finished it off so she can hang it up.

   Stock has to come off to do the work.
Don't want to go punch the pins out cuz little holes are nice and tight. Might chip the wood too!!

I raised the pins as far as I could and this is how I remove them.
I'm using a redneck lathe.

 Thanks for watching.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

FS: SOLD Thompson Center 36 cal Seneca Percussion Beautiful Conditionn!

SOLD thanks for looking. Keep an eye on the blog for more muzzle loaders,parts,modern rifles. 

Seneca T/C 36 cal Percussion with patch box
Appx 43:" OAL
LOP 14"
Double set trigger group
ADJ rear sight - fixed front blade

This rifle has a few handling marks nothing barks at you. Considering the age of these this one looks GREAT!

$400.00  Plus shipping figure 35$ insured to the lower 48 if I can get it in a flat rate box then it will shot to AK & HI as well for the same cost.

The Seneca is a scaled down version of the T/C Hawken styles of half stocks.


I'll ship where allowed it is up to you the purchaser to follow all Federal,State,Local regulations. You must be 21 to purchase this. By making a purchase from BPB you are stating that your are of age and sound mind to posses a muzzle loader.

Payment USPS money order

Thanks for looking and Please viist me on Face Book ,GunBroker & Ebay

Regards BPB