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SOLD SOLD 1873 Winchester 22 cal. 24" Octagon bbl

 1873 22 cal.

Consignment sale information from the collector-Additional remarks by the seller-Serial number is provided so do your own research. All #BPBReloading sales are “AS IS”

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Sellers comments:

1886/ vintage Model 1873 serial number 199032R(B) B looks like an R?. 24" octagon barrel with full length magazine tube. Chambered in .22 Short. Straight plain grain walnut stock and forearm. Rifle style crescent buttplate.
 Standard blade front sight, rear sight adjustable.

Stampings on rifle:

Model 1873
Top Flat--Winchester Repeating Arms New Haven, CT.
Kings Improvement Patented March 29 1866 October 16,1850 

 CONDITION: Good overall. Entire gun is a blue brown patina with many areas of wear. Hammer and loading lever refinished in blue. Receiver has scattered areas of light pitting and freckling a buildup of oils/dirt/rust have a raised rough spots. Bore is dark. Action is tight and functions properly, dust cover does not slide back when working the action.
Wood is sound, with bumps and bruises as expected with a rifle this age.

 Barrel Length: 24" Caliber/Bore: .22 Short FFL Status: Antique Manufacturer:  Winchester Model: 1873

A bit of history
1873 Winchester 22 cal

The First Model 1873 (s/n 1 to about 31000) has grooved guides on each side to retain the dustcover (sometimes referred to as a “mortised dustcover). The Second Model (s/n 31000 to 90000) has a dust cover on one central guide secured to the receiver with two screws. The central guide rail on the Third Model is integrally machined as part of the receiver. The Model 1873 .22 Rimfire Rifle was the first .22 caliber repeating rifle in America was introduced in 1884 and discontinued in 1904. Winchester sold a little more than 19,000 .22 caliber Model 1873s.

Original Winchester factory records are available for this model from the Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming, from serial number 1 thru 720496, except 497 thru 610 and 199551 thru 199598.

Serial number & dates were located here:

Link above indicates manufactured 1886*/1887 and *26,715 total 1873’s were made.


Collectors notes:
Serial Number 199032B The B looks like an R see picture

1873 Winchester rifle in a rare 22 Short cartridge-
24” octagonal barrel
Wood is in fine condition-dark and the typical handling marks found on a firearm this age.
Metal no blue left –patina dark spots mottled gray-finger prints-light freckled rust overall could use a good cleaning inside and out.
Dust cover present-does not slid back on working the action
Butt plate has sliding trapdoor for storing cleaning rod which has long gone missing.
Full length tubular magazine
Bore is dark ran several patches and a brush didn’t feel any hang-ups you can see rifling. I’m sure there are small pits or frosting since it saw many,many moons of corrosive 22 cartridges.