Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Trapping School November 21-22 South Jersey

I know two of the instructors and if you put forth a little effort you'll learn a lot!

November 21-22
Cost $300.00 for both days $200.00 for 1 day.
The School starts at 7:00AM till whenever you want to quit (9:00-10:00 PM ?
Held, 7 Bates lane Port Republic NJ 08241
We cover it all. Foot Hold traps, Cage traps, Foot Snares, Leg snares, DP'S, Body Grip traps, Snares and Cable restraints.
Dry land, Water and Tide water trapping.
Skinning and fur put up, Typo maps and such ,Trap and snare adjustment, Lure, etc. after dark.

Morgan Bennett 410-943-4623 (Maryland)
Ron Jones 856-863-4168 (New Jersey)
Newt Sterling 609-748-3541 (New Jersey

Saturday, November 14, 2015

If your looking for reasonable priced ammo I have limited amounts of this on hand. 9mm~50 cartridges per box 124 gr 9mm 30 boxes.

380 ACP

  115gr 9mm,40 S&W , 45ACP FMJ & 230 gr HP
 600 -223 62 gr Green tip $300.00 includes ammo can & spoons .
 Willing to separate @ $5.40 per 10 round clip.
 223 55gr FMJ @ .54c each.
30-06 are $27.50 per box inc. sales tax.
 300WM are $33.00.
Also have 308-25/06-243-7mm-280- Winchester and Federal standard hunting loads.
12ga~16ga~20ga~.410 slugs and shot shells

ETR7 Pistol and 12 ga  Powder $18.00 per pound. (ETR Powder is the Spanish CSB used in Rio munitions)

 Email me and I'll send you a price list. Regards, BPB