Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bush Master 223/5/56 24" fluted barrel Like new

This rifle has had less than 50 rounds shot thru her. It is being sold as is on under my FFL name BPBRS. $1,400.00 Price includes shipping and all you see including the case that is not pictured.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Magazine Capacity Bill another failure of true legislative duties

SCOPE Comment on Magazine capacity law.

Shooters Committee on Political Education

Magazine Capacity Bill

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Makes all large capacity ammunition feeding devices, regardless of date of manufacture, subject to the provisions of the penal law

A5866 Jeffries Same as S3573 Adams
Prohibits the possession of ammunition feeding devices with a capacity exceeding ten rounds.

The purpose of this legislation is not clearly stated other than to make all the devices that were exempt from the original ban passed in 2000 illegal. There was no specific purpose for the original 2000 ban other than to mirror the then existing federal law , which has since sunsetted, and enable law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue state charges against violators.

SCOPE strongly opposes this proposed legislation. This proposal is based on the fallacious premise that limiting the magazine capacity of a firearm will in some way reduce gun violence. The enactment of legislation that restricts lawful firearms owners only impedes the legitimate and fully justified use of firearms for self-defense, competitive and sporting purposes.
Imposition of a capricious magazine capacity on law-abiding firearms
owners is egregious at best.
Private citizens desire maximum magazine capacity for the same reason as law enforcement personnel.
The victims of violent crime are always the “first responders.” If imposing an artificial impediment on law enforcement is not acceptable, there can be no justification for applying it to a law abiding citizen who may face the same risk.
Both handguns and long guns are used for personal defense. Such instances tend to be sudden and violent events that have to be dealt with using the weapon at hand. A high magazine capacity increases the defender’s odds. Not all shots are hits nor do all hits stop an attacker. And, according to the Justice Department, one third of aggravated assaults and robberies involve more than one assailant. When your life is on the line, more is better.
The federal ban was a failure and subsequent state restrictions have been
equally unsuccessful.
The federal ban on “assault weapons” and restrictions on magazine capacity enacted in 1994 were a complete failure. Congressional studies have uniformly stated that there was no reduction in the number of victims per firearm homicide incident or in the gunshot wounds per victim. This is an attempt to revitalize a failed law by trading on a tragic incident that would in no way have been prevented by legislation of this type.
Nothing in this proposal addresses the illegal acquisition, possession or
use of firearms.
Nothing in this legislation does anything to keep firearms out of the hands of ineligible individuals. It is directed solely at legal firearms owners. It is not likely that an ineligible individual, having obtained a weapon and planning a criminal enterprise, is likely to be deterred by a prohibition on the size of the magazine in their already illegal firearm.
Only two states have a ban on magazines produced prior to the 9/13/94
federal legislation.
Hawaii prohibits the possession of pistol magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds and New Jersey bans all magazines with a capacity of over 15 rounds. California, Massachusetts and New York grandfathered magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds. Maryland prohibits the sale or transfer (but not possession) of magazines with a capacity of over 20 rounds. None of this legislation has had any impact on the availability of the targeted product.
What the legislation terms “high capacity” has in fact been the standard
for decades and is not going away.
Magazines are durable and essentially fungible products. Many firearms owners are using guns with “high capacity” magazines that were made before they were born and in some cases before their parents were born.
The AK series of rifles were designed in the Soviet Union and went into production about 1950. It is estimated that over 100 million have been made. No attempt has been made to estimate magazine production but it is clearly in the tens of billions.
The NATO standard magazine used in the AR type rifles dates to 1960 and is used by the United States and allied countries around the world. Over 70 different rifles use this magazine and they have been manufactured on every continent except Antarctica. Estimated rifle production exceeds 30 million and magazines in the billions.
Magazine capacity in pistols went over 10 rounds with the introduction of the Browning HiPower in 1935. Virtually every service or sport pistol designed after World War II has a magazine capacity of over 10 rounds.

The assumed purpose of the proposed legislation is to impose a perceived utopian society through legislation. We feel that this is na├»ve at best. Unfortunately, we live in a world where there are bad individuals that will try to do horrific things to innocent people. To hope to reduce violence with legislation of this type is irrational. It is the creation of the hoplophobic and politically motivated. This legislation is widely supported by the gun control movement because it represents a ban on firearms based on demonization of a characteristic – magazine capacity - not on its demonstrable utility. It is to condition the public to accept a piecemeal destruction of the Second Amendment.
Accordingly, it should not be enacted.

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, HR3355, Pub. L. 103-322 (1994)
PL §265.02(8)
U.S. Department of Justice, O.J.P., B.O.J.S. Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2007
Statistical Tables, Table 37

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shale gas more is now less. We pay

 I came across an fracking article this week and read it over two times. It is an opinion of a report released on the amount of natural gas that may or may not be under us. First had reports and industry stumping for fracking claimed trillions of cu/ft could be extracted from the shale in several states.


So instead of say 400 trillion cu/ft we now maybe have 150 trillion give or take. Isn't it always the way of the supporters and industry to hyper-inflate a product. Then a few years later that very same product is somehow now quite as golden as we were first told.

Stump 101:
"Lots of jobs to be had" in these areas especially since the manufacturing went teats up 30 years ago. The drilling in those small towns has been under a economic depression for several decades. These areas were once steel foundry's,coal mines and heavy manufacturing that supported Americas infrastructure.

If it's built,you'll benefit $:
It like one big scam to the rural American. First the jobs are to raise wind turbines that have a pay back of something akin to the radioactive half-life of  Bikini Atoll.  Now we're slammed with the dwindling expectation of more is less again. The cry went out, we need more natural gas availability's and it goes to who? My propane cost last fill up which was January 2012 was $2.75 gallon. Up $1.85 gal from 1994.

EPA mandates:
Many small towns were forced to upgrade their existing water and waste treatment processing to handle the billions of gallons of waste water & sediment from the drilling operations.

Lets get this straight , I'm not against drilling. I'm against corporate BS. Goverment inflated statics no matter what they are. I.E. natural gas,weapons of mass destruction and the other investment lies.

Where's the money at?
As I drove from upstate NY a few weeks back down to rural Georgia. I could not help notice all the new "for sale" bill boards on properties. Last October 2011 I made the same drive and many of those sales signs were not present.

I saw dozens of homes many over priced by the realtor's that are still living in the 80's that is as far as home sales and affordability go. A group of properties I was watching on a weekly basis are now up for auction. Foreclosures that is.

If you really want an awaking take a side road, run into that small town. Many store fronts are abandon while a few are filled with second had shops. Unless your area is one that can attract a hoard of tourism to help keep the local economies going no amount of green jobs or get rich corporate schemes are going to sustain you for very long.

It's sad , it was preventable.
The world economies is not something new. Marco Polo lived  in a world economy. Those who argue "it's a world economy" are idiots. They are like those who call you a name in the middle of a discussion because they have no history or facts to back up the BS they repeat.

Who pays~You do!:
Look at your utility bills folks. Notice all those dollar or two fees. Those are to fund green jobs and sustainability. Sustainability is a  word that has been used way out of context. Sustainability use to mean one produces or grows a product and it will sustain or feed support an individual or group of people. Now days "sustainability" is used as a way to say, hey Idiot! We're going to charge you an extra fee er ah tax to help my corporations , governments bottom line. Their thinking is , You're going to pay me a few hundred dollars extra annually for something that you or the public will never benefit from.

Wake up people~
A tax cap is a cap. A green fee is a tax. Don't feel guilty becaue they say it's your fault. It's all a scam.
Sustainability is a goal that reduces the consumption of resources. In this writers opinion, today's sustanability is a way for corporations & government to reduce the consumption of their profits by taking our resources.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crossbow's, Compond Bow's & Scopes on Muzzle Loaders

As I sit here in Western Georgia pondering the states hunting and fishing guide I have to say that; No longer are traditional hunting implements, traditional.

 My email exploded earlier this week with Face Book comments. Damn I hate when people think I want to be included in every FaceBook rant,post,comment and game.

This latest outburst has to do with the NYS DEC considering to make the crossbow full time hunting implement AND to include it in the archery season.  LOL

 Here is an 1973 article from Floyd King. I scanned this a few years back as Tom Melkoity and I are friends. We shoot muzzle loaders together.

It's posted at this link.

Compound bow article 1973

I can also remember attending a few meetings  in the mid 1980's after moving to NY state that some NY sportsmen were whining they didn't want kinds in the woods hunting deer either.

That's not a problem in Georgia. In fact, Georgia has a bill to do away with carry permits,finger prints and fees.


Ya'll enjoy! I'm headed out to purchase a hunting and fishing license so I can take my 5 yr old Grand Daughter out fishing and then we'll go look for some limb bacon.

Regards, BPB