Sunday, April 11, 2021

Components Update from One of My Distributors-Looking Really lean

 Unless I start getting back orders filled I'll be shut down. I am getting in a few select Black Powder Revolvers and cartridges guns from Taylors.

These are being posted on Face Book, MeWe then Gunbroker.

No PDF files are attached those are for dealers. Regards BPB

Good morning, Unfortunately, very limited product is available. Please CALL if something interests you on this list, do NOT email, available products are so limited and go very fast. While not the ideal situation, it is the only way to give everyone a fair shot at this time, Phones open at 7 AM, Mountain Time Zone.

NOTE: We have attached an updated copy of the catalog to reflect changes for your planning purposes. For what is available, please see the RTApr11instock attachment.

Please keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of product continues to go directly to backorders and never hits this sheet. We are filling massive amounts of backorders on select items, such as Hornady 224 Diam 55 FMJ-BT, but never enough to appear available due to demand. For every 100 cases we fill, 150 more go on backorder. Please see specials page for what can and can’t be backordered at this time and get what is allowed on backorder if you need it. We are still NOT taking backorders for primers and powder at this time.

The pricing continues to change quicker than we can keep up. Barnes and Berger took an increase on 4/1/21 with very limited notice, this pricing has been updated. Upcoming increases were announced this week from Hodgdon/Winchester/Speer/ Federal/Remington. Unfortunately, we expect this to continue throughout the industry and it is a frustrating situation for all of us.


Sunday, March 28, 2021

For Sale: Components 38/357 Bullets Brass & 45 Colt Rifle

 SOLD_45 Colt H&R Classic used. Like New this is a personal rifle of mine.

Shoots a great cast bullet. Offhand I can land shots in a 6" bull at 100 yards.

Payment USPS Money order.

$400.00  plus shipping $40.00 to your FFL Local $400.00 cash.

38/357 Brass Bundles of bullets and brass

38 cast bullets 

158 grain FP 500 pcs 

170 grain Keith style 400 pcs $80.00

Prices do not include shipping 




Thanks for looking 
35 years FFL

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Components Stock Outlook for Next Week.

 This short note is from my main components source. Since Jerry NE went-er was run out of business I was forced to find new sources. However they don't carry what Jerry's had.

 Attached is the items currently available to sell. If it is not on this list, we do not have it.

Incoming so far in March has been very solid and we have processed quite a few backorders. However, we have not made enough progress to change the status of primers or powder backorders at this time. We will continue to evaluate and let you know through these email updates when this changes for powder/primers.

Yep that's it and the attached page was 3/4 filled with components of which 1/3rd is plastic ammo boxes.

I have some items here, no primers a little powder and bullets.

See picture for upcoming O'Biden policies.

Regards Bill


Sunday, February 28, 2021

WTS: Muzzle Loader Half-Stock Spanish Armory 50 cal. Percussion Late 70's Never Fired 28" bbl.


  You're looking at a 50 cal percussion I put together a few years back. I had done some work on a customers rifle and he inquired if I may be interested in this one. There were missing parts. I found the parts, lucky nuff eh! CVA parts worked.

If you pick-up local I also have all the components to get you up and shooting. 

 Never fired the 28" bore is nice! Twist is most likely 1-48 so it will shoot both RB & Conicals

 Double set trigger group & the lock spring nice & strong

$350.00   I can ship for extra depends on your location and if I can get it to fit in a USPS flat rate game box. If not it will go FedEx

Local pick-up OK just make an appointment via my email

Cash preferred I don't take CC

   Regards , BlackPowderBill

FFL 35 year Veteran owned 

50 years of Muzzle Loader know how-

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

January 6th Probe Security FUBAR Was it on Purpose? Sure as HELL Was!

You bet your ASS there should be a probe!

When I was watching that unfold. I saw how weak our security was. A bunch of people with protest signs penetrated the Capitol building and the people in charge of security knew they were coming. As a retired swat officer trained in counter terrorism I about filled my pants.

 The mission of the Muslim religion has not changed infidels need to convert or die. They even kill  their own to accomplish this(twin towers,911). Instead of pissed off citizens what if a number of dedicated terrorists with explosives, fully auto rifles, well trained and coordinated had hit that place with no warning. 

They would have killed dozens and met very little resistance. Could have even taken hostages and horrified the world as they tossed out body after body on television until our military could mount a counter attack. Cracker box defended by a few cops with handguns. A huge high value target with very weak security. 

Terrible response. Asked the Army for assistance ,got no one. They better fix it. The terrorist world was watching and taking great notes! Worried about Trump supporters. OMG. Stupidity reigns supreme in D C.

What have they done? Put up a 5 million dollar fence designed to keep out violent protestors. No concrete barriers to stop explosive laden vehicles. no gates. They are more afraid of their own citizens than radicalized Muslim terrorists. Better security at the Ginna Nuclear Generating Plant here in Wayne County.

Terrorists wasted a lot of talent and resources taking down the twin towers when they could have have easily taken over the U S Capitol building and crippled the entire U S government. Wouldn't have to learn how to fly; jet airliners(but not take off, or land them). Our pal in the White house has said he is closing down Guantanamo. Wonderful some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world locked up there. 

Is he going to just set them free???; Old fool hasn't said one way or the other. I would hope one of his handlers would be smart enough to advise him what country to send them where they won't be able to kill anymore of us U S citizens and allies. Trump was called a racist when he shut the door on Muslim immigrants with out being vetted. It worked no foreign born terrorist incidents on his watch. Unlike Europe. 

 O'Biden is the Chi-Com Obama Puppet

O'Biden Gun Laws SSDD Decades Old Commie Laws

 Some where along the line Obiden got the idea universal background checks will stop mass shootings. Sure they will. 😂

I am little Danny Dirtbag. I hate my classmates. I have been planning on shooting a dozen or so then killing myself. Then that overbearing Bastard in the Whitehouse wrote a executive order requiring all gun transfers have to go through a instant background check. Man am I screwed. Wait a minute I am a minor I can't legally buy a firearm any way. I am not screwed. Just steal one or two. I don't have a job. I have no money. Couldn't afford to buy one on the black market. Wouldn't have to pass a background check if I did. Copping a gun or two sounds pretty good. I'll be dead after I shoot up all my classmates anyway. I won't go to jail. My name will be on the 6:30 news!!!

Laws do not prevent people from committing crimes. They punish people that get caught violating them.

Cuomo doesn't even bring up the Safe Act anymore. He knows thousands upon thousands of law abiding citizens ignored the Safe Act. Did not remove their NY definition assault rifles from the state, did not register them. Ignored re certifying their pistol permits. Load their magazines to the maximum. Don't stop at seven. Unless that is all it holds. Just going to ignore the common sense gun safety laws. Had enough of that. Letting violent criminals out of jail. They are going to put me in? Created thousands of criminals statewide with the stroke of his pen. Kind of fun being a criminal. Obiden thinks it will be different for him. We won't ignore his common sense gun safety laws. 😂

HEY FUDDs still think it's not your problem? Keep voting for shit birds-


Nosler Ammo 338-22-6mm & Reloading Bullets Frangible & JHP Components

 Ammo is for sale local Athens Ga area. All items shown can be shipped.

 Revolvers are new in the box can be shipped to your FFL
BPBRS  is a Licensed FFL 35 years Veteran owned

21$ per box X 5 
Shipping Available on ALL AMMO Extra Cost

90$ per box 2 boxes

                               45$ per box 2 boxes
                                      85$ per box 2 boxes

4 boxes of 32 HR mag and 2- 32 LWC also on hand.

44-40 2 boxes of cartridges on hand 43$ each

Monday, February 15, 2021

Reloading Components Out of Stock is the Outlook & Future


I do have 2,000 of these 124gr JHP 20$ per 100

The demand continues to outpace incoming significantly. For most items, we continue to fill backorders exclusively and have not come close to having free stock. For a list of what can and can’t be backordered, please see attachment.

 We are still NOT taking backorders on primers and powder at this time. Unfortunately, we have no idea when this will start to level at this time and normalize to some extent.

Thank you,

OK I just had a set of LEE  dies arrive and appx 2300 9mm 124 grain JHP. I can't recall who asked for a set of 9mm dies. ??

3 packages shipped out today-another one being packed up and ammo headed out Monday to SC.

That's it...Regards, #blackpowderbill

O'Biden's Firearms BAN Another Commie Grab at Ownership

 In response to Parkland School shooting anniversary Biden Demands Congress Pass Gun Ban: "No Time To Wait"  Cry the Loony Left-

Here in New Yorkistan we know all about" no time to wait." Average bill takes over a year to become law. The Safe act was passed and signed by the Governor late at night in Emergency Session.  

 Why did they do it in one day and in secret session? 

They knew there would be a tsunami of opposition to the Safe Act. Seems the governments in our country can't get anything done fast until it is something they know the people will not support. They don't allow the mandatory period for citizen input by claiming it is emergency. They make the rules and they break the rules. Safe Act certainly worked hasn't been a school shooting in NY since it was passed. 

Were none before it passed either. Solution to a problem that didn't exist. How threatening to put me in jail if I don't re-certify my pistol permit saves lives no one can answer. Or how limiting me to ten round magazines.

Then saying if I put more than seven rounds in the magazine I will go to jail. Saves lives how? May cost me my life if I have to defend myself. Criminals have no restrictions they can purchase high capacity magazines, fully load them, don't and can't get pistol permits, so they never have to re-certify them. Some how restricting the law abiding citizens that are not committing or going to commit violence with a firearm saves lives. Only makes sense to politicians.

"No time to wait" The guns O'biden wants to ban are used in less than 1% of the crime in the United States.  There were 10 shootings on school property in 2020. 2 in 2021 so far. None with any rifles at all. All done with handguns. "No time to wait"  Looks like plenty of time.

 Us law abiding gun owners aren't going anywhere. We will still be here when you pass your next batch of common sense gun laws.

Why do you FUDDs keep re-electing these people? 

Inept, unresponsive to the people. Vote them out.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

FS: 50 Cal Flintlock Green River Swamped bbl Round Bottom Rifling $1,000.00 + Shipping

 I have up for sale is a fellow shooters rifle. He built back in 1977/78. It started out as a percussion then he flipped it over to flint.

It has won a lot of meat. Has bumps and dents the bore is good some dark spots. You can shoot it to help restore the luster of this never to be found again hand mad beauty.

You can't purchase the parts for a 1000$ today to make this. IF YOU CAN FIND THEM!!

Regards, BlackPowderBill