Monday, December 6, 2021

Federal Ammo Subscription Service- Speer & Hodgdon Sell Online


  30/40 brass BPB has 1,000 pcs on hand @ $2.00 each New Remington

I'm dreaming maybe this will cut into the investors who jumped into sell ammo and are selling at MSRP calling it wholesale to us dealers. #blackpowdeerbill

ANOKA, Minnesota – – Federal Ammunition is proud to announce a new limited availability monthly subscription service has been added to its robust eCommerce capability. With this new service, consumers can subscribe to receive five boxes of ammunition to be delivered to their door step every month with a 12-month service commitment. This new service includes free shipping for all subscription orders.

“We are very excited to launch this new service which is loaded with benefits for our online customers,” said Jason Nash, Federal’s VP of Marketing. “Interested consumers should visit our web site to learn all the details of the new program. At the time of the subscription service launch, available calibers at the initial rollout will be 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 Auto, with possible expansion into other loads and cartridge options, pending market demand.”

Since early 2020, continual enhancements have been made to update Federal’s web site. This includes increased functionality and enhanced product search to help people find what they’re looking for faster. An industry first loyalty program offers online shoppers the chance to get exclusive merchandise for points and new products and merchandise are added regularly.

For more information on all products and online services from Federal or to shop online, visit


LEWISTON, Idaho – – Speer is pleased to announce the launch of ecommerce capability on For the first time ever, customers can buy Gold Dot ammunition, component bullets and more direct from Speer. The new service started in November and has received great praise from shooters, hunters and reloaders nationwide.

“This is a place where our customers can buy specialized Speer products, such as 44 Special, 327 Federal Magnum and 32 Auto, that many retailers tend not to carry consistently” said Speer Senior Marketing Director Jason Nash. “For fans of Speer and its law enforcement leading Gold Dot technology, there is now another way to find their favorite product.”

Site visitors will also see Speer’s hot new 10mm Auto 200-grain Gold Dot. This powerful load’s 1100 fps muzzle velocity delivers the full capability of the cartridge.

Speer’s online shopping cart features free shipping on orders of $50 or more shipped to a single U.S. address (before promotions, discounts and taxes are applied). All orders are shipped UPS Ground. Delivery times vary, but most orders will be shipped within 10 working days. For full details, visit

Customers can also read and write product reviews. Speer hats and the Handloading Manual No. 15 are also available for purchase in the merchandise section.

Speer’s robust website offers a wealth of information on the brand’s proven lineup of loaded ammunition and component bullets, all in a user-friendly format optimized for easy navigation with any device. Sections geared to reloading, protection and training, and law enforcement further speed the search for load data, performance specifications and more. The site lets visitors search by product number or filter by usage, caliber and bullet style. This allows quick access to comprehensive details on each of Speer’s hundreds of SKUs, including its legendary lineup of Gold Dot ammunition, the No. 1 choice of law enforcement.

For more information on Speer, go to


While we now sell direct-to-consumer on our own websites, we prioritize our shipments to our traditional sales channels to maximize powder availability at sporting goods and gun shop retailers everywhere.

We place limited powder inventory for sale on a regular basis on our website. When we are sold out, we are sold out.

We do not take backorders and our Tech Services team cannot take orders via email or phone.

The max order quantity of any powder SKU is 5 and we will only accept one order, per customer, per calendar month with a maximum weight of 48lbs. 

Products purchased on our site are NOT FOR RESALE. 

PLEASE NOTE: All orders ship within 10-15 business days. Please refer to our Sales and Shipping Policy for more information.

SOLD 45 Colt Cimarron by Uberti 4.75" bbl Blue with Nickle Back Strap/Guard with Belt & Holster

45 Colt Cimarron by Uberti 4.75" bbl Blue with Nickle Back Strap/Guard - Cowboy Action Shooting at : 916532563

Up for sale is one used, like new 45 Colt revolver with leather holster & belt.
Previous owner stated he shot 50 rounds thru her. I know the gentleman as well. This purchase includes a holster and belt with cartridge loops. Belt fits 32-38” waist +-.
Revolver shipped to YOUR FFL Belt/holster will be in same box as revolver
Only issue is a small ding in the bottom of the one butt grip as seen in the picture.
This revolver has a super nice trigger let off!

Payment Money Order or Cashier’s Check
Shipping will be $35.00 plus item final price ansd YOUR local sales tax.

NOTE: Local to the Athens GA area? You can pick up the items and save on shipping!!

Manufactures info:

The Pistoleer also features a 4 ¾-inch blued barrel and receiver. The steel back strap is nickel-plated and the hammer and trigger guard are polished for a two-tone effect. All the screws are finished in a charcoal blue. The two-piece walnut grip features a Cimarron Firearms embedded coin.


- FRAME Blue with Nickel Back strap and Trigger guard

- GRIPS Walnut

UPC        844234239481

Caliber .45 COLT (.45 LONG COLT)


Capacity               6 ROUNDS

Barrel Length     4.75" BARREL

Weight 2.5 LBS.

Finish    BLUED


YES all warnings apply
For more information go to

Sunday, December 5, 2021

SOLD Black Powder Custom 54 cal. Percussion RH Rifle circa 1977

 Up for sale is one of my personal rifles. Built by a gentleman from Rochester NY. His name is on the lock. He was a personal friend and fellow BP shooter. Master carpenter by trade, bow & canoe builder.

 I've owned this rifle for ?+- 20 years. It shoots fantastic-has won me many matches and lots of meat!

Load is 70 gr 3f or 80gr 2f Goex Hodgdon Triple 7 is a good alternative very accurate more energy-

530 ball is easier to load- but a 535 dia. will bring you to one hole at 50 yards using a 18-20ths patch with a water based lube.

Barrel 1" x 32" Barrel mfg by Peterson or Petersen [sp]
Weight just over 8 pounds
52" OAL +-
Stock fore end has a sweet pewter nose cap
Double wedges
Stock has Beautiful reddish color with exceptional wood grain
Nice rounded drop on the comb allows for fast cheek weld and sight alignment picture.
Double trigger group 14"+- LOP
Brass furniture
Under rib is soldered on as are the pipes
Just before the front sight I have cut in hatching lines to help cut glare

One draw back which is nothing- a crack developed in front of the barrel tang above where the lock plate screw goes thru. As pictured! I glass bedded the area and part of the barrel channel. YES the barrel can be removed for cleaning!

Wood half stock is from Homer Dangler's shop. The builder would purchase 10 barrels varying calibers and wood to make up rifles from 36 to 54 cal.

Wood & barrel purchase info from the builder-
 This rifle will out live all of us if taken care of!

Price is $800.00 plus shipping of a min of $40.00 If sold on an auction then sales tax will be extra.

This is rifle is of exceptional value & Accurate I don't own a muzzleloader that isn't accurate or spot on where it is pointed at!


FFL 36 years Veteran owned Muzzle Loader shooter since 1969

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

SOLD Thompson Center New Englander 50 cal & 12 ga Smooth Bore Barrels


Thompson Center muzzleloader  This NEW ENGLANDER model is a .50 cal. and has a good bore a bit of light pitting at the muzzle & a rough spot appx 2"off the breech, it has been used was told it was a closet gun. Used a few times than has sat for some years. Both Barrels full blue with original front and rear adjustable sight[s], and is 7/8" round! Some finish loss on the top , light freckling of corrosion most likely from hands. Not bad needs a good cleaningSmooth bore as I was told never fired-  Stock is very good some wear just handling scrapes, dents . Trim is blued steel, and has a wooden & fiber ramrod, with a steel tip. Lock works well, single trigger.  Over all in good condition will make a good shooter-needs a good cleaning- All I do is run a few greased patches down the bores and wipe off with a RIG Rag.May be purchased local see it listed on GunBroker & #blackpowderbill FaceBook & Twitter. Regards BPB

Friday, October 29, 2021

SOLD Finnish M - 28/30, Finn Mosin Nagant, Sk.Y, 1940, Finland SA stamped, Matching, Civil Guard, Sako, 7.62 x 54R, 1940, Antique Receiver

 M28 30 Collectors Notes:

Finnish M - 28/30, Finn Mosin Nagant, Sk.Y, 1940, Finland SA stamped, Matching, Civil Guard, Sako, 7.62 x 54R, 1940, Antique Receiver

This is a 1940 dated Finnish M-28/30. It is an ANTIQUE firearm. The receiver is dated 1896. 

This 28/30 is is an early Marathon import. The stock has a beautiful Civil Guard cartouche dated the same as the rifle barrel and typical, wartime stock splice. It has a Civil Guard “S” number on the barrel and serial number. It is stamped, Sk.Y, Sako, “D” and is SA stamped

This rifle is Finn matched and has a HV stamped “Jam Free” magazine. It comes with two piece roller buckle sling. It has the improved 28/30 style trigger.

According to Markku Palokangus, only 22,500 M-28/30 remained out of the approximately 40,000 made.

Be sure to add me to your Favorite Sellers list. I will have many more Finnish Mosin Nagants to be posted for auction in the near future.

Sellers Notes:

Bore is in fair condition.  I suggest giving all these rifles a good cleaning and inspection before use even if you just plan on using it as a wall hangar. 

More pictures can be seen on my Blog located at 

No full length or bore pictures

Be sure to add me to your Favorite Sellers list. I will have many more Finnish Mosin Nagants to be posted for auction in the near future.

Payment MONEY ORDER or Cashier’s Check

C&R OK Check you state and local laws to make sure all transfers are with- in the law.

Shipping will be a min of $40.00 depending on you location and insurance cost. I’ll send you an email with the total cost. Please tell me if this is going to a business or residence it does make a difference.

Please look at your gun broker order so it can move forward.

Thanks Regards