Thursday, June 29, 2023

Just arrived Lots of Muzzleloader Living History Items

 Big picture dump-Rapine bag mould .530 with 54 cal jag 50$shipped

Treckkers used I'd resole them ,size 12 with 2 pairs of socks one pair has a few stains 75$ shipped

Market bag hand sewn nice condition 50$ shipped

Fishing kit in Cash brass oval all never used this is part of a hand sewn leather Bag-Cold Steel hawk-hank of patching material-Knife-Hand sewn leather possibles bag & Black Scarf 200$ shipped
Hand sewn leather leggings 100$ shipped

Organic tallow-Bees wax & olive oil one pound 35$ shipped-I have 2 tins on hand

35 Remington Hornady Bullets & Brass 100$shipped

Cold steel hawk

Trump linen bag with adjustable strap Will be part of the Breeches/Shirt collection 

Double Folding wallet goes over your sash-The trump bag-sash-leggings- xx size shirt-size 44 breeches-leather bag for storing possibles or meal are all part of a kit 200$

58 cal smoothie flintlock rebored from 54 by Bobby Hoyt-Includes extra flints, leather bag hand sewn-rifleman's knife with antler handle-hank of patch material-Small wad of tow in leather pouch-spring vice-turn screw- brass pan charger-wasp nest- powder horn. All part of a really nice starter set up $1,800.00 shipping 75$ depending on your location

The following books used in nice condition a few handling marks. $100 shipped