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For Sale: SOLD Lyman Stock used Right Hand Percussion

Ebay link for Lyman Stock

This is cross posted for sale on several sites. Price for those forums is listed in that forum.

This is a non firing component listing for stock and parts.

The inlet barrel area is .970+- a few ths. across. Measurement varies slightly from .960 to ,970.  All stock hardware is included in this auction.

  Triggers, percussion lock, wedge pin,lock screw and washer,trigger guard,double set trigger group,brass nose cap and butt plate,escutcheons.

  No ramrod~

Manufacture date appx 1980

Stock has a few bumps and dings nothing outstanding. No cracks were noticed during inspection.
  Stock is numbered  737

Auction price reflects separate components purchased price at a discount and all listing fees.

BPBReloading is a licensed and registered business in Georgia. Veteran owned in business over 30 years.

Payment expected as soon as auction is won. This will be a fixed price auction.

Shipping is extra appx $25.00 to lower 48.

Thanks for looking

Regards BlackPowderBill

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Petersburg Landing Ltjg Bobby Brown Park Elberton GA

BlackPowderBill speaking on early settler living to Middle School children from Elbert county Ga.

Making first fire in the camp using fling & steel

Monday, November 13, 2017


NOVEMBER 15, 2017


          As we would expect, when a mass shooting is committed by an evil person, the media and liberal left cries for more gun control.  What is interesting about this case is that the killer bought his guns after passing background checks.
          This should not have happened because of the past history of the murderer, who had numerous interactions with the military and the law. This should have made him ineligible to purchase firearms.  Unfortunately, the government fouled up both in the military and civilian arena.
          The killer received a Bad Conduct Discharge from the Air Force, and his penchant for domestic violence got him in trouble while in the military and with local law enforcement.  He served time in prison, yet with all of these violations, was not reported to the FBI and placed in the NICS data base.
          Compare this with New York and the SAFE Act where people who are falsely reported are automatically placed on the NICS data base and they are unable to legally buy or possess guns.  Go figure.
          Predictably, the liberal leftist politicians are calling for more gun control laws.  Some want a law that would call for an ex parte confiscation of firearms like the Lautenberg Law that requires people who may have had a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence to lose their Second Amendment rights.
          This is a federal law, yet a bill in the NY Assembly has been submitted that would do the same thing with a mandate attached to require law enforcement to confiscate the guns even if the officers decide that there is no danger to the people involved.
          A person may have had the conviction before the law was passed and may have purchased a gun legally at the time.  However if it was recently discovered that if by some quirk in the law requiring a background check, like for employment, and it showed the misdemeanor conviction, all of a sudden, he is required to turn in all his guns because he is not eligible to possess a gun.
          He might have gotten the misdemeanor conviction by bad advice from his lawyer.  Let’s say that he had an argument and he asked for a divorce.  His wife wanted to hurt him so she accused him of a violent act and the police were called.  They took the report and he is charged with domestic abuse.
          Now, he is faced with an expensive court case, so the lawyer suggested that he save several thousand dollars by pleading to a misdemeanor which could end up in an affordable fine and a reasonable legal fee.  So, that is what he did.
          He was a fine, outstanding citizen after the divorce, forgot about the incident and went on with his life until the misdemeanor showed up in his record. Now, his property has been confiscated and he has little chance of getting it back.  An honest citizen is turned into a person who has lost a constitutional right because of this law.
          It is thought by many that the liberal left is looking for every opportunity to make gun ownership difficult for all citizens.  We know that only about one quarter of one per cent of American gun owners misuse their guns. The proper way to deal with the problem is to deal with the cause.  It is not guns that cause the mass murders.  They may be a tool used by evil or deranged people.
We think of Timothy McVeigh who killed three times as many people as Pollock in Las Vegas by using a truck with a bomb made of fertilizer and fuel oil. We have to be convinced that the only real common factor in any mass murder is the person doing it.
          If all guns could be confiscated we would still have mass murders.  This was shown recently by the terrorist in New York City using a rented truck and mowing down people in a bike path.
          It is easy to obtain a vehicle.  No background checks outside of credit checks.  A driver’s license is necessary and once the finances are approved the guy drives a vehicle.  If he doesn’t have money, how hard is it to steal a car?
          The liberal news media is also for confiscating guns and looking for any reason to do so.  They don’t care that the person may not know they are in violation of any laws until the police come knocking on the door with an order to take all firearms from the person.  In a family home, they may remove the guns owned by other family members.
          Then there is a huge problem getting them back.  The “due process” can take years, require legal assistance and reduce the family bank account.  The SAFE Act is a good example of that, too.
          People have had their constitutional and civil rights violated by false reports by hospitals who can report a person as involuntarily admitted when the person came in totally voluntarily. If the report was made as an involuntary admission, it goes to the Office Of Mental Health. From there it goes through a series of bureaucracies and ends up at the County Clerk’s Office in Upstate New York if the person has a pistol permit.
          The accused person must surrender his pistol permit and all his guns, including rifles and shotguns.  There is no hearing or due process connected with this law. When this happens, the state gives the FBI  a reason to add that name to their NICS base.
          Then, the accused person is considered guilty and he or she has to hire an attorney to start a process to investigate the false report to prove innocence.  If successful and the aggrieved person wins, they get an order for the return of their suspended pistol permit and the handguns.  The long guns are not returned,
          In order to get the rifles and shotguns returned, the person must  file an Article 78 to a Supreme Court Judge and needs the assistance of an attorney.  The costs involved can be more than the value of the guns, so the person has the loss of property without compensation.
          The anti-gun politicians are happy to see this happen and look for more ways to confiscate guns from honest people.  Since criminals don’t obey laws, they passed one that will be obeyed.  They like this idea.
          The politicians will submit such laws and the liberal left will write editorials supporting these infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.
In New York, assemblymen, senators and governor will be running for office next year.  For those who believe in constitutional law, the right to keep and bear arms, property rights, due process and fairness in law will have the opportunity to vote for the politicians who agree with them.  We get the government we deserve.  What do you deserve?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Politicians Gun Laws "Common Sense" Criminals or Victims

The criminal's mind is warped by damage or his surroundings. So leggiscritters can call for "common sense" laws but all they are saying is 2 words; "common" & "sense" which politicians don't have nor do the criminals they are trying to rule.

What politicians are really saying is.
Criminal as in US you and I, because politicians & law enforcement see us a either criminals or victims. As firearms owners were are criminals to everyone BUT most other firearms owners.

Like my tag signature says:
You're already a criminal, you just haven't been arrested yet.

com·mon sense
ˌkämən ˈsens/Submit
good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.
"use your common sense"
synonyms: good sense, sense, native wit, sensibleness, judgment, levelheadedness, prudence, discernment, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, insight, perception, perspicacity; practicality, capability, resourcefulness, enterprise; informalhorse sense, gumption, savvy, smarts, street smarts
"I had the common sense to phone an ambulance instead of yelling at him to get up"

Friday, November 10, 2017

White Man's Laws Government's Lack of Accountability Our Money Wasted

 The whole big picture is to #1. register all firearms owners & possessions.
#2 To register everyone who can be deemed with any sort of illness that may cause a thinking impairment. Yet the American Disabilities Act forbids against discrimination of the disabled.  A felony does not need to possess a firearm. The problem is to many are all to willing to make anyone that does not follow the progressing commie doctrines a criminal.  Even a guy who have a few beers and is pulled over looses all his driving privileges for a period of time & is kept on record for TEN years.

We firearms owners look at the issue of firearms & people  registration using the 2nd amendment argument. IMO the  difference from IBM's data collection in Pre-WWII Germany to the FaceBook of today is people are willing to give FaceBook the information. We need to take all those laws on the books that gave all the special people individual rights above the regular guy & use them against the government and antis. Much the same way the animal rights and environmental groups have done. I tried for several decades to get firearms groups to understand this is how we hold off the troops.

Unfortunately many told me ,"Yea but no judge will side with us". There is a vast difference from being a criminal that is mentally ill to a person who is disabled either permanently or temporarily due to an illness. If a group can come to a small county in Ga and demand a donated statue with a bible verse on it can't be on a public school ground. If a group of self proclaimed anti everything can protest about 100 year old statues...Then explain to me how streets & schools can be named after all kinds of religious people?

I tell the firearms owners of NY again; trust no one in government. If the firearms ban had been funded we'd not seen one support letter for any county clerk. The amount of money local law enforcement receives from the state for special projects is beyond our imagination. We only see these politicians at election time. If they are present more than not it is to gain intel on what we plan to do.

 I'll say it again, these firearms laws are "white man's laws". Which is a law that will affect the majority of white male firearms owners.  We need to use the government's laws against them. To go further, every time the government creates a law for a special group it is a law against white males everywhere. Even though many white males push for these laws.

Firearms groups need to push the failed data collection systems and billions of dollars spent as a total lack of confidence in the government to properly govern their own programs.

Regards BPB

All 2-3/4" length All prices  include local sales tax.

Just in 2 Fiocchi plano totes 80 shells in each tote of 2-3/4" Reduced Recoil slugs 10 shells @ 10$ per box

10 boxes of 00 nickle plated buckshot 10 shells per box 10$ per box

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Page 9 by Alan Korwin

Today, Nov. 9, is the anniversary of Kristallnacht:
Is Kristallnacht Deceptive?.
“Night of the Broken Glass”

Why would Jews deceive themselves so badly?

How did Never Again! become Never Forget ?

by Alan Korwin

Too many liberals and progressives, a majority of reform Jews among them, became almost psychotic and even violent after the defeat of their anointed presidential candidate in 2016. They convinced themselves -- against all evidence to the contrary -- that the elected winner Donald Trump is a virtual dictator. They believe he leads us to a second Holocaust. Some have been acting out on the fantasy. They even have a billboard as proof of their self-defined delusion:

Too many Jews and radical left-wing malcontents have convinced themselves
the elected president is a Nazi. They need medical treatment. They have no idea
what they're talking about. Can it be traced back to self-deception now rampant
about the original Holocaust, and refusal to recognize real threats, and what's needed
to protect ourselves from those who have announced plans to destroy us?

We are so far from this it defies description. It is an irrational fantasy. It is wrapped in a special fantasy and distortion surrounding the original horror.

Jews the world over know what Kristallnacht is -- Nov. 9, 1938 -- the day Nazis got serious about wiping out the Jews. Using the assassination of one low-level German officer in Paris as an excuse, Germans went about murdering Jewish people, burning their stores and homes, destroying synagogues, Torahs and other artifacts. Basically, the gloves came off, the so-called final solution was on.

Millions of Muslims Want Kristallnacht Again
It is exactly what tens of millions of Muslims all over the world seek to accomplish today—wipe Jews off the map, Kristallnacht II. The non-partisan Pew Center estimates the precise number at “only” 180 million radicalized Islamists (15% of all believers). It is exactly what Mr. Hussein-Obama refused to even pronounce, for reasons confounding half the country. They are a genocidal enemy that the current office holder is confronting directly -- leading irrational leftist hordes, Jews among them, to aim not at the enemy, but at the defenders of freedom. The roots for this are in history.

“Crystal Night” Sounds Pretty
Why call Kristallnacht, “Crystal Night”? That’s the literal translation, crystal night, a glaring deception. Sure, windows in Germany got broken everywhere. The English version, commonly used here, is Night of the Broken Glass, an even deeper deception, broken isn’t even in the original German. Streets were indeed glass strewn.

It’s so neat and antiseptic, it hides the ugly truth. It wasn’t glass night at all. Today we call that fake news. It was Holocaust Commencement Day. Orgy of Jewish Blood in the Streets Night. Kill All The Jews Night. Vicious Hate Death to Juden Night. Burn Down the Temples Night. Lawless Murder and Destruction Night. Night and Day of German Atrocities. Gentlemen, Start Your Holocaust Night. Dachau survivor Theodore Hess called it, “The Night The Fires Of Hell Engulfed The Soul Of Humanity.”

It’s equivalent to calling radical islamic terrorism workplace violence. Or blaming guns. Not even.

Nice orderly Jews to this day are revulsed in horror at those thoughts, and instead rely on euphemisms and stick with “glass night” for Declaration of Holocaust Week. Within days 30,000 victims were sent off to the death camps. More than 1,000 synagogues were burned to the ground or otherwise damaged, and 7,500 Jewish-owned businesses were ransacked while police and fire departments were ordered to not intervene unless Aryan property was at risk (the orders are preserved in archives). Stores and homes were gleefully looted. Give it a nice name? Provide the perps with cover? For shame.

Break a Glass, Get Married
Think about this: What does a Jew do to conclude a marriage? The man breaks a glass. He stomps on a cloth-wrapped glass (something delicate so he’s assured of breaking it), like a light bulb, or a wine glass, wrapped so sharp pieces don’t hurt anyone.

What a ghastly coincidence that Glass Night, and broken glass at the end of wedding ceremonies are opposite ends of a continuum -- ultimate horror and ultimate joy. Who coined the start of the Holocaust as Crystal Night anyway (in German) and then changed it (in English) to Night of the Broken Glass -- like a wedding? Such savage irony grates the soul.

How closely related are those deceptions? Is there a connection to the fact that so many Jews hate guns, but claim it’s not good to hate? They work diligently in our Congress and our culture to disarm the innocent, and would not lift their fingers to protect themselves or anyone else at risk of death from tyrants, criminals, police, agents, illegals, gangsters, jihadis or anyone?

It All Gets Real in Temple
At a recent presentation on Kristallnacht (at a Jewish reform temple of all places), people sat literally wallowing in self-pity, quietly absorbing (for the umpteenth time) projected images of Nazi atrocities, the atrocity leader and his cohorts, insisting we must remember. Never Forget they droned.

Should we do anything about it, be Maccabees, fearless freedom fighters, stalwart guardians against those waiting for a chance to repeat history? Were they gearing up for resistance, steeling their nerves for battle, preparing to defend against those bragging and tooling up and drooling to do it all again?

No glimmer of defiant behavior was evident. Resistance was repugnance. Watch, remember... and be depressed. Never forget, they admonished. What happened to Never Again! someone asked? It wasn’t present. Jews there complained at the thought.

Recall the searingly accurate insight of JPFO’s founder Aaron Zelman: It was a room full of self-hating Jews eagerly waiting to sniff the gas. (JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,

We should do something about it! -- one solitary voice implored. The suggestion was ridiculed, scowled down. The voice persisted against the storm of angst. “And what of the assault on Israel at the U.N.?” This was right after Obama let that world body censure Israel, “by the very person you have all supported and voted for—isn’t that more of the same?” The room fell dead silent. “This isn’t the time or place for that,” the discussion leader scolded. "Really? Then what is?" More silence. Guilty silence. Kristallnacht is a deception. These Jews are encouraging more of the same.

One woman, well aged but still with wits, came up meekly afterwards to agree. She had escaped the Nazis in Poland, as a child. She knew. The rest maintain their vigil for the glass and the gas.


Alan Korwin, an award-winning author of 14 books, is concerned about the increasing levels of violence perpetrated by the people described in this article. He can be reached at
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership,, maintains an uphill struggle to resist the bizarre Jewish desire to seek disarmament of innocent civilians by government, despite the unending tragic history people everywhere have faced when disarmed, then slaughtered in genocides by governments that have disarmed them.

Alan Korwin, Publisher
Bloomfield Press
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NOVEMBER 8. 2017

          The elections are passed and already the political parties are getting ready for the “big one” next year.  All the state assemblymen and senators plus our congressmen are planning fund raisers (some have already had a ­few) and gearing up to convince the people that they deserve to be reelected.
          Party chairman have started to beat the bushes to find opponents for the incumbents and are looking for funding and issues to use in the campaigns.  Ethics are conveniently overlooked in most contests.  As a former football coach once said: Winning isn't everything.  It’s the ONLY thing.”
          This trend has been evident since politics began.  The only thing that counts is victory.  It would appear that campaigns are strictly for party power.  Principles are not even secondary.  In  most campaigns they are nonexistent.
          Political party power is the big motivator in choosing candidates and issues.  Raising money for campaigns is a big issue for the party bosses, and there are many bosses.
          What is done with the power they have?  It usually comes down to being able to determine patronage and the ability to influence legislation.  Many backdoor deals are done in party parlors where special interests are discussed.
                Patronage is a big part of party politics.  It is the plasma in the bloodstream of the organization’s circulatory system.  Andrew Jackson was the one who defined the “Spoils System.” To the victor, belongs the spoils.
          That means if a party has control over a department or a bureaucracy they have great input regarding who gets a job in that department.  Civil Service jobs usually have standards requiring a test or qualifications, but often times the people in power find ways to “make adjustments” to place one of their favorites.
    Authorities within the governmental structure are a boon to the party.  Often times unqualified people get good paying jobs just because they are related to a powerful person, or have connections that make them useful.
          There is an old saying about politics and people.  “Once they can no longer use you, they don't want to know you.”  Most people familiar with the system agree.
          With patronage playing such a high role in politics, the next issue is “what can we do to keep our people in power, in power”  The two most important events in a politician’s life are election and reelection.
 Once is a great while, we find a candidate who actually want to serve because they believe in doing what is best for their constituents.  Often, they are at odds with the pragmatism of the party leaders and fall out of favor.
 Without their devotion to the chairman, they often times do not get the party’s endorsement.  That calls for the challenge of a primary and the good incumbent has to fight the party bosses to retain his or her seat.  Parties hate that and so do candidates, but that is part of the process.
With the apathy of the electorate, the party has an advantage. The mechanics of the process and the organization of the system makes the balance tilt to their advantage.  It takes a lot of effort and usually a lot of money to beat the party.
Issues can also be significant when there is dissention within the party, as is evident in federal politics, and is being demonstrated by the controversy regarding the tax issue.
From a conservative point of view this should be an easy one to resolve, but it isn't.  Everybody wants a tax break,  especially in states like New York where the citizens are greatly overtaxed.
One of the provisions of the proposed plan is that the local state income and property taxes cannot be deducted as they are now.  It is like taxing a tax and is justifiably being resisted by residents of those states.  That is grossly unfair.  If the government wants fairness in taxing perhaps they should consider ideas that do make sense.
One of which is getting rid of the “marriage penalty.”  Combining the incomes of husband and wife to put them in a higher tax bracket makes no sense and is part of the destruction of the nuclear family.  Why should those who just cohabitate pay less in taxes than those who do the moral thing and get married?  That is a good question to ask a congressman during the next campaign.
    Another aspect to be considered is the one involving the Affordable Health Care.  As it has been progressing, it becomes less affordable for those who have to pay for it.  The liberals have been bragging that because of the act, 20 million people now have health insurance who didn't have it before.
    Of course they have it.  It is free or highly subsidized to them, but those who already have insurance are facing higher premiums and "affordable" becomes really subjective.
    Some are already paying around $6,000 a year and have a $5,000 deductible before the policy starts paying for medical costs. The premiums can be higher for some families who are private payers. How is that "affordable?"
    To take a little bit off the unreasonable burden for a middle class person of family wouldn't it make sense to make the premium a tax deduction?  Perhaps it could at least be done for families making less than $150.000 a year where that kind of expense is a true burden.
    As this column has often said: "We get the government we deserve," and from the lack of citizens voting and interactions with the representatives, it is obvious why we have the problems.
    The politicians will keep doing what they have been doing and corruption runs rampant where those who should be representing are actually ruling.  The people put up with it and that is why they get poor government.
    They don't deserve any better!  Until the working class get an attitude adjustment and vote for principles and better results, it will be business as usual where parties rule and the masses are relegated to serfdom.
    Did you vote?  If not, YOU are the reason for the problems.  You have an opportunity to make amends next year.  It is all up to you.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Budd Schroeder Former NRA Director Comment to Buffalo News

Everybody’s Column
Buffalo News, One News Plaza
Buffalo NY 14203


          Rod Watson was absolutely correct when he wrote his column on gun control, in spite of a letter criticizing him.  Rod’s premise that gun control doesn’t work because criminals don’t obey laws is absolutely the truth.  It stands to reasons that if banning a product would reduce crime or abuse, Prohibition would have been a big success and we wouldn’t have a drug addiction problem.

 Think of that.  No drunk drivers killing people and nobody dying because of overdoses of illegal drugs. What a wonderful society.  Of course that won’t happen.  Deaths are not caused by guns.  They may be involved in deaths because of suicides or accidents, but it takes a person who is evil or deranged to make a gun dangerous and used in a murder.
From the most recent FBI report, there were 15,070 homicides with 11,004 linked to the use of guns, 374 specifically linked to rifles of all kinds.  The number of slaying included 1,694 by cutting instruments and 656 beaten to death by the use of hands and feet. 472 were killed by blunt force, like with hammers and baseball bats.

The number of murders in NY were 628, and increase of 17 over the previous year.  Fewer deaths by guns, but more by edged weapons.  Rod was correct.  If the criminal doesn’t have a gun, he will use other means.  The problem is evil and deranged people, not guns.

Budd Schroeder
Chairman Emeritus , SCOPE