Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lefty Blames the Gun. Imagine that~~ Ny News Letter to the Buffalo news Editor response .

This is my letter to the Buffalo News.  Maybe they will print it.


    The column by Douglas Turner blaming a gun for the assassination attempt on a Republican Congressman is typical of the left to shift blame. It is ironic, especially when the media are the ones spewing hatred, vitriolic, and venomous articles on a daily basis against Trump and the Republicans.
    The attack was thwarted by the fact that there were police at the scene who prevented the gunman from committing mass murder.  It solidifies the NRA saying: "The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Unfortunately in the past shootings, there were no good guys with guns.
    The problems is not with too many guns on the street.  There are too many bad guys on the streets and this shooter, according to reports, should have had his right to possess a gun revoked.  Law enforcement was lax in this matter.
    Chris Collins is right when he says he will be carrying his gun for protection.  Self defense is the original "do it yourself" option for survival. The fact that the wounded congressman had the power to have the police present for the baseball practice saved multiple lives.  Most citizens don't have that option or ability to do so.
    Instead of blaming guns, Turner, and other members of the media should focus on easing tensions rather than fomenting violence with their biased and incendiary rhetoric denouncing the president and staff and confusing the public by opinions rather than facts.  More restrictive gun laws won't stop such attacks by evil people for a very simple reason.  Criminals don't obey laws!

Budd Schroeder
Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE
Lancaster, NY 14086

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Public Range Discussion, Re-loads & Home Built Firearms

Yesterday while I and others observed range safety take a back seat to one cleaning his race rifle. I.E.=Race Rifle a highly machined firearm that is shot from a rest which can also be used on a horizontal mill machine. We discussed public range brass finds. I haven't shot at a public range in decades.

The discussion was finding 380 brass that was all blown out. Apparently having been fired in a 9mm chamber. Other brass findings , blown out casings,cracked, bolt face impressions over head stamps, and primers that were peirced by firing pins.
This leads us to a startling conclusion, many Youtube reloading practices and firearms builds by people are down right dangerious.
 How'd you like to purchase a firearm that was worked on by an individual who watched Youtube videos to gain his gunsmithing experiences? Better yet make a purchase of one that was repeadedly abused by the loading of incorrect cartridges or overcharged re-loads.

 IMO: Beware of the great deal being offered on used firearms these days.
Hey, That's my opinon yours may differ.

FFL 30+ years

I don't sell paint,bait, wash machines or rent U-Hauls