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44 cal Brass,Die set & Bullets for Sale

I sell reloading supplies and have just purchased a huge lot of items which included 44cal, brass,bullets,dies.
This is a partial listing of a large lot of supplies I purchased.

Shipping will be either FedEx or USPS flat rate.
Shipping usually runs small flate rate $8.00 insured medium flat rate $13.00 to $17.00 insured.

Payment accepted bank check or money order.

Anyone who purchases all of a lot; say all the .224 bullets I'll pay shipping! A lot consist of all the bullets in a particular calibre.

[color:#FF0000]All bullets that are packaged in box quanities of 100 will only be sold by the hundred. [/color]Bulk bullets such as the 6k 9mm 115gr JHP will be sold in any quanity desired up to 6,500 +-k. Since I have to count them out you can expect a slight price increase.

Items listed are what I was given when I made my bid on the lot. Numbers I.E. count is as they were delivered to me.
Quanties may not be exact.
Verified before shipping

Regards BPB
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Reloading Components:

Bullets: SOLD Quan: $$

Sierra .4295 Dia. 240 gr. JHC (700 ct.) 7 @ $25.00 sold by the hundred/box
Sierra .4295 Dia. 300 gr. JSP (100 ct.) 1 @ $30.00 for the box
Hornady .430 Dia. 200 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.)100 $25.00

Hornady .430 Dia. 240 gr. HP-XTP (100 ct.) 100 $25.00
Take all the .44 cal bullets and shipping included

44 Magnum, Win. Virgin brass (100 ct.) $25 per 100
44 Magnum, Midway virgin brass,(100 ct.)$30 per 100
44 Magnum, R.P. fired once, tumbled(250 ct.)$35 per 250
44 Magnum, R.P. in 50 ct. plastic boxes (100)$25 per 100
44 Magnum Fed cleaned and deprimed (212ct.) $60 per 212 A
All for $150.00 shipped

44 cal dies $40.00 shipped
Take the brass and the dies and total price is $180.00 shipped

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The items listed here will /are suppose to be at my place Saturday AM.

This is a partial listing of a large lot of supplies I purchased. Shipping will be either FedEx or USPS flat rate. Shipping usually runs small flat rate $8.00 insured medium flat rate $13.00 to $17.00 insured. Payment accepted bank check or money order. FYI: I may not be able to ship right away as I'll be in and out for a few weeks. Anyone who purchases all of a lot; say all the .224 bullets I'll pay shipping! All bullets that are packaged in box quanities of 100 will only be sold by the hundred. Bulk bullets such as the 6,600+k 9mm will be sold in any quanity desired up to 6,600k.

Items listed are what I was given when I made my bid on the lot. I have not confirmed if the description listed here is actually what I'll end up with. However the primers I purchased are as described.

Prices subject to change!

These items are being offered here first,(www.trapperman.com); and will hit the auctions in a few weeks.
Regards BPB


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Reloading Components:

Sierra .400/10mm 135 gr. JHP (300 ct.) 3 @ $75.00
 1 partial box
I also have appx 1,400 pcs of 40 S&W Brass @ $165.00 shipped
Sierra .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (1200 ct) 12@15.00ea
Hornady .355/9mm 124gr. FMJ-RN (400 ct.) 4 @ 15.00
$255.00 shipped

C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. FMJ-RN (189 ct.) 189
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 124gr. FMJ-RN (88 ct.) 88
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 135gr. FMJ-RN (250 ct.) 250
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (500 ct.) 500 @
C.P. Bullets .355/9mm 115gr. JHP (800 ct.) 800 @
$300.00 shipped

Unknown manufacture
.355/9mm 115gr. JHP with cannure (6,600 ct.)  6,600k+-
$1,000.00 for all Shipped  this is appx 109 pounds of bullets.

9mm brass various manufactures, 2,600 pcs cleaned. $375.00 shipped
SOLD pending funds 9/21/12
Sierra .224 Dia. 55gr. Spitzer BT (700ct.) 700 @.15ea
Sierra .224 Dia. 40gr. HP (100 ct.) 200 @.15ea
Hornady .224 Dia. 53gr. HP Match (200 ct.) 200 @.15ea
Nosler .224 Dia. 45gr. Hornet SPBT (200 ct.) 200 @.15ea

FMJ = full metal jacket, BT = boat tail, SP = soft point
HP = hollow point, JHP = jacketed hollow point,
RN = round nose, XTP = Hornady’s extra terminal performance
JHC = jacketed hollow cavity, JSP = jacketed soft point

Saturday, September 15, 2012


For Release: IMMEDIATE Contact: Lori Severino

Friday, September 14, 2012 518-402-8000

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has confirmed that junior hunters ages 14-15 will be able to hunt deer during a special youth firearms deer season over Columbus Day Weekend this year, October 6 through October 8, 2012.

“Implementation of this youth deer hunt is a hallmark moment for New York hunters and represents continued efforts of DEC to engage more young people in nature and outdoor recreation,” said DEC Commissioner Joe Martens.

The youth deer hunt will take place Columbus Day weekend in both the Northern Zone and Southern Zone; a youth hunt was not established on Long Island due to restrictions in the Environmental Conservation Law. Junior hunters (ages 14-15) with a big game hunting license will be eligible to take one deer of either sex with a firearm when properly accompanied by a licensed and experienced adult. Junior hunters may use a Deer Management Permit or Deer Management Assistance Program tag for an antlerless deer or, during the youth firearms season only, they may use their regular season tag to take a deer of either sex.

In areas restricted to bowhunting only (Westchester County and parts of Albany and Monroe counties), junior hunters may only use bowhunting equipment to take deer during the youth hunt weekend. “Bowhunting seasons remain open during the youth hunt, but I encourage bowhunters to set your bow aside for the weekend and be a mentor for a youth’s first firearms deer hunt,” Commissioner Martens stated.

While there is pending legislation that may impact future youth hunts, until it has been acted on, DEC’s regulations remain in effect. More details of the Youth Firearms Deer Hunt and rules for junior hunters and their mentors are available at www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/46245.html

DEC also offers special opportunities for junior hunters (ages 12-15) for waterfowl, wild turkey, and pheasants. See www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/52495.html for information about these other programs.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lawsuit Overview: New Mexico~Mexican Wolf

The original text or post has been edited for clarity, to add in amicus briefs & refrences to the dozen or more interveners'.  This topic will be updated as new items become available so check back often.

 This case is probably the most important wildlife case in decades. The final judges decision will determine if other states will allow experiential animal populations research and reintroduction with-in their borders.

You ask why this is? It so happens that a state will not want to participate in a program where the federal government has control over states wildlife populations. At what point does the federal control and money derived from the feds to the state become a burden?

As an example:
If the Feds give the state 1.5m$ towards wildlife restoration and an outside force files suit against the state for not following the guidelines...AND it now cost the state 2.5m$ to defend against this action.

Why in the hell would anyone state wildlife agency want to participate in a program? Especially when some lawyer puffed up non-wildlife animal rights group with no hands on dealings with animals is waiting outside like a vulture on a road side gut pile to make a name and collect the peoples cash.

That is not a win for the wildlife, it is an ego trip & paid lunch for the animal rights groups.

That's how I see it~How about you?


Wolf Event meeting

Before you start to read I want you to take a minuet a look at the  map of "Mexican wolf geographic boundaries", boundaries that  cut 60%+ swath of land out of the center of New Mexico and Arizona. Burn that area in your mind. As you read ask yourself how any animal based consumptive industry, be it commercial cattle or hobby hunters* are to survive under more restrictive laws in 2 states that already have large portions of the land owned and controlled by the Federal Government?
*Hunter's includes but not limited to trappers,outfitters,fishermen.

Radio collar range as of March 2012

When your finish read this news Please watch the video from a group of California Sheriff's who are tired of the Federal government ruling on locals on land use. VIDEO  New Mexico Trappers association attorney Karen Budd-Falen speaks.

FYI: Again, this is a working document and their may be court documents posted out of order.


From Trapperman.com

I don't know what you want me to say. I just checked in here and find that the "Devil" is causing me more work ...remember what they say about payback.

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Lawsuit Overview:

The Center for Biological Diversity and Wild Earth Guardians (WEG) filed a 60 day notice of intent to sue about this time last year (2011). Nothing happened until February of 2012.

WEG filed their complaint and then OUT OF ORDER on April 6th 2012, (according to court protocol); filed their motion for summary judgment prior to NM's response to the complaint. This irregular filing screwed up the works relative to the normal "flow" of the case.

NM Game and Fish filed their response to the original complaint- their motion for dismissal with prejudice. This filing was joined by the to date by the 9 state & New Mexico coalition interveners (NMTA-signature drafted by our attorneys Budd-Falen & joined by our coalition members).

The interveners and state on May 7th 2012 filed responses to WEG's motion for summary judgment. NM Trappers opposition to plaintifs motion

WEG responded to NM motion for dismissal and asked that it be converted to a motion for summary judgment. NM and the interveners responded and opposed this. (NM left open their option to file a motion for Summary Judgment).

Safari Club International filed an amicus brief in favor of the state and interveners. WEG objected to SCI's participation. The dozen or more interveners stood in support of SCI

WEG submitted evidence, again out of order, and are trying to get more evidence submitted now. NM and the interveners filed objections to the submission of evidence.

About now all the motions, re-motions and SurReply motions (an additional response above and beyond the normal response structure) were submitted and the judge did his thing.

The Judge disallowed SCI because it was a redundant filing.

The judge ask NM to file their motion for Summary Judgment and gave them 45 days which puts this deadline into Sept. 2012

The judge ruled against the additional evidence WEG submitted.

Once the state files its motion for Summary Judgment there will be another round of back and forth's between the parties, after which the judge will rule.


The courts could do a number of things ranging from granting the Dismissal or one of the motions for Summary Judgments to beginning the discovery process and scheduling oral arguments.

The basis of the lawsuit is the Endangered Species Act. WEG says the wolves are endangered the government has them as a "10-J" population- Experimental and Non-essential. WEG is attempting to blur this distinction with the public and the courts. If WEG prevails in this case they will dramatically affect wildlife management. For example, states will be very reluctant to engage in any new 10-J type programs and may opt out of programs that they have already signed to...

As a real life example the New Mexico Fish & Game removed itself entirely from the Mexican wolf recovery program. In this same scenario trapping will be lost or severely curtailed in NM. Read story here

New Mexico Dept. Game & Fish

For the biggest part of the last decade the NMTA has been working diligently to develop relationships with our wildlife managers, legislators and other NM, national and international consumptive use NGO's. We have been, for some time, seeing these efforts pay off...we don't lose trapping privileges we gain and strengthen them, the facts speak for themselves. The NMTA, both as a stand-alone organization and in conjunction with the NM Sportsman and Landowners Coalition (NMTA is a charter member of this group) has a seat of significance at the table of wildlife management in NM.

Now we are realizing the full significance of the days of meetings, shows and events; the 1000's of miles traveled; hours on the phone and computer and all the associated prep-time.

We have a Director of Game and Fish that is and will continue to move NM forward.
We supported his appointment with great vigor.
We have a balanced, proactive Game Commission with an outstanding chairman who stand with their director.
We supported the appointments of the commissioners; in fact we, nominated two seated members.

Our governor ran on a ticket supportive of traditional NM life styles. She remembered those campaign promises and is making good on them...she stands in full support of the director and commission on this court battle to turn back WEG and say "NOT IN NM" to all animal rights groups who seek to disembowel consumptive use of our state's resources and end our outdoor heritage.

Some say this is a "perfect storm" and we ARE the eye of the storm. Hubris is dangerous in any "game"! However, the facts still remain, for the first time that I know, a director, commission and governor have aligned and thrown the full force and resources of the department into an ESA based fight dealing with these types of issues; make no mistake this fight is all about ending trapping in NM.

As the article indicates NM has spent well over $200K and they have hired the D.C. Law firm of Kelly Drye and Warren (KDW is an international firm with over 400 attorneys in the USA alone). Many who read this should recognize this firm, for they have decades of experience defending and representing the fur-trade in the US and to a lesser extent internationally.

Also, as the article & court documents indicate, the NM Cattle Growers, Wool Growers, Federal Lands Council, Guides and Outfitters, NM- AZ Coalition of Counties..., Farm and Live Stock Bureau and NM Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, Arizona Fish & Game(amicus brief) have joined with the NM Trappers Association as interveners in support of the department and commission.
The remaining members of our coalition stand in full support of the intervention but for various reasons did not sign on as interveners. They do however, lend financial support. As is the case in these situations the New Mexico trappers association could use help in the way of donations.

 I Thomas McDowell, as NMTA President am the CEO of the corporation and Chairmen of the BOD; I speak for the BOD. We do not conduct business on Internet trapping forums; the reasons for this should be immediately apparent, if not God help you. What I have written above is for informational purposes only; it is not for dispute or conjecture or meant to cajole or coerce. As trappers we need to be informed and aware of actions that threaten our existence. With knowledge comes power. I trust that those who watch these happenings unfurl will learn from our successes and failings and thusly be better able to defend our heritage against current and future assaults.

To date the New Mexico trappers have funded this fight from within NM. The NMTA continuously prepares for the next battle. As interveners, we have spent a significant portion of our "war chest". Over the last few years we raised these funds from NM trappers and friends for this purpose.
No one should assume us to be aloof or too proud to ask for help (help is always welcome). So far we are managing to shoulder our load. If this goes forward to discovery and oral arguments all bets are off as to what will happen.

On a personal note, I could not be more proud to represent my BOD, for they are working diligently to find our way to a successful resolution of this matter. Likewise Director Jim Lane, Chairman Jim McClintic and Governor Suzanna Martinez are remarkable and a triad with which to be reckoned. NM trappers, acting through the NMTA and in conjunction with our coalition members influenced the seating of our leaders; of this I am proud. I am also thankful / proud of our many friends in the U.S. fur trade and coalition members. About all that is left is to write checks and see how the judge rules.

We've done our "home work" and continue to get the "word" out to the public and legislators on trapping and raise funds necessary for this fight and the fight to save public land trapping promised by Trap Free New Mexico in our legislature this upcoming session.

Dr. Thomas McDowell
President NMTA
Chairman NMTA Legislative Action Committee

 New Mexico Trappers Association
P.O. Box 15534
Rio Rancho, NM 87174

JOIN NMTrappers

Additional Reading:

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NYSMLA Presidents message and Moose River Primitive Rendezvous contact info.

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Trapping; Today's Market Hunting

October 7, 2011
Trapping; Today's Market Hunting

Recently, I was asked to provide arguments to counter the claims "contending that trapping and selling fur is like the market hunting of old".  As I finished drafting my response it dawned on me that others might find my overview of interest and value.  With this in mind, I offer my thoughts on market hunting, trapping today and the animal rights movement.

"To your question, market hunting and trapping have one thing in common; wildlife is / was harvested for financial  gain.  This is where any similarity ends.  Market hunting was unregulated, unrestricted and unsustainable.  The outcome of market hunting birthed the departments of game and fish across the nation and the Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington. Wildlife Management, as a profession, too can find its roots in the aftermath of the market hunter.  Trapping, hunting and fishing are all now highly regulated and are practiced in a very sustainable way.  Conservation, despite the global misuse of the word by the press and preservation groups, deals with the wise use of our natural resources not their non-use.  Outdoorsman have supported wildlife management / conservation with their dollars and time for over a century.  They have embraced license fees, habitat stamps and excise taxes for the purposes of maintaining the overall health of our wildlife and ecosystems for all people.  The message from the other side is one of complete sophistry, plain and simple.  It is based purely on a belief (thou shall not kill) not science and not reality.  Because of this our arguments will never alter the zealots opinions any more than the Pope could change the mindset of a devout atheist.  Short, simple scientific / constitutional arguments will win the day with the non-trapping non-animal rightist public, because these reasons can be supported with facts and data, ergo these arguments are righteous. 

Trappers and agency managers / overseers should make no excuses for killing animals for the sale of the pelts, glands, skulls, other "parts" and in some areas, as meat for human consumption.  Our wildlife is an annually renewable resource.   As such, non-harvest of  nature's built in surpluses would be simply wasteful and counterproductive to the overall management of the ecosystem and to the general health of the people.  People are inherently repulsed with the concept of wanton waste.  Likewise they greatly dislike killing animals to throw them into pits or bar ditches.  Yet this would be and in some cases has been, the only alternative to managed harvest.  Today the majority of European countries consider furbearers as pests.  In Holland, for example, muskrats are killed by any manner or method and left to rot; unutilized, they are wasted.  Proudly, this is not the way of America's trappers and wildlife managers.   Globally, society has rejected the notion of barbarism and cruelty relative to trapping; in spite of forty years of one sided reporting and continuous spiteful attacks by the animal rightists,  fur sales are at all time highs. 

The utopia of prey staying in "their place" and predators only killing the old, weak and excess numbers is as untruthful as the moniker of bone crushing traps.  Man is here and in ever increasing numbers.  We have altered the earth and these changes will continue; it is our role in the greater scheme of things.   In order to sustain our ecosystems we must use our knowledge and tools to balance the effects of our existence with our surroundings and wildlife.  In North America, this task was laid at the feet of the outdoorsman.  We have willingly shouldered the responsibility for generations.  Look where we are today.  Wildlife and wild places abound.  Species have been restored to their historic range.  The river otter and  wolves were all caught with foothold traps for relocation.  Hunters, trappers and fisherman started this movement and nurtured it to is current level; I'm proud to say I had a hand in building our heritage, as I am certain are you.  On the other side,  "come lately" groups use their lies to raise money and sympathy from the unsuspecting public and spend these dollars on high salaries for themselves, not on the wildlife or the ecosystem for all.

Reasonable folks care that others are being ethical and are transparent.  Trappers, by nature, hide things and their actions; they are secretive.  They are so, out of the necessity to accomplish the goal of catching the animals they seek and to keep captured animals hidden and calm.  Secondarily, we hide our equipment and catches to avoid theft and vandalism.  It is precisely because of these learned behaviors that trappers have done a poor job of educating the public and in some cases other trappers.  In recent years, however, trappers have taken on the task of showing that we are ethical; we do concern ourselves with the welfare of our catches.  State and national trapping associations in concert with various governmental agencies and the fur industry have undertaken trap testing  and numerous public relation projects.  The Best Management Practice (BMPs) and the "Destroying the Myth" productions are good examples of this commitment.  Locally, trappers are manning booths at public events in ever increasing numbers to pass on and promote our trapping heritage.  We are ethical and we are working on becoming completely transparent. Through our efforts we have shown, following strict scientific protocols, that our equipment and methods simply do not physically harm the animals we capture and in so doing have shown the animal rightists to be the liars that they clearly are.  Unfortunately, as with all human endeavors, there are some who for whatever reason, are flawed in thought and practice.  These few proverbial "rotten apples" get all the media focus and therefore must be dealt with effectively; we remain vigilant in this regard.

The church of the Animal Rightist has been selling the public their message of cruel and barbaric trapping and more generally their "thou shall not kill anything" theme for nearly fifty years.  These labels are arbitrary and not supported by fact.   Their message is religious in nature, in that it is a belief.  It is not based in any way, shape or form on science, knowledge or reality.  Rather, inherent in their message is man's superiority over nature and obviously he can lift himself above the bonds of biology and reality.  All life on earth is sustained from the energy of the sun which drives the life processes of all plants.  This captured / transformed  solar energy (whether it be food stuffs, fiber or fossil fuel) is consumed in cyclical fashion by all the animals and other non-photosynthetic life forms on the planet, including man.  Man being capable of cognitive thought and reason can and should conduct himself in a manner which mitigates the detriments of his existence.  But he cannot and should not think that he is all powerful and therefore able to separate himself from the web of life; that thought process is unquestionably and terminally flawed.

Consumptive use is the basis of life on earth and wise use is the meaning of conservation.  Outdoorsman, and those that work the land are the true conservationist.  We fully understand that to ensure life as we know it, we must use our resources in a sustainable renewable way.  We put our money, time, effort, energy and lives where our mouths are; talk is cheap, we know this and that is why we act.    

Trapping is an integral portion of the overall management plan for our wildlife.  Trapping and for that matter hunting are not  sports.  Trapping is a way of life.  Today few make their entire livelihood from trapping, many make a portion of their annual income harvesting furbearers for pelts or depredation control while most trappers are best classified as hobbyist.  Regardless, trapping is an important activity for the participants, landowners, wildlife agencies, wildlife and, in fact, the public in general.

Outdoorsman, farmers and ranchers are people that chose to embrace life for what it is and participate in it fully.  We understand the cycles of nature and we accept their consequences.  We are not cruel or barbaric because we kill, we simply are fully engaged with life.  Should we always seek to better our actions and relationships with other life?  Of course we should and we have and we do.  In the end, however, death is inevitable.  Death is the beginning of all new life.   We cannot change this and we should not try. "

Tom McDowellLegislative Liaison,  New Mexico Trappers Association