Friday, November 22, 2019

Miracle Cleaner Article MB 1992 Not Such a Miracle After All

Cheap and easier is never better. #blackpowderbill
I made some of this up after this article came to me with a CVA Hunter-Hawken I had won. About a year later while shooting on the range, in a match a bit of this cleaner mixed with BP goo splashed on my prescription safety glasses. As I wiped the spots off I noticed it had removed the anti glare/scratch finish off the lens!

I stopped using this Miracle that day and went back to water and a bit of soap. Soon after that I also stopped using those Chap stick scented Miracle greased patches in competition.
   Hope you can read these pages!
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 Attached is the article:

Now if you want I can sell you a bottle of Scented Chap-Stick. Who am I to stop progress.
Regards BPB

Warning about windshield washer fluids: 
Windshield washer fluid anti freeze chemical is Methanol. Hey so mix away.

Incompatibility (Material to Avoid): Incompatible with beryllium dihydride; metals; oxidants; potassium tertbutoxide; carbon tetrachloride + metals; dichloromethane. Can react vigorously with oxidizing materials.
Explosive reaction with chloroform + sodium methoxide; diethyl zinc. Violent reaction with alkyl aluminum salts;
acetyle bromide; chloroform + sodium hydroxide; CrO3; cyanuric chloride; (I + ethanol + HgO); Pb(CIO4)2; HCIO4;
P2O3; (KOH + CHCI2); nitric acid.1
Hazardous Decomposition or By-products: When methanol is heated to decomposition, carbon dioxide and
carbon monoxide may be produced, as well as formaldehyde may be produced, and it emits acrid smoke and
irritating fumes. 1
Lewis, Richard J., Sr.: Sax’s Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials, Eighth Edition. New York, New
York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992.