Thursday, January 12, 2012

3rd annual legislative awareness Sportsmen's Day in Albany

This will be the third annual event. Groups from all over the state will go to Albany to visit our legislators and listen to a few speaches.

Buses will be leaving from across the state so we can arrive on time. This also reduces an individuals cost as you pay one fee.
I'll try to keep this thread up near the top as groups report in whit bus details. I'll also compile a list and post it n my blog as time permits @ WWW.BLACKPOWDERBILL.COM has buses leaving from Western ,NY.

 SCOPE also has a way to purchase your ticket on line in advance.
3rd Annual Sportsman & Legislative Awareness Day
Oswego and Onondaga County Federations are organizing a bus to the event. Pick-ups are from Pulaski (Tractor Supply/McDonalds Parking lot) at 5:30am and Cicero Gander Mountain at 6:00am.The bus will be departing Albany approximately 2pm for the return trip.

Sportsmen and Women that are members of Oswego or Onondaga County Federation affiliates can sign up for free, others will be asked to make a donation of $20 to help cover the cost.

Contact Rick McDermott for details and to reserve a seat. (315) 882-1540
The GCFS has secured a 47-passenger bus for the third annual Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day, held at the State Legislative Office Building in Albany on March 20.
According to Coons, the bus is scheduled to leave the Hunter Bus Company parking lot in Coxsackie at 8 a.m., leaving the LOB at 2 p.m. The cost is $10 per person which will also cover a tip for the driver. Should the passenger limit fill up fast, Coons said he would order a 55-passenger bus if one is available. To reserve a seat(s) contact Coons at 518-943-0644 or email to
Elmer LeSure is coordinating a bus trip departing from the Hudson Valley area as well for the Federated Sportsmens Clubs of Ulster County.
Elmer LeSuer
2nd VP
BPB SCOPE Director @ Large
NYS Muzzle-Loaders Association President
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Friday, January 6, 2012


FYI: I'll update this blog as groups report in. BPB

I am coordinating a bus trip departing from the Hudson Valley area as well for the Federated Sportsmens Clubs of Ulster County.

Elmer LeSuer
2nd VP
The 3rd Annual Sportsmen & Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness
Day has been set for Tuesday, March 20, 2012 from 9:00am to 1:00pm in
the "Well" of the State Legislative Office Building in Albany. The
keynote address will be given by NRA-EVP Wayne LaPierre.

SCOPE will once again be sponsoring bus transportation for FREEDOM- LOVING NEW YORKERS.

Spread the word at your Clubs and Organizations and make sure your club is represented in Albany.
If you can't participate you can donate to help send others.
Check the SCOPE Website for details of the busses.

Reserve a Buffalo or Rochester bus ticket by clicking here Leaveing from Buffalo and Rochester

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Revolver? How about a .327 magnum!

I started looking for a revolver to carry besides my Ruger sp101 in 38+p as it's to bulky.

   And I'm not a big pistol fan.
.327 Federal Magnum

I noticed a few manufactures offering the .327 mag. it is a 32 cal in magnum form. This little power house offers 3 different cartridges you can use. 32 S&W, 32 H&R mag and the latest 327m.

Charter Arms and Taurus offer them and they'd no doubt the be the least expensive of the manufactures. I see wholesale they are asking just below the $300.00 mark so if you can find one used in that price range snatch it up. A new retail revolver should go for a realistic $350.00.

The .327m cartridge never caught on, but many folks use the 32 H&R mag for steel target work.

wiki has a good write up on the .327 cartridge.

I have a 32-20 Savage rifle and it is a nice light recoiling cartridge. You load it with a 85 or 95 h
 Hornady XTP and it makes one nice light deer rifle cartridge,as well as a great small game stopper when loaded with cast bullets. Yea I know, some folks are going to whine the 32-20 is in-adequate for deer. IMO Folks who think like that are brain washed anyway. Like the ones who think a 222 or 223 is to light for deer.
 Why kill yourself or a new shooter by offering them your manly man gun.

I'd take a 32-20 in a revolver and be just as happy. The only advantage I see, (that is for me); between the two, is the .327 is a straight wall case and reloading is easier over the 30-20 thin neck bottlenecked case.

Regards, BPB