Saturday, November 24, 2018

Muzzle Loaders For Sale 54 percussion & 45 Flintlock NOT KITS circa 1975

$1,500.00 for the pair, will separate.  Price is firm as parts today will cost you more.

 Have a older fella from the local Veterans groups. He now has Parkinson's. He use to do vous and made a few smoke poles in his day. He and his wife stopped doing vous when his cargo trailer was stolen 18 years ago.

 He made these 2 out of the same tree . Lots of curl___
Maple from Vermont in 1975.
circa 1975 as the inlay in the top flat indicates C. Fair Darke Co. Ohio
 Hawken style half stock pewter for end tip.
Rifle had a 34" Douglas 8 grove barrel Twist comes out at 16.5" so 1-66ish
Bore it great condition
Barrel sports a squared off drum with nipple.
LOP 13".5 +-

Lock is by RUSS HAMM - I put about 4 hours work into cleaning it up to make it function again.
You have to set the trigger for the lock to hold.
Ram rod is proud of the muzzle by 1"
It hits the froward trigger guard screw. I found a Phillips screw in the guard and pulled it. Stuck a piece of wood with glue to replace the hole. Then set a new screw in. 

Over all the rifle had a few bumps and bruises from handling. The owner shot it regularly.

The pistol 45 cal flint lock by RUSS HAMM

Forward trigger guard is loose needs repair, ??new pin
Cleaned the lock up.
Bore in great condition
Brass trim
bbl 10"
OAL 15"

He'd like to get $1,500.00 for the pair and will separate.. You can send me a PM ,call or email directly.

Thanks for looking Pictures posted here  file to large for this forum

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

NICS FBI Firearms Enhancements for 4473 Information

Good Afternoon,

Due to an unforeseen issue these enhancements will now be deployed on October 16, 2018.  These changes will be implemented across all methods of background check submissions, both NICS E-Check and the NICS Contracted Call Center.  Please note the slight change in verbiage for acknowledging the review of the ATF form 4473.

These modifications are to better assist in the background check process.  The NICS is a name-based system.  When a NICS background check is performed, a match/no match decision has to be made based upon the information available to the system.  The more information available for consideration in making a match/no match determination, the more accurate determination can be.  It is extremely important that the FFL check the government issued photo Identification provided by the purchaser to ensure that information matches the information supplied by the purchaser on the ATF Form 4473 and that the information is input into the background check with the same accuracy.

·         Require the capture of customers full Middle Name

o   NICS E-Check users must use “IO” or “NMN” when applicable (example X”IO” for initial only or “NMN” for no middle name)

·         Require the capture of a Valid Identification Number in the Miscellaneous Number(s) Field, i.e. Driver’s License Number

o   For all Non-US Citizens you will be required to enter both the I94 or AR/USCIS number and a Valid Government Issued Identification Number

·         Require the submitting user to attest they have reviewed the ATF Form 4473

o   “Do the name, date of birth, and place of residence in Section A on the ATF Form 4473 exactly match the valid government-issued photo identification (to include supplemental) document(s) provided to you AND do questions 11b through 11i and 12b and 12c have a “No” response?”

·         NICS E-Check users will now be required to re-enter the customers First, Middle, and Last Name on the verification page before clicking submit

We apologize for the sudden change of deployment date and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Thank you,

The NICS Business Relations Team

Buckskin bag 65$ shipped
Strap is attached you have to adjust & lace to your length.

Payment accepted :PayPal, USPO Money order ,Bank Check 

Thanks for looking 
 BPB Licensed FFL 30+ YEARS 
Veteran owned DBA Registered Business