Monday, January 18, 2021

Another Colossal Waste of Tax Payers Money. Hey Politicians Don't Give a Shit! #whitemen

                    Another colossal waste of tax payers money. 

Second impeachment of Donald Trump  orchestrated by Senator Pelosi & useless politicians.


AMMO & Components Outlook Grimm #blackpowderbill

 Wholesale stock report: Good morning. Attached is the most recent in stock report. It continues to decrease despite some decent incoming on a select few non-hazardous products. Due to demand, product continues to go exclusively to backorders and rarely dents those. We are still NOT taking backorders on primers and will not begin to consider it until we can make some progress at this time, which hasn’t happened over the last 3 months.

Many manufacturers announced price increases this week. (see more details on sheet above) We will roll these out as they become available via this email list. We will continue to fill backorders as product arrives, but for every 10 cases of something we fill, it seems 20 more go on backorder. We have been through this in the past, not sure to this level, but it is frustrating to say the least for you, your customers, and us as a supplier. We appreciate your patience and understanding that this is out of all our control at this point.
While primers are in the worst shape overall in relationship to backorders vs incoming, powder is starting to get just as bad. We are massively behind both at this time and will continue to evaluate as we move forward. Overall, nothing is in good shape at this time, but we will continue to do what we can as product arrives. We have no guess as to when something will fill as it is totally dependent upon incoming (when and how many).
The in stock page sent today had maybe 100 items listed 24 were plastic storage boxes-some brass and about the same in projectiles. This on hand report use to be 30+- a page of pages. FYI: Once my stock is depleted unless backorders come in I'll shut down except for forearms transfers, advice, minor repairs & muzzle loader sales. I just sent in for my FFL re-newel this weekend. It will be for another 3 years. I will if possible purchase a shit load of supplies then when my license expires in 2024 I'll most likely hang it up. #blackpowderbill

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

ATF ARM BRACE BS! Hey FUDD Elections have Consequences-Yea You're Told That All the Time.

 Reply on the ATF Arm Brace BS.. 

FOR All you FUDDs who voted for "dope n chains" again-

 Make the law so fuzzy no one knows if they are or are not in compliance. Only person that knows your not in compliance will be the guy arresting you. When he slaps the cuffs on you will know too. They must have lots of room in the federal prison system. No criminal intent anymore. 

Lock people up for mistakes and mistakes they don't even know are mistakes. All designed to continue in the push to make it too costly ,too risky, too big a pain in the ass to own a firearm for any purpose.  Public safety is not what modern gun laws are about. All the adequate gun laws to do that were passed in the mid 20th century. Everything since is a infringement on the second amendment unfortunately backed up by the courts.

Then the FUDD quandary. You don't want to be a FUDD and not stand with the other gun owners against tyrannical gun laws. But you don't want your name on a list in Washington DC with your address, phone number and e-mail address for the jack booted thugs to look at either. 

They have no idea who you are, where you live, anything about you, know you are on one of the BATFE's lists of people to watch closely. You have stood in defiance of the U S Government and it will not go unnoticed. Biden has made it quite clear the easy days for gun owners in the U S are over. He is going to drastically step on the lawful gun owners to make the streets of America safe. 

Already named Beto O'Rourke to be his gun Czar. Will sign any Executive Order Beto asks for to disarm America. 

All semi-auto rifles are in Biden's crosshairs on 01/20/2021. Just a matter of time before they get around to semi-auto hand guns too.

Thanks FUDD & all you Trump Haters. Now go back & hide until the next election.  Cause many of us are tired of you drivel and crap spewing self righteous higher than better than the rest of us cause "you gots rights"!

#blackpowderbill FFL HULL GA

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Flint Lock Left Hand Built by Troy Golden 54 cal Green Mountain Barrel

 Flintlock Left Hand Full Stock Hawken  circa: 1980’s

Super Fancy Maple Stripes the entire length of the stick.

Weight just shy of 10 pounds

Builder: Troy Golden

42” Green Mountain barrel 15/16”+-

Front sight Silver Blade   Rear sight Iron Buckhorn

OAL 58”

LOP 14”

Iron furniture

L&R Lock 900

Double Set Triggers mfg.  L & R

Bore is in good condition Sharp Rifling -  a few dark spots . Take to the range shoot her and a few good cleanings & you'll have a fine rifle. 

Remember this is a 35 yr old + rifle that resided in Florida’s humidity & was used to hunt and shoot.

As typical with a used rifle the wood has a few marks and finish wear. Nothing that distracts from the operation or beauty. FYI: If this was a right hand rifle I’d most likely keep it to shoot then sell.

This LH Flintlock is on consignment to me #BlackPowderBill.  I have cleaned & lubed as I do my own muzzleloaders.

Shipping will be a min of $75.00 to $100.00+- 

Purchase for Christmas 2020 & I'll cover shipping to the lower 48-

Payment USPO Money Order Made out to BlackPowder Bill Brookover

All my sales are-“AS IS”-  

Price $1,500.00 

Thanks for looking


#BlackPowderBill FFL 35 years Veteran owned

Thanks for looking #BlackPowderBill

I also have other muzzle loader for sale:

40 cal percussion  550$

50 cal flint swamped barrel 50 cal 1000$

50 cal CVA 1-38 twist with scope 275$

Friday, December 4, 2020

AMMO Cartridges Left in Stock as of December 4 , 2020 @ Section 8 Armament Rt 29 Colbert GA


Mostly 1 or 2 boxes- Shot shells appx 12 cases 12 & 20 ga call and pay va Credit Card to hold your order. 
FFL Hull Ga
UPDATE DEC 5  2020
There is NO ball ammo in 9mm-40-38sp-380-556 or 223
NO 30/30 or 06 Even looking at this list below the cartridges offered may be sold prior to me obtaining a new stock report. 

.45 Colt Cowboy Action 200gr
338 FEDERAL 200gr SP
338 FEDERAL BSP 200gr
7,65x53 Argentine SP BT 180gr

Aguila .22 HP Super Extra 38gr
Aguila .22 Super Colibri 20gr
Aguila .22 Super Extra Short 29
Aguila .22 Win Mag 40gr
Aguila 12g 7-1/2 Game/Target
Aguila 20g Target #9 (CS)

Aguila 22LR Bricks/10 bx-500ctg

Aguila Minishell 7-1/2 Shot 12g
Amer Eagle 327 Fed. Mag 85gr SP
AmerEagle 45 Auto 230gr FMJ Sub
Amrcn Eagle 6.8 SPC 115gr FMJ
ARMSCOR 38 Super 125gr FMJ
Atomic 32 Auto 7.65 Browning
BRN 12ga BPT Sporting Clays
CCI 22 LR 40gr LRN
CCI 22 Short HP
CCI 22 WMR 52gr #12
CCI 22 WMR Varmint 30gr 250ctgs
CCI A22 Magnum 35gr (200)
CCI CB 22 Long 29gr LRN

CCI Maxi-Mag 22 WMR JHP 200RD
CCI Maxi-Mag TNT 22WMR 30gr
FED 16g Buckshot 5 Shells
FED 20g 4S 2 3/4in 1 oz
FED 22 Hornet 30gr Speer TNTGRN
FED 280
FED 280 Rem 140gr Trophy Copper
FED 300 Win Mag 150gr
FED 300 WIN MAG 190gr MatchKing
FED 32 H&R Mag 95gr
FED 32Win Special 170gr SP FN
FED 44 Rem Mag 225gr Barnes EXP
FED Fusion 7mm Rem Mag 150gr

FED Hi Power 12g 6Shot
FED Hi-Brass 16g 4Shot
FED LE 9mm Luger+P 124gr
FED PRE 12G 2 3/4 Buckshot
FED Sporing Clays 25-12ga   9SH

FIO 12G 2.75 1-1/5 #7.5 HV
FIO 222
FIO 22-250 55gr PSP
FIO 25-06 117GR BTSP
FIO 32 Wad Cutter

FIO 635 Browning / 25 Auto
fiocchi 308
FIOCCI 16GA 1-1/8OZ #8
Hodgdon CFE BLK

HOR 12ga #5 Turkey
HOR 22 Hornet 35gr V-MAX
HOR 22 WMR Mag 30gr VMAX 200
HOR 243 WIN 90gr ELD-X
HOR 25 Auto 35gr FTX CD
HOR 30 Carbine 110gr FMJ
HOR Black 450 Bushmaster 250gr
HOR BLK 224 Valkyrie 75gr BTHP

Hornandy 12ga #6 Turkey
Howard Leight Impact Sport PRP

HSM  41 Mag 21gr Cowboy Action
HSM 10mm 200gr. Bear Load
HSM 22-250 Rem 55gr Sierra BK
HSM 22-250 Rem 55grVMAX
HSM 270 Win 130gr SBT GK
HSM 32-20 Win 115gr RNFP Cowboy
HSM 44 Mag 200gr RNFP Cowboy
HSM 44 Mag 240gr CowboyAction
HSM 450 Bushmaster 300gr JFP
HSM 458 SOCOM 350gr JFP
HSM 6.5 Creed 140gr Berger HPBT
HSM Bear Load 41 MAG 230gr
HSM ProPistol 10mm 180 gr JHP

JBA 300 Savage 150gr SBTProwler
Lansky Honing Oil
Lansky Pucks
NOBEL 20ga 8shot
Nosler 22 Varmint 55gr BT
NOSLER 338 Lapua 300gr CustComp
Nosler Cust 338 Lapua Mag 225gr
NSI 12g 8 1/2 Low Recoil
NSI 12G Buckshot 2 3/4
NSI NOBEL 12ga 7.5 Shot
NSI NOBEL 12ga 8 shot
NSI NOBEL 20ga 8 Shot
OPSol Mini-Clip 12ga 2.0Flex
PDR- Reloader 10x
PMC 223A 55GR - 20 ctgs
PMC 308 FMJ 147gr BT 20rd #308B
PMC Bronze .44 S&W 180 Gr. JHP
PMC Bronze 32 Auto 60gr JHP
PMC Bronze 44 Rem Mag 180gr JHP
PMC Bronze 44 Rem Mag 24gr
PMC XTAC Match 308 WIN 168gr
Powder ACC
PPU 10mm AUto FPJ 170gr
PPU 303 British SP BT 180gr
PPU 733 Mauser 139gr
PPU 7mm Rem Mag PSP BT 140gr
PPU 9,3 x 62  SP 285gr
PPU Sub 7.62x39 FMJ BT 182gr

REM 12 GA GL12 6 shot
REM 12ga Slugger
REM 22 Viper 100ct
REM 222 50gr. BT
REM 243 WIN 80gr PSP
REM 25-06 120gr Core-Lokt PSP
REM 25-06 REM 100gr Core-LOKT
REM 303 BRIT 180g  Core-Lokt SP
REM 410 3” #4
REM 45 Auto 230gr Subsonic FNEB
REM 6.5x55 140gr Swed Core-Lok
REM Buckshot 12g 2 3/4 (9)00
RIO Game Load 28ga 7.5 Shot
Savage .17 1-Shot Magazine
Sig 44 S&W SPL Vcrown 200gr
Speer Gold Dot 45 Auto 230gr
Speer Gold Dot 9mm Luger 124gr
Speer Gold Dot 9mm Luger+P 124g
Speer Golddot 40 S&W 180gr GDHP
SPEER GoldDot 9mm Luger 147gr.
Surefire HP in Mag Express Sab
Traditions The Utimate Rod
TulAmmo 7.62x39 122gr FMJ
TulAmmo 7.62x54R 148gr. FMJ
US Peacekeeper Long Gun CaseBLK
WIN 12g 2 3/4 1145 8 SHOT
WIN 12g 7 1/2shot 1290 2 3/4
WIN 12g 8 Shot 2-3/4 Target
WIN 12ga Defender 00
WIN 16 GA XU116
WIN 22 Hornet 35gr Poly Tip
WIN 357 Mag 158 gr JHP
WIN 45-70 Govt 300g Ball ST
WIN 6mm REM 100gr Pwr-Pnt
WIN SUPER TRGT 12 #7 shot
WIN Super X .410 HB 3" 6 Shot
WIN Super X .410 HB 7 1/2 Shot
WIN SuperX .410 High Brass 4 S
WIN SuperX 20g 6 Shot