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The Right Side by Budd Schroeder Some Laws Are Not Good

Budd is a former NRA Director for New York and SCOPE Director/Chairman Emeritus

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

                         SOME LAWS ARE NOT GOOD

            The legislative mill continues to grind out bad laws in Albany and the absolute power the Democrats now have is showing that this columnist’s perspective that politics is all about power and money has validity .

            Laws are being passed with haste and efficiency because the Republicans have no way of stopping the runaway train, leading us to realize that upstate New York is nothing more than a slum of New York City.  We are the subjects to the majority coming from what should be called The Rotten Apple, rather than the Big Apple.

            What’s more, the apple is wormy and getting worse. The old story of “what is worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?”  The answer is “biting into the apple and finding half a worm.’‘  The results are leaving a really bad taste in the mouths of upstate residents.  It is a stretch to call them citizens, because, from all practical aspects, they have no power in government.  At least not on the big issues!

            The first thing Governor Andrew Cuomo did to show his power, was to pass an abortion bill that allowed an abortion to be performed at any time, even if the baby would be viable outside the womb.  A huge portion of the citizens in upstate are shocked and disgusted by this law, but Cuomo wanted it, the Democrats voted for it, and there was no block to stop them. Now pre-born babies can have their lives terminated legally.

            The governor and his crew were so happy about this law they stood up and cheered.  Cuomo had the city lights turned on in buildings as if this was a great law.  Many disagree with that, but to no avail.  Innocent babies will die, or depending on the time frame, the process of their life will end violently.

            A group in Western New York will be marketing bumper stickers saying “Abort Cuomo.”  We shall see how popular that will be and how many pro-life people will voice their disdain for the governor by reminding people that he insisted that the law be passed, and had to power to make it happen.

            The next on his wish list was to attack the law abiding gun owners with an extension of his SAFE Act.  One of the laws is the Red Flag Bill where certain people can report a person as being dangerous and have a petition for police to confiscate any and all guns that the person has.  An accusation is as good as a conviction because any thought of due process comes after the fact.

            If a kid in school is causing a problem for a teacher, she can file a report with this bill and all guns can be confiscated from the home.  Even if the parent is a highly responsible person and keeps the guns locked in a safe with only he and the parent having the combination, he still will have to surrender all guns.

            There is nothing in the bill that has severe penalties for a person filing a  false report and this is a travesty of justice. Yes, there are penalties for filing false reports, but in a case like this there should be a severe penalty closely defined to prevent abuses of a bad law.  As it is, the process does not have enough provisions to protect the innocent.

            Then, kicking around the Capitol is an attack on the right to privacy.  One of the senators wants people to surrender their passwords on social media so the government can spy on them if they wish to apply for a pistol permit.  How low can a politician get to sponsor a bill that invades on a person’s privacy and conversations with others? Dictators in foreign countries have found that to be very useful in controlling their people.

            Another bill getting publicity is the potential for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. As in most political questions looking for an answer it is easy when you ‘’follow the money” and it come up to a published figure in the neighborhood of $300 million.  Sounds good from a taxation point of view, but at what cost to society?

            It would be good to get commentary from people in “Kids Escaping Drugs” and get their perspective on whether they would have to expand their facilities because of potential problems.  Many law enforcement agencies have commented against the legalization of pot.

            All agree it is a drug that affects the brain and can, with frequent use, have a negative effect on brain development.  Those who use it do it to “relax” and “feel good.”  That is fine if they stay home and inhale, but if they do it while driving or operating machinery, there can be severe negative consequences.

            The government has commercials taking about giving up cigarettes because of lung cancer and other diseases.  They are doing the same thing now about vaping because of the negative health consequences.  Inhaling pot has also shown to cause lung and respiratory diseases.  But, money is always tempting to politicians.

            On balance, medical marijuana does have benefits for pain control and helps people who are prone to seizures and other disabilities.  For that, the use can be justified.  Beyond that, it needs more study and input.  The politicians say they would forbid the smoking for all those under the age of 21.  The same rules apply to the consumption of alcohol, but one only has to read about parties involving high school and college students.  It seems those under that age don’t seem to care about adhering to the law.  They will do it anyway.

            Laws should be made for the good of society and to improve the quality of life.  They seem to be drifting more and more to benefit the politicians.  A philosopher said “laws are made by the people in power, to keep the people in power, in power.”   Governor Cuomo and his cronies are a good example of that.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

Roger Stone Raid as Described by His Wife

I usually don't post emails that come in. In the lime light of the lower offices in government here is another example of Shock & Awe we have never seen on a Democrat Party Member.

Dear Friend,

By now I’m sure you have heard about the terrifying pre-dawn raid on the house in Ft. Lauderdale where I live with my husband Roger Stone.

A little before 6am, twenty-nine assault weapon wielding FBI agents in full tactical gear, and wearing night vision goggles, surrounded our home. Because I am hearing impaired and I was sleeping, I did not hear the commotion when an FBI agent pounded on the door demanding my husband open it. I did not know he had been handcuffed and taken into custody.

I woke up only when two FBI agents burst into our bedroom and demanded that I get out of bed at gunpoint. I was marched out to the street in front of our house wearing only a night gown and in bare feet. I was instructed to stand next to my husband who was handcuffed and also barefooted. I am not charged with any crime.

This has to be the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced, as FBI agents swarmed into our home after announcing they had a search warrant.

My husband has no previous criminal record, not even a speeding ticket. He is charged and pled not guilty to seven non-violent process crimes. We do not own a gun and my husband's passport had actually expired. The idea that he is a danger to anyone or a flight risk was disproved hours later when a federal magistrate released him on a surety bond.

The FBI used twenty nine agents, seventeen vehicles, including two armored vehicles, a helicopter and two amphibious units because our rented home backs onto a canal. Every agent was carrying an AK-47 as well as a sidearm. This is a much larger force than used to capture and kill Bin Laden or arrest El Chapo. It must have cost U.S. taxpayers a half a million dollars. [[bpb note[No doubt the once famous Jack Booted Thug Team as the NRA once portrayed them}}

Even more humiliating, for some odd reason, a CNN camera crew had arrived at our home only fifty minutes before the FBI strike force and was allowed to film the assault on our home and my husband’s arrest. If my husband was considered “dangerous” why was a CNN film crew in position 10 yards from our front door? How convenient that the CNN producer at our home is a former special assistant to FBI director James Comey!

My parents came from Cuba. I can understand how these kind of police state tactics can happen in a communist country, but it is hard to believe that the FBI Director and acting Attorney General would allow this kind of brutal assault on a U.S. citizen with no prior criminal record and charged only with non-violent process crimes here in the United States.

After the FBI took my husband away, I was allowed to dress under the supervision of a woman FBI agent who even had to watch me while I used the bathroom. I was not allowed to touch my cell phone even though I could see that my children and grandchildren were calling to see if I was alright. FBI agents tore through every square inch of our home and removed my husbands computers and iPads. They also took my computer which means they got many beautiful pictures of my grandchildren.

I wasn't allowed to turn on the television so I did not see the angry and hateful mob that gathered outside the federal courthouse in Ft Lauderdale, where I later learned that my husband was placed in hand and foot shackles and held in a holding cell after being fingerprinted and having his mug shot photos taken. The FBI spent seven hours tearing through our house, as well as raiding a storage facility nearby, where they also took a computer and went through financial records that are at least fifteen years old.

Although you would never know it from the fake news media, my husband, Roger Stone is not charged with Russian collusion, Wikileaks collaboration or any other crime associated with the 2016 election. All the charges against him have been fabricated in an obvious effort to pressure him to turn on President Trump, who has been our friend for forty years and who attended our wedding in Washington D.C. 27 years ago. I remember how he danced with my mother.

As my husband has made clear, he simple refuses to make up stories about the President or bear false witness against him in order to please Mr. Mueller, who wants to undo the results of the 2016 election and remove our President.

Two years of constant intense investigation into every aspect of our family, as well as two years of constant leaks from the special councils office, have destroyed our family income.

In December, I cancelled our health and life insurance policies because we could not longer pay the premiums. My husband sold his car even though it was a 2006 model and we didn't get much for it. We burned through a small fund we had put aside from the sale of my husband’s books that was supposed to pay for the college education of our grandchildren.


Now we are facing a two million dollar cost for lawyers in order to fight the bogus charges against my husband, who at 66 years old is facing a potential 45 year prison sentence for crimes he did not commit. Every day brings death threats, late night anonymous phone calls threatening to kill us and it’s gotten so bad I can’t even go to the grocery store without somebody screaming at me and accusing us of being Russian spys, which is funny because my parents fled Cuba and the brutal regime of Fidel Castro... while my husband’s family members were mowed down my Russian tanks in Budapest in 1956.

While Mueller has unlimited tax dollars and a platoon of vicious left wing Ivy League prosecutors to try my husband, we can only depend on people like you to help fund Roger’s legal defense.

Won't you please send a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250. $500 or $1000 to the Stone Defense Fund today? No amount is too small or too big...

You have been so generous in the past and I hesitate to ask but frankly I have no one else to turn to.

Contribute now... and help my family fight these false charges.

We deeply appreciate the thousands of Americans who are praying for us and supporting our fight against a run-away federal prosecutor bent on destroying my husband simply because he supported Donald Trump for President and helped defeat Hillary Clinton.

I have to begin packing everything we own because we must move into a small apartment which is less expensive and has better security so the days ahead will be busy for me.

The same Obama appointed judge who put Paul Manafort in solitary confinement prior to his being convicted of any crime is now considering issuing a gag order so that my husband can no longer publicly raise money for his legal defense- that’s why it is important that you rush me your answer today.

God Bless You,


P.S. You can see fake news stories online that say my husband and I are wealthy and worth millions of dollars. This is totally false. Roger says these stories are planted in order to make it harder for us to raise money for his legal defense. We urgently need your help again today.
1007 N Federal Hwy #166 | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
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Friday, January 25, 2019

11-87 Basket Case Back Up & Running

The 11-87 is  back up and running with a bit of tinkering & serious deep cleaning. The dent/crease in the recoil spring tube was just enough to stop the follower from passing. So after a few attempts at polishing the bearing surfaces down a tad the shotty now functions a like new.
I tell you it was filthy.
Regards bpb

Jr. Took it apart!  Gonna be an expensive repair. SMH

 Thanks YouTube!

 So who filed the stock,hack sawed the recoil spring tube? To make it worse that it already is the recoil spring tube was set in a vice and dented in. Yea so now the recoil plunger gets stuck appx. 3" up in the tube.

Recoil follower is sticking in the tube. Magazine spring retainer missing.

The magazine tube was so fouled with carbon the gas rings were stuck. Had to Kroll oil and sand the gunk off.

If you look close just past the hack saw marks,your far right; you notice a ring, that's the crushed area

Monday, January 21, 2019

WILL NEW YORK GO TO POT? by Budd Schroeder

Budd is a former NRA Director from Western NY & Past Chairman / Presently Sitting BOD member of  Budd & I sat on the SCOPE BOD together.   
Regards PB

JANUARY 23, 2919


    The legislature is in session and no man's life and property is safe. It is an old saying, but this year it is really a possibility.  Cuomo's State Of  The State message was definitely not comforting for the taxpayers and those who believe in conservative principles.  According to a legislator the budget starts out with a $3 billion deficit.  Look for more creative ways for him to draining the working persons pockets.
    He want's to spend more money and has creative ways (he says) to raise it.  Legalizing marijuana is one way he is counting on.  That is making it legal for "recreational purposes."  There are several reasons that this is not a good idea.  But let's look at the bright side first.
    It will create jobs, businesses, and the need for more bureaucrats to rule over it.  Fewer arrests will be made which with help the court systems reduce their backlogs.  It should stop the street sales of pot which will give law enforcement more time to arrest "real criminals."
    There should be no more smuggling to get pot in the state.  Could be a trade deal with Canada just to get the supply here to meet the demand.  It could give pot farms a really good money crop, but with a deal like this they already have the thought of controlled growing of this cash crop.  Jobs for more bureaucrats and another source for taxation.
    The real reason could also be a bit more sinister.  Anyone who uses pot is automatically breaking a federal law when it comes to firearm ownership.  If a person uses marijuana, even if prescribed by a physician, that person may not own a gun.  It is considered to be a federal crime and if a person uses it, and wants to buy a gun, they cannot pass a background check.
    The 4473 Federal Form specifically asks the question about using marijuana.  To answer positively is an automatic denial.  If a person says no and it can be proved later that the person lied, that is a federal felony and can result in several years for perjury.  Cuomo must really like that.  He hates guns and gun owners and this is a really good feeling for him.
    There is a rumor (from a reliable source) that Governor Cuomo wants to hire 100 State Troopers who will report directly to him and not be accountable to the Superintendent of State Police.  Who know?  If that happens, could they be directed to enforce the SAFE Act and the proposed new restrictions?
    Could the rumor about him wanting to require people to give up their passwords to their social media sites if they want to get a pistol permit?  Maybe the governor doesn't believe in the right of privacy,  and free speech along with his disdain for the Second Amendment.
    The recertification of pistol permits did not meet with the desired response and there is still a big question that has not been answered.  What are they going to those (who seem to be a majority) who didn't comply.  Could that be one of the reasons Cuomo wants the extra State Police personnel?  We just don't know yet.
    Some have wondered if the recertification was a prelude to his desire to register all guns like rifles and shotguns.  It would be easy for police to go to everyone who has a hunting license to see if they had complied. We all know that registration leads to confiscation and this would be a good way for him to do it.  It worked for a despot named Adolph in the 1930's.  He hated the civilian possession of guns, too.
    But, back to the subject of marijuana.  We know that medical marijuana has benefits for pain and other disorders and under the supervision of a doctor can be beneficial.  However, there are some downsides to recreational use.
    According to many reports, it is as bad for lungs as tobacco.  A big minus considering how many diseases are linked to cigarettes.  That is a big financial drain considering the medical costs and early deaths.
    As Cuomo explained it, it would be forbidden for people under the age of 21 to smoke it.  However, the young people are forbidden to to drink or buy cigarettes if they are under 21.  How well is that working out?  We know about the parties and the rules are often ignored.  With pot being legal, what kind of penalty would be imposed?  Who would care?
    Another argument is that Prohibition didn't work so why not legalize pot?  OK alcohol is also a mind altering substance and the law was a failure so it is again legal.  People made wine and moonshine and didn't obey the laws.  Now, it is again legal and controlled.   It is know that marijuana has been "home grown" in gardens and attics. 
    However there are other downsides.  Marijuana, being a definite mind altering drug has a permanent effect on the brain up to the age of 25 according to other studies.  Figuring out that young people will smoke it because it is available and is "cool to do" will make it more popular than it is now.
    It is almost a sure bet that people of all ages are not going to sit at home and puff on a joint for "recreation."  They will light up between classes and not be in the best frame of mind for serious learning.  Many will smoke while driving and operating machinery which can have devastating results. 
    Perhaps, before the law is passed, it would be a good idea to get all the data from the states that have legalized pot and get the numbers regarding any increases in vehicle accidents, crime, lowering of school achievements or general health negative trends.  Then, determine if there is an increase in the use of hard drugs to see if pot is really a gateway to drug addiction.
    Then make the determination of whether it is worth making a mind altering drug available and easy to buy.  Conservatives hope the law won't pass.

Monday, January 14, 2019

5.56 barrels 16 & 20 Inch

These are lightly used pulled off carbines a few were Bushmasters as customer wanted new barrel ,different caliber.
As time permits I will number and tag.
1-9 twist
$75 shipped