Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bad Trades , Non-Payment for services , Shady Internet deals. "C" Strikers Next week

 I read today another long laundry list of names who made bad trades, lack of services & articles shipped before payment. The difference between BlackPowderBill's Reloading Supplies and many other FB/Internet sutlers. BPBRS is a licensed FFL dealer,DBA registered,Collector or taxes for the Governor and has been providing the shooting community with supplies for over 30+ years. BPBRS has shipped to all 50 states and had customers in Canada come to the shop when I was in New Yorkisstan. BPBRS not only sells the tools you need, he knows how to & uses them.
 Customers and fellow followers. I have placed an order for 25 "C" style strikers. These are the ones I've sold in the past with the Large English flint flakes and medicine bags. They will be here next week. Also, I found a contact to make hand forged strikers. When they arrive I'll do a demo on flint steel firemaking and evaluate.

SO , those of you who want hand forged can now get them from me. The price will be very reasonable between 12 to 15$.
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Regards, BlackPowderBill

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Firearms Recalls ~WOW!

Here is one list and a link to follow:
Firearms ID Recalls

Beretta safety alerts and recalls
Beretta ARX100 rifles
NEOS Pistols
Browning safety alerts and recallsBrowning BAR MK3 rifles
Bushmaster safety alerts and recalls (Bushmaster is part of Remington)
ACR Rifle
Charter Arms safety alerts and recalls
Lady .38 Special Revolvers
FMK Firearms
9C1 Pistol
FN safety alerts and recalls
FN SCAR 17S Rifles
Glock safety alerts and recalls
Gen 4 PistolsModel 17M Pistols
Knight safety alerts and recallsKnight Revolution muzzleloading rifles
Savage Arms safety alerts and recalls
Savage B.MAG Rifles
Springfield Armory safety alerts and recalls
3.3 XDS Pistol
Springfield XD-S pistols
Taurus safety alerts and recalls
PT Series Pistols
Thompson/Center safety alerts and recalls
T/C Compass RiflesThompson Center Venture Rifles
Winchester safety alerts and recalls
SXP shotgun 
Winchester model 94Winchester XPR rifles

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chrome Users and Gun Broker HTTPS vs HTTP Secure Web Sites

From GunBroker tech support:

Articles in this section

Chrome 62 - Showing HTTP Content as Not Secure

Chrome 62 - Showing HTTP Content as Not Secure

Tech Support
Updated 13 hours ago

In October 2017, Google Chrome (version 62) will show a ‘Not secure’ warning messages in the address window when users visit standard HTTP page, and HTTPS pages that contain non-secure HTTP content. If your listing contains non-secure HTTP content, Google will view your listings as not secure and display the message.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is what handles data communication on the internet. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP (the "S" stands for "Secure"). This ensures data privacy and security by encrypting communications from all parties.

You need to check if your listings for contain non-secure content. This could include links to pictures or images referenced as HTTP instead of HTTPS. You must update your listings if they contain HTTP (non-secure) references. An HTTP reference will look something like this: "HTTP://www.SomeDomain.com".

GunBroker.com is in the process of making the entire site secure with HTTPS. However, external content is outside of our control. You need to make sure that your listings, additional terms of sale and externally (not on GunBroker.com) hosted pictures are being served securely over HTTPS.

If you have listings on a third party server or service that supports HTTPS but those pictures are currently referenced as HTTP, please contact us as we may be able to assist you in the transition. Please contact your provider directly with questions about their level of support.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Swords,Bayonet,Kurki, Antique WW1 Items For Sale

 The Gentleman contacted me for information on his collection. This is but a small sample and the first lot being offered for sale.  He'd like to sell the whole lot pictured in one sale, make an offer. Bear in mind each one of the swords is several hundred dollars. I do not have these items in my shop. They are with the owner who resides outside Atlanta.

                              Kukri with letter kukri-longleaf-w-old-scabbard
Pre WW-1 Officers Sword

WW-1 British Officers Training Manual
WW-1 British Officers Sword Frog
    WW-1 (Reproduction) Officers Sword Knot
WW-1 -  J. Hudson Officers Whistle
WW-1 Browne Officers Belt and Cross Belt

WW-I British 1907 Wilkerson Bayonet
WW-I British North Landshire Officers Swagger Stick
WW-1 British Officers Holster