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Internet Sales Tax---Ebay & States Sales Tax

09-13-2018 01:10:45 PM
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As you may know, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of South Dakota in June 2018,
which removed the requirement that certain retailers have a physical presence in a state in
order for that state to impose sales tax obligations on these retailers.

Some states have extended the tax collection obligation to marketplaces.  We believe this
ruling is unfair to small businesses and will continue to call for greater simplicity. In the
meantime, we’re working to find the best way to support our sellers.

What this means for eBay sellers: Regardless of where you’re physically located, if you sell
to buyers in certain states, those states may require you to collect applicable taxes on your

Therefore, based on these new laws, we will calculate, collect, and remit sales tax for orders
 shipped to customers in the following states on the following schedule:

Washington—starting Jan 1, 2019
Pennsylvania— starting July 1, 2019
Oklahoma—starting July 1, 2019

Once we start collecting tax in these states, you do not need to take any action.
There are no extra charges or fees for this service.  Prior to these dates, please continue
 to collect and remit tax in these states and comply with any other applicable requirements
 they impose.

 There are no opt-outs for selling items into the states listed above, or out of eBay
automatically collecting sales tax for items shipped to the states above.

Additional states will likely be added to the above list. Stay informed on the Help pages.
For more information on these new tax requirements, we recommend that you consult with
your tax advisor. If you do not have a tax advisor, we’ve partnered with Avalara and TaxJar
and they will have specific insights into the best course of action for you.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

English Flint Steel Leather Medicine Bags For Sale

22$  Shipped ---You are purchasing one machine stitched medicine style bag which contains one "C" style striker and an English flint flake
Strikers are not hand forged
The bags are various colors from oil tanned to modern dyed finishes

You get the bag of my choice. You may order other bag leather combinations provided the leather is in stock.

Price listed includes shipping and insurance.

General BPBRS bag information:
BPBReloading manufactures these bags they are not a cheap imported knock off.

Your bag or pouch may have slight defects such as a crooked stitch, misshaped flap,odd coloration, different strap materials. Leather used is top quality and from various sources.

Your bag or pouch may have several different leather color valuations & weight.

Most have a gusset see pictures for each item. Belt loops,slots or a strap for carrying.

Closures will be of antler,bone,tooth,brass stud and draw string. Sizes vary from 6x6" to 12x12" see description for exact details. If you looking for a $200.00 bag or pouch with a fancy cartouche these ain't it.

Shipping will be the least expensive way possible. That is usually USPS flat rate.

The sale price reflects all fees, paypal & handling/shipping cost.

BPBReloading has been a licensed FFL for over 30 years & is a solely owned veteran operation.

Price includes shipping within the United States

Thanks for looking

Licensed FFL dealer
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Gov. Cuomo No Good News He Just Runs His Pie Hole!

Yep typical liberal rant he inflames the people by continually running his big mouth. His voter base, one would think may stop kissing his ass. Ya know, since he hasn't done a damn thing for New Yorkisstan in 4 years except line the pockets of his crooked supporters.

Jail for all who surrounds him Just like the firmer NY Senator, Sec of State & #Looser2016Hillary & Bill. How the hell can so many people get jailed, loose a job fold a million dollar political group and these 3 scumbags of NY are walking around FREE?


Regards BPB  FFL 30+ years Veteran owned

Here is Budd's article: The Right Side



AUGUST 22. 2018


                 People have to be careful what they say and to whom they say it.  This is particularly true when it comes to politicians and speeches.  President Donald Trump keeps raising eyebrows and getting unflattering media comments for some of his speeches and Tweets.  It seems to be part of the game.

            Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a huge gaff when he tried to denigrate a Trump slogan of “Make America Great Again.”  Cuomo made the comment that America was never great and that started the commentary about how America is great, was great, and will continue to be great.  At least that is the comment shared by patriotic Americans.

            The Cuomo statement is really backfiring at Cuomo and it is ammunition  for the big guns in the conservative movement making Cuomo the perfect target for shots that don’t have to be cheap.  It is difficult to find anything that is perfect and that includes countries and governments, but America is still growing and getting better in spite of the liberal criticisms.

            What makes America great is the people who have created the republic and those who keep trying to improve it.  When the Declaration of Independence was written it was done to separate the colony from a monarchy and it focused on freedom.  The government was created in a manner that there would be no rulers.  It created a government that would be one of laws, not men.

            The Constitution was a written document that affirmed certain rights were created by God and not subject to the whims of rulers.  These rights focused on individual freedoms and so enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  However, there was a big error that was not corrected because of political compromise to get the Constitution passed.  It still allowed the abomination of slavery.

            Even with the declaration that “all men are created equal” was written, it was perverted and slavery lasted for almost another century. It took the efforts of a great President, Abraham Lincoln, and a Civil War to make all people free.  Even then, it took another century to improve on the levels of that freedom.  The war didn’t solve the problem, but it did open the door so there could be a solution.

            That is a factor that makes America great.  It has the means and the will to improve and the freedoms are what helped to create the Industrial Revolution.  Some may call it capitalism, but what it did was to take away the practice in the old country of nobility and serfs.   Here, a person could start a business that could morph into an industry and create wealth and a better life for those who had the intelligence and ambition to work and to create new ways and products.

            During the growth of the country, injustices were inflicted on the Native Americans.  Bluntly, the government stole the land, broke treaties and created reservations that would contain the Indians.  They lived in poverty and under very poor conditions.  It still is not rectified, but it seems that some are making a good living building and running casinos and is an example of how they can catch up on the American Dream.

            That brings up another issue involving Governor Cuomo.  He has created another war with the tribes.  They are not supposed to be taxed, but he disagrees with that and has even allowed competition by building state run casinos.  That isn’t working very well for him, either.

            However, while there is the process and history for improving America, there are also some built in handicaps which we refer to as corruption.  Now, corruption has been a part of civilization since it started.  There seems to be a human failing known as greed and it sometimes takes over the personality of those who are focused on power.  As this column has mentioned several times, politics is not about good government.  It is all about power and money.

            That statement is difficult to argue against.  Truth can be very inconvenient to the overly ambitious politicians.  Fortunately, there are still some people who run for office and are elected who are honest and do the right thing.  In this state, we can call them a minority just by looking at Albany.

            Sure, we make progress.  America has been a leader in helping other countries survive because of our actions, like military intervention where necessary. There were a couple of instances where intervention wasn’t a good idea  but we have helped countries ravaged by natural disasters and wars.  America has been a champion of trying to help others.

            We still keep trying to do that, but even there the problem of corruption raises its ugly head.  It is seen from local governments to the federal level.  The more money available, the more corruption, and New York is an example of the art of “pay for play.”  An Assembly Speaker and a Senate Majority Leader have been convicted for corrupt practices and still have not spent a day in prison.

            This brings us back to Governor Cuomo who has amassed a campaign fund of more than thirty million dollars.  That brings a focus to links between state contracts and donations to his war chest.  This has been going on all during his tenure.  He once initiated the Moreland Commission which he said was to fight corruption in Albany, but ended it under suspicious conditions.

            Now, because of the gubernatorial election looming large, the issues are being brought up, but it would seem that the major media does not give it the attention it deserves.  Andrew Cuomo is definitely a liberal’s liberal and most of the media in the state is controlled by liberals, so the issue is not given the attention it deserves.

            This column will be focusing on corruption and go beyond the disdain Governor Cuomo thinks about the greatness of America.  We will make the effort to bring attention to the inequities of focus on why New York is the highest taxed state in the nation and has more government controls on everyday life than most.

            Stay tuned for more news about why Governor Cuomo thinks America isn’t so great and what the people will have to do to correct his mistake.  It is called election and our right to vote.  The power belongs to the people, but they have to use it.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

States-Government Restrictions on Binary Trigger Systems

Doesn't take long for more firearms part restrictions to be implemented.  Here is the email I received from Williams Shooters Supply from Franklin Armory this morning.  This is what happens when you elect people who "say" they support the 2nd amendment.

To control your state capitol you must elect local politicians that will fight the state mandates.

Regards bpb
FFL 30+ years Veteran owned

Franklin Armory has provided a list of new and upcoming restrictions on Binary Triggers

Please be advised of the following new and possibly upcoming restrictions of products.

Hawaii has been added to the list of prohibited states for BFSIII™ products. All sales of BFSIII™ products to Hawaii are prohibited immediately.

Delaware: Effective immediately, BFSIII™ triggers are sold for use in pistols and non-rifle firearms only. Buffer springs and adjustable gas blocks are sold for use in pistols and non-rifle firearms only.

Florida: As of September 1st Franklin Armory will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws.

Maryland: As of September 1st Franklin Armory will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws.

Connecticut: As of September 1st Franklin Armory will be re-evaluating the status of the October 1st laws.

Vermont: Effective immediately, rifles will now only ship with 10rnd magazines and pistols will only ship with 15rnd magazines

There are numerous legal challenges to many of these restrictive new laws and we will update you if the status of any of these items changes.

Stock up now before restrictions hit your state. BlackPowderBill can provide you with the parts you need prior to yet another firearm part restriction.

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Leather Hand Stitched Belt & Possibles Bags

 75$ shipped Brown with Lacing

165$ Shipped Large bag W/ inside dividers

My generic sales pitch:

Prices range from 40$ to 175$ depending on size,leather used,pockets added, loops metal beads bone, laced or sewn & straps.

Small medicine bags most are machine sewn prices range from 4 to 10$ with the upper priced being hand sewn.

You're purchasing one belt bag appx size 6x7" or larger hand sewn with white hemp,waxed linen, artificial sinew,cotton,flax thread.

1 or 2 belt loops on the back for the belt/sash. Shoulder straps can be adjusted either by lacing strap together or rings to desired length.

These bags or pouches are hand stitched using a variety of thread.

BPBReloading manufactures these bags they are not a cheap imported knock off.

The leather ,stitching and finish represent a home made item like would be put together in a frontier home using scrap or re-purposed materials available. Your bag or pouch may ,(will); have slight defects such as a crooked stitch, misshaped flap,odd coloration, different strap materials. Leather used is top quality and from various sources.

Your bag or pouch may have several different leather color valuations & weight.

Most have a gusset see pictures for each item. The gusset will be of leather or woven strap. Belt loops,slots or a adjustable strap for carrying.

Closures will be of antler,bone,tooth,brass stud and draw string. Sizes vary from 6x6" to 12x12" see description for exact details. If you looking for a $200.00 bag or pouch with a fancy cartouche' these ain't it. But I can come close to 200$

Shipping will be the least expensive way possible. That is usually USPS flat rate.

The sale price reflects all auction fees,paypal fee & handling/shipping cost.

BPBReloading has been a licensed FFL for over 30 years & is a solely owned veteran operation.

The fee includes shipping within the United States

Thanks for looking



Licensed FFL dealer 30+years

Veteran owned

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

NY SCOPE News Letter July/August Issue

Shooters Committee for Political Education latest news letter July/ August

It is a pdf format appx 20 pages

Firing Lines 

Regards BPB
Past NYS Director at Large

Sunday, July 29, 2018



The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (MBTA) has been the single most important protection for our incredible migratory bird resources in all of history. It served to implement theMigratory Bird Treaty signed by the U.S. and Great Britain (on behalf of Canada) in 1916. In short, it prevents anyone not otherwise permitted to “at any time, by any means, or in any manner to hunt, take, capture [or] kill” any protected [listed] migratory birds.”But now there are some serious, even dangerously debilitating problems being proposed that will completely disable (if not destroy) the protections offered by this Act.

Those problems can all be boiled down to one word: Reinterpretation.
The Department of Interior (DOI) is proposing to substantially change the legal definition of the single word “take” as it is found in the MBTA. And changing the traditional and venerated meaning of that single word bodes ill if not evil for all of our migratory birds. 

Here is what I am talking about. Almost exactly 100 years ago the Congress passed the earliest and most important conservation law, the MBTA. Among other things it established the Federal Government’s authority to regulate the “take” of birds, including the prohibition against taking certain non-game birds such as eagles, hawks, songbirds and other birds not historically considered to be “game” birds. The language used in that Act was clear, straightforward and enforceable. Specifically it states, “Unless an individual has a valid permit, “it shall be unlawful at any time, by any means, or in any manner” to “hunt, take, capture [or] kill” migratory birds.” Furthermore, it does not discriminate between live or dead birds, and it also protects any bird parts including feathers, eggs, and nests. There are over 800 bird species currently listed. But now there is a big problem. Under a new, precedent setting Department of Interior  Solicitor’s Opinion (dated Dec. 22, 2017), the prohibitions on “take” have been dramatically changed. Taking a protected migratory bird is now limited only to killings when “the actor [is] engaged in an activity the object of which was to render an animal subject to human control.

The single most important activity in the entire MBTA (taking or attempting to take migratory birds), a prohibited activity that has been clear and straightforward for 100 years, is essentially now being limited only to hunters and their activities regarding migratory game birds.In fact this contrived new standard is contrary to every other previous Administration’s interpretation of the law. It is abhorrent for almost countless reasons. Primarily it reduces the MBTA’s effectiveness (or even usefulness) with respect to protecting migratory birds from almost any other (previously illegal) “take” activity.Here is a short list of dangers that already have or will continue to be adversely affecting all migratory birds. Oil spills can occur almost any time and in any place.

The Exxon Valdez grounding and subsequent oil spill in the Prince William Sound is just one good example.

Tens of thousands of protected migratory birds were either killed or severely oil covered in that incident. With the law and regulations in place before this Solicitor’s decision was announced the birds were illegally killed or injured under the “take” provisions of the MBTA and prosecutions against the culprits were successful. But under these new regulations any birds found in a similar situation were never taken at all, and therefore no person, corporation or entity would or could be prosecuted. That is criminal.Oil pits and seeps are another major problem. They are places where crude oil has, for whatever reason, been deposited on the land’s surface. This might be from a leak, a broken pipe, or any of several other causes. To birds in flight these areas look like bodies of water.

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has, in the past, required these areas to be covered or otherwise subjected to remedial action, and fines have been levied. Under this new definition, every single dead or oil-soaked migratory bird would be an unprotected “thing.”Poison pits are one of my biggest pet peeves. I once spent eleven months investigating and successfully prosecuting a major pesticide company for the unintentional killing of hundreds if not thousands of migrating birds. Here is the official court summary of that case (U.S. vs FMC):“FMC operated a plant which manufactured various pesticides, requiring large amounts of wastewater which was stored in a pond. The pond attracted waterfowl during migration, some of which died. FMC attempted various measures to keep birds away from the pond. But, the Court held that FMC had engaged in an activity involving the manufacture of a highly toxic chemical and had failed to prevent this chemical from escaping into the pond and killing birds. The Court, therefore, held that this was sufficient to impose strict liability on FMC.”Future prosecutions like this would be dead in the (poison) water before they ever got started (pun definitely and sadly intended).High voltage electric likes are a deadly obstacle for migrating birds and local-living eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. In some areas (migratory bird historical migration routes) these lines are utterly deadly, accounting for thousands of deaths every spring and fall.
But once again this new and unwarranted definition would leave those deaths to go unpunished.

Wind turbines, the bane of landscapes in certain areas from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans and from the Canadian to the Mexican borders, are no doubt one of the two primary reasons for this disgraceful change in the definition of “take” with respect to migratory bird protection. The owners/operators of these windmills have long lamented the fines imposed by the FWS for so many illegal bird deaths. After all, it cuts down on their overly massive profits.
The other probable cause for the definition change are the many solar collection establishments pock-marking our nation (especially in western states). Their immense displays of solar panels kill virtually every bird that has the audacity to fly over them. The workers at these solar firms even have a name for birds dead in the air as they are falling.

“There goes another ‘smoker.’ These operators definitely want to be let of the hook for their killings. Loss of profits, don’t you know.There are many other commercial killers of protected migratory birds, such as commercial fishing operations (set gill-nets kill countless diving birds), that often go unnoticed by most people. But they are still deadly, and they will also be “off the hook” if this new definition of migratory bird take is permitted to remain standing. It essentially reduces the MBTA to nothing more than only a bird hunting statute. The MBTA implements international treaties ratified by the U.S. Senate.

Any Administration action that would affect the MBTA should have been done only after consultation with Canada, Mexico, Russia and Japan, and the U.S. Senate. Instead this Department, or possibly this Administration, has unilaterally decreed that the definition of “take”now refers only to the sport hunting of migratory game birds, and offers no other protections to those same birds or any other migratory birds.In an unprecedented show of solidarity opposing this new interpretation, former career FWS professionals responsible for administering the MBTA joined with former political leaders from FWS and DOI, both Republican and Democrat and representing every Administration dating back to the 1970’s, signed a letter to Secretary Ryan Zinke on January 10, 2018 expressing strong opposition to this ill-conceived limitation of one of America’s most important and effective conservation laws. To date, this coalition of leaders has not received a response to this letter. 

If we want to really continue to protect our migratory bird resources, we cannot accept or condone the DOI’s actions. “The take of birds, eggs or nests occurring as the result of an activity,the purpose of which is not to take birds, eggs or nests, is not prohibited by the MBTA” simply cannot be allowed to become the operational norm of the USFWS.As the MBTA is one of the oldest and most important foundation laws protecting wildlife, the FWS Retirees Association ( urges all members (and all other interested persons) to express their concern and objection to this new legal interpretation to both Secretary Zinke and their Members of Congress, both House and Senate.

Len Lisenbee is the Daily Messenger’s Outdoor Columnist.
Contact him at lisenbee@frontiernet .net