Monday, February 28, 2011

"Project Gunrunner" drug cartel scandal

So when will we see the ATF leaders who thought this latest scam up go to jail? Schumer and his cronies stand and complain American gun shops are selling to Mexican's. Yea no shit Chuck, did you know about this as well?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nassau County will not appeal Colored gun suit

Nassau County will not appeal the ruling

Reference: "State Courts Reject Challenges To Uniform Laws," America's 1st
Freedom (March 2011, Page 57)

As the main Petitioner in Chwick v. Mulvey--the lawsuit that invalidated the "deceptively colored" handgun ban law in Nassau County, New York--I am pleased to advise that Nassau County will not be appealing the ruling. The parties reached an agreement whereby I would not pursue the costs I was awarded by the court in exchange for the county waiving its right to appeal to New York's highest court.

While I was confident that our decision would withstand further appeal, it made sense from an economic standpoint to accept the county's offer. It also ensured that the decision would stay on the books and remain binding precedent in the New York counties that contain about half of the state's population.

Of course, I certainly could have used the money I won to pay off some of the
considerable amount of outstanding legal fees that I still owe. But it was more
important to me to finalize this important preemption victory for the benefit of
New York's gun owners.

My case established that preemption of firearm laws is alive and well in New
York. We are in a much better position here than we were prior to the ruling!

Alan Chwick, NRA Life Member
5 Brunella Street
Freeport, NY 11520
P.S. You may print my address, if you wish.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Corruption at the highest levels~ entire system needs to be disassembled

project gunrunner

GOA Calls for House Investigation into “Project Gunrunner” as Sen. Reid Drags his Feet
Materials Sent To Capitol Hill

(February 23, 2011)

“Two months after the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's Office remain silent. But family members, and others, are speaking out.”
-- William Lajeunesse, “America’s Third War: Agent Brian Terry, A Policy of Silence?,” Fox News (February 22, 2011) at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suffolk County Residents call for skeet range to close

Any excuse they government can find to close a range. I sure hope when this all settles the shop owners were in the right and Nassau County DA and friends are tossed out of the county.

North Shore Sun

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guns for Mexico

Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth is republished with permission of STRATFOR.

This article only confirms what most of us have known for years. If you recall when the U.S. Started helping Mexico in the War on Drugs we use to see Federalies lined up behind vast rows of American military equipment.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nassau County Raids an attempt to make everyone look bad

But there’s more to this story than most are reporting. In 2008, Martin Tretola filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit in federal court against Nassau County for violations of his constitutional rights. The County was unable to dismiss the lawsuit, and it is scheduled for trial soon. Right before the jury is selected is an awfully convenient time for another raid and arrest.
The History:

Read more here:


Friday, February 18, 2011

Zero Tolerance + Intolerance = Terrorist

Zero tolerance = intolerance, odd how were fighting all those countries that are Islamic based. Ya know on the belief of intolerance to infidels.
Could we say if you don't support the 2nd amendment & you support zero tolerance you're a terrorist?

Paul Rusin relies:
"Could we say if you don't support the 2nd amendment & you support zero tolerance you're a terrorist?"

Yes, we could, and should. There is no difference between an Islamist Sharia'a law which states same, and those in our gov't trying to do the same. It's tyranny in its highest form, meant to change our countries direction, and educate our children into this false ideology--especially that "guns are bad." Guns cannot be bad. Only people who use them wrongly are bad.

Yes, these should be our talking points.
Paul Rusin

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finger Lakes Council meeting Feb 4 minutes

Minutes of February 4, 2011

Meeting called to order by President Gary Chave.

Present: Glen Adams (Genesee Co), Robert Mcllwaine (Livingston Co.), Gary Chave (Seneca Co.), Dennis Race (Yates Co.), Frank J Shutter (Ontario Co.), Mike Elam (Orleans Co.). Mike Wasilco NYSDEC.

Ontario County is working to become more active and trying to get more sportsmen’s clubs involved in federation
Dues Paid by the following:
1 Ontario Co., 2 Steuben Co., 3 Monroe Co., 4. Livingston Co., 5 Wayne Co., 6 Orleans Co.

Total collected $210.00.

Motion to approve the November minutes as distributed, made by Dennis Race, second by Frank Shutter. Motion carried.

Correspondences: NYSCC Grass Roots News.

Treasures Report by Robert Mcllwaine

Bob brought up the fact that in order to set up a new checking account the FLCC needs a Tax number. If we were to form an LLC it would be costly. Gary believes that John Andrew had the account set up in his name. Bob is concerned that if something occurred the group would not be able to get to its funds. Dennis volunteered to open an account for the FLCC.

Bob Mcllwaine resigned to facilitate the opening of a checking account. All thanked Bob for volunteering and his efforts. Dennis Race is appointed Treasurer by President Gary Chave.
Motion made by Mike Elam and second by Frank Shutter to confirm Dennis Race as Treasurer. Motion carried.

Bob will check with Livingston County Federation about a possible Bus to Albany latter this spring.

NYSCC Legislative meeting is in Albany on Saturday March 12th.
Group had a discussion about Monroe County and possible setting up something to concentrate on Monroe county Assemblymen and Senators. We want to work with MCCC to set up meetings locally with these legislators, and using MCCC people to meet with their reps with us tagging along. This will need more discussion and planning. Gary Chave and Glen Adams will try to get in touch with reps of the MCCC to start the planning.
Yates County has an active 4h group shooting group and the Yates County Federation is supporting it. National Shooting Sports Foundation will also be helping with funding. Question came up about the firearms that the ENCON officers confiscate. What happens to them are the available for purchase? Some believe they may be auctioned off. Currently also has National Archery in schools.

DEC Report by Mike Walisco: 10 year pheasant Plan. Pheasant Focus area is in south western area of Wildlife management area 8H. This is a last attempt to manage for wild Pheasants. Current research states that if 10% of lane is secured for habitat it is possible to have a wild population of Pheasants. The loss of habitat, open land, agricultural practices, and predators has taken a toll on the wild pheasant population. When the Pheasants were in their prime 80% of our land was open and tilled. Today 80% of our lands are not forested.
DEC has identified two items; first is to Identify Existing conservation program lands within the focus area, such as CRP. Second is to technician to work on the project. This Item is in the works. The Focus area consists of 148,000 acres mostly in Livingston County, but also in the Southwestern edge of Genesee County. The State DEC is collaborating and getting funds for this research from the National Fish and Wildlife Service.. This will be paying for a biologist. The DEC is also trying to find enough land owners to participate in this project and Identifying wild bird population.
If you see a tagged bear DEC wants to know as soon as possible. And if you know where a den exists outside of Steuben County they would like to know about its location. New York Bear harvest was 60% less than last year. Bears were going into their dens before Bear Season ended this season. If you have information, call the Region wildlife office at 585-2226-5380.

Deer damage tags only amount to between 2 and 5% of the total season harvest. The Deer damage report rate is 93% averaging 3 deer per farm requesting the Deer damage permit, whereas hunter reporting is at 40%. Deer harvest this season was 3% above last year and reports that the deer taken are very healthy. Hunters reporting, of their deer taken has dropped from 50% to 40%.

The DEC also wants to hear from us about any Bob Cat or Fisher sightings.

Damage permits by County and kills
County Farms Reported kills County Farms Reported kills

Chemung - 17 15
Genesee 34 71
Livingston 34 99
Monroe 70 320
Ontario 47 112
Orleans 41 104
Schuyler 17 28
Seneca 14 30
Steuben 173 190
 Yates 19 58
Wayne 85 236

Talk was about if there was a way Federations or clubs could possibly step up and transport venison to donation programs so that less of these would be wasted.

We had an intermission as DEC biologists had captured two Short Eared Owls and were having tracking devices attached. We were invited in so see them attaching the tracking devises.

Old Business: Question was asked by Gary Chave if Marc Osypian had been appointed to CFAB yet. Answer is not to date.

Glen Adams asked the question of Mike Wasilco before the meeting if he felt there was a sustainable Dove population in New York to hunt. Mikes answer that he reaffirmed during the meeting is that Doves from NY are being hunted, but not in NY. 400 doves were banded in NY and 4 doves were taken within four days of the banning. One was taken in North Carolina, and three in Pennsylvania. In order for a Dove hunt to take place in NY they would need to be reclassified as game birds. There is no reason not to hunt doves in NY biologically. They are managed on federal level. Mike Wasilco stated that although you only see three or four at a time usually these are a changing regularly. It would take scouting to find a flock as they generally do not flock up like Black Birds. Survey of doves a year ago did not find an overwhelming response of hunters wanting a season. The banding of doves started two years ago for New York

Resident Goose population is a problem and has resulted in agricultural damage. After May 1 damage permit would allow the shooting of 5 per day. Permits can be granted for Agricultural damage or public health

The National Wildlife 15 year plan has been finalized for the Iroquois refuge. Plan deals with public access. Originally the refuge proposed closing the spring Turkey hunt. The plan input has resulted in maintaining the spring Turkey hunt as well as adding a fall Hunt.

Montezuma is working on a 15 year plan now and our group and others need to put pressure onto them to open up to additional types of hunting. Currently there is only Waterfowl and Deer hunting on the refuge. We need to have the refuge be as consistent with the State as possible. 40% of refuge is open for migratory bird hunts.

Draft of NYS budget may expend a little more of the CF.
It was suggested NYSCC support of Seneca white deer needs to be in its policy.

Federation news:

Orleans Co.- St Mary’s Game Dinner Feb 19th. Orleans County is again putting an advertisement into the NYSCC grass roots news.

Ontario Co. Next federation meeting Feb 21 at the South Bristol Fish and Game Club.

Motion made by Mike Elam and second by Dennis Race to put add in NYSCC for 6 months (every other month) cost of $150. Motion carried. Add need to be updated to include Chemung and Ontario counties.

Genesee Co- Oatka Fish and Game Club and the Genesee Conservation Foundation held a youth Squirrel hunt that was a success. Genesee Fish and Game Protective Association at Godfrey’s pond is looking at hosting a National Hunting and fishing day event this fall.

Livingston Co. Is working on next year’s National Hunting and Fishing day event, they are looking to increase educational displays, and less flea market. This event has been successfully hosted by Livingston County Federation for 39 years.

Yates Co- is working with the 4 H shooting program and trying to get youth involved. Yates County is also working on their youth Fishing Derby for next year. Yates county SCOPE has a raffle.

Seneca Co. Banquet is the 3rd week in April at the Waterloo Sportsmen’s club. Seneca County is planning a Fishing Derby. Waterloo club has a raffle going on.

Schedule of Meetings:

May 6th at 6:00 Pm Region 8 Headquarters East Avon.
August 5th at 6:00 PM Picnic meeting at Yates County.
November 4th at 6:00 Pm Region 8 Headquarters East Avon
Motion to Adjourn by Mike Elam all second and meeting was adjourned.


Glen Adams
14 Washington St,
Le Roy, NY 14482

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NYSCC positions Updated

The updated document of NYSCC positions is attached.
This is an updated list of positions of the NYS Conservation Council, Inc., the majority of which were established through the resolution procedure of the NYSCC at its annual meeting each year.

NYSCC Positions
1.  Support efforts to allow disabled sportspeople access to now inaccessible outdoor areas.
2.  Oppose “Quiet Waters” program that would set aside bodies of water in the Adirondacks for canoeing only. (08)

1.  Support efforts to protect resources, both natural and manmade, from the effects of acid rain.

Oppose the implementation of mandatory antler restrictions in Delaware County’s Wildlife Management Units 4O and 4P.  (10)

1.  Pursue/support a DEC big game regulation change that would annually open the Southern Zone early archery-only season on October 1st, ending on the Friday before the opening of the big game firearms season on the 3rd Saturday in November. (09)
2.  Support a change in the law/regulation to lower the discharge minimum distance for archery equipment to 250 ft. of a dwelling. (09)

ATV Weight Classification
Support that the NYDEC and State legislature amend the current NYSVTL to increase the defined weight of an ATV from 1000 Lbs to 1500 Lbs dry weight, creating a Class I and Class II system for ATV weight limits. (09)

1.  Support elimination of DEC regulations that require displaying of back tags in any part of NYS. (05)
2.  Seek legislation that would remove the need to wear a back tag while hunting in the Southern Zone and also increase the fines for hunting or fishing without a license. (07)

Pursue sponsorship of legislation regulating the discharge of contaminated ballast water from commercial shipping, including both oceangoing vessels and those operating in interstate waters within the Great Lakes States.  Legislation should be modeled after the initial ballast water permit program established in the State of Michigan.  (07)

Support the statewide bass season opening on the third Saturday in June through November 30th. (05)

Support that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation seek any amendment to change Fish & Wildlife Law subdivision 2 of Section 11-0523 to: Any bear killing or worrying livestock on land occupied or cultivated, or destroying an apiary thereon must be reported to the D.E.C. for their recommended deterrents or the animals be trapped and/or destroyed by the D.E.C. as they feel necessary to resolve the problem.  (Sound bear management practices.)  (10)
Support no fee charged for boat launch site areas to persons with a valid NYS fishing license. (06)

Support regulation change to expand the areas for hunting and trapping of bobcats.

Support 12- to 14-year-old hunters to purchase a youth archery license.

Support continual review for enhancing and increasing numbers of ECO’s and Forest Rangers.

1.  Support the crossbow as a legal hunting implement in NY, relaying this information to various sources.
2.  Support the enactment of a regulation or law to allow seniors or physically challenged hunters to hunt with a crossbow during the regular archery season. (10)

Support the need for the NYSDEC Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources to have at least 430 full-time personnel to maintain programs necessary to protect fish, wildlife and marine resources in NYS.

Support the NYSDEC having control for deer feeding regulations during the open deer season.

1.  Working Defined:  Support legislation that amends ECL Section 11-0923 1(b) to say that a dog is not "at large" if it is involved in an act of hunting game or training on game as permitted by the ECL or DEC regulations.
2.  Dog Collar Removal:  Support the introduction of legislation that would make it illegal for anyone except the owner or authorized person to remove any collar from a dog. (09)

Oppose administration of any drug, vaccine, compound or chemical agent to any free-ranging or semi-free-ranging wildlife unless the same has been approved for use on these species through the USFDA.

1.  Support legislation that rescinds all sections of the NYS Penal Law relating to “assault weapons” and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.” (05)
2.  Support legislation to repeal sections of law associated with ballistic fingerprinting. (05)
3.  Pursue sponsorship of legislation to amend Section 400.00 of the NYS Penal Law to provide for “shall issue” standards to be applicable to resident pistol license applicants in NYS.  (07)

1.  Support legislation that removes fishing license exemption from waters of the Hudson River from Troy Barrier Dam to Tappan Zee Bridge.
2.  Support legislation to ban the sale of all fish caught by recreational anglers; bait fish exempt.  (06)
3.  Support that the NY State Conservation Council work with the NYS DEC to immediately create a buffer zone to use and transport live bait in an area from Interstate 90 and Interstate 190 West to Lake Erie and the Niagara River and from Niagara Falls to the Pennsylvania State Line and all of Grand Island, NY. The bait must ONLY be used on Lake Erie and the Niagara River. Support that Lake Erie bait dealers once again be allowed to collect and sell uncertified bait for use ONLY on Lake Erie and the Niagara River within the defined zone by permit only. (09)

Support Governor and State Legislature dedicating no less than $22 million from the State General Fund for the necessary updates and repairs on state fish hatcheries. (05)

Support review of oil and gas drilling revenues between CFAB and DEC for the goal of dedicating some percentage of these revenues to habitat and access, such funds to be deposited annually in a designated and dedicated fund within the Conservation Fund. (04)

1.  All resolutions approved in 2003 will be active until the close of the 2006 legislative session. Similar resolutions will not be considered until that time.  A similar schedule will be followed in later years.  At a full meeting of the whole, a vote can be taken to extend a position on the even years, in the event the issues addressed by the approved resolutions have seen no action. 
2.  Recognize the un-organized sportsman as a potential customer/member of the Council.

1.  Support a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 50% of revenue derived from sales of Habitat/Access Stamps be dedicated to a one-time payment to landowners who allow public access.  The amount of these payments is to be determined by DEC and FWMB based on certain criteria. (05)
2.  Support legislation that will require that purchase of a New York Habitat/Access Stamp is a mandatory pre-condition to purchase of any hunting, fishing or trapping license by non-residents. (04)

Support NYS DEC adequately funding the Hunter Apprentice Program throughout NYS. (05)

1.  Support DEC being given the authority to impose a fine, imprisonment, and revocation of hunting privileges of any instructor convicted of any offense relating to the improper issuance of certificates of qualification. 
2.  Support the introduction and promote the passage of legislation that would make instruction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Hunter Education Course mandatory in New York State's public schools when ten or more students request the course during the school year. (10)

Support the protection of any natural resources located in public lands under dispute.

Support introduction and encourage passage of legislation to list moose as a game animal in New York State.  Also support a New York State Moose Lottery, where all funds are to be earmarked and go toward wildlife conservation. (09)

Support and seek legislation to establish a mourning dove hunting season in New York State. (10)

Support legislation for the creation of a junior muzzleloader license. (05)

1.  Support doubling number of adult pheasants stocked annually in NYS from 25,000 to 50,000. (05)
2. Terminate the Young Pheasant Release Program and instead raise the 15,000 eight-week old birds to 18 weeks for release as adults.  (05)
3.  Support NYS DEC reviewing the cost for its pheasant program with the goal of reducing the cost per bird to a level that reflects those of New York’s neighboring states. (05)

Public Comment
Support better compliance by the DEC with public comment periods as the NYSDEC submits rule/regulation changes that deal with hunting, fishing and trapping to the New York State Register and consider a public comment period as required by law. (10)

Rifle Hunting   
Support the pursuit of legislation/regulatory changes to allow the use of rifle in Wyoming County during the big game season.  (10)

Support efforts of the smart growth project as long as habitat is maintained.

Support an amendment to Chapter 609 of the Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Law to establish standards and fees for non-trail use snowmobile registrations.  (07)

Support legislation and any constitutional amendment that guarantees the heritage of hunting, fishing, trapping as a right of every law-abiding citizen of the State of NY.

1.  Support legislation to amend portion of law dealing with trapper’s name and address having to appear on trap, this to be replaced with a number assigned to that trapper.  The number then would accessible through computer with the NYSDEC.
2.  Oppose the federal ban on leghold traps on federal lands.
3.  Oppose any town permitting a charge for anyone trapping in a township in addition to the charges for a trapping license. 
4.  Support requiring trappers to check water sets and remove furbearers at least once each 48 hours; maintain the current definition of water set. (08)

Support request for funding for the Venison Donation Program from the General Fund and not the Conservation Fund.

1.  Support legislation, regulations, and rules that prohibit, without a permit, the dispensing, disposing, placing, exposing and distribution of any salts, grains, or other feed grown off-site that may serve as an attractant to waterfowl. (05)
2.  Support a management plan for the cormorant both in New York State and on a Federal level.

Support management plans toward elimination of invasive species that affect the waterways of New York. 

Oppose the introduction of wolves in New York State.

1.  Support a minor 12 to 13 years of age to pursue big game with a firearm if accompanied by parent or guardian or a legally licensed adult over the age of 21 AND whom a parent or legal guardian designates in writing. (04)
2.  Only one firearm may be possessed by either the youth or adult, and youth must be within easy reach of the licensed adult.  The youth must possess a license/permit and must report any game taken if required by law.  This license fee shall not exceed $5.00.  The youth shall not be required to pass a hunter safety course until he/she is 12 years old as he/she is under immediate supervision of an experienced hunter who has successfully taken the course. (07)
3.  Pursue sponsorship of legislation to lower the age to handle firearms in the field with guidelines; and support legislation to allow for the “Families Afield” youth mentoring program in NYS at any age with proper guidelines.  (07)
4.  Support and seek to amend Penal Law 265 to allow youth to handle firearms with parental or adult supervision (with parental approval) from age 8 and above. (09)
5.  Support any and all legislation that attempts to amend current environmental law to allow the DEC to have the authority to provide for a youth big game hunting weekend opportunity in Suffolk County. (10)
6. Support any and all legislation that attempts to amend current environmental law to allow the DEC to provide for a youth hunting opportunity on pheasants in Suffolk County.  (10)   


Glen Adams
14 Washington St,
Le Roy, NY 14482

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The next firearms compromise ~ will be??

After I arrived home this at 0500 today I went to my American Rifleman library and pulled out 1968. I wanted to see the hype surrounding the 1968 GCA. Naturally the NRA commented on all the if's and's & but's. What most of us already know is the NRA was very instrumental in writing this legislation. They also had a big hand in compromise of 1934 and 1938 regulations.

They actually reference this point by point.

 Another series of articles one in particular  referenced a ballistic comparison in a 1955 article. 4 articles all spoke about the evils of ballistic images and how it was a waste of money. I haven't pulled out the 1955 copy yet. However from the long and detailed imaging writings and the other months 1968 GCA arguments it seems compromise was all the rage.

 I'm waiting to see what the recent round of compromise will be. From scouring the internet forums many other feel it will be a change 4473, increased registration,gun show and private sale NICS for a watered down national "shall issue" carry permit. With each state setting up there own kingdom of infringements.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NRA American Rifleman collection for sale 60 plus years

NRA American Rifleman collection for sale 60 plus years
Coming soon! 
I have a large collection of the NRA's American Rifleman magazines dating from 1939 up till about 2000. I stopped arranging them in 2000. I have WW2, Korean Conflict and the Vietnam police action years. 

 WW2 are housed in leather bound magazine holders will sell for $125.00 each yr. Other years will be priced accordingly from $5.00 to $10.00 per magazine.

 I have some double sets that can be sold as individual months. I'll list them as time permits. These magazines contain firearm information on the worlds most well know arms you'll not see in any other publication.

Pleas contact me off forum for more information.

Thanks BPB