Sunday, April 11, 2021

Components Update from One of My Distributors-Looking Really lean

 Unless I start getting back orders filled I'll be shut down. I am getting in a few select Black Powder Revolvers and cartridges guns from Taylors.

These are being posted on Face Book, MeWe then Gunbroker.

No PDF files are attached those are for dealers. Regards BPB

Good morning, Unfortunately, very limited product is available. Please CALL if something interests you on this list, do NOT email, available products are so limited and go very fast. While not the ideal situation, it is the only way to give everyone a fair shot at this time, Phones open at 7 AM, Mountain Time Zone.

NOTE: We have attached an updated copy of the catalog to reflect changes for your planning purposes. For what is available, please see the RTApr11instock attachment.

Please keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of product continues to go directly to backorders and never hits this sheet. We are filling massive amounts of backorders on select items, such as Hornady 224 Diam 55 FMJ-BT, but never enough to appear available due to demand. For every 100 cases we fill, 150 more go on backorder. Please see specials page for what can and can’t be backordered at this time and get what is allowed on backorder if you need it. We are still NOT taking backorders for primers and powder at this time.

The pricing continues to change quicker than we can keep up. Barnes and Berger took an increase on 4/1/21 with very limited notice, this pricing has been updated. Upcoming increases were announced this week from Hodgdon/Winchester/Speer/ Federal/Remington. Unfortunately, we expect this to continue throughout the industry and it is a frustrating situation for all of us.