Friday, April 17, 2015

Loose Lead Shot #9 with a mix of larger sizes.

I have Lead shot mostly #9 with 4's &5's mixed in. With that said~The other unopened boxes may contain 7.5 or 8's.
 This shot was stored in a barn some of the bags survived, others were opened up by curious critters.
It is good shot, has some chaff in it. You can pour into a bucket with a fan blowing across the shot stream to clean out the chaff. If melting down for boolits or sinkers no need to.

 $1.50 per pound FIRM
 Comes in USPS small flat rate boxes appx. 16.2 lbs each
 Can't be shipped in the SFRB not strong enough
Medium flat rate box can hold up to 55-60 pounds shipped or $13.50 insured.
No meet and greet
Pick up or ship only
Regards, BPB
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Bullets Cast and Jacketed

Just arrived 7,000 cast bullets lubed and sized. Also Montana Gold 38 cal .357 dia. JHP 158gr. MG @ $25.00 per 100 CAst bullets from $10.00 to $14.00 per 100.

All Bullets sold in lots of 100. Shipped in USPS flat rate boxes, under $50.00 insurance included.
An order Over $50.00 extra $ for insurance.
 BPB can order most common & some black powder caliber bullets, as long as they are available; in any quantity you may need.
 CB .30 165 gr. RNFP                                               $12.00 per 100
 CB.38/.357 158 gr. RNFP                                        $10.50
 CB.44 180 gr. TC                                                       12.50
 CB.32 100 gr. RNFP                                                 10.00
.38spc .357mag 148 gr. SWC                                    10.50
.38spc .357mag 158 gr. SWC                                   11.50
 9MM 122 gr. TC                                                       10.00                   
 .40 155 gr. SWC .40 155 gr.                                      11.25
 .44 180 gr. TC .44 180 gr.                                         13.10
.45 ACP 200 gr. SWC                                               14.00
.38 SPL 125 gr. SWC                                                10.00
.308 115 gr. RN                                                         10.00
Gas checked, Jacketed also available 50% down before I’ll order.
Expansion Industries powder ,Winchester primers, Brass in limited supply.
BlackPowderBill   at  585.645.8418