Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nassau Co Guns of Color issue

One more reason to join
The petitioners expressed their gratitude to the Shooters' CommitteeOn Political Education (SCOPE), of Tonawanda, N.Y., for their strong support of the petitioners in their proceeding against Nassau.
Mineola, NY - July 29, 2008 –

Enforcement of a new gun ban enactedby Nassau County, New York, was suspended on the day it was due to gointo effect, thanks to efforts by three concerned citizens who brought alegal proceeding to set aside the law only two days earlier.Nassau's ban on certain guns based on their appearance is now onhold until the litigation is resolved.

Three New York State pistol licensees—Alan Chwick of Freeport,Edward Botsch of Franklin Square, and Thomas Fess ofRochester—instituted the proceeding on July 23rd in Nassau SupremeCourt to challenge a local law passed by the Nassau County Legislatureon May 25th. That law would have turned the three men intocriminals—along with hundreds of other law-abiding Nassauresidents—requiring that their valuable firearms be surrendered fordestruction without compensation, and without any chance to sell thembefore the ban took effect. While Nassau's law purports to ban"deceptively colored handguns" that look like toy guns, the lawitself is "deceptive" in that it actually bans a wide variety oftraditional firearms used for sport and self-defense, as well asvaluable antiques, collectors' items, and commemorative firearms.

Lead petitioner Alan Chwick conceived of and drafted the complaint(known as an Article 78 petition) with the pro bono assistance of a NewYork gun-rights activist and attorney. The proceeding seeks a rulingfrom the court that Nassau's local law is invalid because it is"preempted" by New York State's extensive gun control laws,which already ban "disguised guns" and do not authorizelocalities to pass their own gun bans. The court must also nullify thecounty law because it is vague and ambiguous, lacks standards forconsistent enforcement, and violates the right to keep and bear armsunder both the United States Constitution and state Civil Rights Laws,according to the petition.

Faced with petitioners' request to the court for a temporaryrestraining order and an injunction to stay enforcement of the law,Nassau reluctantly stipulated on July 25th not to enforce the lawagainst any Nassau pistol licensee with banned guns possessed beforeJune 25th. Licensees from outside Nassau with pre-ban guns who travel tothe county for shooting matches are similarly exempt, as are dealers,who can keep banned guns in inventory and continue to sell them tolicensees residing outside of Nassau. Supreme Court Justice Kenneth A.Davis entered the stipulation into the record, making it binding on thepolice until the petition is fully decided. A final decision by thecourt is not expected until some time after September 9th, when thematter is expected to be fully briefed by the parties and submitted tothe court for consideration.On behalf of his fellow petitioners, Mr. Chwick stated, "We areextremely confident that after the court has a chance to review thepetition on the merits, it will grant the relief that we are seekingbecause this is a bad law that turns law-abiding gun owners intocriminals and makes them give up their registered guns for no goodreason. Guns in the hands of criminals are the problem, regardless ofthe color of the gun. Guns in the hands and homes of pistol licensees are not a threat to the police and need not be banned based on theirappearance, nor for any other reason.

"Mr. Chwick explained that the proceeding was brought to protect the interests of all of New York's law-abiding gun owners and dealers,most of whom are still unaware that many ordinary and valuable guns arebanned by Nassau's law and must be surrendered for destruction, andthat possession of a registered gun deemed "deceptively colored"subjects a licensee to one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

The petitioners expressed their gratitude to the Shooters' CommitteeOn Political Education (SCOPE), of Tonawanda, N.Y., for their strongsupport of the petitioners in their proceeding against Nassau.

Regards,Wm. J. Brookover

SCOPE Director @ Large
NY Muzzleloaders Assn. 2nd vice President
WCSC Director


Update on Nassau Co. guns of color issue.
The issue had its first day in court and Alan Chwick the main plaintiff was there most of the day in and out of the courtroom.
Basically the County was trying to negotiate a deal to lessen the impact of the lawsuit and the judge was somewhat reluctant to immediately slap the county with a TRO. So, the outcome at this time is that the judge without issuing a TRO has rendered the law unenforceable until the Article 78 plays out in the future court appearances which will be sometime in September. As part of this action, the plaintiffs are asking the court to make them "whole" which means ordering the county to pay court costs involved in fighting this law.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Junior big game hunting / Trapper mentor bill

Junior big game hunting / Trapper mentor bill

Link to the bill Will take a few sec to load

Regards,Wm. J. Brookover
Ontario,NY. 14519

SCOPE Director @ Large
NY Muzzleloaders Assn.
2nd vice President

Saturday, July 26, 2008

NYS Muzzle Loaders Assn. Shoot dates

The following pdf link will provide you with a list of scheduled shoots around the state.
The list is not a completed schedule of events, as many of our affiliates do not report in all of their clubs activities. affiliate events and contacts

Regards bpb

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In The Races

In the Races

Attorney Fred Goodman has entered the race to challenge Schenectady-area State Senator Hugh Farley in the 44th Senate District. Goodman will face B.K. Keramati in a Democratic Primary. Keramati has already secured the Working Families Party support. The 44th district includes Schenectady, Fulton, Montgomery and a portion of Saratoga counties.

Two candidates have announced plans to run for the 112th Assembly Seat being vacated by Assemblyman Roy McDonald, who is running for the seat vacated by Sen. Joseph L. Bruno. Republicans Tony Jordan and Christopher Laing will run in the primary for the GOP line. The primary winner will face Wilton Town Democratic Councilman Ian McGaughey. The district includes all of Washington County and parts of Saratoga and Rensselaer counties.

Democratic Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. announced that he’s running on both the Republican and Democratic lines in the 32nd Senate District in the Bronx. A Pentecostal minister, Diaz said he isn't loyal to either party, but is seeking to advance his conservative policy positions by taking advantage of the Republicans' slim margin of control in the chamber and running as both a Democrat and a Republican.

Three Democrats and two Republicans and have filed petitions to run for the 43rd State Senate seat to replace Sen. Joseph L. Bruno. The Democratic candidates include Brian Premo, Joanne Yepsen and Michael Russo. The GOP contenders are Assemblyman Roy McDonald and Town of Nassau Councilman Raymond Seney. Roy McDonald also received the backing of the Independence and Conservative parties as well as the endorsement of Senator Bruno.

Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano has donated $3,800 to Barbra Kavanaugh, a former Buffalo Common Council member running a Democratic Primary against Assemblyman Sam Hoyt. In recent weeks, Golisano has spoke about supporting challengers to incumbents that he says will back his ideas to change the ways of Albany.

Former Staten Island Assemblyman Robert Straniere has been tapped by the GOP to run for the 13th Congressional District being vacated by Rep. Vito Fossella. The Democratic pick, New York City Councilman Michael McMahon will face a primary challenge from Brooklyn attorney Stephen Harrison. The 13th Congressional District is the only city seat currently held by a Republican.

Senator Bruno ends career in state governmentEnding a 32-year tenure in the state Legislature, State Senator Joseph L. Bruno resigned from office today. Bruno told reporters that he has been entertaining the thought of stepping down from office for four years and felt this was finally the right time. The 79-year old said he plans to re-enter the business world, and if he gets the right job, he will travel “the country and the world while being gainfully employed.” He also intends to spend time taking care of his new great-grandchild and concentrating on his family. Bruno says he has absolutely no regrets and “If I had to do it all over again starting 32 years ago, I would not do anything different.”

Regards BPB

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NYS Muzzle Loaders Assn. Championship Shoot

The New York State Muzzle-Loaders Association, Inc 200819th NYSMLA CHAMPIONSHIP Matches hosted at Middleburg Rod and Gun Club July 26-27 2008


Wayne Seaburg will have food in the club house, has been known to serve cold refreshments right on the firing line, and will likely join us for the 300 yard side match!

NYSMLA events are always a good excuse to work the dust off last winter’s projects, find sympathy for the one’s not ready yet and to prepare for more.


2nd VP Is a NY not-for-profit association dedicated to the preservation of Black Powder Shooting history.

Friday, July 18, 2008 Newsletter

This is about a 5m size file. Our banquet is in October, location Buffalo, NY.
2 of our guest speakers will be Gun Laws guru Alan Korwin & SAF's Alan Gottleib. Better hurry if you want to attend as we've already sold 150 tickets!
I'll post a flyer as soon as it gets to me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

NRA-ILA Voter Registration

How many firearms owners do you all think really vote?
Regards, BPB

NRA-ILA's most aggressive voter registration drive effort ever, we are providing NRA Members and gun owners with a special voter registration website. This site will serve as one-stop-shopping for all of your voter registration needs.
By clicking this link, you will find voter registration applications that can be completed on-line and downloaded, critical election dates and voter registration deadlines, information on early and absentee voting for your state, and much more.
In November's elections, the stakes couldn't be higher. The future of our gun rights literally hang in the balance!
If you have recently moved or haven't voted in recent elections, you need to re-register. If your voter registration is current and up-to-date, please forward this e-mail and our special voter registration link to your fellow firearm owners.Take this one, simple step that will help preserve our gun rights today and for future generations.
Register to vote TODAY!

Clorox & Sierra Club marriage not approved by some

Are any of you starting to see a pattern here? This new green movement and ECO outfits who kiss up to corporations. Do you think this is a way for those greenies in leadership roles to advance their goals or the associations goals?
What better way to work the system to your advantage. LOL
This is funny stuff here people, Sierra Club leaders quit and months later they announce their leaving.

Regards BPB

* "Deal With Clorox Sparks Sierra Club Feud":"TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.:
The Clorox Co., targeted by activists for emitting pollution, has a new partner: the Sierra Club.The environmental group, better known for suing corporations than forging alliances with them, has agreed to promote a new line of eco-friendly Clorox products in exchange for a share of the profits.

Some Sierra Club chapters are crying foul, and officers in northern Michigan even quit over the deal.'They sold their soul to the highest bidder,' said Monica Evans, who helped reactivate the club's nine-county Traverse Group in 2000. She and the group's other five executive committee members resigned in May but only recently made their decision public.The walkout highlights the passionate debate among members of the Sierra Club over the partnership with Clorox, named one of a 'dangerous dozen' chemical companies by the Public Interest Research Group in 2004."

The Associated Press story ran in the International Herald Tribune July 16, 2008.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

NY In the races

NY In the Races

Waldo Cabrera received the support of the Conservative Party in his bid for the 6th Assembly District. Cabrera is challenging Democratic Assemblyman Philip Ramos in a Democratic Primary with the backing of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. Ramos was elected to the newly created Assembly District in 2002, which includes portions of Brentwood, Baywood, Central Islip, Bayshore, North Bayshore, Islip and Islandia.

Red Hook resident Anne Rubin announced that she is open to receiving the Democratic line in the race against Republican Assemblyman Marc Molinaro in the 103rd Assembly District. Rubin is enrolled in the Green Party and must submit petitions and receive permission from local Democratic leaders to run on the Democratic ticket. The 103rd Assembly District includes parts of Dutchess and Columbia counties including the City of Hudson.

Three candidates have dropped out of the race for the 21st Congressional District to replace retiring Rep. Michael McNulty. Attorney John Aretakis, executive director of the Pharmacists Society of New York State, along with Craig Burridge and Lester Freeman have all announced that they will not be running.

Meanwhile, Democrats Darius Shahinfar, Tracey Brooks, Phil Steck and Paul Tonko are expected to seek the Democratic line in a September Primary. On the Republican side, Jim Buhrmaster and Steven Vasquez will face-off. The 21st Congressional District includes all of Albany, Montgomery, Schenectady and Schoharie counties and parts of Fulton, Rensselaer and Saratoga counties.

Republican Staten Island Senator Andrew Lanza is being opposed by Democratic Community Board member Joseph Pancila for the 24th Senate District. The 24th SD includes most of Staten Island with the exception of parts of the North Shore.

Regards, BPB

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fort Ti June 27~29

It poured rain every afternoon, most of us were damp through~out the weekend. in spite of the humidity,heat and rain we all had fun.

OMG! Is that a in-line rifle

View from the fort across the lake
Battle field's

View from Fort Ti.~ the hill in front of you is Mount Defiance French lines ~ way out in the field are the Brits.
Suttlers row and British camp

National MLRA President to the right(see the book in his hand, its the directions to the frozen yogurt machine.) LOL

French Cannons firing on the British

As fate would have it my camera only takes every other picture why this happens I do not know; but it sure is frustrating.
Regards BPB

Friday, July 4, 2008

Every home gets a gun

(716) 683-3677

July 4, 2008

Everybodys Column
Buffalo News
PO Box 100
One News Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14240


Mitch Alboms column Every home gets a gun was totally irrational. Like most anti-gun liberals, he does not let history, truth or logic stand in his way proclaiming his hatred for guns and the Second Amendment.
His argument about how the streets will run with blood as good people suddenly turn bad because they can have guns is irrational. This was the argument twenty years ago when Florida made concealed carry of a firearm legal and relatively easy. When Colorado passed the castle doctrine law which does not require a person to retreat when threatened, the liberals called it the “make my day law. No bloodshed in either state.
He lied about everybody being able to have a gun. The laws against felons, mental incompetents, juveniles and others prohibited from gun ownership remain unchanged. He thinks banning a Constitutional right is just fine.
If bans worked, Prohibition would have been the success story of the twentieth century and we would not presently have an illegal drug problem. Criminals don't obey laws.
Self-defense is one of the most basic of rights, but when a government bans an effective means of protection, that right has been greatly infringed. The studies of states with easy accessibility to firearms have a lower violent crime rate than those with draconian restrictions.
With this Supreme Court ruling, it is the criminals who better “watch out.


H. W. "Budd" Schroeder
SCOPE, Chairman of the Board
Cell phone 861-9302

Budd is also running for US Congress

Gun law social experiment didn't work

Gun law 'social experiment' didn't work
Re: Weekend edition OPEN SEASON ?: I don't understand what's so upsetting about the Supreme Court's decision on the Second Amendment. The 32 year ''social experiment'' was a failure since the criminals never obeyed the handgun ban. Now individuals that pass the FBI background check can own handguns. Remember the laughable statement from a former DC Mayor ''Besides our high murder rate, our crime rate is relatively low.'' True lovers of freedom and liberty shouldn't pick and choose what parts of the Bill of Rights they like and those they want to remove.

Dave Forgione, Brooklyn

Dave is a chairman

You can download the Heller court decission at our web site.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lock Stock & Barrel June shoot scores

We actually had a day without rain. I came from behind after noticing my rear sight was loose. Go figure, it was shooting 4" off to the right. A few taps here and their and I came came back around.
The rear sight now has a brass shim and was re-fitted. I'll make a quick trip to the range to check my regulations and then maybe I'll solder it in place.

Sunday Shoot Results

Chalk- Frank Davenport
Cut the card- Frank Davenport
Ground silhouettes- Ron Rosen
Swing set - Glenn Macdougall
Split the Ball-Art Bennett
Balloons- Stan Wozniak
Running Deer- Terry Macdougall
Trap- Terry Macdougall

Saturdays Results

4 Target 20 shot Aggregate - 1 St.-Jim Butler-161, 2nd George Fuller-155, 3rd-Ray Pauldine. Sr.- 148x, 4th- Stan Wozniak-145

25 yard off hand- 1st Ron Smith- 41, 2nd terry Macdougall- 40x 3rd Bobby Cali- 39

50 yard off hand -1st Terry MacDougall-37 , 2nd Ron Smith-32 , 3rd Bill Hall-20

75 yard off hand - 1st Terry Macdougall-28, 2nd Glenn Macdougall-15

100 yard off hand- 1st Terry Macdougall-42, 2nd Ron Smith 18

50 yard Bench - 1st Stan Wozniak -34, 2nd Dick Bennett 28 3rd-Ron Smith-28

100 yard Bench- 1st Ron Smith -32 , 2nd Michael Cali - 7

25 yard pistol- 1st Frank Davenport-75,2nd Terry Macdougall 67 3rd Stan Wozniak - 63

25 yard Novelty - 1st Bill Brookover-40, 2nd Dick Bennett-30 3rd Glenn Macdougall 25

75 yard steel Wood chucks - 1st George Fuller -3 ,2nd- Terry Macdougall-2

100 yard Gong- 1st George Fuller-16,2nd Terry Macdougall 3 3rd Bill Hall- 2

Knife Throw- 1st Terry Macdougall-5 2nd Frank Davenport-1, 3rd Kyle Wardhough-1

Hawk - 1st Bill Hall- 4 2nd Ray Pauldine. sr 4, 3rd Frank Davenport- 4

Paper turkey head 1st Terry Macdougall- 28x 2nd Jim Butler- 28 3rd Bill Brookover-26

Paper Wood chucks-1st Bill Brookover-24 2nd Terry Macdougall-14

Paper Cat - 1st Jim Butler-26

Tie breaker - 1st Bill Brookover- 20 2nd Terry Macdougall-14

Lock Stock and Barrel is holding a raffle for a 54 Caliber Side Lock Muzzle Loader.Tickets: $2.00 each or 3/$5.00Winner's choice - $200.00 cash tickets available from any club member drawing or the gun.

Drawing will be held August 17, 2008 at Jerry Hourihan Memorail Aggregate Shoot.

Posted June 2008

Monday night shooting league starts 1st Monday in April, and lasts until the 1st Monday in October.

Shooting began's at 6:00pm.
Fee is $3.00 to shoot.
The 10 highest scores will be kept.
Low scores will be eliminated after the first 10 shoots.


Updated June 2008
June - Vern MacDougall Memorial Shoot: Click here ----> Photo Slideshow!
August - Jerry Hourihan Memorial Shoot: 2008- dates are Saturday August 16 and Sunday August 17
Family Picnic: July 20, 2008

Ontario,NY. 14519
WCSC Director
SCOPE Director @ Large
NY Muzzleloaders Assn. 2nd vice President

NY Youth Hunting bill~Governor needs letters

Come on people get shift or get off the pot! This is the 1st time in years the youth hunting bill has made it past both the house and Senate into the Governors hands. Lets put this on to bed!

Regards BPB


I have received word that the anti- hunting, anti- gun groups are doing a letter-writing campaign against the Junior Hunter/Trapper Mentor bill. I have also been told that someone is trying to get the youth big game mentor bill sent to the Governor early, so that he will have only anti- letters and will veto the bill.

Bill # A11033 / S8228 was to be delivered to the Governor the first week of August; now, if the antis get their way, it will be delivered around July 16th.

We need letters of support from all organizations, county federations, clubs and individuals sent to the Governor ASAP. The ones you have already sent do not count for this.

The letter should list the organization's or individual's support for the Junior Hunter/Trapper Mentor Bill A11033 / S8228. Include your name, address, and phone number. State that this legislation is an educational tool allowing our youth to learn safety and ethics in the field from experienced adults.

Send your letters to:
Ms. Terryl Brownclemons
Acting Counsel to the Governor
State Capital Executive Chamber Room 210
Albany N.Y. 12224
Fax #518-486-9652

Please send a copy to NYSCC so that I know what went to the Governor's office. The NYSCC fax # is 315-894-2893.

Thank you.

Harold L. Palmer


New York State Conservation Council, Inc. .
315-894-2893 fax