Thursday, January 31, 2013

NY's SAFE ACT is Racist against POWG's
The president of the New York State Conservation Council, Chuck Parker, says that his organization considers the NY SAFE Act an unconstitutional infringement on the second amendment.

He also says the NYS Conservation Council takes issue with the manner in which the NY SAFE Act passed the legislature in Albany earlier this month without public hearings.

... Ted Strang, an individual attending the event, says he intended to bring a sign into the meeting to show is opposition to the law but was prevented from doing so.

A spokesperson for the DCJS confirmed that signs are prohibited from the forums, whether they are for or against the law.


WTH! LMAO a sign is not allowed..OHHHHH new rules have we? OK guys get the "T" shirts out.
A sign on your vehicle.

Bet if this was one of those abortion, minority, gay rally's they'd have signs, cameras, and people chanting and dancing in the streets. I'm convinced this SAFE ACT, I.E. "Firearms Ban" is designed to unarm white males. Therefore it is racist as racist can be!!   Hell if people can call a sugar or soda law racist, then WTH do ya call this act?

bpb ps. POWG stands for Poor Old White Guy

Visit for bus info for rides on Feb. 28th

Mike Green SAFE ACT responds, DUH I don't know, maybe?

“Isn't the Constitution the law of all laws that trumps any other laws and what about the oath to protect that. Also, with the Constitution, you don't feel that this SAFE Act is unconstitutional?” asked another person at the meeting.

Mike Green reply:

“I'd be willing to bet there will be challenges to the constitutionality of the law and those will get handled through the courts, but until that happens our role at DCJS and their role at the NYSP doesn't change. We have to operate under the presumption that the law is constitutional until a judge says otherwise,” said Green in response.
... +++

Humm another lawyer that just doesn't know. But HEY! Will move along arresting people ruin there lives till we find out different.


Conventional wisdom among the legislators~The earth is flat

From a SAFE ACT forum Quoting the news here:
‎"The conventional wisdom among the legislators, our leaders is that this will lessen the ability of those who use those add ons to be more efficient as an active shooter," New York State Police said.

When that didn't work, State Police explained they weren't behind the legislation, merely trying to explain how it would be enforced, reminding gun owners that while the law was was passed quickly...regulations were still being fine tuned.

As per wiki definitions:

... So, Conventional wisdom may itself be the subject of legends. For example, it is widely believed that conventional wisdom prior to Christopher Columbus held that the world was flat, when in actuality scholars had long accepted that the earth is a sphere.

However, if enough people read and believe this fact, the above sentence will eventually become "conventional wisdom". Ironically however it would likewise become false, because it would no longer be true that this belief about the conventional wisdom of an earlier era was widespread.

Conventional wisdom is the body of ideas or explanations generally accepted as true by the public or by experts in a field. Such ideas or explanations, though widely held, are unexamined. Unqualified societal discourse preserves the status quo.

In short it's political bullshit!


SAFE ACT Fox23 news   

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SAFE ACT Buffalo,Ny

Cuomo's Firearms Ban meetings state wide shuffle

Tuesday, January 29
12:00 PM Mike Green, Executive Deputy Commissioner, Division of Criminal Justice Services and Steve Hogan, First Deputy Counsel, New York State Police present the NY SAFE Act in Erie County
Clarence Public Library
3 Town Place
Clarence, New York
Overflow crowd loud and heckling

12:00 PM First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Gagan, New York State Police and Sgt. James Sherman, New York State Police present the NY SAFE Act in Broome County
Endwell Volunteer Fire Hall
3508 Country Club Road
Endwell, New York
No report yet
1:00 PM Colonel Thomas Fazio, Field Commander, New York State Police and Kevin Bruen, Assistant Counsel, New York State Police present the NY SAFE Act in Essex County
Conference Center at Lake Placid, ORDA Excelsior Room
2643 Main Street
Lake Placid, New York
Get out there and make them listen.

5:00 PM Mike Green, Executive Deputy Commissioner, Division of Criminal Justice Services and Steve Hogan, First Deputy Counsel, New York State Police present the NY SAFE Act in Monroe County
Rochester Public Safety Building
First Floor Auditorium
185 Exchange Street
Get out there and make them listen

6:00 PM First Deputy Superintendent Kevin Gagan, New York State Police and Sgt. James Sherman, New York State Police present the NY SAFE Act in Tompkins County
Greater Ithaca Activities Center
521 W. Seneca Street
Ithaca, New York
Get out there and make them listen
Black Powder Bill Brookover
315-524-3457 President
GunBroker name BPBRS
Licensed FFL longarms only Director Director


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shooter's Committee on Political Education update

Shooter's Committee on Political Education will host the monthly Meeting at the Marion Legion at 7pm. It is suggested if you want a seat to arrive early. Monroe counties meeting was last night at Jay's diner and it was standing room only after the booths and tables were filled up.

I'd like to thank ABATE of Rochester for coming out last night and offering SCOPE a table at their upcoming swap meet in Hilton this Sunday. Also to the guy who rented the auditorium at Rendell Library on his own dime so information on the Firearm’s Ban can be discussed with all those affected. As I understood it the upcoming gun show in April at its new location in Gates may have a rally as well. [TBA]

Also the Supervisor of Gates for coming out in support of all our rights. Last all the members and new members for giving towards the pending litigation, without you we’d be sunk. SCOPE has won several suits in NY over the years. We are in the process of negotiations with our attorney. The NY legislature will have to iron out some of the language in the bill they pass. Many items listed actually banned firearms from use by state and local civil service employees.

Join and Donate to help us fund and fight this legislation!

For more information please visit

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin discusses the New York SAFE Act

This is what were up against. Join SCOPE NOW

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New York Firearms Ban "WEELLL YAA KNOW"

BlackPowderBill comments on firearms owners in general and the responce that is usually given when they give in to easely. Actually this applies to many other situations as well. It's so sad when you really think about it.

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Political Zombies 1943 Invasion

BlackPowderBill comments on this past weeks firearms ban and reads form the Feb. 1943 American Rifleman Editorial titled "Invasion".

Patriots of NY Turning Albany Upside Down

Very Important Update:

What: Governor Cuomo Ant-Gun Legislation protest being planned

When: Tentatively 1st and/or 2nd Tuesday in February at 12:00 Noon till 4:00 PM

Where: Capital Building Albany, NY

This event is being organized by Gary L Perry, Former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, State Legislators including Senators Kathy Marchione & Greg Ball, and assemblymen Bill Nojay & Steve Katz.

This Protest is being held on a Tuesday because that is when all of the State Legislators, the Governor and their staffs are in Albany, This is when all of the media has a presence in Albany covering issues.

We have commitments form Carl Paladino, Bill Nojay, Steve Katz, Kathy Marchione, Greg Ball and others to speak at this historic event.

We are working on arranging buses for this event. Our goal in 5,000 in attendance but would really love to see 10,000 in attendance.

This is an opportunity for our state legislators and their constituents to send a loud and clear message that we will not comply with a law that are in opposition of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

This will be the first step in repealing this unconstitutional law that Governor Cuomo introduced and signed into law.

More information to follow as dates and details become available.

If you are interested in a bus traveling to your area to pick up you and your group please contact me and I will pass this information along to the person coordinating buses.
Patriots of NY Turning Albany Upside Down

Join or Donate to Shooter's Committe on Political Education  
New York's only grass roots firearms advocacy fighters since 1965

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SCOPE Wayne County,NY emergency meeting

You do not have to be a Wayne county resident to attend this meeting. bpb
This is it. The disaster we have been warning against, has arrived.

We will meet at 7PM at Marion American Legion Post.

We will ask everyone coming to donate money to SCOPE Legal Defense Fund, so SCOPE could fight the rammed-down-our-throats Cuomo's Anti-Second Amendment Bill in court. Litigation will be extremely costly, and will most likely take years to resolve.
We will also, take a Wayne County SCOPE Chapter vote to decide amount of cash to send from our Chapter remaining funds to the SCOPE Legal Defense Fund.

This is what we have been saving money for, so we can help fight legal battles to preserve our rights in emergency. We are there. The NY Legislature is not on our side at all anymore, we cannot count on the senate blocking any anti-gun bills any longer. Our only recourse is litigation, and things are in the works right now.

 We will discuss any latest news on litigation.

I expect a couple of speakers. I promise I won't babble on during this meeting. The talking is over, we need to put up cash for lawyers.  
I will respectfully ask that we not spend a lot of time asking what is legal and what is not. The bill is out, and not coherent to read and understand. If someone wants to take the time to write up "cliff notes" and interpret into plain English, go for it as I will not do so. Please write up and email your findings to me and we can have Bob print them up.

Our fund raising committee needs to come up with some ideas for extra fund raising....we will need it.

 Hope to see you all there.

Bob Brannan and Michelle Upson will work on mailing out alert to members without email.

 John Piczkur
Wayne County SCOPE Chapter Chairman


BlackPowder Bill Brookover

22 Minutes of Shame; How NY Government Screwed Sportsmen

Read the bill on SCOPE's web site Cuomo's Firearms Ban

A 20 Minuet lead time.
 What kind of corruption is that?

I feel every firearm owner and sportsman should ask for refunds of their LifeTime hunting licenses.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Yorks Traitors RINO's who need no rewards from Sportsmen has the list of traitors who voted for these bills. One special thing to note is Sen. Diaz has asked for funding for police/troopers to conduct confiscations.

Come see the dirtbags that voted to take you private property away.

Lets see the P&R funding drop off for NY. Antis both firearms and animal types should be rejoicing today.

Today take time to cancel your newspaper and cable TV and tell them why. You'll not be funding a corrupt government. By cancelling my newspaper and cable it will be less taxes they can collect.
Now if football is more important, well then, I bet the government has a special seat just for you

Those who voted FOR Cuomo's firearms ban:
Adams, Addabbo, Avella, Boyle, Breslin, Carlucci, Diaz, Dilan, Espaillat, Felder, Flanagan, Fuschillo, Gianaris, Gipson, Golden, Grisanti, Hannon, Hassell-Thomps, Hoylman, Kennedy, Klein, Krueger,Lanza, Latimer, LaValle, Marcellino, Martins, Montgomery, O'Brien, Parker, Peralta, Perkins, Rivera, Sampson, Sanders, Savino, Serrano, Skelos, Smith, Squadron, Stavisky, Stewart-Cousin, Valesky

Those who voted against Cuomo's Firearms ban:

Nays (18):
Ball, Bonacic, DeFrancisco, Farley, Gallivan, Griffo, Larkin, Libous, Little, Marchione, Maziarz, Nozzolio, O'Mara, Ranzenhofer, Ritchie, Robach, Seward, Young

 I said this decades ago and was about tossed out of a Sportsmen's meeting.
I think it past due that sportsmen in NY take a hard stand on who their friends are. These politicians that voted for this junk & belong to your association just violated your by-laws. They need to be thrown out ,as do your friends who think this is good legislation.

Monday, January 14, 2013

NY Firearms ban update

The new state legislation will:

* Limit ammunition clips to seven. It’s now 10
* Force gun owners to renew their licenses every five years
* Stiffen penalties for using a gun in the commission of a crime
* Stiffen penalties for bringing a gun on school property
* New restrictions on the assault weapons already owned by New Yorkers

Sen. Larkin’s office and was told that they should have a bill number around 8 pm. The bill is being printed as we speak. The vote will come tonight @11PM

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fax Albany Stop Bullying firearms Owners!

Fax Albany: As the Senate Leadership and IDC are being promised money and power by the Governor and his friends in return for their support of Gun Confiscation and a new AWB; What about us?br /
Since when did it become fashionable and in vogue to bully law abiding citizens simply because they own firearms.  If this kind of behavior was being perpetrated against any other group there would be outrage. br /
br /

Give the Republican Leadership and the IDC this message!br /
br /
strong We demand that you STOP THE BULLYING!!!!/strongbr /
strong /strong

Senator Grisanti asked me to get in touch with you regarding your concerns
over proposed gun control measures. Please know that since the tragedy at
Newtown, Senator Grisanti has been advocating against knee jerk reactionary
measures. New York already has some of the toughest gun control measures
in the entire nation and Senator Grisanti believes we need to encore laws
already on the books as well as looking to punish those individuals who
purchase and use guns illegally, rather than law abiding citizens.
thank you for taking the time to contact Senator Grisanti, please feel free
to contact me on this or any other issue you see fit.
Thank you.

When the SHTF ~ Nov. 7th 2012 The people were a sleep

Just offered a fella in Texas my last 3 boxes of buckshot for reloading. We'll never see 15lbs of #1's & #4's at $90.00 ever again.

Have all my 9mm bullets on hold pending funds~

Have to quote an entire reloading set up including bullet mould & sizer kit.

 People waited to long! I warned them in 1985 when the 1st bullet ban was tossed out.

NewYork is under seige by weak knee'd RINO's who are comparing hunting firearms to military grade battle rifles.  No matter how much time we spend telling the public the differences between firearm types, they the press, antis & policitians continue to let the media and antis lie.

Bringing these so called leaders to an end of their wallet sucking jobs should be a priority of the people. BUT, we have more sheeple than people.

WWW.SCOPEny.ORG has launched several new web pages for firearms owners to contact politicians. We also have an alert system in place for you to pass on to your friends.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fellow Patriots: The reason for gun control~

Fellow Patriots:

The real reason for gun control is much more sinister than politicians and anti-gun advocates will ever admit.

People in position of power are receiving money from the anti-gun advocates, and they are not listening to law abiding, citizen gun owners.
They have been demonizing and distorting facts about firearms relentlessly, and sadly exploiting the victims of Sandy Hook, and the firefighters of Webster. Demonization and distortion won't change anyone's mind. It only further confuses the populace to further an agenda. These types of elected representatives can never win on the issues, because the facts tell the truth.

We, the law abiding citizens are faced with draconian ultimatums, driven by the coordinated misinformation of some of our elected officials. The Governor is threatening CONFISCATION and wants 100% registration. He is planning to fan the flames of hysterical misinformation at his State of the State Address. Now is the time to make ourselves heard. Here is the plan that we, the law abiding citizen must act upon to make ourselves heard, because we are being deliberately ignored. The Governors State of the State Speech planned for Wednesday January 9 at 1:30 PM.

Gun Owners, their families, friends and supporters of the Constitution need to invest a few minutes of their time and make some phone calls.
The democrats are NOT giving up, and will push these bills through if they can THIS WEEK. This means that we all could become class B felons, within passage of these laws.
It appears we may have the exact number of votes (32) to save us from these laws, but if ONE of these 32 votes get weak and fall to pressure then we lose.
Please keep the discourse civil, polite, and DO NOT MAKE ANY THREATS OR STATEMENTS OF BRAVADO. THIS HURTS OUR CAUSE.
Here are the bills the democrats are trying to ram through as soon as possible:

Call the Governor’s Office (518) 474-8390 – AND LEAVE THIS MESSAGE:

"I am a law abiding, tax paying, voting, citizen of New York State and I strongly urge you not to impose any further restrictions, laws or regulations on my Second Amendment Rights as granted by the United States Constitution".

Then you call Senate Leader Skelos and leave the same message.

Then you call Assembly Leader Silver and leave the same message.

Then you call your own Assemblyperson and State Senator and leave the same message.

Please make these phone call messages to our ELECTED representatives. If the trunk lines into the capital become overloaded with call volume then so be it......this is the goal. WE MUST BE HEARD.

While waiting, you can also access their respective web sites and voice your concern through email message. Write the same message as above.

Contact information:

Call the Governor at (518) 474-8390, go to his web site and leave a response

Senate Majority Co Leader Dean Skelos (518) 455-3171

Senate Majority Co Leader Sen. Jeffrey Klein, D-Bronx 518-455-3595

and Sheldon Silver 518-455-3791

Please forward this to every gun owner you know. If the phones are busy, good...this means that it is working. Keep trying until you leave the message!!!


for Liberty,

Chris Edes
Chair, Monroe County SCOPE

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mental Health, how far do they want to go?

Mental health is an issue which has come to the fore with the shootings at a school in Newtown, CT. Though there is a constant push to have a database of mentally deficient, the question remains how the determinations are to be made. During the early part of the 20th Century many people were institutionalized when they showed even the least sign of hysteria, such as a woman getting mad, and berating their husband even tho' it may have been deserved.

        No one can prove the mental health/stability of anyone, and mental status may change at the drop of a hat depending on circumstance. Some would say a well grounded person will remain well grounded, but suppose the straw that broke the camels back was presented to you? Suppose the very fact that you were willing to shoot another person on your own property as you felt threatened made the authorities determine that you were rash, irrationally paranoid? See, once you start injecting "Mental Health" into the gun debate, anyone can be denied permission by the state for any thing, no matter how minor. A slip of the tongue, a slight to someone who takes it personally (A mental health issue in itself), use of a word deemed inappropriate by the state, whether in writing, or speech (already Orleans County has passed a request to the federal congress to ban the use of the word "retard(ed)" in regards mental health status. How many more words have been proposed to be banned? Any slight against a minority, or even someone's ethnicity, may not have been banned, but use of words like Polock, Kike, Guinea, etc.., have been made inappropriate in our speech, even tho' few of those whose ethnicity was mocked took unkindly to these words then, and some, even now.

Your status with the person in question often plays into whether they accept the name you have called them. If one takes offense, they can be called on it, but to ban outright such things seems a might provocative, and ungainly from a constitutional perspective where speech is supposed to be protected.

        I think most here could agree, or at the surmise that to which I write. The fact is, there are people who are mentally deficient, but often that deficiency cannot be seen, or tested for in the general population. The individual is key here, and no amount of doctoring, or mentoring, or psychological profiling can get it right every time. So, these databases that the left--I suppose many on the right, as well-- would like to see created in regards mental health would seem to me to be unconscionable.

        Further, how can we allow that there is a privacy in the doctor patient relationship in regards abortion (infanticide), and not in regards mental status, and health? It would seem that only where the state agrees one may murder is such appropriate. The key here is the denial issue. How many recall the purges of NAZI Germany? Not many alive today can recall when the retarded were taken from their families, and the infirmaries they were in, these families being told they were going to work camps where they would be happy being around people like themselves, when, in reality, the NAZI's were systematically murdering them because of their mental incapacity.

        Th Soviet Union ised incarceraton of mental defectives a part of its agenda. Who were considered such? Here is a rendering entitled, "The Legacy of Psychiatric Abuse in the USSR":
"In the late 1960s and 1970s, procuratorial and KGB agencies
increasingly began to send dissidents from the scientific and
humanitarian intelligentsia as well as the independent labor
movement to psychiatric detention. The usual pattern was to
arrest a dissident on a political charge such as Art. 70 ("anti-
Soviet agitation and propaganda") or Art. 190-1 (anti-state
slander), subject him to compulsory psychiatric examination
(usually at the Serbsky Institute of Forensic Psychiatry in
Moscow), hold a perfunctory trial in absentia, and immediately
assign the defendant to indefinite detention in special
psychiatric hospitals under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of
Internal Affairs. The advantage of forensic psychiatric
detention is that no case has to be built in court, behavior can
be controlled with drugs, and the "sentence" is indefinite.
Hundreds of dissidents went through this torment."

        How many recall the 1950's and 1960's when lobotomies were routinely perfermed on those who the state couldn't handle. Even one of the Kennedy's relations was lobotomized. The mental health community also used electrical shock therapy to staunch the bad behavior of some individuals, but shock therapy isn't commonly used anymore for various, and good reasons, one being that memories of the patients were erased if these shock treatments occurred enough times, and could even occur with one use.

        Certainly, medicines capacity to treat mental illness has come a long way with the research done, and drugs created to treat mental health issues, and brain chemical deficiencies, especially in those with depression, and mania. However, suppose one use of an anti-anxiety drug made you no longer eligible for state permission to carry a weapon? Would that not make you vulnerable? Suppose being right wing (constitutional belief in rule of law, republican form of governance, libertarianism, etc.) was considered a mental health problem? Could you be denied the ability to carry for being so? What if left wing meant that you were so averse to guns that if you wanted to carry you were thought to have a mental problem, perhaps paranoia, regardless of you true mental status, or regard for your own personal safety? Would that not be a "Catch 22"?

        Certainly, the mental health issue has to be addressed in this country, but it can't be used as an excuse to deny anyone who ever sought medical help for a mental health issue. Imagine if you have a cheating, or abusive, spouse with whom you cannot deal, or some other reason such as job loss, which has resulted in a mild depression. Does one lose the ability--their right--to carry for life simply because one has a short term problem? And, what provisions did the founders have for mentally defectives? How were they treated? How were they denied the ability to own and carry weapons? Some may have considered "Billy the kid" Bonnie a might 'loony tunes' for his lack of morals, and disregard for human life.
What role does morality play in the debate about gun control? What of personal responsibility? If we have a government that allows lack of personal responsibility, even promotes it through the welfare system, and other social programs, how do we counteract that? If we have a government that denies morality, prayer in schools, unless to Allah, the listing of the Ten Commandments in our classrooms, and in our halls of justice, how can we expect people to remain sane?

        When we have a government, or a portion of it, that promotes infanticide, how do we expect that they can respect the right of the individual after it is born? Since we now have a president who has voted for laws which would see to it that babies born that were meant to be terminated, but which lived, must be left to die--food, water, medical care, blanket to keep it warm, all denied--what kind of society does that promote? How disgusting are we going to allow our government to make us? How depraved is a nation which would have anyone in it consider such moral, decent, even conscionable, let alone a nation who would vote such a leader in twice? And, if that is what our president (Obama), our governor (Cuomo), think in regards life, how can we expect anyone in government, at whatever level, to have any morals, scruples, or principles whatsoever? Worse, it is my belief that anyone who would consider what I just wrote to be a sane policy are themselves 'insane."

 So, how can we have people who are insane make determinations about who should, or should not, own, or carry, firearms? How can they make determinations about what guns we should be able to own, what numbers we may own them in, what restrictions on them there may be, etc., if they are themselves, insane?

Paul Rusin

BPB note: Paul is a State Director

Sunday, January 6, 2013

SCOPE NY Joins National Coalition Demanding Congress Protects Gun Rights

[url=]SCOPE letter to congress[/url]

SCOPE NY Joins National Coalition 

Demanding Congress Protects Gun Rights
(Buffalo) January 3, 2013 - The Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE NY) a New York State Not For Profit Volunteer Organization dedicated to the preservation of the Second Amendment Rights for New York Citizens, joined two dozen other gun rights advocate groups across the country today in sending an important letter* to the members of Congress urging them to protect the 2ndAmendment.

“The facts are, that as gun ownership has been dramatically increasing in the United States over the last decade, the rates of violent crime have been steadily decreasing.”  said SCOPE President Stephen Aldstadt.

 “The forces who would restrict the Constitutionally recognized Right to Keep and Bear Arms have been shamelessly sensationalizing recent shootings in an effort to convince the American people that there is an epidemic of violence involving [Anti lingo] “Assault Weapons” and that restricting the average citizen from owning modern sporting rifles would somehow make us all safer. According to the FBI annual crime statistics, more people are bludgeoned to death with clubs and hammers each year then are killed with rifles, and no study has established that Clinton era gun ban was ever effective in lowering rates of violent crime.

The common denominator in virtually all of the mass shootings of recent years is that they all took place in “Gun Free Zones”. Tragically, restricting the right to bear arms in these cases has resulted in more needless casualties.  SCOPE will support legislation and prosecution that targets violent criminal behavior, but will oppose any new restrictions that would only affect honest peaceable citizens.”

*See link below and attached document to this email for text of the letter sent to Congress by the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban.

Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE), P.O. Box 602 - Tonawanda, NY. 14151-0602

BPB is a SCOPE state director at large