Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dealing with Humainiacs"

To those of you who've known me over the years I'm sure you remember some of my writings on this subject. It's not about the egg

Here we are 17 years later and again 6 years past 2004 when I told you to get with it or else!
Well it seems a group started in 2003 has taken the ball and is informing America on the very things I tried to tell you about and they are making progress.

One of 5 video clips
From a speech given in California "Why It Matters and What You Can Do" by David Martosko

Monday, March 15, 2010

131 politicians not to vote for

Yepper 131 of them and guess who's golden girl is at the top on NY? None other than Kirsten Schumer Gillibrand
See attachment I loaded to a forum:

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So there are 131 politicians across the nation who don't need our vote. Why? Because they don't support us!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Remington Game Master Bullets

Picked up 40 boxes 20 in 45 cal and 20 in 50 cal.
$10.00 per box
I can ship 2 boxes USPO flat rate for $5.00 no insurance.
Full case is 20 boxes ships for $15.00

Also avaiable is:
20 box 58 cal 535 gr
10 box 54 cal 400 gr
40 box 50 cal 385 gr
35 box 50 cal 365 gr
124 box 45 cal 285 gr.

I still have Hornady's left ~ Sold 21 boxes last week !
Don't wait these ae the last of em and my prices are at least $1.00 less than Midway and Midsouth.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Obama coffee party is Chock Full of Nuts

I posted this on another blog. Yes its all mine, not stolen from someone else.

Isn't the Coffee Party "Chock Full of Nuts". Bombalone sold his followers a transparent Government.

He told them his product was better than the same old can of Joe. He then discontinued his product and is trying to sell us all an ol' can of mud.

Not all coffees are the same.
To get a good cup you need to roast the beans to perfection. BPB thinks Bombalone's beans were roasted a tad to long!

Regards~ BPB

BlackPowderBill on RoadRunner

Plenty of storage but the RR tool bar and the add banner suck as well. Looks like I'll have to either up grade or pick up a cheap place to store my pages at.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hornady Great Plains bullets

Hornady Great Plains Bullets

I bought out all the Hornady Great Plains bullets from local warehouse on 3/5/2010.

These are the last I know of & are being offered at $10.00 per box. BPB can ship 2 boxes in a USPO small flat rate carton. Shipping is $5.00 no insurance. I could possibly remove the bullets from the manufacturing packaging and fit 40 or more bullets in the same USPO package. That's up to you.

For any order over $25.00 I.E. Insurance for 3 & upboxes will be a few dollars more which I require, unless you specify otherwise, USPO medium rate box shipping $15.00 in all the States for 3 boxes or more in original manufacturing packaging.

BlackPowderBill's Sales at

In stock are:

6 bx 45 cal 285 gr hbhp Sold Mar. 10, 2010

15 bx 50 cal 385gr Sold Mar. 10 ,2010

5 bx 50 cal 385 gr hbhp

8 bx 54 cal 425 gr

1 bx 54 cal 385gr hbhp

13 bx 58 cal 525 gr hphb

I may have an odd box around from a previous order but these are the last of em.

This listing will read the same for all the Hornady Great Plains bullets.All auctions will be for 2 boxes of bullets Total for auctionwill be $25.00 that's $20.00 for the bullets and $5.00 for shipping.

Thanks for looking!


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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4,000 NY fishermen & Chuck Schumer

YEAA another round of compliants from the NYC side. Government Over regulation
If I recall a bill was introduced near the end of 2009 to repeal the new marine fee. Remember now, Chuck has long been an advocate for New York's fishing industry.

So out of the blue this email shows up in my inbox with this summation:


To all,

I am finding that certain complaints that get lodged against the NYSCC and/or its members come back and make the original complainers look like asses.

1. The Pete Grannis DEC Commissioner Appointment- Remember how certain 'sportsman groups" lashed out at the NYSCC for not trying to stop Grannis from getting that job? In its 75 year history I have not ever seen any evidence where the Council has ever taken any steps to do anything like this or for that matter actually ever had the power to stop an appointment of this kind. Charlie Hancock (CFAB) recently reported to us at the 2/7/10 meting of the FLCC @ DEC headquarters in Avon that to date he has had no difficulty dealing with Grannis and usually tries to make an attempt to cooperate if Charlie asks something of him.

2. Marine License, NYS- Here is a quote from a recent update from NYSCC president Howard Cushing Jr.- "Several fishing organizations have gone to Senator Schumer to get legislation passed to repeal the Marine License. It seems a little odd that some who opposed the Council having any connection with Schumer are now asking him to champion their cause. Something fishy there?" When the Marine License issue was presented to us in the Council we were told two things: A. The Feds were going to jam a license down our throats if NYS did not come up with their own. B. At least with that license in place then you can get Pittman-Robertson/Dingel-Johnson funds which are badly needed in the state.

Here is the latest in a long line of articles on the subject on NY's fishing over-regulation.

I Fish, I Vote (not to be confused with "I am a gun owners and vote!")

More than 4,000 fishermen and their supporters shouted those words in front of the Capitol on Wednesday during the United We Fish rally to protest federal fishing regulations imposed by the Magnuson-Stevens Act

Read more follow the link

Then the blog comments: Chuck sleeps w/Da fishes.

Nationwide Poll: Seven Out of Ten Americans Wrongly Believe the Humane Society of the United States... -- WASHINGTON, March 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Humane Watch is on top of the HSUS issues , especially since Barnum circus(Feld Entertainment ) filed RICO charges against Fund for Animas,HSUS,attornies and the under cover guy. Hey you guys knew all that cause I've been writing about it for two decades now!

Nationwide Poll: Seven Out of Ten Americans Wrongly Believe the Humane Society of the United States is a Pet-Shelter "Umbrella Group"
Nationwide Poll: Seven Out of Ten Americans Wrongly Believe the Humane Society of the United States... -- WASHINGTON, March 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --