Friday, July 10, 2020

George Floyd Was a Walking Pharmacy When He Died.

Medical report

Millions of dollars in damages, people killed whites attacked by blacks and white wiggers. Warriors hidden by a mask. Cowards destroyed cities and many political elected allowed it to continue for weeks.

George Floyd was a walking pharmacy.

The guy in Atlanta was drunk

Monday, May 11, 2020

FS: Thompson Center Sure Fire Hollow Point Bullets 50 cal

I have 50 packs on hand 7$ per pack. Shipping will be 8$ small flat rate.

Fill a medium flat rate box for 15$ shipped.

20 per pack
50 cal. Mag Express Sabots
230 gr HP bullet
.450 diameter

Thanks for looking

FFL 35 years Veteran Owned

In addition to the TC items:

10 boxes of Hornady .375 round ball for 36 cal BP revolver. 11$ per box of 100 rb. can be shipped small flat rate box or padded envelope 8$.

Also .490 rb for 50 cal rifles. 15$ per box of 100--

.350 dia RB for 36 cal rifle 11$ per box of 100.

.530 & .535 for 54 cal 18$ per box Speer and Hornady

.575 cast for 58 cal 10$ per box of 50

.580 Hornady for 58 cal 9$ per box of 50

Hornady Great Plains conicals 12$ per box

More not listed

 For shipping I remove the contents from the larger RB box. If you want the box then it has to go medium flat rate 15$. Insurance is extra.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2005 Homeland Security & CDC Templates for Lock Down During Influenza

Talking to a friend who was part of a mock hospital security detail back around 2007. 
Remember the military drills in cities across the states.

How about crazy Alex Jones his rants.

I dug up the what if and when how the government is to respond.

Here is in the link below the governments plan for you & I.

Who Was That Masked Man?

"I don't know but he left this silver bullet." :-D

I have been watching the residents of Rose(NY) walking around masked for quite sometime before the proclamation. Makes no sense to me. Nobody within yards much less feet in Rose and wearing a mask. Like the boogie man was going to come running out of nowhere and breathe on them. C-19 is a droplet carried virus. Not an a airborne virus. I guess people just enjoy walking around with masks on?

Yesterday was my first shopping trip in two weeks. Got lunch at the Burger Queen, fueled up, dropped off empty soda bottles at the dog shelter and went to Wally-world. My first trip since King Andrew proclaimed through out New Yorkistan the loyal subjects shall wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. The disloyal subjects shall be arrested and fined $1,000.00.On my way down rte 414 to Waterloo vehicle after vehicle one occupant ,no one else in the vehicle, windows up and wearing a mask?

After I got my grub at Burger Queen(I am a sucker for dbl cheeseburgers and Dr Pepper)I was sitting on rte 5&20 eating in the truck. Observing vehicle after vehicle going by with only one person in it and they are masked? The best observation of the day was a lady passes me in the left lane ob 5&20 She is driving left handed and holding a cloth over her nose and mouth. No one else in the car windows up.
Seemed to be risky behavior to me. Risk a motor vehicle accident to prevent me from getting C-19,nice lady.

Wally-world was confusing as hell. Signs and arrows stuck to the floor indicating one way aisles and two way aisles but you have to maintain social distancing in the two way aisles. Huh? Takes you twice as long to get your stuff and get out. Increasing your exposure time to a potential person with no symptoms out and about. Even in the one way aisles I kept more than 6 feet from people. I am pooping razor blades to be out away from my house to begin with. I was in there only got 15 items and it took me 45 minutes! Mask was hot and driving me crazy in less than 20. Hot weather they are going to be a real joy.

So I am guessing the multitude of loyal subjects have not read the CDC's guidelines for for using a mask during the C-19 outbreak. First of all the guru's say improper use of the mask increases your chance above people that just wander around unmasked and wash their hands. Let that sink in. Then it gives the proper times to wear it and how to wear it.

Then describes what to do with it so if you don't already have it you infect yourself by improperly handling the mask. Surgeon General and Fauci have repeatedly said most people infect them selves with their own hands. Don't depend on masks,wash your hands with soap! The soap breaks down the fat in the virus killing it in 10-15 seconds 335 million folks in America majority running around with no clue, scared to die and scared of getting  arrested by robo-cop.

Certainly have sold a lot of masks. Try to buy disposable masks or bandanas right now.

Typical government mandate something that can potentially do more harm than good if not trained in how to use it. Threaten to fine you $500.00 and then two days later raise the fine to $1,000.00. Any public safety announcements on tv educating people on how to use the masks correctly? No!
Stay safe. Bad bug out here.

My friend is a retired Deputy in NY so he's a bit observant and a no BS kind of man.

I am still never shocked to see how fast people are willing to replace "I" with "WE". Do the "WE's" really give a crap about the "I's".. NAH! ot for a second only long enough to promote the collective.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

For Sale: Muzzle Loader 50 cal Percussion Older Kit Rifle Finished off by BPB

BlackPowderBill on Gun Broker

$325.00 if sold off GB---$350.00 on GB

This is a parts ML'r "I picked up to finish off. Several parts were missing.
Looks exactly like a CVA lock with a few minor differences

Gun appears to never been fired. As it was never put together. However we'll call it used

50 cal Spanish mfg.


28" bbl

Double set trigger group

Bore is in great condition

NOTE the rear sight pictured is NOT the sight on the rifle. After I cleaned and adjusted the screw later on that evening the sight cracked in two pcs. I replaced it with a open fixed blade.

The rifle sights will have to be regulated when you sight it in.

Nice stock light color with some slight figure

I replaced the under rib-screws-thimbles-nose cap screws-rear sight-tennon-escutcheon screws

Threw some bluing on the barrel it looks OK. Cleaned up the brass it will need some final polishing . If it were mine I'd leave it like it is.

Payment USPS Money order

Shipping appx. $40.00 depending on location includes insurance

Rifle will ship broken down

Thanks for looking! BlackPowderBill


This item may contain chemicals that harm humans

For more information go to

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Another Firearms/Ammo Distributor Going Out of Business Williams Shooter Supply

So I log into my account today, Saturday February 1, 2020 and see this pop-up for about a second. I scrolled thru the pictures and captured it.

 No email to notify me-
Now I ask why are they going under? Is it the same management style that caused Jerry's to fold up.

Regardless of what distributor I use or who folds up shop, I'm still working on my end 35 years now.  Sad news indeed this does explain why the cartridge inventory was kind of empty. I figured it was inventory time and in the spring more items would be available. 

So I still have a few muzzle loader rifles on hand with more coming in ever few months. They are 2 new in box Lyman GPR RH flintlocks priced at 600$ each.
CVA Silver Wolf 1-38 twist looks great! 275$
Will make you a fine slug gun for Deer/Bear? 
It's up to you

                          T/C Renegade Like new was a wall hanger!
     TC Renegade and CVA pistol numbered & stamped 1984 Louisianian Expo   commemorative with Engraved Western 49H Bowie knife.  
Wall display board to hang them all on.  800$ 

^^A TC Hawken 50 cal percussion 400$ includes many extras. Like a leather fringed scabbard with TC logo. Leather sling with QD swivles. TC Manual. Peep sight(aperture is missing) No doubt removed for hunting. ^^

Shipping is extra on all items.

Hey thanks for looking and follow me here and on Face Book.

Regards, BlackPowderBill

Monday, January 27, 2020

FOR Sale: Kimber 8400 Mountain Assent 300 Winchester Mag

Used owner went for a 300 SM in place of the 300 WM. Super nice condition $1,750.00 shipping insured extra.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

For Sale: Hawken Thompson Center 25 yr Anniversary 1970-1995

That's correct I have a 50 cal percussion right hand TC Hawken up for sale.

 The muzzle bore appears to have been coned by a previous owner.
 The Rifle stock has some handling marks, bore is great condition. Lock and triggers work well. Inside of lock has little to no wear marks which indicates very little use.
 Leather sling and swivels. 
  Has a rear tang peep sight the apeture is missing.

  I sell these rifles for $350.00 you're getting well over $100 in extras!

  Price is $360.00 shipping is extra cost depends on your location. You can figure at a min 40$ insured
 Local pick up OK.


Yes that is a leather fringed scabbard with a TC branded logo.

Aperture is missing on the peep sight. I figure it was removed for hunting

YEA a manual from talk on the internet some of you need to read one!

Thanks for looking!  Regards, BlackPowderBill

Monday, January 20, 2020

For Sale: SOLD Thompson Center Patriot Pistol 45 cal

TC Patriot 45 cal Pistol   
BPB Link to GunBroker

     Great pistol $350.00 shipping will be 25$

Patriot 45 cal has a few handling marks.
 Other wise appears as not used, to fired very little.

 Nothing like a grubby hand to leave a mark

 Lock looks like it's never been used

Thanks for looking check out my Face Book page for sale items and updates.
Regards BlackPowderBill

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Pillow Ticking-Cotton Tight Weave for Muzzle Loader Ball Patching

Hello & Happy New Year 2020!

  A new year and milestone as I have been shooting ML'rs now for 50 years.

Ok boys & girls in the firearms world. Two links here as well as the articles posted on different web pages. Read them , I know in my past experience it's hard nuff to get you guys to read a manufactures manual prior to screwing up a muzzle loader. So with that being said Please take the time to read these 2 articles on cotton ticking.

Bear in mind, cotton fabric did not become readily available until around 1840. Even though Columbus found cotton on his first voyage and returned to Europe with seeds.
Quote: Although many clothes, especially coats, were still made out of leather or fur, most clothes were made out of wool (from sheep) or linen (from the flax plant), hemp or cotton. Some rich people wore silk.

Source: Fabric source brief history.

Then an additional link on Sizing & Starch here Sizing & Starch


 Lots of myths concerning cotton weave pillow ticking. Here are a few links to fabric sources explaining the material we all love to cut up in little round or square pieces.

Ticking Fabric  link to follow including source credits.

Whatever happened to old-school ticking stripe fabric?
I’m talking about authentic mattress ticking woven in a dense twill or herringbone weave. The type that feels weighty even after it’s washed.  It’s 100% cotton and has no flame retardant coating.

OK all you smoke pole story tellers? Got it now? Ticking is plain old cotton no fire proof coatings. You wash it to shrink the material down, which in turn tightens the weave a bit more. 

This is the kind of ticking I want for my slipcovers.

I have been searching for classic ticking in a slipcover weight for the past two years.  Occasionally, I come across a few yards of gorgeous vintage ticking in exactly the weight I like.  And, of course there’s always the lovely, densely woven herringbone ticking made in England but priced out of my reach.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s very easy to find basic cotton ticking fabric in a wide range of prices and colors.  I have sampled and tested many.  But none of them are weighty or durable enough for the look & feel I’m going for in my washable slipcovers.  Even the ones called “heavy weight mattress ticking” weigh in at a measly 6 to 9 ounces and turn limp after wash.

My search continues. Stay tuned!  For now, here are my reviews for some of the ticking I sampled so far:

Tinsmiths Ticking The Slipcover Maker Review
Ticking Fabric, Navy or Black  I love this beautiful cotton herringbone ticking made in England. The classic stripe is offered in two different widths in navy or black.  It’s a drapery weight but because it’s so densely woven it feels heavier.  In addition to the fabric price and shipping cost, expect to pay duty on a roll of this fabric sent from England.

Blue Ticking Stripe Fabrics

Utility Fabric Pillow Ticking Blue  This twill fabric has the look of traditional mattress ticking in dark indigo and natural.  It feels stiff and somewhat heavy before wash.  But after washed it’s limp and light weight.  It has high shrinkage and is only 32” wide.  You will have to piece widths together to cover a sofa or large chair.

ACA Blue Stripe Ticking
Soft and limp twill fabric especially after washed. Sold as a 9 ounce but feels more like a 6 ounce, which is very light weight. The indigo color is not as dark and rich as the pillow ticking stripe (above). Usable width is only 42” before wash.

Mattress Ticking Navy/Ivory Canvas Woven Fabric #3588
This ticking fabric is a twill, not a canvas per the name.  It’s 60” wide, which is a plus.  I like the dense hand-feel and the weight after washed.  It feels like a medium weight, the heaviest ticking I have found so far.   Unfortunately, this fabric pills and lints like crazy!  And, the blue color is more like cornflower blue instead of indigo.

Catalina Ticking Stripe Canvas

Catalina Stripe, color Black Pearl   A variation on a classic ticking.  This one is a canvas in a drapery weight.  A little too light weight for my taste but it does make a decent slipcover.  Expect a lot of wrinkle, which softens somewhat as the slipcover gets used.

Covington Woven Ticking Black Covington Woven Ticking Stripe, color 93 Black   Another cotton drapery weight.  Too light weight for me but it can be used for a slipcover that gets moderate use and wash. Black stripe is woven on white twill.  Average shrinkage.  Width 55″.

On to the next article: Link to article with sources. ((With Video))

Ticking Product Fabric Guide

Ticking is a strong, functional fabric traditionally used to cover pillows and mattresses because its tight weave of 100% cotton or linen, does not allow feathers to penetrate it. Ticking often has a recognizable stripe, commonly navy on a cream background, or it can come in solid white or natural.

True ticking is featherproof, but the term may also refer to a striped pattern that is used for décor purposes, like drapery, upholstery, slipcovers, tablecloths, and throw pillows. This decorative ticking comes in a variety of colors.

47″ ACA Blue Ticking is a durable tightly woven twill weave fabric that is typically used for mattress covers, quilt backings, pillows, and bedding to prevent feather spines from poking through. It has the traditional navy stripe.

If you’re concerned about the stripe pattern showing through the fabric covering it, solid bleached white ticking and natural ticking are good options.

Lighter weight fabric printed or woven with the ticking stripe pattern can be used where appearance is important rather than strength and durability. These décor fabrics come in many more colors than true ticking and the small stripe is often a great coordinating fabric. This would be suitable for decorative pillow covers, drapes, and other décor projects. Find designer ticking patterns in Covington stripe fabric and Waverly stripe fabric.

Working with Ticking Fabric
If you have a decorative ticking print fabric, it’s easy to sew like any other medium weight décor fabric.

Feather proof ticking can be a coarse, stiff material that’s a bit challenging to cut and sew. For this reason, avoid complicated shapes with many seams and use it for large flat panels.

If hand sewing is required, use a sail needle or a curved needle and a thimble or guard to give more force to help to pierce the cloth.

Pre-washing is an option if you plan to wash your finished project as this will shrink the ticking before you start. However, dry cleaning or vacuuming are the recommended ways to keep it clean when completed due to excessive shrinkage and possible color bleeding. If you do wash it, iron while it is still damp for a smoother finish.

Use sharp, long bladed shears to cut ticking. As it is coarse, it may be hard on the hands so take your time and pace yourself.

If pinning this dense fabric is difficult, use chalk or a fade away pen to mark a pattern outline for cutting out rather than pinning paper pattern pieces to the fabric.

When joining pieces of fabric try using household pins which are thicker than dressmaker’s pins or try holding the layers together using flat clips, like binder clips.

Working with ticking is similar to sewing and handling a strong, heavy-weight denim. A denim needle will penetrate the fabric. Choose a size 90/14, 100/16, or 110/18, depending on the density of the ticking.

Use a strong, heavy-duty thread and lengthen the stitch to approximately 3.5mm to work with the extra depth. If you feel your sewing machine is struggling and the needle is finding it difficult to penetrate the material, turn the fly wheel by hand to prevent damaging the motor.

Join panels with plain seams with the raw edges pressed to one side. Finish with top stitching to keep the seam flat or make traditional flat fell seams if the fabric isn’t too stiff to work with.

Use lots of steam and press the ticking with a heavy hand to smooth out any creases. Set the iron to its highest setting.

Top Tips

  • Whatever you are making, choose a simple style with a small number of seams
  • Use a strong denim needle – size 90/14 or larger
  • Sew with heavy duty thread
  • Sew with a 3.5mm straight stitch
  • Use a steam iron or a dry one with a water spray or damp cloth to press out stubborn creases
  • Clean furnishings with a vacuum cleaner or water-free solvent

Hope this helps you in the new year!