Friday, January 19, 2024

65 + Knives 1880 Up Thru 1980 Buck-Sheffield-Green River-African Hunter-Germany MORE!

Mike Price San Francisco 1880 circa listed on EBay $1,000.00


Super nice dagger 100$ Shipped
Prussian fighting knife I have a pair $150 shipped

Vintage Wade & Butcher Hunting knife 250$ shipped 


BUCK Custom 200$


English Bowie circa early 20th or late 19th century 250$
Condor 60$

GUN PARTS Winchester-Smith-Remington


45/70 Rolling block shoots fantastic 750$ shipped to a FFL

Winchester 1873 Frames and barrels Listed on GunBroker under BPBReloading

 ChiCom 12 ga SOLD

Smith carbine parts missing SOLD

Top 2 knives have SOLD