Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ATF has listed what they consider explosives

2008 listing from ATF~ enjoy the read ~bpb

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau

The list covers not only explosives, but also blasting agents and detonators, all of which are defined as explosive materials in 18 U.S.C. 841(c). This notice publishes the 2008 List of Explosive Materials.
The Department has not added any new terms to the list of explosives or removed or revised any listing since its last publication.
Commerce in Explosives; List of Explosive Materials,
80428–80430 [E8–31179]

Monday, December 29, 2008

Antis want fish stocking STOPPED!

Hey, what did I say a few years back about stocking programs and the antis~

December 2008 American Sportfishing Association Policy Watch

Policy Watch is a monthly update for the sportfishing community about the American Sportfishing Association’s Government Affairs activities.

California DFG Stocking Program Threatened
The Pacific Rivers Council and the Center for Biological Diversity recently sued the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) over non-native fish stocking. These stocking programs have been used as a management tool for more than 100 years. The groups filed the lawsuit over concerns regarding depredation of the native frog population and that no Environmental Impact Report (EIR) had been completed for the programs. The result was a court order barring the DFG from non-native stocking until it completed an EIR in January 2010.

After weeks of negotiation between the DFG and the plaintiffs, a new order was signed in late November allowing the DFG to stock more waters than would have been allowed under the first ruling. This is an important modification for areas where communities depend on fishing. ASA’s position is that it is unnecessary to label trout and other stocked species as “non-native” due to the longevity of the stocking program. The stocked species have a very high recreational value and contribute significantly to local economies.
ASA Communications
American Sportfishing Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314

Now that you've read it does this article burn your ass as much as it does mine? Better yet, What the hell kind of Judge would even let that argument enter the court room?
I'd say its a Judge looking to be replaced.....unless that is he was voted in under the CHANGE policy this past November.


Bullet sizing dies on the cheap

If you don't want to spend a $100.00 r more for few sizing dies then here is a trick I've done for a few folks in the past.

Take a 7/8" dial X 14 thread bolt.
This thread size will fit in your press. Check first~you know the deal
Find a drill close to the dia you need. 31/64 is .4844" [.4921 is 12.5 mm]
Cut the hex off of the bolt
Find someone who has a lathe and drill the hole all the way through the bolt. You can do this in a drill press it just takes a few minutes longer to find center.
Make up a piece of wood dowel rod wrapped with fine sand paper to clean up the tool marks.
Take a round grinding stone, the cheap kind that fits in you drill motor and chamfer the bolt hole a tad. Just enough to round it off so the bullets self center at the start.

You can thread it in your press and use a dowel rod , like the one left over from sanding; to push the bullets through or do them by hand.

Or give me a call

Good luck

Regards BPB

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Mexico Canada Lynx USFW comment period

Freaken amazing! You all remember the lynx dumped in Colorado some years back? Ya know the ones that starved and froze to death. Now it is claimed that maybe a pair or 2 have wandered into New Mexico.
Here is your chance to comment on the new Lynx territory.

function __x84c61onclick(obj){safeCall(postServerEvent,"FdmsSearchResult_0","","FdmsSearchResult_0","onClickDocket","docketId","FWS-R6-ES-2008-0122");}

Docket Title
Canada Lynx (New Mexico)
Docket Type
Document ID

Add Comments

How To Comment
You may submit information by one of the following methods:• Federal eRulemaking Portal:

Follow the instructions for submitting comments.•

U.S. mail or hand-delivery:
Public Comments Processing, Attn: FWS-R6-ES-2008-0088;
Division of Policy and Directives Management
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service;
4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 222
Arlington, VA 22203.

We will not accept e-mail or faxes.

We will post all information provided to us at

This generally means that we will post any personal information you provide us (see the Information Solicited section below for more details).


This finding is available on the Internet at http:// Supporting documentation we used in preparing this finding is available for public inspection, by appointment, during normal business hours at the

Montana Ecological Services Field Office
585 Shepard Way
Helena, MT 59601

Please submit any new information, materials, comments, or questions concerning this finding to the above address.

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 90-Day Finding on a Petition To Change the Listing Status of the Canada Lynx
Document Type
CFR Citation
50 CFR 17
Page Count
Start End Page
76990 - 76994
Effective Date
FR Volume Number
Date Posted
Comment Start Date
Comments Due

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New York ATF firearms laws brief

Hey readers, Here is a link to the ATF that has a PDF file for New York's firearms laws.
It may not be exactly what is law in your area, but it contains enough information to get started on.


NY Times Comments on Reynolds Farm

Hey readers~

Here is the link to the NY times feel free to comment on the closure of the game farm. I've read a few million emails against the farm closing, I just figured some of you would like to put it out in the open for the media to pick up on.
Merry Christmas


Monday, December 22, 2008

Pittman-Robertson Funding Sportsmen's money!

For those of you who what to know were all your tax dollas go here is a link to the P&R fund.
Subject: Pittman-Robertson Funding
Here's a link to the apportionment of PR funds, state-by-state.

The next time the antis or anyone else complanes about wildlife and the DEC's projects being "all" tax payer supported give them this link.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Worried about welfare increases STOP

To many people are fixated on New York's budget increase for welfare recipients~ so stop it, RIGHT NOW.

It’s an investment~
A few prices have dropped but it is nothing to brag about, NY State made millions on all increases in products the last 18 months. That is something you don't hear them talk about when whining about the losses. Things like cell phone and internet that have reaped billions of tax dollars are not mentioned either.
20 years ago these taxes never existed.

1. Welfare gets an increase because it is tied to the U.S. agricultural department.
2. Don't forget about the new 2 million people who have lost jobs in the last year they are entitled to support as well.
3. A government can’t very well give billions to millionaires and not send a few dollars to a guy who has worked 30 years for a company that went tits up because the CEO is a thief.

Welfare increases don't bother me near as much as all the corporate and government thieves who approved the fleecing of America.
The government will always throw out a hot topic such as welfare to distract the people from what is really going on.
AND sad to say people fall for it.

Don’t read the media reports on NY budget go and read the actual 88 budget items.

Government people like Obie-1 never use the word “spend” any more, the new word is always an “investment” in our youth, country, security, policy.
No matter how you wrap it; horseshit is still horseshit even though some call it manure.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shandaken Primitive Biathlon

Primitive biathlon planned
The 12th annual Shandaken primitive biathlon will start at 8:30 a.m. Jan. 18 at the Upper Esopus Fish & Game Associations grounds. The primitive biathlon couples an 18th century frontiersman's skills in using wooden snowshoes and his marksmanship using a muzzle-loading black powder rifle.

For registration information, call 845-331-5201, or go to

WWW.NYSMLA.Org also has a primitive biathlon in March visit us at look under the calender page for shoot information.

Friday, December 19, 2008

NY Pheasant program gone

Sportsmen swindled by DEC and antis

Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 4:26 PM
Subject: Game farm info
I asked DEC spokesman Yancy Roy today what would be the fate of the stocking program now that the game farm is closing. Here is his answer. I guess that's that. It was fun while it lasted.

Jeff Hope this statement helps:

The closure of the farm reflects the end of the pheasant stocking program, not a shift to alternative sources of birds. A final decision has not been made as to usage of the facility going forward.

The alternative was for NY to open a dove season, as Fed Neff of the Syracuse area has been lobbying for years to do.

Any loss of hunting,fishing,trapping and/or animal use by humans always makes them happy. bpb

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NY's 88 fee increases & cuts to sportsmen's programs

88 yes 88 new taxes or :"fees" as they are named by government 88

What frost my nards is the bottle bill tax will go into the environmental fund pit never to be seen by anyone ever again.
I also have a lifetime hunt/fish license I see they did not discuss what I asked at the Grannis meeting & that was how do you propose to give us life timer's our special tags?

As I read off some of Patterson's list to the wife I replied; that I'd rather have a property tax increase, that way I could at least write it off.

BTW did you all see the 18% tax on beverages to help combat obesity?
Their is another healthy tax that will go into some administrators bonus check.

What Patterson fails to undrestand while the state is looking at laying off some 3,000 odd employes they never mention if they are part time'rs, seasonal, contract or full time. 3k out of almost 200,000 state employees. You know as well as I do that all government and corporations are filled with top heavy administration.
Maybe this will force those who were promoted under the special peoples & promote a moron act to come back to base camp and deal with some of the problems they initiated. OUCH

The state tosses out unemployed statics like they are including all unemployed. If you all remember a few years back many states adopted a benifits for pay plan. In his plan they only paid benifits for say a year after hat the unemployed were dropped from the states unemployment rolls.
If we have a 7.6% actual counted unemployment, (that is if you believe the government figures) rate then the real numbers ma well by %15 or more.
The state & feds plan is to let the people pay for the criminal acts of the government and private CEO’s million’s of golden retirements & fleecing America.

Can't even protest:
Now if we host a sit in or march on the government they’ll just call it a terrorist act and toss us all in one of those FEMA camps.

Then again lets hit the schools:
We might start at home by attending school budget meetings and protest anything but education? I see Rochester had a bone tossed at them for another theater in Renaissance Square. Oh goodie I say, another theater to go with the other 2 losers on opposing corners of the block.
Maybe I can get on board and support the purchase of a leaky broke dick boat to float our leaders off into he sunset in.
I’ll name it the “Fairies to Freedom” !

Regards, Bill

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NY budget cuts to Enviromental programs

Read em` and weep, from a tax on all bottles to salmon,trout, marine licenses, park fee increases.
DEC education camp fees from $250 to $325 per session~ that will kill the program for sure, I do not know to many associations that will pay a $75.00 fee increase.
For the full report visit this site
2009-2010 Executive Budget – Briefing Book
Environment and Energy
Adirondack Park Agency
Department of Agriculture & Markets
Department of Environmental Conservation
Department of Public Service
Energy Research and Development Authority
Environmental Facilities Corporation
Hudson River Park Trust
Hudson River Valley Greenway Council and Conservancy
Northeastern Queens Nature and Historical Preserve Commission
Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Sunday, December 14, 2008



on Bill of Rights Day, December 15!

Dear readers~with your pledge to buy this book, we can:

* Make THE FOUNDERS' SECOND AMENDMENT #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.
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The Founders’ Second Amendment: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms
By Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D.Published by Ivan R. Dee, Publisher, for
The Independent Institute, 2008 448 Pages, Hardcover, Index, 6 x 9

Monday, December 15, marks America's Bill of Rights Day, the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. To commemorate this event, the SECOND AMENDMENT BOOK BOMB website has been created, a unique and powerful way to communicate the importance of the Bill of Rights' Second Amendment for the protection of liberty. With your help, we can launch constitutional rights to the top of national book bestseller lists, making a loud and clear statement that Second Amendment rights are inalienable!

The Second Amendment has already won a historic victory on June 26, 2008, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own and bear arms. However, the Heller ruling was immediately attacked and efforts continue on the national level and across the country to undermine gun rights. Therefore, to secure the Second Amendment now and for the future the American public must be made aware of the reasons why the Founders sought to protect this right.

And now we have the tool to do so. Fascinating, seminal, and inspiring, the new book, THE FOUNDERS' SECOND AMENDMENT: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms, by Dr. Stephen P. Halbrook*, is the perfect way both to educate ourselves and to reach friends and family who don't yet understand Second Amendment rights. Our goal is to reach one million Americans with Dr. Halbrook's book during the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year ahead. Will you help?

To achieve this goal the SECOND AMENDMENT BOOK BOMB website has been established to create a phenomenon so great that even the mainstream media will have to take notice. Let's spread THE FOUNDERS' SECOND AMENDMENT so far and wide that Americans across the political spectrum, and all walks of life, will be discussing the Second Amendment in every possible venue.

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*Stephen P. Halbrook is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of THE FOUNDERS' SECOND AMENDMENT: Origins of the Right to Bear Arms. Having won three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, he filed an Amici Curiae Brief in District of Columbia v. Heller on behalf of 55 members of the Senate, the Senate President, and 250 members of the House of Representatives.

Also Visit

Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama's pick for Department of Interior is well like by teh antis.
Gee ain't that at shocker to sportsmen who told ya all watchout for change.

As you may of you know the Missisquoi and Trout Rivers in Northern Vermont are being studied for a “Wild and Scenic” Designation”. Given his history, why would Congressman Grijalva be concerned about the Wild and Scenic Designation’s potential impacts on the use of weapons? Something just doesn’t add up. Any insight would be appreciated. Read Below
Frank Stanley Government Affairs
Vermont Traditions Coalition127 Sports Club Dr. #123Bolton, VT

1) Congressman Grijalva sponsored (there were no co-sponsors) the amendment to H.3667, the Wild and Scenic Designation (H.Amdt. 1168 concerning the designation’s potential impact on the use of weapons on the land and adjoining lands)? (read below)
H.Amdt. 1168: Amendment required that the proposed study... to H.R. 3667: Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild and... (Vote On Amendment)
Vote Number:
House Vote #581 in 2008 [primary source]
Sep 10, 2008 5:53PM
Agreed to
Related Amendment:
H.Amdt. 1168: Amendment required that the proposed study analyze any potential impacts on the possession or use of a weapon, trap, or net, including a concealed weapon. amending H.R. 3667: Missisquoi and Trout Rivers Wild and Scenic River Study Act of 2008


2) Grijalva worked hard to block guns in our National Parks and Refuges. Claiming guns in our parks and refuges are harmful and dangerous (read below)

Proposal to Allow Loaded Guns in Parks Harmful and Dangerous
Friday, 04 July 2008 23:52
Washington, DC – Yesterday, Rep. Grijalva sent a letter to Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne in opposition to the Interior Department proposal to change long-standing prohibitions on loaded guns within National Parks. Rep. Grijalva called the proposal unconscionable and stated that the proposed change would create grave risks for Park employees, visitors, and wildlife alike. The Department of Interior proposed last month to change decades-old regulations that prohibit visitors from carrying loaded weapons. Under current regulations, weapons may be in the possession of visitors but must be unloaded and inaccessible, i.e., locked in a trunk or other storage container. This rule was enacted to protect visitors and employees, and as a measure to prevent poaching of wildlife in Parks. “The last thing visitors to our National Parks should have to worry about is the idea that some of their fellow visitors could be packing heat as they tour the battlefield at Gettysburg, camp along a river in Yosemite, or visit the grave of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” stated Rep. Grijalva. “There is a legitimate reason for keeping guns inaccessible in our Parks, and the Bush Administration’s attempt to roll back this important safety measure is nothing but pandering to the interest groups who would like to see any and all sensible restrictions on guns abolished.”Click on the link below to view the letter.


3) In Defense for Animals along with many “green” and animal rights groups are pushing for Grijalva as Secretary of Interior.
Click here to find out what the IDA (In Defense of Animals) thinks of hunting.

IDA Home Action Center Home Donate Sign Up! Tell a Friend

Contact President-elect Obama’s Transition Team And Urge Appointment Of Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) As Secretary of Interior
Please help us assure our country has a Secretary of Interior who really cares about the public lands, wild horses, burros, and all the other animals who share our beautiful country. Rep. Raul M Grijalva (D-AZ) may be emerging as the top contender for the post, according to, and we think he'd make a fine pick.
Click here to go straight to an auto-e-mail you can send quickly, or read on for more information.
The Interior Department oversees federal lands, national parks, and endangered species. It will play a leading role in greenhouse gas regulation in coming years. Grijalva has introduced several bills in Congress to restore and protect federal lands, and he has spoken on behalf of wild horses on our public land.
As an Arizona Representative, Congressman Grijalva has a 100% record on animal issues. In addition, as Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands he has been instrumental in advancing fair and balanced use of federal parks, recreational areas, and public lands with ranching, hunting, mining and oil interests.
Representative Grijalva honored the Arizona Heber wild horses in the Congressional Record in 2007, and he supported expanding the Heber wild horse territory in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. He is a champion of all wildlife and companion animals.
Contact President Elect Obama’s transition team today at the web site below and urge the appointment of Congressman Raul Grijalva as Secretary of Interior.
Or click here to send an already-prepared letter to:
John Podesta, Transition teamFax
And to his liaison Greg
Fax 202-443-4724

In Defense of Animals, located in San Rafael, Calif., is an international animal protection organization with more than 85,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. IDA's efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue through our sanctuaries in Mississippi, India, and Cameroon, Africa.
In Defense of Animals is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today! All donations to IDA are tax-deductible.
In Defense of Animals3010 Kerner, San Rafael, CA 94901Tel. (415) 388-9641 Fax (415)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Reynolds Game Farm Closing

Sent: 12/5/2008 4:29:58 P.M.
Eastern Standard Time

Subj: Closure of the Reynolds Game Farm

FYI>>> Patricia Riexinger 12/5/2008 3:01 PM >>>

I have very little information to share, other than to advise that as part of the state's effort to address the budget shortfalls, we have been told verbally by the administration to close the Reynolds Game Farm and dispose of the birds as quickly as possible. We are attempting to identify viable alternatives for orderly execution of the directive, though the short notice and lateness of the season will make this a very difficult task. We passed word to Game Farm staff yesterday, and Gordon Batcheller has traveled to Ithaca today to meet with staff.

We hope to match staff reassignments up as best we can with their interests and Division needs. We don't know if the property and facility itself will remain a Department asset, nor the timetable for its disposition. Pheasant propagation has been a very visible and popular part of the state's wildlife management program since the establishment of a game farm in Sherburne in 1909.

The Reynolds Farm has been in operation since 1927, and since 1999 has been the sole facility supporting the statewide pheasant program. The game farm staff have always been extremely professional and dedicated to doing a first rate job to meet the desires of sportsmen and landowners; I encourage you to join me in supporting them in the weeks ahead. The Commissioner still intends to meet with sportsmen to discuss this with them but word is getting out quickly and we wanted to have you hear about the impending closure from us.

We are developing a communication plan; Yancey's on board; and I'm glad it's the weekend. I promise to keep you posted.


Wanted~ Muzzle Loaders for Project

Looking for Muzzle loaders Real quick here:
If you're in the need of quick cash I can offer you a fair price for your old closer front stuffers.
I'm looking for older flint & percussion Thompson Center Muzzleloaders/Browning,Ithaca,CVA,Parker Hale,...ect any style and calibre`.

My project is to rebuild and offer them as loaners at our ML shoots and to sell at a fair price to get folks started in the sport.

I can provide a donation slip if necessary~

Please contact me off line.

Thanks Bill

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wanton Waste laws in the U.S.

Wanton Waste Laws


AS 16.30.010. Wanton Waste of Big Game Animals and Wild Fowl

(a) It is a class A misdemeanor for a person who kills a big game animal or furbearer or a species of wild fowl to fail intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence to salvage for human use the edible meat or fur of the animal or fowl.
(b) If a person is convicted of violating this section and in the course of that violation failed to salvage from a big game animal at least the hindquarters as far as the distal joint of the tibia-fibula (hock), the court shall impose a sentence of imprisonment of not less than seven consecutive days and a fine of not les than $2,500.
(c) The imposition or execution of the minimum sentence described in (b) of this section may not be suspected under AS 12.55.080 or 12.55.085. The minimum sentence prescribed in (b) of this section may not be reduced.

Wanton Waste—It is illegal to kill or cripple any wild animal without making a reasonable effort to retrieve the animal to include in your daily bag limit. It is illegal, however, to enter private property without permission to retrieve downed game. Before your hunt, make sure you have permission to track game on land adjoining your hunting area.


Giving, Receiving Game

Game given to another person must be accompanied by the donor’s written name, address, hunting or fishing license number or permit number (if permit required), and signature, as well as the date of donation. (Download Suggested Donation Form)

Sale of Game

It is illegal to sell wild game meat. This includes the sale of game at banquets or charitable events. Furbearer meat may be sold. (See “Disposing of Furbearers”)

Wanton Waste

By regulation, hunters must attempt to find any game crippled or killed. Retrieved animals must be kept until they are:

1. cleaned;
2. eaten;
3. taken home;
4. taken to a taxidermist or processor; or
5. given to another person.


A person may not waste a wild bird or wild animal that has been wounded or killed while hunting. For purposes of this section, “waste” means to intentionally leave a wounded or killed animal in the field or forest without making a reasonable effort to retrieve and render it for consumption or use.


97A.031 Wanton waste.

A person may not wantonly waste or destroy a usable part of a protected wild animal (all mammals) unless authorized.

Disposing of or abandoning live animals, carcasses, garbage, trash…or other debris…on any WMA is prohibited.


Hunters or persons in possession of a game animal or game animal parts, are prohibited from wasting or rendering unfit for consumption, any part of a game animal that is defined as “suitable for food.” For big game animals, all of the four quarters above the hock, including loin and back strap are considered suitable for food. A person harvesting a black bear or mountain lion is prohibited from abandoning the head or hide in the field.


Section 37-507. Game bird, game animal, or fish; abandonment or needless waste; penalty.

Any person who at any time takes any game bird, game animal, or fish other than baitfish in this state and who intentionally leaves or abandons such bird, animal, or fish or an edible portion thereof resulting in wanton or needless waste or otherwise intentionally allows it or an edible portion thereof to be wantonly or needlessly wasted or fails to dispose thereof in a reasonable and sanitary manner shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.


14. Wanton Waste
No person shall kill, cripple, waste, destroy, spoil or abandon the edible flesh (breast meat) of any wild turkey without making a reasonable effort to retrieve the bird, and retain it in his/her actual custody, at the place where taken and between that place and either (a) his/her personal permanent residence, (b) a taxidermist, or (c) a common carrier.


You may not let the flesh of any harvested game wildlife which is suitable for food be destroyed, spoiled, or abandoned. A hunter who kills a fur bearing mammal shall not abandon the pelt or permit to be spoiled or destroyed.


41-1-4. Wanton waste or destruction of protected birds, animals, and fish prohibited. Violation as misdemeanor. No person may wantonly waste or destroy any of the birds, animals, or fish of the kinds protected by the laws of this state. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.


Wanton waste requires hunters to retrieve all crippled or dead game if possible and prohibits disposal of dead wildlife on WMA’s.


General Wanton Waste:
No person may capture, kill or destroy any wildlife protected by law and remove the head, claws, teeth, hid, antlers, horns or any or all of such parts from the carcass with the intent to abandon the carcass. No person may kill any wildlife protected by law and abandon the carcass without disposing of the carcass in the most appropriate manner.

Wanton waste of Waterfowl:
A reasonable effort must be made to retrieve any killed or wounded birds and any wounded bird retrieved must be immediately killed and made a part of the bag limit. After retention, the birds must be kept in an edible condition.


23-3-107. Wanton destruction of big game animal; reward.

(a) No person shall wantonly take or destroy any big or trophy game animal.
(b) The director may offer a standing reward not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to be paid from the game and fish fund for evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of any person violating this section.
(c) The purpose and intent of this section is to protect big or trophy game animals from wanton, ruthless, or needless destruction.
(d) Violation of this section constitutes a high misdemeanor punishable as provided in W.S. 23-6-202(a)(ii).





subpart c - TAKING

20.25 - Wanton waste of migratory game birds.

No person shall kill or cripple any migratory game bird pursuant to this part without making a reasonable effort to retrieve the bird, and retain it in his actual custody, at the place where taken or between that place and either (a) his automobile or principal means of land transportation; or (b) his personal abode or temporary or transient place of lodging; or (c) a migratory bird preservation facility; or (d) a post office; or (e) a common carrier facility.

[41 FR 31536, July 29, 1976]

Vermont new rules Fish & Game retrival

Rules Governing the Retrieval and Utilization of Fish and Wildlife
Version 4, 12-2-08

1.0 Authority

1.1 This rule is promulgated pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §§ 4081 and 4082. In promulgating this rule, the Fish and Wildlife Board is following the policy established by the General Assembly that the protection, propagation, control, management, and conservation of fish, wildlife, and furbearing animals in this state is in the interest of the public welfare and that the safeguarding of these valuable resources for the people of the state requires a constant and continual vigilance.
1.2 In accordance with 10 V.S.A. § 4082, this rule is designed to maintain the best health, population, and utilization levels of Vermont’s wildlife.
1.3 This rule applies to all persons taking or attempting to take game, small game, and fish by hunting, fishing and trapping.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to ensure proper retrieval and utilization of the State’s fish and wildlife resources.

3.0 Definitions

Any term not defined herein has the meaning accorded to it in 10 V.S.A. Section 4001.

Reference other pertinent definitions (game, small game)

“Abandon” means to take, but not retrieve or retain, in an individual’s possession, any game, small game or fish.

“Take and taking” means pursuing, shooting, hunting, killing, capturing, trapping, snaring and all lesser acts, such as disturbing, harrying or worrying or wounding or placing, setting, drawing or using any net or other device commonly used to take animals, whether they result in the taking or not; and shall include every attempt to take and every act of assistance to every other person in taking or attempting to take fish or wild animals, provided that when taking is allowed by law, such a taking must be by lawful means and in a lawful manner.

4.0 Activities and Restrictions

4.1 Hunting: No person may take any game or small game species by means of hunting and abandon the carcass. A reasonable effort must be made to retrieve any taken or wounded game or small game animal protected by law and the retrieved animal must be immediately made part of the daily or seasonal bag limit. This regulation does not apply to an animal taken in accordance with 10 V.S.A. § 4828.
4.2 Fishing: No person may take any fish species by legal means and abandon it on land or on top of any frozen body of water. Any fish not retained as part of a person’s daily creel limit shall be immediately returned into the water body from which they were caught. Any retained fish must immediately be made part of the daily or seasonal creel limit. This regulation does not apply to baitfish as defined in Section 5 of Title 10, Appendix Section 122.
4.3 Trapping: A person who takes a fur-bearing animal shall not abandon the pelt.
4.4 Sick or diseased animals may be left in place and shall be reported immediately to a representative of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, including state Game Wardens.
4.5 Exemption for Crop and Property Damage: This rule does not apply to any animal taken in accordance with the following provisions
10 V.S.A. § 4826 (Deer)

10 V.S.A. § 4827 (Bear)

10 V.S.A. § 4828 (Rabbits and fur-bearers)

T.10 App. § 35 (Moose)

T.10 App. § 22a. (Turkeys)

Wanton Waste in NH

Rules Governing the Retrieval and Utilization of Fish and Wildlife
Version 4, 12-2-08

1.0 Authority

1.1 This rule is promulgated pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §§ 4081 and 4082. In promulgating this rule, the Fish and Wildlife Board is following the policy established by the General Assembly that the protection, propagation, control, management, and conservation of fish, wildlife, and furbearing animals in this state is in the interest of the public welfare and that the safeguarding of these valuable resources for the people of the state requires a constant and continual vigilance.
1.2 In accordance with 10 V.S.A. § 4082, this rule is designed to maintain the best health, population, and utilization levels of Vermont’s wildlife.
1.3 This rule applies to all persons taking or attempting to take game, small game, and fish by hunting, fishing and trapping.

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to ensure proper retrieval and utilization of the State’s fish and wildlife resources.

3.0 Definitions

Any term not defined herein has the meaning accorded to it in 10 V.S.A. Section 4001.

Reference other pertinent definitions (game, small game)

“Abandon” means to take, but not retrieve or retain, in an individual’s possession, any game, small game or fish.

“Take and taking” means pursuing, shooting, hunting, killing, capturing, trapping, snaring and all lesser acts, such as disturbing, harrying or worrying or wounding or placing, setting, drawing or using any net or other device commonly used to take animals, whether they result in the taking or not; and shall include every attempt to take and every act of assistance to every other person in taking or attempting to take fish or wild animals, provided that when taking is allowed by law, such a taking must be by lawful means and in a lawful manner.

4.0 Activities and Restrictions

4.1 Hunting: No person may take any game or small game species by means of hunting and abandon the carcass. A reasonable effort must be made to retrieve any taken or wounded game or small game animal protected by law and the retrieved animal must be immediately made part of the daily or seasonal bag limit. This regulation does not apply to an animal taken in accordance with 10 V.S.A. § 4828.
4.2 Fishing: No person may take any fish species by legal means and abandon it on land or on top of any frozen body of water. Any fish not retained as part of a person’s daily creel limit shall be immediately returned into the water body from which they were caught. Any retained fish must immediately be made part of the daily or seasonal creel limit. This regulation does not apply to baitfish as defined in Section 5 of Title 10, Appendix Section 122.
4.3 Trapping: A person who takes a fur-bearing animal shall not abandon the pelt.
4.4 Sick or diseased animals may be left in place and shall be reported immediately to a representative of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, including state Game Wardens.
4.5 Exemption for Crop and Property Damage: This rule does not apply to any animal taken in accordance with the following provisions
10 V.S.A. § 4826 (Deer)

10 V.S.A. § 4827 (Bear)

10 V.S.A. § 4828 (Rabbits and fur-bearers)

T.10 App. § 35 (Moose)

T.10 App. § 22a. (Turkeys)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chipped ? Are U the 21st century Jew?

2 of us today at work tried to explain to another co-worker that the bio finger print the company wants to impliment is in step the commie ways.
He does not think so, yet another beliver who has lived in the U.S. for 40 years and remembers communist Poland. He said all these things happening now are identical to what he grew up with.
So, if ya don't think want some of us are saying is true go ask a former Soviet Bloc resident.

Do a little look see on IBM's history and death camps.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maine Lynx caught ~ found dead


Accidental lynx killing investigated in MaineArticle Date:
Thursday, November 20, 2008

BANGOR, Maine (AP) _ Wildlife officials are looking into the accidental killing of a Canada lynx by a trapper in far northern Maine.In a letter to U.S. District Judge, an attorney for the state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said the lynx was found Nov. 17 by a trapper in northern Aroostook County.

Officials with Inland Fisheries and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are investigating whether the trap was legally set. The discovery of the lynx could have implications for a federal court case that is seeking additional restrictions on trapping to protect populations of lynx.

The plaintiffs say state officials are violating the Endangered Species Act by allowing trapping practices that can harm, kill or harass lynx, which are listed as a threatened species.___

Information from: Bangor Daily News,

Waxman controlls Commerce committe

USA Today [url=]Waxman ~ 100% HSUS[/url] Waxman ousts Dingell for top House chairmanship
Detroit Free Press - 47 minutes agoBy TODD SPANGLER • FREE PRESS WASHINGTON STAFF • November 20, 2008 Michigan lost a key ally and the auto industry a staunch supporter at the helm of a powerful congressional panel as John Dingell was replaced by Henry Waxman as chairman of the House ...Waxman unseats Dingell as House energy committee chair Christian Science Monitor

Monday, November 17, 2008

Waxman Coup in the works

What's even funnier is all those people who voted for Obie 1 never thought he'd have the Clintons tagging along , back in power again.
LOL YEA! You got change now
Waxman Coup Worries Moderates

By Tory Newmyer Roll Call Staff

November 10, 2008

Facing the prospect of a liberal surge in House Democratic senior ranks, party moderates in the Blue Dog and New Democrats coalitions are banding together to make sure centrist lawmakers prevail in two critical internal fights.
Leaders of the two groups were in talks last week to plot rallying support for Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell (D-Mich.) in his bid to beat back a challenge for his gavel from liberal Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and to enlist Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.), a New Democrats leader, to run for the vice chairmanship of the Caucus.
The coordination marks a departure for the groups, which have not traditionally worked together, and a shared fear that with Democrats preparing to take control of all levers of political power, moderates could get steamrolled by emboldened liberals.
"We’re very concerned about the direction that some are trying to move our majority," said Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), Blue Dog co-chairman for communications.
Leaders of both groups were working the phones last week to round up support for Dingell, the 27-term dean of the House, in his counteroffensive against Waxman’s surprise challenge. Ross and Reps. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) and John Tanner (D-Tenn.), both senior Blue Dogs, joined Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the New Democrats, on Dingell’s 26-member team.
"There are definitely conversations going on" among leaders of the groups to find support within their respective ranks for Dingell, a senior New Democrats aide said.
Dingell and Waxman aides alike are trying to frame their contest as centered on who will make the most effective legislator — and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), an ally of both, likewise played down the notion that the fight will highlight an ideological rift in the Caucus. But Dingell, an ardent defender of his home-state auto industry, and Waxman, an ally of environmentalists, have taken dramatically different approaches to climate change and energy issues in the past — debates expected to be prominent next year.
It is not yet clear how strongly New Democrats will rally to Dingell’s defense. With 60 members, they present a vote-rich source of support. But the group emphasizes green
technology and high-tech innovation — priorities that are at times at odds with the manufacturing base Dingell champions.
Leaders of the groups are working together to draft Crowley into a leadership bid.
Ross said he and other Blue Dog leaders called Crowley last week and encouraged him to jump into the race for the Caucus vice-chairmanship, the fifth-ranking slot in leadership. Crowley, who lost a bid for that post in early 2006, has not yet announced whether he will run. So far, Reps. Xavier Becerra (Calif.) and Marcy Kaptur (Ohio) have entered the race. Also thought to be eyeing the race are Reps. Kendrick Meek (Fla.) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.).
Crowley is not a Blue Dog, but Ross said members of his group understand that the New Yorker would be their best shot at adding a moderate to the leadership team. It reflects a recognition that Blue Dogs themselves, mainly white Southerners from rural districts, can’t run one of their own and hope to win over a majority of a heavily diverse Caucus representing mostly urban and suburban areas.
With a Crowley bid, the moderate faction would in effect be hoping to recover a leadership seat they are losing with the exit of Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) — a New Democrat with razor-sharp instincts. Emanuel announced last week he is quitting the House to take a job as President-elect Obama’s chief of staff.
Taken together, the contests present key tests of an unformed alliance between the groups that could prove a force in the next Congress. But much remains in the air. The groups have at times struggled to maintain unity within their own ranks. And it is not yet clear how they would work together to shape the agenda next year.
Aside from broadly centrist tendencies, the two groups don’t have much in common. While most Blue Dogs represent socially conservative, rural districts, most New Democrats hail from socially progressive, suburban districts. On policy, Blue Dogs are fiscal hawks that have been singularly focused on defending pay-as-you-go budgeting rules. New Democrats have trained their attention on promoting free trade and a high-tech agenda. They mostly backed the Wall Street bailout, which split the Blue Dogs, and are now focused on regulatory modernization of the financial markets.
"I can’t even wrap my brain around how that would work in an Obama administration," a senior New Democrats aide said. "There will be conversations, but it’s premature right now."
Ross said the groups will work in concert to prevent a liberal overreach that would spell a repeat of the mistakes Democrats made in the early 1990s. "We’re not going to be the most
popular folks in our party, but we’re going to ensure that we as a party govern from the middle and not the extremes," he said. "And we’ve got the votes to keep that from happening."
Against the backdrop of the ideological rift, the fight over the chairmanship of the Energy and Commerce panel continued to rage on Friday, with both sides deploying their whip teams to sew up support among their colleagues.
While Waxman’s announcement last week caught Dingell flat-footed, whispers of a coup attempt by the Californian have persisted in Dingell circles for months. In June, in a move Dingell allies insist was unrelated, the Michigan Democrat backed off his longtime resistance to opening a leadership political action committee and founded the Wolverine PAC. Corporate donations poured in, and Dingell tapped the funds to spread about $80,000 to moderate incumbents and challengers, according to CQ MoneyLine.
Waxman has been using his own account to engender goodwill with colleagues for considerably longer. While Dingell is one of the most recent Democrats to kick off such a fund, Waxman was the first House lawmaker to open a leadership PAC, founding his L.A. PAC in the late 1970s to boost his bid for a subcommittee gavel. Waxman used the account to dole out about $238,000 to Democrats this cycle.

Waxman vs Dingell the battle rages

Beverly Hills rich may decide our lifestyles!

K Street Quietly Comes to Dingell’s Aid

By Anna Palmer Roll Call Staff

November 13, 2008, 10:18 a.m.

With the gavel for the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee hanging in the balance, Democratic lobbyists are rallying behind current Chairman John Dingell (Mich.), as he tries to fend off a well-publicized power grab for the job by Rep. Henry Waxman (Calif.).
While discussions for House leadership races are typically done at the Member level, several former Dingell staffers said that hasn’t stopped them from working the phones to put in a good word for the Capitol Hill denizen.
In particular, K Street has sought to convince members of the Blue Dog Coalition, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the New Democrats to back Dingell against Waxman, the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
"Lobbyists are doing intelligence gathering, talking to lawmakers they are on a first-name relationship basis with," said one lobbyist, who has made calls to drum up support for Dingell.
Still, lobbyists said their activity has been tempered by not wanting to appear too far out in front of Dingell’s Capitol Hill whip team.
There is also concern among lobbyists that Waxman could try to paint Dingell as being too close to downtown.
"For folks on K Street it’s just not wise to get too actively involved," said the lobbyist.
The House Democratic Caucus is expected to vote in a secret ballot on the chairmanship next week.
Since he was first elected in 1955 to fill the seat of his father, Rep. John Dingell Sr. (D-Mich.), the younger Dingell has amassed a formidable K Street presence.
His network spans the health care, energy, manufacturing and telecom industry sectors.
Dingell has forged strong ties with former senior aides-turned-lobbyists, including John Orlando of CBS Corp., Ryan Modlin at the National Association of Manufacturers, Marda Robillard of Van Scoyoc Associates, and Alan Roth of US Telecom. He’s also close to Reid Stuntz of Hogan & Hartson and solo practitioner Michael Barrett.
Dingell’s Chief of Staff Michael Robbins is primarily running his whip operation. Robbins reached out to Dingell alumni and friends with a late-night e-mail last Thursday, acknowledging that many had offered "support and assistance." The e-mail missive included talking points and press clips for them to use. Further, Robbins asked K Streeters to "gather intelligence" from Members and staff.
After receiving their marching orders, lobbyists said they have been quietly reaching out to lawmakers and helping staff strategize potential pickups in the chairmanship race to ensure that Dingell would continue to run the committee.
Notwithstanding the call for downtown’s help, Dingell spokeswoman Jodi Seth said her boss’s focus is on Capitol Hill.
"Chairman Dingell has long-standing relationships with lots of people in Washington who have called and offered their help, but Dingell sees this as an election among Members of Congress," Seth said in an e-mail.
Waxman’s spokeswoman declined to comment about the gavel race.
For many it’s not just about loyalty to Dingell.
Should Waxman be successful in his attempt to oust Dingell, he would wield considerable power as the House gets ready to tee up climate change and health care reform. That, in turn, could force companies into a far more defensive lobbying posture since Waxman is likely to call for much stricter regulations against industry.
Although Waxman’s move to wrest control of the committee from Dingell appeared to catch the Michigan lawmaker by surprise, rumors have been swirling for weeks that Waxman might make a move for the enviable post.
Both Waxman and Dingell have long had financial support from industry as the No. 1 and No. 2 Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee.
Coming from the home state of the Big Three automakers, Dingell has received more than $625,000 over the past two decades from automakers, more money than all other Members of the House have received from the industry since 1989, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Waxman has also had generous contributions from industry, including insurance company Aflac, the American Hospital Association, and the American Medical Association, all of which have large stakes in the upcoming health care debate.
Both Members also have leadership political action committees, which can be used to curry favor with fellow Members. Since opening the Wolverine PAC in June, Dingell has spread the wealth to colleagues, contributing about $80,000 to moderate incumbents and challengers, according to CQ MoneyLine.
Waxman has long had a leadership PAC, founding LA PAC in the late 1970s. He has contributed about $238,000 to Democrats this cycle.
While walking softly is the norm downtown in leadership races, the National Mining Association is one industry group openly supporting Dingell’s retention of the chairmanship.
"It strikes us that Chairman Dingell is more likely coming from Detroit to have a sensitivity to the current economic plight of the country when he looks at the various serious issues before the committee than Mr. Waxman, who is from Beverly Hills," NMA spokesman Luke Popovich said.
The Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance has also come out in support of Dingell. In an e-mail blast to more than 22,000 members, SAOVA urged its grass-roots network to contact their Member of Congress about what they argue is an important voice of moderation.
"He’s a voice of moderation where the large California cabal is scary as hell," said Bob Kane, chairman emeritus of SAOVA.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

NYC Mayor Bloomberg~Bilderberg

It's not enough these guys have the bull by the balls, now they want to create their own kingdoms with us as slaves.
Sure sucks when the working man has to bail out the wealthy and our government helps them every damm time!

Mayor Billderberg faces more resistance in bid for third term a coalition of elected officials, including former Staten Island borough president Guy Molinari, have filed suit against New York City, questioning the constitutionality of extending term limits without a public vote.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, said: “In the United States, the right to vote is a fundamental right and votes have consequences. This bedrock democratic principal does not crumble in the face of a weakened economy, nor should it be violated for the direct benefit of specific individual elected officials.” The lawsuit seeks to prevent the Board of Elections from listing term-limited city officials on the ballot in next year’s election.

State lawmakers have also expressed concern about the mayor’s term limit extension. Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (D-Brooklyn) and Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) have introduced legislation to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city lawmakers from seeking third terms without winning approval from city voters in a referendum.

Click here to access Assemblyman Jeffries’ press release.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bail Out ~ the screwing of the people continues

You'll feel better me letting you know now that New World Order just screwed us "again" out in the open.

Who Got Bailout Money So Far?
, November 14, 2008
- 2008-11-12

reddit_title='Who Got Bailout Money So Far?'

The Treasury Department's $700 billion bailout plan, also known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), is one of the main U.S. tools to address the financial crisis.
The Treasury Department on October 14 set aside $250 billion of the program to buy senior preferred shares and warrants in banks, thrifts and other financial institutions. Half that money was allocated to nine big banks, the Treasury Department has said. Another $38 billion has since been earmarked for regional or small banks, according to statements from individual banks.
On Monday, the department announced its single-biggest TARP investment -- $40 billion in American International Group -- which the government said would not come from the $250 billion bank capital program.
The TARP has so far committed the following funding:
AIG $40 billion
JP Morgan $25 billion
Citigroup $25 billion
Wells Fargo $25 billion
Bank of America $15 billion
Merrill Lynch $10 billion
Goldman Sachs $10 billion
Morgan Stanley $10 billion
PNC Financial Services $7.7 billion
Bank of New York Mellon $3 billion
State Street Corp $2 billion
Capital One Financial $3.55 billion
Fifth Third Bancorp $3.45 billion
Regions Financial $3.5 billion
SunTrust Banks $3.5 billion
BB&T Corp $3.1 billion
KeyCorp $2.5 billion
Comerica $2.25 billion
Marshall & Ilsley Corp $1.7 billion
Northern Trust Corp $1.5 billion
Huntington Bancshares $1.4 billion
Zions Bancorp $1.4 billion
First Horizon National $866 million
City National Corp $395 million
Valley National Bancorp $330 million
UCBH Holdings Inc $298 million
Umpqua Holdings Corp $214 million
Washington Federal $200 million
First Niagara Financial $186 million
HF Financial Corp $25 million
Bank of Commerce $17 million
TOTAL: $203.08 billion
In addition to the TARP program's $40 billion capital injection into AIG, the Federal Reserve is providing the company with up to $112.5 billion in separate loans and funds for asset purchases. Aid to the huge insurance company came after counterparties and rating downgrades forced AIG to post large amounts of collateral for its credit derivatives positions.
Some other insurers are interested in cash infusions, but must own a thrift or bank in order to qualify under the terms of Treasury's current capital injection program.
The TARP program set a November 14 deadline for smaller banks to apply for capital injection funds remaining in the pool of $250 billion. The deadline will be extended for non-publicly traded banks.
The government's preferred shares will pay dividends of 5 percent annually for the first five years and 9 percent after that until the institution repurchases them. Participating banks must comply with Treasury restrictions on executive compensation, which limit tax deductibility of senior executive pay to $500,000. They require bonuses to be "clawed back" if earnings statements or gains are later proven to be materially inaccurate and prohibit "golden parachute" payments to senior executives.
Struggling automakers General Motors Corp, Ford Motor Co and Chrysler LLC have requested tens of billions of dollars in Treasury aid under TARP. However, the Bush administration says the TARP program was designed by Congress to help the financial service sector, not the auto industry.
The remaining $350 billion in TARP funding can be accessed only after the White House formally notifies Congress. U.S. House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank has said that if the initial banks participating in the program do not use the money for lending, Congress could block authorization of the final funding.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Mission from newsletter

Our Mission
By BlackPowderBill
Recently I was going through some
old files and sorting things out. I came across
a newspaper article from 1980 that had a
picture of me standing and pointing. I was
pointing at a person in a packed high school
auditorium who were their to protest new
Naval Housing on the Willow Grove, Pa.
I made my point & spoke out in
favor of the new housing as I was representing
300 sailors. We never did get the new
housing. I've often wondered how many
times I've jumped on the horse to ride in a
crusade for others or thinking others were
behind me. Then I come to the realization
many of those who summoned me are still
looking for a saddle and horse. At the Rochester
Dome gun show in January while working
the SCOPE table hawking raffle tickets a
man passed by smiled and replied, we've
already lost the battle. I responded to those
that could hear me as he melted into the
crowd; he should be thrown out of the show.
Strong words you may say, not for me I'm
just being honest.
How often and how long are we
going to keep toting water for others who
will not plug the holes in their buckets? This
10% who do stuff is long over due for an
overhaul. People approach me and want to do
a gun owners rally, ya know like the MMM.
Heck we can't even get 50 people to the
Sportsmen's march on Albany. If any thing
was ever arranged for say even a 1,000 people
to meet you'd play hell trying to schedule
it between all the hunting, football, basketball
& baseball game seasons dates. To be blunt,
the last time I saw a few hundred guys together
on a crusade we were all in our military
So what do we do? Got me, I've
been doing this advocacy stuff since high
school. I've heard every lame excuse there is.
One of the problems is money, for the life of
me why our groups still struggle to make
ends meet I do not fully understand. After all
"we", being around way longer that the antis,
should be able to muster people and cash for
regular operations not just firefighting.
Look at it like this, the antis toss
out a few matches and we have to go scrambling
around spitting to put them out.
Antis get people on the ground
ready to roll just for the cause; sportsmen get
people looking for a free magazine. Ahhh,
and God forbid if it don't show up! If you are
in a group and getting a magazine is the reason
you joined your missing the true cause of
advocacy. People belong because they feel a
need to. People have a need to belong to a
group of like individuals. So, what do all
these "other" groups have in common? One
issue , pro life, pro choice, church folk have
God, antis have a commitment to deprive the
rest of the world pleasures.
Sportsmen have many causes and
inside those are the sub categories. This I feel
is the one main flaw why we can not combine
our resources. It seems everyone has
some special feeling towards a cause. Then
they toss in an entire concoction of other
causes that have absolutely no merit what so
ever in their original core belief. They wander
off on some short crusade about social
security or now days some internet fable and
then forward on an opinion to everyone they
know. Mean while someone like me is waiting
on a reply that will benefit those who are
sitting in front of a PC contemplating sending
off another mass of emails about mountain
lion attacks in New York.
In 2006 every sporting group I am
a member of sent out a request. This request
was for each one of us to go out and recruit a
new member. Now in 2007 I have reviewed
the membership numbers and see they did
not double nor did the numbers increase 10%
-things are flat.
So how are we going to get new
people? Well, you take this newsletters
membership application; pick a membership
level either 1-2 or 3 years. Write in your dead
beat friend's name. Ya know the one who
drives 50 miles round trip to save $2 dollars
on a box of ammo. Hand the application to
him so he can read it. Then tell him to give
you the money and you will mail his application
in. Thank him, shake his hand and pat
him on the back. He does not need an explanation
on why, he knows why.
See the fella at the gun show was
correct in his statement; "we have lost" because
some people failed to progress and
move into the 21st century. In fact most are
stuck in the 1960's, they want things to be the
way the used to be...or I should say the way
they want the world to be with their enhancements.
I figure these folks never knew what
was expected of them to begin with. No one
wanted to come out and correct them for fear
of upsetting that individual.
Ya know, ruin the balance in the
unbalanced dream. In the military we had a
person to tell us who, what, where & why.
You understood the mission, objective and
goal . Your mission is for SCOPE members
to attain a goal for SCOPE. That goal is to
double our membership. Each SCOPE member
is to go out and get one person to join
SCOPE. That's it - no other sub missions, no
free lancing while on deployment , no social
security problems , postage stamp bills or is
Hillary really a man stuff.
Now you've been told what to do &
it's only one task, just do this one thing, now.
Later on I'll have another mission assignment.

Regards BPB

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Service history 6yr 7 months

So here a a few of ships I served on. Yea I know NADC was not a ship nor was HC-3 or VA-122.
3 CNO safety awards
good conduct
expert rifle
markman pistol
Now I sit in a puter control room watching water boil.

Monday, November 10, 2008

USFW Colorao Lynx

Federal Register: November 7, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 217)][Notices] [Page 66213-66214]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access
[][DOCID:fr07no08-25] -------------------------------------------

DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTUREForest Service Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision for the Southern Rockies Lynx AmendmentAGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.

Notice of Availability.-----------------------------------------------------------------------SUMMARY: In accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the National Forest Management Act, (NFMA), the USDA Forest Service announces the availability of the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the Southern Rockies Lynx Amendment and the opening of the administrative appeal period.


The management direction will become effective 7 days after the date of publication of the legal notice published in the Denver Post, the newspaper of record. Administrative appeals must be postmarked or received within 45 days of the date the legal notice is published in the Denver Post.ADDRESSES: Copies of the FEIS and ROD are available upon request from the Rocky Mountain Regional Office, 740 Simms St., Golden, Colorado 80401 or via the internet on the following Web site

This decision is subject to review through the administrative appeals process pursuant to 36 CFR 217.3. Any appeals must be postmarked or received by the Appeal Reviewing Officer within 45 days of the date the legal notices are published in the Denver Post, the newspaper of record. Any notice of appeal must be fully consistent with 36 CFR 217.9.

Addresses for submitting appeals can be founding the Record of Decision.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Martha Delporte, Regional Planner,, telephone 303-275-5381; or Nancy Warren, Regional Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species Program leader,, telephone 303-275-5064.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lawsuit Derails Nassau Handgun Ban


UPDATE: Lawsuit Derails Nassau Handgun Ban

Mineola, NY – November 07, 2008 – The Nassau County local law banning the possession of handguns mislabeled “deceptively colored” has been put on hold indefinitely pending the outcome of a legal challenge by gun-rights activists.

In June 2008, Nassau passed Local Law #5, criminalizing the possession and sale of "deceptively colored handguns” as a supposed danger to law enforcement. The law bans all handguns except for those that are "black, grey, silver, steel, nickel or army green." It does not grandfather currently owned guns and mandates that gun owners surrender all banned guns for destruction without any compensation, and with no opportunity to sell them outside the county.

Three New York State pistol licensees—Alan Chwick of Freeport, Edward Botsch of Franklin Square, and Thomas Fess of Rochester—instituted an Article 78 proceeding on July 23rd in Nassau Supreme Court (Index #: 013564/2008) to challenge the laws. The proceeding was filed pro se, with the assistance of a New York gun-rights activist and attorney.

The petition seeks a ruling that Nassau’s local law is invalid because it is “preempted” by New York State’s extensive gun control laws, which already ban “disguised guns.” Under the doctrine of preemption, localities may not pass laws in areas already regulated by state law, unless state law permits such local laws. The suit also seeks to overturn the law because it is vague and ambiguous, lacks standards for consistent enforcement, and violates the right to keep and bear arms under both the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and a similar provision of New York State Civil Rights Laws.

The proceeding was brought on the day the law was to go into effect, and sought a temporary restraining order and an injunction to stay enforcement of the law. That led to Nassau to enter into a binding stipulation not to enforce the law unless the court rules against the petitioners. Further, the Nassau County legislature reacted to the proceeding by amending the law to remove the prohibitions against gold plated, blued, and brown handguns.

The matter has been fully briefed and oral argument has been requested. The petitioners have retained attorney Robert Firriolo, a litigation partner in the New York office of Duane Morris LLP.

All documents pertaining to this proceeding have been made public, and are posted at

The local law challenged affects not only Nassau pistol licensees, but all New York gun owners and visitors to Nassau County. Anybody found with a banned handgun is subject to arrest and prosecution. The law is particularly hazardous to the many shooters who come into, or pass through, Nassau to participate in shooting events and have no way of knowing about this law. The suit was brought to protect the interests of all of law-abiding gun owners and dealers, most of whom are still unaware that many ordinary, popular and valuable handguns are banned. The law imposes a penalty of one year in jail and a $1000 fine.

Recognizing the importance of challenging this onerous law, the Shooters’ Committee On Political Education (SCOPE), of Tonawanda, N.Y., responded immediately to petitioners’ request for support from their Legal Defense Fund.

The petitioners are asking for donations to help fight this ridiculous and dangerous local law, which holds dire implications for New York’s gun owners if it is lost. A victory in this case may well be the springboard for challenging other New York gun control laws.
Please donate whatever you can to the SCOPE Legal Defense Fund.
Send donations to:
SCOPE, PO Box 12711, Rochester, NY 14612.

Please make checks payable to SCOPE, Inc., and note in the memo area of your check "Legal Defense Fund-Chwick v. Mulvey." All donations are greatly appreciated.

The petitioners continue to express their gratitude to SCOPE, the Freeport R&R Association Junior Club, and all those that have supported them.

For more information, contact:

Nassau County News Flash
Alan Chwick, Editor

Friday, November 7, 2008

Maine Lynx court date

This just sent by Skip Trask

Good evening trappers -

Hope your season is going well. I just received word that Judge Woodcock has scheduled oral arguments on the plaintiff's motion for preliminary injunction in the lynx related lawsuit for this coming Monday, November 10th, at 1:00 PM, at the federal courthouse in Bangor.

As I'm sure you remember, the preliminary injunction motion submitted by the plaintiffs (WAM and AWI) would essentially end all land trapping in the Wildlife Management Districts frequented by lynx (WMDs 1 through 11 and 18).

The judge's decision could effect the remainder of the current trapping season. I know that this is a bad time of year to try to get trappers to travel to Bangor for a hearing, but our attorneys believe it would be helpful to our case if we could have some trappers in attendance.

Dana Johnson and I will both be there. It would be great if at least some of you could be there as well. There's a lot at stake! For those of you who plan to attend, please let me know by email at your earliest convenience so I can give our attorneys some idea of what to expect for a turnout. (Security is usually pretty tight at the courthouse, so you'll want to get there an hour or so before the hearing is scheduled to begin).

Thanks. Skip

bpb note, I read today that the USFW has a notice about lynx in Colorado.

Regards BPB

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Green Papers election numbers

Good link if you're looking for figures on election fallout with no media BS to read through.
General Election USA
"Established during the previous Millennium"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nassau County Gun Ban Lawsuit Moves Forward

Nassau County Gun Ban Lawsuit Moves Forward

Back in June the Nassau Co. legislature passed Local Law #5 that would ban the possession of "deceptively colored" handguns on the premise that such guns could look like toys and pose a danger to law enforcement. This law bans all handguns except for those that are "black, grey, silver, steel, nickel or army green", gold plated and brown guns were added later with an amendment (a.k.a Local Law #9).

This law allows no grandfathering of currently owned guns and mandates that gun owners turn in any guns in violation of the law without compensation.

An Article 78 action was filed quickly by Nassau Co. residents Alan Chwick and Edward Botsch and Monroe Co. SCOPE member Tom Fess. The Article 78 action argues that the law is invalid based on a number of issues but most importantly that the County is preempted from banning handguns by NY Penal Law 265 and 400.

The law has been basically placed on hold, unenforceable, by the judge until this action plays out. The next step is oral arguments before the judge and the timing for that will be determined by the judge.

All public documents pertaining to this action have been posted at our website
www.SCOPEny. org on our Alerts page.

SCOPE was asked by the petitioners for support in the form of funds from our Legal Defense Fund and we immediately saw the importance of challenging this law and the SCOPE Board of Directors committed to that support. SCOPE is the only Second Amendment organization that has committed support, monetarily or otherwise, to this action.

We are asking SCOPE members to help replenish our Legal Defense Fund with any donation you can afford.

Donations can be sent to:
SCOPE, PO Box 12711
Rochester, NY 14612.

Please make checks out to SCOPE, Inc and note in the memo area of your check "for Legal Defense Fund". Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

Ken Mathison, President
SCOPE, Inc.__._,_.___

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gray wolf ~ Feds open new comment period

Here we go again, the antis stopped an earlier attempt to de-list the gray wolf. Lets see if the Feds can make this one happen.

[Federal Register: October 28, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 209)]
[Proposed Rules]
[Page 63926-63932]
From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access

Fish and Wildlife Service
50 CFR Part 17[FWS-R6-ES-2008-008; 92220-1113-0000;
ABC Code: C6]RIN 1018-AW37

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Designating the Northern Rocky Mountain Population of Gray Wolf as a Distinct Population Segment and Removing This Distinct Population Segment From the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened WildlifeAGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.ACTION: Proposed rule; reopening of comment period.

Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia

[Federal Register: October 28, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 209)][Rules and Regulations] [Page 63867]From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [][DOCID:fr28oc08-2] =======================================================================
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTUREAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service 9 CFR Parts 71, 83, and 93
[Docket No. APHIS-2007-0038]RIN 0579-AC74
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia; Interstate Movement and Import Restrictions on Certain Live Fish

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA.ACTION: Interim rule; delay of effective date.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SCOPE Candidate Ratings

The SCOPE Candidate Ratings have been updated and can be seen at our website
http://scopeny. org/ARCHIVES/ SCOPE_Candidate_ Ratings_2008. pdf
Specifically, the 29th Congressional District Democrat Party candidate Eric Massa has been changed to a (?).
Mr. Massa was recently endorsed by the anti gun American Hunters and Shooters Association and requests to his office for the questionaire he surely had to fill out to get this endorsement have gone unanswered. Additionally, Mr. Massa who joined SCOPE last year has failed to renew his membership. These two actions together suggest Mr. Massa is less than sincere in his support for our Second Amendment rights.

Please, forward this information far and wide.

Ken Mathison, President

SCOPE, IncSCOPEny eGroup RKBA Discussion List:
SCOPE - Shooters' Committee On Political Education:• 2nd Amendment - the one that protects all others •

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 ~ In the races

In The Races
Senator Chuck Schumer will endorse Democratic NYC council member Joseph Addabbo in his bid to oust Republican state Senator Serphin Maltese in the 15th Senate District. Schumer said: “Joe Addabbo has been a first-rate city councilman who has delivered for the people of western Queens and he will make and even better state senator.”

The US Chamber of Commerce has backed Republican Dale Sweetland in the race for the Syracuse area’s 25th Congressional District. Sweetland faces Dan Maffei to replace retiring Rep. Walsh.

Three gun ban organizations announced several endorsements this past week. New Yorkers against Gun Violence, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence all endorsed senators Malcolm Smith, Eric Schneidemann and Andrea Stewart-Cousins. Meanwhile, three various challengers, including Brian Foley, Joseph Addabbo and Rick Dollinger, benefited from the anti-gun rights coalition support.

The powerful New York State United Teachers is taking a vote today about endorsing all state Senate Republicans after Majority Leader Dean Skelos pledged to block any attempt to reduce education spending during the November 18th special session. This may be a contentious vote by NYSUT, which opposes the Governor’s Property Tax Cap plan which has been passed by the Senate.

SCOPE Leadership Virtual Forum:

SCOPE's web site:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sporting Conservation Council

I wonder who will be participating in this conference. bpb[Federal Register: October 15, 2008 (Volume 73, Number 200)][Notices][Page 61159-61160]From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access [][DOCID:fr15oc08-121]-----------------------------------------------------------------------DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIORFish and Wildlife ServiceSporting Conservation CouncilAGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, Interior.ACTION: Notice of teleconference.-----------------------------------------------------------------------SUMMARY: This notice announces a public teleconference of the SportingConservation Council (Council).DATES:We will hold the teleconference on Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 1-2:30 p.m. (Eastern time). If you wish to listen to the teleconferenceproceedings, submit written material for the Council to consider, orgive a 2-minute presentation during the teleconference, notify PhyllisSeitts by Monday, October 20, 2008. If you wish to submit a writtenstatement for Council consideration during the teleconference, it mustbe received no later than October 23, 2008.See instructions underSUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:Phyllis T. Seitts, 9828 North 31stAvenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051-2517; 602-906-5603 (phone);orTwinkle (e-mail).SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:The Secretary of the Interior establishedthe Council in February 2006 (71 FR 11220, March 6, 2006). TheCouncil's mission is to provide advice and guidance to the FederalGovernment through the Department of the Interior on how to increasepublic awareness of: (1) The importance of wildlife resources, (2) thesocial and economic benefits of recreational hunting, and (3) wildlifeconservation efforts that benefit recreational hunting and wildliferesources.The Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculturesigned an amended charter for the Council in June 2006 and July 2006,respectively. The revised charter states that the Council will provideadvice and guidance to the Federal Government through the Department ofthe Interior and the Department of Agriculture.The Council will convene to receive updates on the revised draftNorth American Model Technical White Paper, on the Preface andConclusion of the collection of the Technical White Papers, and on thesynthesis of breakout session comments from the White House Conferenceon North American Wildlife Policy held in Reno, Nevada, on October 1-3,2008.Procedures for Public InputFormat Requirement for Oral and Written CommentsWhether you wish to comment orally or in written form, you mustprovide written copies of your comments. All written statements must besupplied to the Council's Designated Federal Officer in both of thefollowing formats:One hard copy with original signature, andOne electronic copy via e-mail (acceptable file format: MSWord, MS Powerpoint, or WordPerfect).Giving a 2-Minute Oral PresentationIndividuals or groups may request to give an oral presentationduring the Council teleconference. Oral presentations will be limitedto 2 minutes per speaker, with no more than half an hour total for allspeakers. Interested parties must contactPhyllis Seitts, CouncilDesignated Federal Officer, in writing (preferably via e-mail; see FORFURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT), by Monday, October 20, 2008, to be placed on the public speaker list for this teleconference. In addition, if youare selected to make a 2-minute presentation, you must provide hard andelectronic copies of your presentation to the Council DesignatedFederal Officer by Thursday, October 23, 2008. Additional livequestions from the public will not be considered during theteleconference.Submitting Written Information for the Council To ConsiderSpeakers who wish to expand upon their oral statements or those whohad wished to speak but could not be accommodated on the agenda areinvited to submit written statements to the Council. Interested membersof the public may submit relevant written information for the Councilto consider during the public teleconference. We must receive allwritten statements by Thursday, October 23, 2008, so that we can makethe information available to the Council for their consideration priorto the teleconference.Dated: October 8, 2008.Phyllis T. Seitts,Designated Federal Officer, Sporting Conservation Council.[FR Doc. E8-24466 Filed 10-14-08; 8:45 am]BILLING CODE 4310-55-P
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Forest Service36 CFR Part 294RIN 0596-AC62 Special Areas; Roadless Area Conservation; Applicability to the National Forests in Idaho AGENCY: Forest Service, USDA.ACTION: Final rule and record of decision.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA or Department) is adopting a state-specific, final rule establishing management direction for designated roadless areas in the State of Idaho. The final rule designates 250 Idaho Roadless Areas (IRAs) and establishes five management themes that provide prohibitions with exceptions or conditioned permissions governing road construction, timber cutting, and discretionary mineral development.

The final rule takes a balanced approach recognizing both local and national interests for the management of these lands. The Department and Forest Service are committed to the important challenge of protecting roadless areas and their important characteristics. The final rule achieves this through five land classifications that assign various permissions and prohibitions regarding road building, timber cutting, and discretionary mineral activities. The final rule also allows the Forest Service to continue to be a good neighbor and reduce the risk of wild land fires to at-risk communities and municipal water supply systems. The rule does not authorize the building of a single road or the cutting of a single tree; instead it establishes permissions and prohibitions that will govern what types of activities may occur in IRAs.

Any decision to build a road, allow mineral activities, harvest a tree, or conduct any other activity permissible under this final rule will require appropriate site-specific analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable laws. Projects will also be consistent with the applicable land management plan (LMP) components.

This final rule supersedes the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule (2001 roadless rule) for National Forest System (NFS) lands in the State of Idaho. DATES:
Effective Date:
This rule is effective October 16, 2008.

Idaho Roadless Rule Team Leader Brad Gilbert at (208) 765-7438.

Individuals using telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1-800-877-8339 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This document serves as both notice of final rule and record of decision.