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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Latest Mexican shoot out ATF Traces rifle from Operation Gun Walker

LMOA yes sir they traced it!

No problem they are being tracked.
Geeze give the Feds a break will ya!! I mean look at it like this . It make take another 400 or 500 deaths. if the U.S. Feds can track 1 or 2 firearms from operation gun runner at each shoot em up. Then in theory those doing the tracking will have jobs till retirement.

Ya know, I bet if those firearms that walked if they had no muzzle break, protruding handgrip or magazine capacity restriction and the magazines were registered this would have never happened.

BTW did ya see the guys lined up on Conn. to register their magazines and government re-defined AW??

Lined up to registration

I heard the state was offering FREE flu,measles & whooping cough vaccines.
Also FREE HIV test & prostate exams.
Yea the state health department believes since firearms owners have taken it up to ass so often we're prime candidate's for aids.
On another city New Yorkisstan's new Mayor has vowed to get rid of the horse carriages. seems the animals rights religious wing dings have his ear. They are suggesting a old time looking electric car. WTH who's making a buck off that idea?
 IMO if the carriges go in NYC. Then the mounted police in all of New Yorkisstan need to be given up. I mean to state that is the anti's see the carriages as animal cruelty then the mounted police are just as  guilty as the carriage s are.
 then again lets elevate this to make all Amish do away with using horses in their daily activity.
So the new Mayor of NYC is in favor of banning all horse's in New Yorkisstan that are used for transportation.

CA gun owners rush to beat shotgun and rifle registration law

By Redding_Srch