Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Rapine-Lyman-RCBS Moulds Minnies-38/55 -LEE 454 RB SC

 Used in good shape need a little cleaning Sprue plates have a bit of light rust nothing that can't be polished off.

Price on these will be 75$ each with the exception of the RCBS Hodgdon mould it will be 125$

Shipping 10$ per mould I will combine shipping for multiple purchases. 

 85$  SHIPPED 

Handles included 

NOTE: I'll most likely be keeping the 534-400 moulds as I have 2 rifles here that use them. The Harpers Ferry with relined bore and Express Over Under flint lock.

Don't want a mould coming soon I have access to several pounds of already cast Minnie's pricing will be 15$ per bag of 25 bullets. Some need the old lube cleaned off.

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