Monday, August 13, 2018

Leather Hand Stitched Belt & Possibles Bags

My generic sales pitch: 
Prices range from 40$ to 175$ depending on size,leather used,pockets added, loops metal beads bone, laced or sewn & straps.
Small medicine bags most are machine sewn prices range from 4 to 10$ with the upper priced being hand sewn.

You're purchasing one belt bag appx size 6x7" or larger hand sewn with white hemp,waxed linen, artificial sinew,cotton,flax thread.
2 belt loops on the back
These bags or pouches are hand stitched using a variety of thread. 
BPBReloading manufactures these bags they are not a cheap imported knock off.
The leather ,stitching and finish represent a home made item like would be put together in a frontier home using scrap or re-purposed materials available. Your bag or pouch may have slight defects such as a crooked stitch, misshaped flap,odd coloration, different strap materials. Leather used is top quality and from various sources.
Your bag or pouch may have several different leather color valuations & weight.
Most have a gusset see pictures for each item. Belt loops,slots or a strap for carrying.
Closures will be of antler,bone,tooth,brass stud and draw string. Sizes vary from 6x6" to 12x12" see description for exact details. If you looking for a $200.00 bag or pouch with a fancy cartouche these ain't it.
Shipping will be the least expensive way possible. That is usually USPS flat rate.
The sale price reflects all auction fees,paypal fee & handling/shipping cost.
BPBReloading has been a licensed FFL for over 30 years & is a solely owned veteran operation.
The buy it now fee includes shipping within the United States
Thanks for looking
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Veteran owned
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

NY SCOPE News Letter July/August Issue

Shooters Committee for Political Education latest news letter July/ August

It is a pdf format appx 20 pages

Firing Lines 

Regards BPB
Past NYS Director at Large