Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bad Trades , Non-Payment for services , Shady Internet deals. "C" Strikers Next week

 I read today another long laundry list of names who made bad trades, lack of services & articles shipped before payment. The difference between BlackPowderBill's Reloading Supplies and many other FB/Internet sutlers. BPBRS is a licensed FFL dealer,DBA registered,Collector or taxes for the Governor and has been providing the shooting community with supplies for over 30+ years. BPBRS has shipped to all 50 states and had customers in Canada come to the shop when I was in New Yorkisstan. BPBRS not only sells the tools you need, he knows how to & uses them.
 Customers and fellow followers. I have placed an order for 25 "C" style strikers. These are the ones I've sold in the past with the Large English flint flakes and medicine bags. They will be here next week. Also, I found a contact to make hand forged strikers. When they arrive I'll do a demo on flint steel firemaking and evaluate.

SO , those of you who want hand forged can now get them from me. The price will be very reasonable between 12 to 15$.
Boost Post

Regards, BlackPowderBill

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Firearms Recalls ~WOW!

Here is one list and a link to follow:
Firearms ID Recalls

Beretta safety alerts and recalls
Beretta ARX100 rifles
NEOS Pistols
Browning safety alerts and recallsBrowning BAR MK3 rifles
Bushmaster safety alerts and recalls (Bushmaster is part of Remington)
ACR Rifle
Charter Arms safety alerts and recalls
Lady .38 Special Revolvers
FMK Firearms
9C1 Pistol
FN safety alerts and recalls
FN SCAR 17S Rifles
Glock safety alerts and recalls
Gen 4 PistolsModel 17M Pistols
Knight safety alerts and recallsKnight Revolution muzzleloading rifles
Savage Arms safety alerts and recalls
Savage B.MAG Rifles
Springfield Armory safety alerts and recalls
3.3 XDS Pistol
Springfield XD-S pistols
Taurus safety alerts and recalls
PT Series Pistols
Thompson/Center safety alerts and recalls
T/C Compass RiflesThompson Center Venture Rifles
Winchester safety alerts and recalls
SXP shotgun 
Winchester model 94Winchester XPR rifles

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chrome Users and Gun Broker HTTPS vs HTTP Secure Web Sites

From GunBroker tech support:

Articles in this section

Chrome 62 - Showing HTTP Content as Not Secure

Chrome 62 - Showing HTTP Content as Not Secure

Tech Support
Updated 13 hours ago

In October 2017, Google Chrome (version 62) will show a ‘Not secure’ warning messages in the address window when users visit standard HTTP page, and HTTPS pages that contain non-secure HTTP content. If your listing contains non-secure HTTP content, Google will view your listings as not secure and display the message.

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and is what handles data communication on the internet. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP (the "S" stands for "Secure"). This ensures data privacy and security by encrypting communications from all parties.

You need to check if your listings for contain non-secure content. This could include links to pictures or images referenced as HTTP instead of HTTPS. You must update your listings if they contain HTTP (non-secure) references. An HTTP reference will look something like this: "HTTP://www.SomeDomain.com".

GunBroker.com is in the process of making the entire site secure with HTTPS. However, external content is outside of our control. You need to make sure that your listings, additional terms of sale and externally (not on GunBroker.com) hosted pictures are being served securely over HTTPS.

If you have listings on a third party server or service that supports HTTPS but those pictures are currently referenced as HTTP, please contact us as we may be able to assist you in the transition. Please contact your provider directly with questions about their level of support.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Swords,Bayonet,Kurki, Antique WW1 Items For Sale

 The Gentleman contacted me for information on his collection. This is but a small sample and the first lot being offered for sale.  He'd like to sell the whole lot pictured in one sale, make an offer. Bear in mind each one of the swords is several hundred dollars. I do not have these items in my shop. They are with the owner who resides outside Atlanta.

                              Kukri with letter kukri-longleaf-w-old-scabbard
Pre WW-1 Officers Sword

WW-1 British Officers Training Manual
WW-1 British Officers Sword Frog
    WW-1 (Reproduction) Officers Sword Knot
WW-1 -  J. Hudson Officers Whistle
WW-1 Browne Officers Belt and Cross Belt

WW-I British 1907 Wilkerson Bayonet
WW-I British North Landshire Officers Swagger Stick
WW-1 British Officers Holster

Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Problem in America by Budd Schroeder



JULY 21 2017




    The disclaimer to this column is this.  There are several good people in the legislatures and executive positions locally, state wide and in federal offices.  That being said, consider the commentary to be the columnist's personal opinions based on news reports and experience.  The object of the column is to point out the problems in our country can be pretty much blamed on politicians, bureaucracies and an apathetic public.

       The first observation is that politics has little to do with good government.  It is all about power and money.  That is the overview.  Some of those in power don't abuse it.  They are in the minority.  Just look at the scandals that have been publicized recently, starting with the news about former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

    According to the trial, in which a jury found him guilty. He was guilty of multiple examples of corruption involving millions of dollars and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his crimes.  He is still collecting a state funded pension of more than $90,000 a year and was able to keep the money in his war chest for reelection, although he will never be able to be elected again.

    He never served a day in prison because he was able to hire top lawyers and the case was appealed.  Due to a quirk of a recent SCOTUS decision on what is considered to be political corruption, the case was overturned and now we are waiting to see if he will be retried. 

    Of course, now Mr. Silver wants the taxpayers to pay the millions of dollars he is spending on legal fees.  Many people have asked the question "why should the taxpayers be on the hook for his actions? What other occupation has this kind of perk?  Hopefully, he won't get his legal bills paid for by us.

    Think of the differences in the real world of justice.  Let's say Joe Sixpack is accused of a crime.  He is arrested and charged with a felony.  He has to hire an attorney and pays a retainer of $25,000 to get competent representation.  He also has to pay $100.000 bail money to stay out of prison while awaiting trial.  He doesn't have that kind of cash so he needs a bail bond. That will cost him $10,000.  Now, he also has a social problem. 

    The law says a person is innocent until proven guilty, but the press and society in general will read the reports and the electronic media. Newspapers  may blast his story on the front page.  His reputation is ruined and it affects his small business or his job if he works for someone.  it is very stressing.

    He goes to trial and is found to be not guilty, but he leaves the court a free man who dropped a minimum of $35,000 for the bond and the lawyer.  His business may have suffered or possibly he lost his job. He has been severely damaged.  Who will pay for those expenses?  Easy answer.  He will.

    Those in the system will justify the results because he had a "fair trial."  He was found to be not guilty of the crime, but how does he recover from the loss of money and reputation?  What would those in the legal profession and legal process say to justify that?  Probably, "He got due process. That's the way the system works."  The bureaucrats and lawmakers are off the hook.  Life can be tough.

    There is an old saying: "If you are going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy.  God will forgive.  The bureaucracy won't."  It is usually true.  Once in a while, a person can "beat city hall."  However, those in the bureaucracy can still make life miserable for the person who did it. 

    It is possible to beat one bureaucracy and suddenly find that the IRS may suddenly call for an audit.  Decades ago this happened to the National Rifle Association who was causing the government a great deal of inconvenience with their pesky insistence that the Second Amendment meant what it said.

    They kept winning battles and causing bad press on certain governmental agencies and the government struck back.  It went through an extensive audit that cost NRA hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide the access to the necessary files and people to provide the information required by the IRS.

    After months of the IRS intrusion and nit picking the NRA came out with a clean bill of health.  It proved that they were doing everything right according to the IRS rules.  Still, the bureaucrats got their revenge by giving the NRA "due process."  What a country!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The government and the bureaucracies provide much grist for the columnist's grill.  This is a column, not a book, so the mill will always have enough to grind.  Stay tuned.  More fun on the way, if we don't get a bureaucratic squashing.  They can be very vindictive and vicious,


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Thompson Center Hawken Rifles For Sale

Pictured below are Stocks and Barrels of T/C's Invest Arms and a custom build in 54 cal. The custom build is possibly a Sharon Rifle Hawken style Half Stock that appears to be unfired.

These will be cross post listed.
TC 29" bbl

 54 cal 32" bbl

TC Hawken 54

Cabela's 54 Hawken Style


Cabelas with 54 cal Invest Arms bbl

TC Hawken

TC Hawken

TC Hawken
TC 54 

You're looking at 2 rifles a Cabela's 54 Hawken style and a T/C 54 Hawken. The Cabela's has 2 barrels that will fit it. A 50 & 54  The T/C Has 2 barrels as well. The 54 cal 32 " 1.66 twist for round ball and the 54 29" 1.48

Take one barrel or both. Cabelas is priced at $375.00 with the second barrel $500.00.

You pick what barrel you want on the rifle.

TC price with the 1.66 $425.00 Second barrel $550.00 Shipping will be a min of $25.00

 Second Barrels separately priced at:
Invest Arms 50 or 54 cal $175.00
T/C 54 29" $175.00
T/C 54 32" 1.66  $200.00

Bores are in great condition. The barrels have a bit of freckling and small corrosion spots. Nothing that hinders operation all cosmetic. Both of these appear to have had very little use. Just a few handling marks from being moved around.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lefty Blames the Gun. Imagine that~~ Ny News Letter to the Buffalo news Editor response .

This is my letter to the Buffalo News.  Maybe they will print it.


    The column by Douglas Turner blaming a gun for the assassination attempt on a Republican Congressman is typical of the left to shift blame. It is ironic, especially when the media are the ones spewing hatred, vitriolic, and venomous articles on a daily basis against Trump and the Republicans.
    The attack was thwarted by the fact that there were police at the scene who prevented the gunman from committing mass murder.  It solidifies the NRA saying: "The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. Unfortunately in the past shootings, there were no good guys with guns.
    The problems is not with too many guns on the street.  There are too many bad guys on the streets and this shooter, according to reports, should have had his right to possess a gun revoked.  Law enforcement was lax in this matter.
    Chris Collins is right when he says he will be carrying his gun for protection.  Self defense is the original "do it yourself" option for survival. The fact that the wounded congressman had the power to have the police present for the baseball practice saved multiple lives.  Most citizens don't have that option or ability to do so.
    Instead of blaming guns, Turner, and other members of the media should focus on easing tensions rather than fomenting violence with their biased and incendiary rhetoric denouncing the president and staff and confusing the public by opinions rather than facts.  More restrictive gun laws won't stop such attacks by evil people for a very simple reason.  Criminals don't obey laws!

Budd Schroeder
Chairman Emeritus, SCOPE
Lancaster, NY 14086

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Public Range Discussion, Re-loads & Home Built Firearms

Yesterday while I and others observed range safety take a back seat to one cleaning his race rifle. I.E.=Race Rifle a highly machined firearm that is shot from a rest which can also be used on a horizontal mill machine. We discussed public range brass finds. I haven't shot at a public range in decades.

The discussion was finding 380 brass that was all blown out. Apparently having been fired in a 9mm chamber. Other brass findings , blown out casings,cracked, bolt face impressions over head stamps, and primers that were peirced by firing pins.
This leads us to a startling conclusion, many Youtube reloading practices and firearms builds by people are down right dangerious.
 How'd you like to purchase a firearm that was worked on by an individual who watched Youtube videos to gain his gunsmithing experiences? Better yet make a purchase of one that was repeadedly abused by the loading of incorrect cartridges or overcharged re-loads.

 IMO: Beware of the great deal being offered on used firearms these days.
Hey, That's my opinon yours may differ.

FFL 30+ years

I don't sell paint,bait, wash machines or rent U-Hauls

Monday, May 15, 2017


Budd Schroeder is a former NRA Director for NY and Chairman of the Board to SCOPE; Shooters Committee on Political Education.  Budd & I served on the SCOPE BOD at during the same time period. bpb

MAY 17, 2017


This column has been writing about the injustices of the NY SAFE Act since it was enacted literately in the middle of the night with no chance for input from citizens or even giving the legislators time to read and intelligently debate it. Governor Cuomo passed it with a message of necessity in order to ram it into law before anyone outside of the legislature could voice any objections. It had the effect of affecting the honest gun owner and having little effect on the criminal misuse of firearms.

The message of necessity was a joke. Most of the effects of the law were delayed including the recertification of pistol permits which was was held off until this year. The dumb part about requiring a background check to buy ammunition was found to be impractical and the state had no way of doing that since it could not be part of the NICS check. Another incidence of the stupidity of the supporters of the law.

People have been having pistol permits suspended by false reports from hospitals and medical personnel regarding mental health. Some have been reported as involuntary admissions to a hospital or medical facility when they came to the hospital voluntarily. Yet, because of the mistake and a report to the Office of Mental Health , they were reported to the State Police and their pistol permits were suspended and all guns were confiscated.
There was no due process before a qualified judge, There was no evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist. The case of Montgomery v. Cuomo is still languishing in the courts because the state keeps stalling on getting it settled. Whatever became of swift and sure justice? It is being ignored by those being penalized by the SAFE Act.
The Act requires a universal background check for any transfer or sale of a gun to anyone outside of immediate family. This prevents the Amish from acquiring a gun because of the need to produce a photo ID in order to get a NICS check. When a religion prevents photographs of its members, should that be a valid reason to prevent then from enjoying a constitutional right? The supporters of the SAFE Act think so.
For those who lost their right to possess a gun because of a false report or a mistake the process is based on the perversion of the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.” This has been changed to “presumed guilty until the person can prove they are innocent.” This is a timely and expensive process and the state cannot be held liable for any damages. The bureaucrats and politicians really look out for themselves when making laws.
One of the really dumb provisions of the law is the prohibition of gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. The law first prohibited magazines holding more than seven rounds. Then, there was an uproar because the standard for most semi-automatic handguns is ten rounds, so they changed that part of the law that allowed ten round magazines, but said the person could put only seven rounds in it.
Along with the stupidity of this provision, police were not exempt from this part of the law and instantly, cops on duty were law breakers. This again was changed and police were allowed to carry high capacity magazines, but not civilians and civilians could load ten rounds in their ten round magazines. However, a civilian caught with a high capacity magazine could be arrested and charged with a D Felony.
No violence is necessary to make the charge. It is an easy case to prosecute because it is one of just possession and a person can be sentenced to seven years if found guilty. That is the same sentence that a person who shoots someone can get depending on the circumstances.
Recently a man was stopped for a speeding violation and was giving a roadside sobriety test. He claims he passed it twice and the police told him to do it again a third time. He questioned them about the need. One of the officers then said| “He is resisting. Arrest him,” With the arrest, his car was impounded.
When a car is impounded, the police do an inventory check and the man had a car safe in the vehicle. The police opened it and found three 17 round magazines there. No gun was present on the driver on in the car, but he was charged with three felonies, one for each magazine.
The man, who is a veteran with two tours of duty and the sole parent of a child with special needs, was tried for the crimes. He was found guilty of speeding, but cleared of the DWI charge. He also was found guilty of the magazine possession. He is awaiting sentencing. If sentenced to prison he is worried about the care of his son since the son's mother is “somewhere in California.”
It seems ironic that two of the politicians, Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos were convicted of corruption two years ago and were sentenced, but are still walking around free awaiting an appeal on the charges. Seems rich and powerful people who commit real crimes have a different standard when it comes to justice.
With the differences between those those who have harmed people not going to jail and one who has not, facing jail time seems grossly unfair. Especially so when one of them has not caused any damage or harm to anyone.
In front of many courts there is a statue of Lady Justice holding a scale and with a blindfold over her eyes. In cases like this, it isn't a blindfold. It is a bandage because the SAFE Act and the politicians who passed it gouged out her eyes.
-30- :

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


MAY 10, 2017


The headline presents the major prescription for the present state of politics. In this definition the words principles and performance are not present. The point being that the way government is being run the focus is away from people and centered on what is best for the political party.
It would appear that the political pundits and party participants make their decisions not for the benefit of the people, but on ways to get the people to vote for the party. Even the discussions on the repeal of Obamacare laced with the commentary on how this will affect the balance of power in next year's elections and whether it could mean that the Republicans lose seats in the Congress.
From Charles Schumer's discussions on the subject, that is a major concern regarding his perspective on the Senate strategy. Schumer desperately wants to be the Majority Leader. More power! Enough said!
In politics, perception IS reality. If the public can be convinced that the press releases are accurate (even if they are not) that serves the politician's purpose and that is where the term “fake news” comes in. It doesn't matter if the news is biased or even a half truth. If the people believe it, the news release has done its job for the party or the individual.
Truth can actually be relative. A change of a situation caused by external conditions or forces can make yesterday's truth no longer accurate. Does that make the former statement a lie? That depends of the perception of the person reporting or believing it.
An inaccuracy someone stated decades ago can be brought up in a recent report and depending on how the spin doctor reporter describes it The old quote can be a reason for a negative slant to denigrate the one who said it.
This has been a common method of describing some of the key appointments to the Trump cabinet. Also, the reporters, usually in the electronic media, when interviewing a political person, will start a question with something like “people are saying.....” and how do you respond to that? Actually, nobody but the interviewer it thinking that, but it gives him a bit of distance from the question.
With the party calling the shots in many political debates or interviews, the focus can shift to the philosophies and stances of the parties. The messages given can be thinly veiled to convince the viewer that it is in their best interests to vote for that party's ticket in the next election. If the listeners are convinced that it is in their best interests to vote for the party, the interview was a success.
Realizing that party politics are the prime objective for most candidates and elected officials, the most important consideration is to keep the party strong, or to increase its strength. The plasma in the life blood of a party is patronage. Those that has, gets.
For example, in Erie County and many others there are patronage pits where the faithful to the party get good jobs and perks. The Eric County water authority is a good example. It can take members of the party faithful and give them a good, well paying job. They don't have to be able to fix broken pipe lines to get on the payroll.
Practically every elected official has staff members and can be ''encouraged” to place a party favorite in a position. Usually, the chosen person has been helpful during a campaign. Some are placed in those positions because they are competent and have talent.
One of the worst conditions in politics is the selection of Supreme Court Justices. That is 100 percent political. On the higher level, they are appointments. On the local level they are pretty much selected by the County Chairmen.
Selection is done by party delegates who vote in a Judicial Convention. The delegates are party members with a slate picked by the chairman. Others can run for a seat as a delegate, and can, if lucky or works hard, win a seat. However, the chairmen have a big success in getting their people elected.
Then, comes the fun part. Those who wish to become judges become very friendly to all the party chairmen and there are stories of how money can legally change hands during this process.. Some involve donations to the party. Some involve promises. Politics as usual are evident.
Every candidate hopes for a cross endorsement. That means more than one party will give the endorsement and this saves a lot of money in a campaign.
The party chairmen do some trading of “your endorse my candidate and I will endorse yours.” Simply put, the public has no choice in who gets on the ballot. If there are four openings in the Supreme Court there are only four candidates. None were selected by petition as is done in the lower courts. The voting is simple. All will get elected.
There Is little to no hope that this method will change. Judges are the people who rule on whether laws are constitutional. The parties like to stay in power. They will do everything they can to protect their turf, be it by manipulation, media control or gerrymandering. More grist for this columnist's mill. Stay cool and stay tuned in.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Aquila 22LR 40grain CP plated

I have one case= ten bricks of 10 boxes 50 cartridges each to sell. These are available either through me or at Section 8 Fabrication located on RT 29 just south of D'Ville.  The sale price includes sales tax.

Other popular cartridges on hand as well.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Attorney: NY violates 2nd Amendment with SAFE Act

Attorney: NY violates 2nd Amendment with SAFE Act | News | SalamancaPress.com

FEATURED Attorney: NY violates 2nd Amendment with SAFE Act By Rick Miller, County Reporter 21 hrs ago SALAMANCA —

A Second Amendment rights attorney says a secret database used by New York State Police to seek conscation of an individual’s guns under the mental health provisions of the state’s SAFE Act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of guns seized under judicial order. Monroe County attorney Paloma Capanna, who specializes in Second Amendment cases, spoke to members of the Cattaraugus County Bar Association Monday as a featured Law Day speaker. End the secrecy, Capanna urged. The SAFE Act, or Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, calls for the conscation of rearms from someone involuntarily conned in a mental health institution, not from someone who tells their doctor they’ve been feeling depressed. Not all her clients who have had the “door knock” by law enforcement seeking their guns under judicial order were admitted for mental health reasons. “One man had a stroke” and his wife drove him to the hospital, Capanna said. Press photo by Rick Miller Paloma Capanna, a Monroe County attorney specializing in Second Amendment cases in connection with New York’s SAFE Act, was a featured speaker at Monday’s Law Day dinner at the Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca.

  Four percent of New Yorkers are in this secret database, she told the attorneys. You can’t nd out why you are in the database, because state police do not reply to requests for the information, Capanna said. The core of the issue lies in civil rights and the constitutional right of due process, she said. One client, a 30-year member of law enforcement, got one of the letters. He went to a Long Island hospital near his home at the time and said he was having trouble sleeping.
The hospital put him on the list and notified state police.
Capanna said state police have admitted in court there is no investigation into why someone is placed on the mental health list. They present papers to a judge for the seizing of any rearms from an individual. “This is simply an allegation of involuntary committment,” Capanna told the bar members. “Where the hell are the lawyers?” she demanded. “Where are you? For five years, I’ve had a monopoly” on these cases. “We are here because we are committed to justice.

” Judges, Capanna said, are afraid of ruling to return someone’s guns seized under the SAFE Act for fear that person will be involved in the next mass shooting. Those individuals whose guns have been seized under the SAFE Act — she says the number is 600,000 — represent about 80,000 a year, or 6,500 a month “who are getting sucked into the secret database run by state police,” Capanna said. She said she hasn’t lost a case at the hearing stage involving a SAFE Act seizure over a mental health issue. Persons are entitled to assigned counsel to represent them at the hearing, she added. Capanna said she can’t wait for one of her cases to make it to the Supreme Court where she can make case law with the due process argument. It’s a civil rights ght, she said, adding the best way to address it is through public education. “That’s our most potent weapon,” Capanna said. Cattaraugus County Court Judge Ronald Ploetz was invited by the Bar Association to comment on Capanna’s presentation.

He said he agreed with most of what she said. The judge said he gets two or three of the letters from the state police each month stating someone on the list is believed to have rearms that should be seized until a hearing can be held. The action suspends their Second Amendment rights. Ploetz said he calls Sheri Timothy Whitcomb to ask that a deputy who knows the person whose weapons are to be seized go to the house in a low-key manner. Most of the the people are on the list due to depression. “I have yet to do a permanent revocation of any kind,” he told the nearly 50 bar members and guests attending the dinner at the Seneca Allegany Casino.

 The county attorney investigates the case before the hearing. State police do not attend the hearing.

“No one wants to take away these rights,” the judge said. “We don’t like this.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Manufactures in Layoff Mode

The five top firearms and ammo manufactures are in layoff mode. Cycling again through the boom & bust political climate. Prices have dropped in some cases to over 60% of MSRP prices from the summer of 2016.
 IMO many AR platform receivers are being dumped by everyone who wanted their name on one. I have to ask if they are being manufactured off shore? Components , if you have a favorite cartridge ,brass of bullet you better order plenty as I for see many being dropped from manufacture production.
Another side is all the dealers IE; local folk, new sutlers who jumped on the I can sell that wagon are foundering. So far I can't get one distributor to respond to a request for more re-man cartridges. Several who I have dealt with no longer have a active web site.
The Constant barrage of dealers offering me all kinds of black carbine add on's and build kits has over whelmed my 3 email address's.
Lots of spray and pray cartridges are out. Firearms manufactures have created a branded line of cartridges. Many of them are defensive in nature. Accuracy is not in those boxes! Inexpensive cartridges manufactured to be burned up for a fun day of shooting. Defensive cartridge are to be used in close combat situations.
Not for shooting down the street or IMO past the length of the hall in your home.

Regards, BPB

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Horace Kephart Event NE Georgia

Horace Kephart

I've been invited to participate featuring a Muzzle Loader demonstration. Please stop out and visit!

Date: MAY 26-28, 2017
Location: Greene Moon
23 Joy Bridge Rd.
Lakemont, Georgia

Entry fee: $5/person



​Kephart Desk Presentation with Tom Ray

Silent Auction
"Nanook" Knife by Francis Kirk

Great Smoky Mountains Association will be selling Kephart merchandise


Live Music
Friday Night: Bill Mize
Saturday: TBA

TeePee Community

​Native American Arts & Crafts

Georgia Jeepers Association

Bushcraft Lore

Survival Skills Demonstrations

Primitive Skills Demonstrations


River Wilderness Campground
(across the street from the Rendezvous)

$15/day for primitive tent sites
$55/day for RV camping sites

Book your spot now!!!
Call us: 678-898-5099
Email: greatsmokymountainrendezvous@gmail.com
For Vendor Info
Contact us at greatsmokymountainrendezvous@gmail.com
​Or call: 678-898-5099

$15/day for primitive tent sites
$55/day for RV camping sites

Schedule of Events
Final Schedule will be posted May 1st.

Friday May 26, 2017 
6pm - Let's Talk Kephart Around the Campfire (bring chair/blanket, etc)
Music with Bill Mize

Saturday May 27, 2017 
9am Gate opens
Speakers & Demonstrations throughout the day TBA
7:30pm Georgia premiere of documentary An American Legend: Horace Kephart ~ His Life and Legacy

Sunday May 28, 2017 
​9am Gate opens
Schedule TBA

Vendor Tables/Booths



Mountain Man Contest
Traditional Archery

Black Powder Rifle Demonstration with BlackPowder Bill

Trade Blanket

Antique Dealers

Knife Makers

​Family Fun and much much more!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

4 SALE Cabela's HAWKEN STYLE 50/54 cal Cabela's Muzzle Loader

This is an Invest Arms muzzle loader from Cabela's. It has a 50 cal bbl as the original barrel and I have an additional 54 cal bbl that drops right in!

This Muzzle Loader features double set triggers and a percussion lock.
The barrels are appx 29" long.
The walnut stock has a few dark grain strip lines present & brass patch box with a jag inside.
Cheek piece has a bit of a ding in it, the rest of the rifle has a few marks as to be expected on a used ML'er.

Price is $500.00 plus shipping for both barrels or $380.00 for one barrel and stock.
Seperate barrel is $125.00 plus shipping.

This is also cross posted on FB & Twitter under BlackPowderBill and listed on GunBroker under BPBReloading

Thanks for looking!



Tuesday, March 14, 2017

IS DUE PROCESS A LOST CAUSE? The Right Side by Budd Schroder

MARCH 15, 2017


The SAFE act is once more generating news. There is a bill is in both the Senate and the Assembly to make a change, not in wording, but in geography. The bill proposes that the law is limited to New York City and those in Upstate New York are not affected by it. It is similar to the way the Sullivan Bill works on handgun possession. Two different sets of rules on gun ownership.
From the recent news about the criminal misuse of handguns in Buffalo and the increase in homicides since the law was passed, it would indicate that it isn't working to cut deaths by criminals using guns. The answer is actually pretty simple. Criminals don't obey laws and the good people don't need to have their rights infringed. They definitely are not a problem.
The law does nothing to keep criminals from getting guns anymore than the drug ban keeps addicts from getting heroin. However, in politics perception is reality. So, if enough people are conned into believing the law will reduce violence, the politicians without scruples will vote for it. The whole motivation is votes and reelection. In New York City the attitude regarding guns is much different than it is upstate.
The upstate gun owners are used to having guns for hunting and target shooting as well as believing they have the right to self-defense and wish to be able to have a viable means to do it. New York City has a contingent of politicians who try, and often succeed in convincing the voters that the government will take care of them.
The legislative power is in the Assembly and there are enough Democrat votes Southeast of the Tappan Zee Bridge to pass any bill and to even override a veto. The power is there and naturally, that is the house with the most abuse. What the Democrats want, the Democrats get. They wanted more gun control and they got it.
Now that there has been a long enough period to see it doesn't work, there I a huge effort to get the law repealed. That won't happen, so since politics is the art of compromise, this bill is offered. The people in New York City get a law they want and the people in upstate get rid of one they don't want.
The SAFE law makes it impossible for the Amish to buy a gun because of the universal background check. It requires a photo ID to get the NICS background check and the Amish religion forbids the photo taking. Therefore they are denied the ability to legally purchase a gun. The Amish are known to be a very law abiding, peaceable and non-violent society. We wonder why the politicians don't want them to have guns.
Another problem with the law is that on only a report, a person can lose four Constitutional and civil rights. The big problem is that they can lose these righs without due process. A false report from a hospital or from a doctor, nurse or social worker saying thet believe the person is a danger to themselves or others. can cause the loss of Second Amendment rights. They don't need the intervention by a psychiatrist or parapsychologist and there is no hearing to challenge the report. That is a very significant problem.
SCOPE (Shooters Committee On Political Education) initiated a law case on this issue. It is called Montgomery v. Cuomo and has been languishing with delays caused by the state. This is an indication that they are not optimistic about winning and hope that the plaintiffs will give up. The plaintiffs are waiting for the SCOTUS to be filled soon in case the lawsuit has to go that far.
It is simple to determine from an outside viewpoint. The fact that due process is in the Bill of Rights and also in an amendment to the Constitution should be reason enough to repeal at least that part of the bill. Nobody should be denied any rights without due process, but the State of New York believes that they should be able to override the Constitution. It would seem that the legislators who voted for the bill have the same opinion.
When the new bill comes out of committee, it will be interesting to see how the Assembly Speaker prevents it from coming to the floor to be debated. The Assembly has a tradition that no bill gets debated unless the Speaker approves it and he wants it to pass. It is a New York City passion that only their approval of any bill should get consideration. This also opens the door for back door deals in order for upstate legislators to get any of their bills passed. Good old Quid Pro Quo.

How far this will go remains to be seen. The odds are that it won't get out of the Assembly committees although it has a chance in the Senate. There are many one house bills that are used to help legislators in their reelection campaign. They can tell their constituents that they tried, but the other party was responsible for it failing. Just another campaign strategy.
From the time of Tammany Hall, the Albany legislature had been an inspiration for the TV show “Let's Make A Deal.” Politicians have been known to be arrested, prosecuted and convicted of corruption. It would seem the rewards outweigh the risks. If there is to be any chance of this bill passing, there will have to be a huge input from the upstate gun owners to gain the necessary activity to pass this bill.

This is not only a bill to strengthen ther Second Amendment, but really could be a victory for those who believe that everyone deserves due process and justice. Neither one is in the SAFE act.