Thursday, August 3, 2017

Swords,Bayonet,Kurki, Antique WW1 Items For Sale

 The Gentleman contacted me for information on his collection. This is but a small sample and the first lot being offered for sale.  He'd like to sell the whole lot pictured in one sale, make an offer. Bear in mind each one of the swords is several hundred dollars. I do not have these items in my shop. They are with the owner who resides outside Atlanta.

                              Kukri with letter kukri-longleaf-w-old-scabbard
Pre WW-1 Officers Sword

WW-1 British Officers Training Manual
WW-1 British Officers Sword Frog
    WW-1 (Reproduction) Officers Sword Knot
WW-1 -  J. Hudson Officers Whistle
WW-1 Browne Officers Belt and Cross Belt

WW-I British 1907 Wilkerson Bayonet
WW-I British North Landshire Officers Swagger Stick
WW-1 British Officers Holster