Thursday, October 26, 2023

Hand Crafted Leather-Bone-Hair Bags for the Rendezvous

 Featured here is a few of the bags I make to carry your Modern or Primitive possibles in.

These come with a nice size English flint and steel striker.

The bag with the bells-the bells kept falling off-so if I remember I throw them in the bag for you to fool with.

Each bag has a thin adjustable shoulder strap-IMO the thing strap hold onto the top of your shoulder better than a wide one. Again that's my opinion your mileage may differ

Prices range from 40$ to over 100$

Avg size is 7x7"  Larger bags are 11-12" appx I forget

Price includes shipping.

                       Pictures are not in order



Flintlock Over Under 54 cal. Rifle CUSTOM

 Up for sale is a custom made over under flintlock rifle.

Maker unknown\

Bores is nice condition

Weight 11 pounds

I have a Rapine mould that most likely was used for this rifle.

Starting auction price is $3,500.00

Check out my Gun Broker page

 Local sales possible