Wednesday, December 30, 2015

U.S. Flat Rate Postal Rates to Increase in 3 weeks!

U.S. Flat Rate Postal Rates to Increase in 3 weeks!

 As some of you may know the USPS flat rate boxes are going to increase & a few products are going to end in a few weeks. I have several hundred to thousand 9mm,357,40,45LC,45ACP,.223, brass, jacketed handgun and rifle bullets as well as lead bullets. Muzzle Loader round ball , Hornady and Speer.

  I'd like to get as much product moved out as possible before the increase takes effect.
I do accept PayPal for equipment & components sales with a 3% additional fee.

 Visit my GB auctions and bid. Follow the instructions, contact me immediately after bidding. I'll invoice you via PayPal , once the item[s] are paid for so they will ship the next day.
Other payments are money orders or bank check your choice.

 Payment by these has to be here in my hands in 5 days! 

 Sales tax required for GA sales.

Please visit my auctions at GunBroker under BPBreloading.

 Regards, BPB…>BPBReloading Firearms & Brass n’ Bullets for Sale at

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

STOP BATFE From Sharing Firearms Owners Information! It's the LAW!


For more than ten years confidential information about gun owners has been breached by the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, the ATF, and the Terrorist Screening Center, illegally. SCOPE and Gun Owners of America have teamed up to sue the Federal Govt and get an injunction to stop this activity.
  In 1968 with passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act, gun owners appeased the gun control crowd by giving ...up their Fifth Amendment Rights to a background check to purchase a gun.
The BATF was charged with the responsibility of destroying this volunteered info and keeping it confidential from other Government Agencies. Now we find out that the FBI and other agencies are sharing this info with each other and even foreign countries. Now after capitulating our constitutional rights the anti gun crowd wants even more. This Law Suit Pratt et al v. Lynch et al is a move to expose and stop this illegal activity and restore our rights.
  SCOPE is asking that you also submit a FOIA to the FBI and make them tell you if they have ever accessed and shared your information.

Find the FOIA Request at or here:

This affects any and all US citizens not just NY Gun Owners, so pass this along to anyone you know in the United States. Link to FOIA form

YOU CAN FAX IN THE FOIA TO (540) 868-4391 THEN PLEASE notify us that you have transmitted your request, including sending us a copy of your FOIA, if you are willing to be included in national tracking statistics about the “Stop the Secrecy!” campaign. Any and all personal identifying information that we receive from you will remain confidential. No solicitations will be made of you, based upon your work with us for this national campaign. Notification may be sent to us at:

fax: (540) 868-4391

SCOPE Legal Defense Foundation
8316 Irish Road
Colden, New York 14033-9777
(716) 941-3286
fax: (585) 377-7268

Please contact us as soon as you receive a response, including your “FOIPA Number” for online tracking of the status of your request.

Thank you for your efforts and willingness to fight for your own civil liberties and those of every American!

Monday, December 21, 2015

IMO: Why We Loose in the Media and in the Court Rooms!

Did ya take the time to notice?

2nd amendment folks continuing to use the anti lingo in every paper and thing they say. I tried for decades to get firearms, trappers and sportsmen to stop using the anti buzz words.

People who make a firearms purchase and run to the inter net to ask how it works. Forget about reading the instructions. Then return 3 weeks later telling others how they are not doing things proper. Passing on old wives tales like they were the spoken gospel.

Willingness to vote for the opposition then actually defend the decision while not coming out and stating they voted for the antis! The over whelming bend over backwards willingness to compromise.
Which brings me to a phrase I coined ; Sportsmen have compromised themselves right out of there sports. Why do "you" always have to compromise.

The way 2nd amendment folks constantly post and repost political slogans and other pictures on social media pages. When they should be posting this stuff on the oppositions pages.

I have more but after a few 2nd amendment folks actually said to me they were sorry they voted for Xero and Cuomo I pretty much had it!

20 years ago a large group of individual's called me paranoid and a wearer of tinfoil hats. Claimed the black choppers were not overhead.

Merry Christmas!  From a fat guy with a white beard now living in NE Georgia!

Regards, BPB
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