Saturday, May 19, 2012

Body grip traps on land Minnesota rerun

The trappers in MN just spent a year arguing to keep using their bodygrips traps on land. Why, as always a few dogs were caught. Hunting dogs. Those who tell dog owners to keep their dog a leash need a swift kick in the ass. Hunting dogs are free ranging, hunting to flush game for the hunter to shoot.  Dog owners respond

With that said ,walking your pet in a park or area deserves some level of awareness especially if it is used by trappers and hunters. One needs to keep Fido in close and probably on a leash as most states require. You also should learn how to operate a trap just in case Fido get caught in one. How to release your dog.

In many states every year lots of time is expended on this very issue. You could have looked at New York's bodygrip regs and had a plan already drawn from to use as an example.  NY regulations

Even Trapping in the 21st century booklet shows a bodygrip set back in a bucket with limited opening. pages 11 & 12.

Trappers save yourself some time next year. Tell them , LOOK! Here's New York's bodygrip regs. You know how liberal that state is with NYC and all the antis. This is what they do!

MN trappers will be back spending money to fight this issue in 2013~ What they proposed and won IMO is not a good solution.

Regards, BPB
Here is the MN regulation as written by Gary Meis MN trapper. As posted on
Below is the actual wording in the law. This will apply this fall. The result is that the 220's on private land have no new restrictions. Same as always. On Public Lands and water, 220's can be set in one of four ways.

1. As water sets at least half in water

2. In a cubby with the trigger recessed at least 7 inches from the top and front most portion of the opening. This is the overhang of the opening we discussed.

3. Trail and blind sets as long as bait is not placed within 20 feet of the trap. There are no restictions on how high above the ground the trap can be set.

4. Elevated sets at least 3 feet above the ground or snow. The reality of the elevated set means that you can stll place a 220 on a leaning poll with bait, and without the trap in a cubby as long as the trap is elevated at least 3 feet. The bait must still be covered as before for birds. Or, a cubby set elevated at least 3 feet does not require the 7 inch recess.

Nothing in this alters the restrictions already in the lynx zone. This law in addition to restrictions currently required in the lynx zone. Also, the use of the term "enclosure" in not limited. Wood and plastic boxes and pails are all allowed, there must just be a "over hang" on the top at least 7 inches out from the trigger.

What most trappers will need to do is take their existing cubbies and either increase the slots for the 220 springs so the trap can be recessed so the trigger is at least 7 inches from the top of the opening, or attach a roof overhanging on the top of the cubby ao the trigger is recessed at least 7 inches from the outer limits of the roof overhang. I think we will have some examples at the MTA/NTA convention and in the MTA newsletter.


A person may not set, place, or operate, except as a water set, a body gripping or connibear type trap on public lands and waters that has a minimum jaw opening when set greater than 6 1/2 inches and less than 7 1/2 inches measured from the inside edges of the body gripping portions of the jaws, unles:

1 the trap is in a baited or unbaited enclosure and the trap trigger is recessed seven inches or more from the top and frontmost portion of the open end of the enclosure;

2. no bait, lure or other attractant is placed within 20 feet of the trap; or

3. the trap is elevated at least 3 feet above the surface of the ground or snowpack.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oppose the proposed Antler Restrictions in NYS DEC Region 4

C/O Bryan Swift
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233

 Bryan Swift,

The Finger Lakes Conservation Council which whose members are the organized Sportsmen Federations of the 12 counties of Region 8.

Oppose the proposed Antler Restrictions in NYS DEC Region 4.

A motion was made to oppose the expansion of antler restrictions within New York State. We oppose the Idea that we will not have the Freedom to choose a buck that is legal under current law. Yes the area proposed is well east of our region, but as it is being imposed upon the Region 4 organized Sportsmen and women against their will, we feel it is a state wide matter, as the deer belong to all of us in NY State. The county federations opposed this regulation by a vote of five counties against, one for and one abstained. We do question are we next!

This regulation would make non-compliance a misdemeanor with a fine of $250 to $2,000 and up to 5 years revocation of hunting privileges and 1 year in jail.

As this is proposed by a small, well financed group that we feel are trophy hunters (although they profess to be protecting yearling bucks).

Your own Biologist has stated on numerous occasions, that the restrictions are biologically unnecessary.

We oppose the proposed expansion of Antler restrictions!

Glen A. Adams
Finger Lakes Conservation Council Inc.
14 Washington St.
LeRoy, NY 14482

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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End of America - A movie you must see to believe

Naomi Wolf: [Ten key steps to close down an open society: a dictator's blueprint]

1. Invoke an internal and external threat

2. Secret prisons where torture takes place

3. Develop a paramilitary force

4. Surveil ordinary citizens

5. Infiltrate citizens' groups

6. Detain and release ordinary citizens

7. Target key individuals

8. Restrict the press

9. Recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason

10. Subvert the rule of la