Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Registering for confiscation : News : SunNews Video Gallery

Lets starve the state and country out. All us firearms owners have enough money to upset the status quo in office. Elect our friends, firearms owners. If we can operate not for profits , fireamrs ranges,clubs abd sportsmen's groups then running the state and town should be a snap.

Registering for confiscation : News : SunNews Video Gallery

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's fiery passion, will it be next week’s smoke?

Today's fiery passion, will it be next week’s smoke?
Firearms Ban's
It is very difficult to channel a person's passion when you have to give them a 100 year history lesson. It is even more difficult to attend a meeting , recognize faces you've spoken to over the years...AND they still have never voted nor do they know who their elected politicians are.  It's pretty sad that every web site that is political in nature has contact information so people can contact their legislators. I mean, shouldn’t you know who you voted for?

It’s not that Paul and I are saying “told ya so” . We’re telling people to do some research, read beyond the “it’s my Rights” mantra. Get off the forums, we don’t need 12 new 2nd amendment groups in NY we need those of you who’ve never belonged to join one of the two that are well informed. Join us so we can lead you in the correct direction. Stop listening to those who are theorizing what the firearms laws are and look/read at what the laws really are & were.
People using incorrect firearms terminology. I.E. using the antis lingo is letters and speeches. People quoting statics from political hacks and not understanding how the NICS FFL checks are conducted and the meanings behind delayed and denied. Then giving opinion’s on how the FBI never follows up on those delayed or denied a firearm transfer.. These type of letters and false opinions is what gives politicians the BS they run with.

I see report after report that confuses the 1934 NFA Act and the 1968 Gun Control Act. I’ve had people argue with me and cuss me over the 20-30 rd magazine deal from the 1994 Pataki firearms ban after the Feds lifted their ban. People could not understand that NY never lifted the Clinton/Pataki ban, there for they were not compliant owning the items listed in the 1994 ban.
I see dozens of letters from the passionate people making statements like. Why didn’t you ask us to sit down and discuss this? We could come to an understanding and compromise.   I said it decades ago and will repeat it till the day I die; “ Sportsmen & firearms owners have compromised themselves out of their sport and businesses”.

One of my biggest bones at this period in time is the Opt-Out form….If everyone is dead set against the SAFE ACT then why in the hell are they sending the OPT-OUT form around like it’s the best thing ever?
To accept this one little part of the SAFE ACT is to give in and tell Gov. Cuomo that “hey; we like part of you firearms ban”. And that is exactly how Gov. Cuomo will report this!
That is why I made video’s on YouTube titled; Political ADD & Zombie Firearms owners. So people could take a few minutes and listen to what I was trying to tell them.
Disturbing as this firearms ban is. Why would people run out, stand in line for hours to purchase a firearm that was banned, plus one they’d have to register??  You have to ask these questions in an attempt to understand how to communicate to people who act irrational in an effort to understand how to focus and direct their new found passion.

Hopefully they, the “new passionate ones” will keep this passion so I can retire and enjoy the outdoors I gave up to fight for sportsmen and firearms owners.

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Monday, February 18, 2013 Commercial to New Yorkers


FEBRUARY 20, 2013
By now the regular readers of this column know I am not a fan of Andrew Cuomo. The disdain came to a head when he dictatorially passed a gun control bill in record time (the middle of the night) to avoid any controversy by the citizens of New York.
There was not even the minimal three day period to allow for debate and input from the people who would be most affected by this new law. It is fraught with unfair and possibly unconstitutional provisions against the Second Amendment. The most reasonable objections are that it won't have any effect on reducing gun violence and that there will be a huge problem with compliance. Something like the non-compliance seen with the debacle in the Roaring Twenties during Prohibition.
The principles of democracy and the result of passing a bad law, just because Governor Cuomo had the power to do so, is an affront to those who wrote the Constitution and the millions of Americans who served in the military and died to protect the Constitution.
When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government the Founding Fathers gave us, he replied: "A republic, if you can keep it." With politicians like Andrew Cuomo, keeping our government as a republic, may be a daunting task.
An executive and legislature should govern, not rule. The old saying: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," is true. This abuse of power is a good example of what the statement means.
Governor Cuomo said the police wanted this law and he had the Chief of Police from Rochester speak in favor of gun control prior to the governor's State Of The State speech. It would appear only the politically appointed law enforcement chiefs and commissioners were positive about this law.
The majority of the Sheriffs in the state were of a different opinion and as a group and individually have written letters to the governor objecting to the law and pointed out that it had many problems and few, if any, solutions to the problems of gun violence.
The majority of County Clerks also objected to the law because it dumped on them another huge unfunded mandate to enforce provisions of the law. It would increase their costs and require additional staff just to handle the additional paperwork and record keeping. None of these burdens will prevent criminals from obtaining illegal guns and using them illegally.
The legitimate gun owners are planning a huge rally in Albany on February 28th to protest this burdensome and useless law that is based on lies and deceit. Previous columns have described both.
It seems strange that a governor and legislature would want to pass a law that could make an honest gun owner a criminal because he refused to get a paper signed by a bureaucrat, which is called gun registration. Ask how many gun crimes have been solved because handguns have been registered for a century in New York. This columnist has asked law enforcement officers and district attorneys this question and has yet to get a positive answer.
Yet, the governor believes we are too tough on drugs and wants to make the possession of marijuana a lesser crime. He thinks hop heads should be able possess more than they do now before they are charged with an offense. Go figure.
Cuomo is bombarding the airways, using tax dollars, to tell the people he has a balanced budget without raising taxes. The law states that he must pass a balanced budget, but much of his revenue stream is comprised of smoke and mirrors.
For one, he wants to get all of the revenue from fines from speeding offenses. In fact, he wants to raise them. The current practice is that the local courts can accept a plea bargain to a lesser offense, such as parking, and the locality keeps the money
Without that option, the towns and villages will lose a significant revenue stream to operate and will cause a deficit in their budget. That will naturally cause local taxes to raise. The only money a government has is that which is taken from the citizens.
If Cuomo wanted to be a good governor and balance the budget, he would cut spending and focus on such reasonable options as repealing unfunded mandates. He also has to pass laws that will reduce the cost of government. \Perhaps he could have the courage to require governmental employees to pay more into their pension plans and health insurance premiums.
The unions, when they want raises, talk about everyone paying their "fair share." Perhaps it is time they paid their "fair share." It is the cost of these benefits that wrecks havoc with local government budgets. Of course it will take courage from the politicians to oppose the union demands. Maybe getting rid of the Triborough Amendment would be a good place to start.
There are good ways to govern. Taking money is necessary to fund the government and taxation is necessary, but the taxes should be reasonable. New York for a couple of generations has not been noted for imposing reasonable taxes.
It is also been noted that their gun laws are not reasonable either. It is time to correct both. Citizens should insist that the taxes be lowered and the SAFE law be repealed. Let's hope we have enough concerned citizens to make that happen.
Budd is a former NRA Director from the Buffalo, NY area. He is also a Chairman of the Board

Friday, February 15, 2013

Political posturing NY Counties support the 2nd amendment

New York is in an uproar and you have to ask; where have all you supporters been the last 10 decades?   Several counties have written and passed resolutions against the recent Governor's passage of the SAFE ACT or as I like to refer to it , New York's Firearms and Ammo ban.


I'm having a hard time believing the counties are really against the firearms ban for the sake of the U.S. Constitional 2nd amendment.  I do understand the personal reasons why a politician will come out against the firearms/ammo ban. But it is my 40 years of political understanding that is job related. I.E. go against this and your out of a job!  For decades anti firearms/ammo bills have been passed and rejected and not one county came out for or against them.

 I see the counties posturing for several reasons:
1. It's another unfunded state mandate.
2. The backlash may /will effect any elected posistion/person who supports the firearms/ammo ban. 3. With all the political posturing I've yet to see anyone actually come out and say they "WILL NOT ENFORCE" the firearms & ammo ban. 
4. We now have people which includes retired law enforcement making written statements of how the ban will be rolled out and implimented. Really, like it's some official word from the State Ploice Superintendent.

 My questions remain;
Who will come out & state they "WILL NOT ENFORCE"? Where were all these counties for the last 100 years while judges picked and choosed how to process a pistol permit...the 1st state firearms registration. 
The hard questions will remain long after the political bravado dies.

Oh yea, one more thing, do not comment back I do not understand the issue or situation. I have a very deep undestanding of what is going to happen after the flag waving and speech's subside.

Just remember what political parties threw you under the bus.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Firearms owners "STARVE New York STATE"!

 I'm urging every firearm owner to cancel their newspaper, cable TV, stop purchasing lottery tickets, don't purchase a hunting license for at least 2 years as a start. Hunter education instructors resign today. Teach no one for FREE any longer. Stop supporting the very people who have taken your hunting lands away.  Pay your taxes at the last possible minute do anything and everything you can to stop the flow of money into the state’s coffers.
All these letters of protest from county officials are pure bull. These officials , if they really cared should have been protesting Cuomo’s SAFE ACT the first day it was news.  Now they see the back lash! So its self-preservation from elected officials who fear not the cost of state mandates, but the fear of being voted out of office.
 Every firearm owner needs to select from their club people to run for office. Town boards, zoning, school boards, mayor any and every position possible. If we, the firearms owners control local government then we can control Albany.
 Sportsmen and firearms owners have compromised themselves right out of their sport and livelihood.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Who'd I vote for? Concentration needed on New York's issues bus to Albany information for the Feb. 28th rally @ the LOB. All the groups are coming together! Bus schedules listed from Long Island To Buffalo.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Second Amendment Rally SCOPE info United Front

Second Amendment Rally

Thursday February 28 in Albany

Bus will leave at 5:30AM SHARP!!!! Please meet at the Marion American Legion parking lot (4141 Witherden Rd, Marion, NY 14505).

Donation of $30 per rider is required, to be collected at the bus. Tip for driver will be determined.

Bus departs for Albany at 5:30AM SHARP! Please be at the Legion parking lot before then, so we can leave in a timely fashion. Bus will return to Marion American Legion parking lot approximately 7:15PM (leave Albany at 2:30PM).

In Albany, there will be speakers from 10:30AM to 12:30PM in the Well of the Legislative Office Building.

At 1:00PM, all members of our group are welcome to meet with Senator Nozzolio in his office. All riders are free to arrange for your own meetings/activities while in Albany. We all must meet back at bus before 2:30 so we can leave right at 2:30 SHARP! We must leave at this time.

You are allowed to bring food and drinks with you on the bus, and it is advised because it will be a long day. Bring a blanket and pillow for the ride. There is a cafeteria near the Well in the Legislative Office Building.

Dress attire: please do not wear blaze orange or camo. The media will single you out and portray us in a negative light. It happens every time. NRA, SCOPE or other 2A group attire is definitely endorsed. Always be polite and respectful in Albany, we are scrutinized under a microscope and it does not help our cause by making statements we may regret later. We have to do our own PR work as well advocate for our Second Amendment Rights. Trust me on that please!

SCOPE ball caps will be available at the bus for donation of $10.

RSVP as soon as possible, as seating is limited to 56. or call 597-2198


For more information please visit SCOPE on the web.