Friday, August 26, 2022

Thompson Center 50 cal. New Englander Used Good Condition $275.00 Shipped

 Used not in bad condition ! A few bumps and dings here and there.

The barrel has some finish worn on it looks like fingerprints were left on it.
The bore looks pretty good, it ain't perfect but it's nice and shiny.
It does have a few light ,I don't want to call them pits, more like splotches.
Gun was pretty dirty when I got it. The bore old crud oil residue.  I soaked it in vinegar for a couple of days and then brushed it out real good. It's laid up with Rig Grease.
lock holds
Rear adjustable sight
Comes with a nitrile ram rod and jag a 25$ value.
Overall this will make a pretty good shooter!

That's bee's wax in the sight base holes

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Sunday, August 21, 2022

SOLD Winchester Model 9416 Trapper Mfg 1978-79 New in the Box!!!



This is a consignment sale

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Shipped to your FFL shipping cost will be between $45-65.00 depending on your location & if a residence or store front.

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Winchester 1894 Model  9416 Trapper 30-30 Serial #4808087 Do your own research

New in the Box mfg. date appx 1978/79

Rifle comes in the box with brown wrapping paper- paperwork and hang tag is still attached to the load lever.

16” barrel - see hang tag for all the details


SOLD Winchester 1892 25-20 24" Octagonal Barrel Nice Condition

Consignment sale:

Payment money order
 Shipped to your FFL Appx cost is $55-65.00 depending on your location & store front or residence FFL

All used firearms need a good tear down and cleaning. All sales “AS IS”

Winchester 1892 25/20 #433650    Do your own research on manufacture dates

Over all condition Good++ I did clean up to bore a little it came out really nice. That isn’t saying a bad spot or 2 isn’t present- I didn’t detect any.

24” Octagonal barrel
Full length magazine
Action is tight
Dings, chips & dents typical of a firearm this age
Rear sight has a blank in the dovetail there is a screw present on the tang that most likely held a peep of some sorts in place.
Most of the screws look great with the exception of the tang screw and one bottom for-end screw is missing.
Over all metal is grey-patina bluing wear spotted
Crescent butt

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Regards #BPBReloading