Monday, February 1, 2021

Snake Oil Salesmen Gougers Flea Market Bullshit Experts in the AMMO/Firearms world


Components Score: 

  H= Hornady I was able to latch onto a few boxes of projectiles. H30 cal 125g hp==H 30/30 160g ftx--H32cal 100g xtp--Barnes 300aac 120g tac-tx bt--1000k Stinterfire 38/357 125 rhhp--10 bags 50 pcs of Winchester 30/40 brass. I know from past cost the 30/40 will be around 2-3$ each piece. Don't know what the retail prices will be. 

What is incoming are all specialty bullets. The Barnes are 50 pcs per box figure at least $1 per bullet. All manufactures announced a price increase from 3% to 15% some take effect immediately Winchester is one of those.

Speaking with the Rep. today he has been in the business 33 years. He said; I have never seen our shelves this empty. People keep calling asking the same questions over and over again. We have so many powder back orders we stopped taking back orders.

Looking at the number of BO we never sold that much powder or primers in any year. We surmised that the gougers & those willing to pay super inflated prices for ammo/components are driving the market to empty shelves.

 The other one is back orders dealers and customers are calling in back orders to every place they can looking for one of them to be filled.  


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