Monday, February 15, 2021

Reloading Components Out of Stock is the Outlook & Future


I do have 2,000 of these 124gr JHP 20$ per 100

The demand continues to outpace incoming significantly. For most items, we continue to fill backorders exclusively and have not come close to having free stock. For a list of what can and can’t be backordered, please see attachment.

 We are still NOT taking backorders on primers and powder at this time. Unfortunately, we have no idea when this will start to level at this time and normalize to some extent.

Thank you,

OK I just had a set of LEE  dies arrive and appx 2300 9mm 124 grain JHP. I can't recall who asked for a set of 9mm dies. ??

3 packages shipped out today-another one being packed up and ammo headed out Monday to SC.

That's it...Regards, #blackpowderbill

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