Wednesday, February 24, 2021

January 6th Probe Security FUBAR Was it on Purpose? Sure as HELL Was!

You bet your ASS there should be a probe!

When I was watching that unfold. I saw how weak our security was. A bunch of people with protest signs penetrated the Capitol building and the people in charge of security knew they were coming. As a retired swat officer trained in counter terrorism I about filled my pants.

 The mission of the Muslim religion has not changed infidels need to convert or die. They even kill  their own to accomplish this(twin towers,911). Instead of pissed off citizens what if a number of dedicated terrorists with explosives, fully auto rifles, well trained and coordinated had hit that place with no warning. 

They would have killed dozens and met very little resistance. Could have even taken hostages and horrified the world as they tossed out body after body on television until our military could mount a counter attack. Cracker box defended by a few cops with handguns. A huge high value target with very weak security. 

Terrible response. Asked the Army for assistance ,got no one. They better fix it. The terrorist world was watching and taking great notes! Worried about Trump supporters. OMG. Stupidity reigns supreme in D C.

What have they done? Put up a 5 million dollar fence designed to keep out violent protestors. No concrete barriers to stop explosive laden vehicles. no gates. They are more afraid of their own citizens than radicalized Muslim terrorists. Better security at the Ginna Nuclear Generating Plant here in Wayne County.

Terrorists wasted a lot of talent and resources taking down the twin towers when they could have have easily taken over the U S Capitol building and crippled the entire U S government. Wouldn't have to learn how to fly; jet airliners(but not take off, or land them). Our pal in the White house has said he is closing down Guantanamo. Wonderful some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world locked up there. 

Is he going to just set them free???; Old fool hasn't said one way or the other. I would hope one of his handlers would be smart enough to advise him what country to send them where they won't be able to kill anymore of us U S citizens and allies. Trump was called a racist when he shut the door on Muslim immigrants with out being vetted. It worked no foreign born terrorist incidents on his watch. Unlike Europe. 

 O'Biden is the Chi-Com Obama Puppet

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