Monday, February 15, 2021

O'Biden's Firearms BAN Another Commie Grab at Ownership

 In response to Parkland School shooting anniversary Biden Demands Congress Pass Gun Ban: "No Time To Wait"  Cry the Loony Left-

Here in New Yorkistan we know all about" no time to wait." Average bill takes over a year to become law. The Safe act was passed and signed by the Governor late at night in Emergency Session.  

 Why did they do it in one day and in secret session? 

They knew there would be a tsunami of opposition to the Safe Act. Seems the governments in our country can't get anything done fast until it is something they know the people will not support. They don't allow the mandatory period for citizen input by claiming it is emergency. They make the rules and they break the rules. Safe Act certainly worked hasn't been a school shooting in NY since it was passed. 

Were none before it passed either. Solution to a problem that didn't exist. How threatening to put me in jail if I don't re-certify my pistol permit saves lives no one can answer. Or how limiting me to ten round magazines.

Then saying if I put more than seven rounds in the magazine I will go to jail. Saves lives how? May cost me my life if I have to defend myself. Criminals have no restrictions they can purchase high capacity magazines, fully load them, don't and can't get pistol permits, so they never have to re-certify them. Some how restricting the law abiding citizens that are not committing or going to commit violence with a firearm saves lives. Only makes sense to politicians.

"No time to wait" The guns O'biden wants to ban are used in less than 1% of the crime in the United States.  There were 10 shootings on school property in 2020. 2 in 2021 so far. None with any rifles at all. All done with handguns. "No time to wait"  Looks like plenty of time.

 Us law abiding gun owners aren't going anywhere. We will still be here when you pass your next batch of common sense gun laws.

Why do you FUDDs keep re-electing these people? 

Inept, unresponsive to the people. Vote them out.

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