Wednesday, February 24, 2021

O'Biden Gun Laws SSDD Decades Old Commie Laws

 Some where along the line Obiden got the idea universal background checks will stop mass shootings. Sure they will. 😂

I am little Danny Dirtbag. I hate my classmates. I have been planning on shooting a dozen or so then killing myself. Then that overbearing Bastard in the Whitehouse wrote a executive order requiring all gun transfers have to go through a instant background check. Man am I screwed. Wait a minute I am a minor I can't legally buy a firearm any way. I am not screwed. Just steal one or two. I don't have a job. I have no money. Couldn't afford to buy one on the black market. Wouldn't have to pass a background check if I did. Copping a gun or two sounds pretty good. I'll be dead after I shoot up all my classmates anyway. I won't go to jail. My name will be on the 6:30 news!!!

Laws do not prevent people from committing crimes. They punish people that get caught violating them.

Cuomo doesn't even bring up the Safe Act anymore. He knows thousands upon thousands of law abiding citizens ignored the Safe Act. Did not remove their NY definition assault rifles from the state, did not register them. Ignored re certifying their pistol permits. Load their magazines to the maximum. Don't stop at seven. Unless that is all it holds. Just going to ignore the common sense gun safety laws. Had enough of that. Letting violent criminals out of jail. They are going to put me in? Created thousands of criminals statewide with the stroke of his pen. Kind of fun being a criminal. Obiden thinks it will be different for him. We won't ignore his common sense gun safety laws. 😂

HEY FUDDs still think it's not your problem? Keep voting for shit birds-


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